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Brainshark sales enablement solutions help deliver the content you need to sell, market, and train with maximum impact.

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The Challenge

Marketing ROI suffered due to poor data quality on incoming leads.

“The marketing team was spending a lot of time and effort on generating leads for the sales team, but the leads were coming in with incomplete and inaccurate information, meaning sales either wasn’t following up with them or they were spending a lot of time researching their contact and background information,” explained Kate Sarkissian, Senior Manager, Database Marketing, at Brainshark.

The Brainshark team didn’t have access to direct dial phone numbers and their connect rates suffered because of it. They also needed a full picture of their database so they could continue to fuel their funnel with new, targeted contacts.

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Brainshark was able to shorten their lead follow up, reaching decision makers 4x faster.

The ZoomInfo platform provided a self-service portal, CRM and marketing automation integration which became an integral part of Brainshark’s strategy. Using ZoomInfo, marketing was able to append the missing pieces of data onto the leads before passing them to sales. With a complete picture of the contact and most often a direct dial phone number to call, sales was able to increase their connect and conversion rates.

“Having a direct phone number is absolutely critical when the appointment setting is happening. We worked so hard to get these people to raise their hands, and we want to make sure that sales is able to reach them to set the appointment,” said Sarkissian.

With ZoomInfo, Brainshark is able to build out targeted campaigns based on their buyer personas and refresh contacts, as well as fuel their funnel with new targeted contacts on a regular basis.

“By the time SharkWeek was here, we refreshed the majority of our database, and sales was able to kick off the quarter with the most accurate information at their disposal to go after the right prospects.”

The Results

Since partnering with ZoomInfo, Brainshark achieved a 30% increase in connect rates.

Brainshark has been able to achieve a 10% increase in Marketing Qualified Opportunities and boosted connect rates by 30%.

“With access to direct dial phone numbers, our sales team is now 30% more likely to reach decision-makers when calling,” explained Sarkissian. “Marketing was also able to provide sales with the leads and contact information they needed and fast. If you are going to go through the trouble of running a lead generation program you need to make sure your sales team can continue the conversation.”

If you are going to run a lead generation program, you need to make sure your sales team can continue the conversation.

Kate Sarkissian,
Senior Manager, Database Marketing at Brainshark

Brainshark’s revenue generation process evolved into a robust and dynamic system with ZoomInfo, where data is constantly being refreshed. They’re able to maintain their existing database, as well as run multiple customized strategic projects fitting their specific buyer personas, resulting in a more efficient and effective process.

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