About The Company

Centrical (formally Gameffective) is the employee performance enablement and engagement platform that puts employees at the center of business success, supercharges employee performance and learning through personalized training, real-time performance feedback and gamification.

Industry: Training & eLearning

The Challenge

Centrical is one of the hottest training and eLearning startups in the world, delivering an innovative and productivity-boosting platform that slashes the time it takes for employees to get up to speed.

But when it came to the speed of its own prospecting efforts, Centrical was bogged down with too much homework. Its outbound lead generation was delivering quantity at the serious expense of quality, so Centrical’s talented team was wasting valuable productive time manually researching, verifying, and disqualifying leads. At the same time, its inbound pay-per-click (PPC) programs were already maxing out their budget and their effectiveness.

With a game-changing enterprise product and looking for a data solution that could keep up, Centrical turned to ZoomInfo.

The Solution

Centrical needed a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use data solution that could quickly filter out the noise from its lead generation efforts and cut right to the heart of identifying its target prospects, saving mountains of time and energy. It got that and more with ZoomInfo.

“Our lead generation had been mostly inbound-focused with PPC, so there was hardly any way to guarantee the quality of a lead,” says Eddie Baron, Head of Global Account Development at Centrical. “The quality of the data has enabled us to execute on a highly successful outbound sales motion.”

The Results

That organizational transformation is courtesy of ZoomInfo, who gave Centrical access to the most reliable, accurate, and detailed prospecting data in existence. With detailed org charts that map out stakeholding spheres within prospect accounts, searches that allow Centrical to filter their results by hundreds of different parameters and an integration with Salesforce that automatically enriches their instances with the latest data, ZoomInfo has slashed Baron’s sales team’s account research time by 50%, and has boosted annual prospecting productivity by 17%.

“ZoomInfo gives us high-quality leads, and it makes it utterly simple to search, find, and target them,” Baron says. And because of the ultra-granularity of ZoomInfo’s search filters, Centrical has expanded its outreach, targeting new personas and channels it had been unable to identify previously. “We’ve added 4,500 accounts to our total addressable market and opened a whole new channel,” explained Baron.

Centrical’s live events have enjoyed a huge boost in effectiveness and ROI thanks to the accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data, as well. “Now we can invite the right people, the people who are far more relevant, far more interested, and far more likely to convert,” says Baron. And when it comes to post-event follow-up, all those valuable event leads are then checked against ZoomInfo automatically and uploaded into Salesforce.

Today, Centrical has completely fine-tuned its outbound lead generation, targeting only its ideal prospects and converting at a higher rate than ever. And Baron’s team is free to work on projects that support the company’s long-term mission.

“I’ve used ZoomInfo at every company I’ve worked at,” Baron says. “And I’ll make sure it’s at every company I ever go to.”

That’s putting you in control so you can play to win. That’s ZoomInfo.

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