About The Company

For more than 35 years, CLC Lodging has been the leading provider of customized lodging programs to businesses. Today, they’re the largest lodging management service provider in North America and one of the world’s largest managers of hotel room purchases.

Industry: Hotel & Lodging

The Challenge

Fueling the pipeline with targeted leads for the sales team to pursue and close new business.

Because of their unique business model, CLC Lodging is unable to use most traditional advertising vehicles. For most of their existence, CLC Lodging relied heavily upon referral business.

Over the past few years they’ve incorporated email marketing to help fuel their pipeline with qualified leads and get in front of targeted prospects from a branding perspective. Early on, CLC Lodging was having difficulty developing enough new contacts that matched their buyer personas to email at the rate they needed to, in order to drive a sufficient number or quality leads to their sales team. CLC Lodging tested other data providers, but the results mostly led to high bounce rates and low click through rates, which was why they decided to partner with ZoomInfo.

“It was extremely hard to find targeted contacts to email. Because of this, our email campaigns had low click through rates and high bounce rates. Once we partnered with ZoomInfo, we were able to identify our buyer personas and find contacts matching the profiles of our best buyers, which ramped our email marketing campaigns up significantly,” stated Denny Marlin, Vice President of Marketing at CLC Lodging.

The Solution

ZoomInfo created a customized lead delivery solution for Corporate Lodging to help them reach their buyer personas & create targeted email campaigns.

When CLC Lodging first partnered with ZoomInfo, the data experts worked closely with them to identify their buyer personas. After their buyer personas were identified, ZoomInfo created a customized lead delivery solution which provided CLC Lodging with targeted, net new contacts on a monthly basis. The marketing team was then able to segment the data further and create targeted email campaigns for each audience, which drastically increased click through rates and decreased bounce rates. Once they were ramped up, the marketing team noticed as much as a 20% increase in web inquiries associated with email campaigns.

The Results

CLC Lodging achieved a close rate of 60% through web inquiries associated with email campaigns.

The ability to fuel their pipeline with targeted, net new contacts using ZoomInfo’s customized solution and send relevant messages to prospects significantly improved the bottom line.

Overall, Corporate Lodging achieved a close rate of 60% through web inquiries associated with email campaigns.

ZoomInfo helped us create custom campaigns segmented by geographic region, market segment, title, and company size. This increased our email marketing metrics drastically, which lead to an increase of web inquiries associated with email marketing campaigns by as much as 20%.

Denny Marlin, Vice President of Marketing, CLC Lodging

ZoomInfo has 2x the amount of contacts than other data providers for the specific segments I need and they’re always much higher quality,” explained Marlin. “ZoomInfo has been a large component in improving close rates associated with our email campaigns and doubling revenue over the past four years.”

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