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Atlatl Software is leading the charge to help manufacturers visualize their sales process. Their suite of Visual Configurators and CPQ tools empower the highest performing companies to sell faster, more efficiently, and increase revenue with unmatched customer experiences.

Industry: Technology & Services

The Challenge

Innovative companies require innovative sales solutions

The B2B marketplace is synonymous with innovation. New products, services and channels are constantly emerging. However, make no mistake: companies tasked with developing a robust go-to-market strategy that builds awareness, demand, and adoption for a new offering presents its array of challenges.

Just ask Zac Cooper, Director of Sales at Atlatl Software, a company that creates manufacturing sales technology as sophisticated as the technology delivered to its customers’ factory floor.

“I come from traditional SaaS software sales organizations where you have your list of accounts, you have your buyer personas, and you’re trying to create opportunities,” Cooper explained. “But because we were essentially creating a new market, the business development strategy within Atlatl had to be very strategic and consultative.”

“In other words, we could not necessarily follow traditional processes to create top of the funnel demand,” Cooper continued. “Although, we certainly tried. Two years in, I took a step back to examine the analytics from sales outreach, which yielded just 2% percent conversion rate.”

Cooper quickly realized part of the problem was developing an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and identifying the right buyer personas for his sales organization to target within Atlatl’s account universe.

“We needed market intelligence that could go beyond traditional firmographic data points to pinpoint our Total Addressable Market (TAM). We support the manufacturing industry, sure – but specifically, we’re supporting high-growth organizations. What does that mean? Companies north of a billion in revenue that are growing aggressively through acquisition, introducing new products to the market, and whose sales organization have grown a least 20% in size, year-over-year.

Moreover, while my experiences initially lent me to believe that a VP of Sales or VP of Engineering was our buyer persona, we’ve seen a shift. Instead, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Digital Officer, and other obscure titles were the stakeholders driving purchasing decisions. Needless to say, these personas were difficult to reach.”

The Solution

For Atlatl, ZoomInfo was the perfect B2B solution to streamline its Go-to-Market strategy

During its evaluation of sales and marketing intelligence providers, Atlatl immediately saw an 80% value add due to ZoomInfo’s coverage and ability to deliver enhanced prospecting data.

“ZoomInfo is using data-driven processes to deliver quality and quantity to its customers,” Cooper said. “I’ve been in software sales for close to a decade. It used to take two weeks just to create an account list.

It used to take two weeks just to create an account list. With ZoomInfo, we’re not only able to create a better, more qualified account list in just two minutes, but we’re also able to engage key decision makers.

Zac Cooper,
Director of Sales, Atlatl Software

With ZoomInfo, we’re not only able to create a better, more qualified account list in just two minutes, but we’re also able to engage key decision makers effectively using ZoomInfo’s company insights and real-time news and technology alerts.”

Even better, ZoomInfo’s contact and account data integrates directly into Atlatl’s CRM – creating an easier, more efficient sales workflow.

According to Cooper, between the integration and account filters, which have been invaluable in terms of perfecting their targeted market, the sales team continues to see daily workflow improvements.

“The robust CRM integration is a game-changer. It creates a seamless experience for our sales organization,” stated Cooper.

The Results

With ZoomInfo, Atlatl revamped its sales process, reduced customer acquisition costs, and strategically grew its sales organization

For Atlatl, no longer being tasked with conducting traditional prospecting research and administrative work (within its CRM) has drastically improved profit margins.

The end result? Atlatl skyrocketed its 1.8% conversion rate from sales prospecting to 10.4% – an improvement of 400%.

“Bottom line in terms of cost efficiencies and human capital savings? Upwards of 40%!” Cooper continued, “That’s a significant percentage that gives me the opportunity to invest budget in resources that will accelerate our sales cycle.

For example, instead of having to hire to junior business development representatives to handle account mapping and appointment setting, I can hire Enterprise Account Executives knowing full well we have a solution that can support a targeted sales strategy.”

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