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Offering a valuable Product Led Growth Platform to its peers in the B2B space, Appcues adds an experience layer to customers’ products, allowing them to build user onboarding, net promoter score surveys, or feature announcements in minutes instead of in weeks.

Industry: Computer Software

The Challenge

Incorporate A Strategy For Growth

Before implementing ZoomInfo, the sales team at Appcues was using a data platform that just wasn’t getting the job done; the accuracy of contact data was unreliable (think outdated and missing emails and direct dials) and as a result, the team was struggling to connect with prospects. “While we understood our ideal customer profile, we lacked a clear path to those prospects,” explained Jeff Hendricks, Manager of Business Development at Appcues.

“We needed a reliable business intelligence tool that would enable us to prospect into enterprise accounts and expand our existing customer accounts.”

The Solution

Arm Sales With Tools For Success

After bringing ZoomInfo onto the scene, things started to shift. “Expanding customer accounts means staying on top of company news such as mergers and acquisitions,” explained Henricks. With ZoomInfo’s Newsfeed feature, the sales team at Appcues is able to stay informed on the accounts they care about most with real-time email alerts, allowing them to be more timely and relevant with their outreach.

As the sales team began to leverage ZoomInfo, Appcues’ pipeline increased. The sales team not only saw a dramatic increase in the number of meetings they booked through calls but also emails — a correlation Hendricks attributes to using ZoomInfo. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo 5 months ago, we’ve seen a 798% increase in call to connect rates and a 41% increase in pipeline build, specifically for Enterprise accounts,” mentioned Henricks.

“ZoomInfo’s accuracy with direct dials is second to none,” says Hendricks. “We’re making connections and having engaging conversations. That wasn’t happening before to the same degree.”

ZoomInfo’s accuracy with direct dials is second to none. We’re making connections and having engaging conversations. That wasn’t happening before to the same degree.

Jeff Hendricks,
Manager of Business Development at Appcues

“The phone should be any salesperson’s weapon of choice, especially with ZoomInfo fueling their efforts.”

The Results

Look To The Future

Though still in the early phases of introducing ZoomInfo to their tech stack, Appcues has seen and continues to see great results. Hendricks is optimistic about what the future with ZoomInfo holds for his team. He remains excited about the promise of continuing to increase their pipeline, arming his sales team with the tools to grow professionally, and targeting their ICP. They now have access to the right data to connect with companies that have analytics integration capabilities, specifically – and they rest easy knowing that the data powering their outreach is continuously and automatically refreshed and updated.

“It’s one less thing we have to worry about. I’d recommend ZoomInfo to anybody,” Hendricks says.

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