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CCI leverages technology to enable their customers to understand their business past, present and future. CCI has been designing, developing and deploying custom Data Warehouse and Performance Management systems for their customers since 1991. Their customer base numbers over 400 in New England and spans a wide array of industries.

Industry: Performance Management

The Challenge

Too general and incomplete b2b data hurt potential sales

David Doucette, president and CEO of Creative Computing, Inc., a leading provider of data mart and data warehouse solutions and services, needed a way to enhance lead generation and fill in data gaps in its existing CRM.

Much of the B2B data they had been using consisted of a list of contact and company names. CCI needed a more comprehensive and much more targeted base of prospective customers, with the most up-to-date contact information available. After considering different options, CCI was drawn toward ZoomInfo’s proprietary Web crawling technology that constantly scours millions of company, financial and news sites to uncover new information every day. CCI recognized that ZoomInfo’s technology enables continuous updates of millions of records and creates much deeper B2B contact information than CCI’s team had been using.

The Solution

ZoomInfo saves time, increases accuracy and provides assurance

With a subscription to ZoomInfo Pro, CCI gained access to a wealth of information on potential new clients, far beyond the standard list of names. The company could now look up individuals, find their latest email addresses and other contact details
and research the businesses they worked for.

According to Doucette, the fact that an individual’s boss was included in the data was particularly helpful. This assured CCI that they were reaching right prospects, which relieved them of having to go through a gatekeeper.

“We’re finding that ZoomInfo’s Web crawling technology makes a huge difference in the quality and availability of the data we need,” Doucette said. “It gives our team much deeper information than we can find elsewhere.”

In addition to providing the data they needed, ZoomInfo’s support teams have helped CCI get the most out of their subscription. “The ZoomInfo account managers did a demo with our sales team to show some additional search tips that have been very helpful. The sales and client services teams at ZoomInfo are easy to work with and are always willing help,” Doucette said.

The Results

Laser-like targeting, improved close rate

ZoomInfo Pro is powering CCI’s sales, marketing and administrative teams. Besides helping them meet their B2B data needs, ZoomInfo’s services have also demonstrated themselves to be thorough, reliable and easy-to-use.

We are definitely targeting people more accurately with ZoomInfo. The emails we send and the marketing campaigns we’re running are hitting the right people, which has saved us time and helped us close multiple deals in the past year.

David Doucette, President &CEO, Creative Computing Inc.

CCI has found ZoomInfo to be an indispensable investment. “We are definitely targeting people more accurately with ZoomInfo,” Doucette said. “The emails we send and the marketing campaigns we’re running are hitting the right people, which has saved us time and helped us close multiple deals in the past year.”

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