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CRM Science is an award-winning, strategic Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner focused on delivering practical end-to-end solutions to financial services institutions, manufacturing companies, senior living providers, and other industries.

Industry: Technology and Services

The Challenge

As a sales team, focusing on a specific industry niche can be a challenge. The information must be current for prospecting to be successful. In CRM Science’s situation, they needed up-to-date direct dials to reach their potential clientele. The team was aiming to identify contacts belonging to these industries, which would ultimately uncover new sales opportunities.

The problem? The company was lacking a data provider who could assist with these current pain points. The team knew they needed to invest in a B2B data provider to find contacts in the right industry at the right time for their sales team. Thus, their data search was about to begin.

The Solution

After evaluating a fair amount of data providers, the team decided that ZoomInfo would be the best fit. ZoomInfo had the data available for finding those belonging to certain industries and holding specific titles, and–furthermore–helping help contact these individuals via direct dials. Upon implementation, the team was immediately impressed with ZoomInfo’s information.

ZoomInfo is the single best way for me to get from Point A to Point B; Point A being to get the proper information into the system, and Point B being a yes or no decision.

Rob Gifford,
Head of Business Development at CRM Science

“Finding information for our industries, such as wealth management, for example, is difficult because titles are not always consistent across companies. ZoomInfo has helped immensely with this. Before it was extremely hard to navigate but with ZoomInfo we’re able to identify the right people within our targeted accounts,” explained Rob Gifford, Head of Business Development at CRM Science.

“Direct dials, hands down, are the most important thing to me. It is beneficial to be able to call a CEO directly and skip their admins and other gatekeepers.”

What’s more – prior to ZoomInfo, adding a new account would involve searching the company on LinkedIn and then manually adding their “About” description into Salesforce. The process halted the team’s workflow and lacked continuous efficiency.

But now? Thanks to ZoomInfo’s ReachOut extension, finding this information is now easier – and quicker – than it was before.

“It took around 40-45 minutes just to add a few potential buyers. Now, it takes maybe 7 minutes.”

Today, the sales team can focus on their niche industries and contact those who matter most – thanks to the most reliable data on the market!

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