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beep! Directed helps companies generate and nurture leads by extending the reach of their existing sales resources. With follow-up through voicemail and email, they help clients set meetings, drive registrations, renew contracts and connect with decision makers.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

The Challenge

The sales team was spending too much time and money on inaccurate and out-of-date contact information.

Prior to partnering with ZoomInfo, the sales team at beep! Directed relied on another data provider. However, the experience left a lot to be desired, and Patrick Cahill, President of beep! Directed, realized the sales team was not getting optimal results for their prospecting efforts.

“One of our clients provided us with a list of contacts from ZoomInfo to reach out to, which had far more accurate direct dial phone numbers and email addresses than we were used to seeing,” explained Cahill. “That’s when I knew it was time to make a change.”

The Solution

Using ZoomInfo, the sales team was able to increase efficiency and fuel their pipeline with new, targeted contacts.

beep! Directed partnered with ZoomInfo in order to improve their prospecting efforts and get in touch with target accounts. ZoomInfo provided the sales team with access to high-quality contact information, so they no longer had to waste time calling gatekeepers or wrong numbers. As a result, they were able to save time, driving new opportunities and converting more prospects into clients.

“ZoomInfo’s data is a crucial resource for our team,” said Cahill. “Every wrong number we received from our previous data partner would keep us from speaking with key contacts immediately after the appropriate trigger. We know the downstream impact of inaccurate data and it can be extremely expensive. That’s not an issue anymore with ZoomInfo. We’re now able to connect faster than ever before.”

The Results

With accurate contact information, beep! Directed was able to set 20% more meetings with potential clients.

ZoomInfo’s accurate and up-to-date contact information helped beep! Directed set more meetings with potential clients and shorten the sales cycle. With access to direct phone numbers and email addresses, the team could speed up the sales process and avoid wasting time on gatekeepers or wrong numbers.

We know the downstream impact of inaccurate data and it can be extremely expensive. That’s not an issue anymore with ZoomInfo.

Patrick Cahill,
President, beep! Directed

“After switching to ZoomInfo, we saw a significant increase in our success rate,” said Cahill. “In fact, we were able to prospect more efficiently, increase the number of meetings set by 20% and expand pipeline growth. This would not have been possible without ZoomInfo’s high-quality contact information.”

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