About The Company

Ayehu is a leading provider of IT Process Automation & Orchestration solutions for IT and Security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents and enable rapid containment, eradication, and recovery from cybersecurity breaches.

Industry: Cybersecurity

The Challenge

With such a rapidly changing security landscape, every second counts for Ayehu. Whether prospecting, segmenting, or finalizing deals, time is quite literally money for the tech company. But with the incomplete or out-of-date market data Ayehu was relying upon, it was stuck using inefficient prospecting methods and wasting marketing resources on incorrectly segmented leads. Ayehu was manually researching accounts, attempting to build its own organizational charts from scratch, and making guesses at potential client pain points. With a high-performance product offering, Ayehu needed data that could keep up with – and grow – its business.

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Ayehu gained access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data in existence. Ayehu could now see exactly which stakeholders and decision makers influenced deals within accounts, what technology and solutions clients already used or didn’t use, and how to directly connect with every manager, director, and executive officer they needed to.

The Results

Complete organizational charts that used to take a day’s 8-hour work to compile now take just minutes, increasing prospecting velocity. Additionally, Ayehu can now much better granulate the leads going into its CRM, dividing by parameters like technology owned, project task, budget, position, company size, and more, effectively doubling its prospecting success and resulting in a 200% increase in conversion rates. “ZoomInfo is always adding data, constantly improving its interfaces, it has great notifications and alerts, and it’s highly accurate,” raves Michael Udasin, Ayehu Enterprise Account Manager. “If I had to choose all over again, I’d choose ZoomInfo.”

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