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For more than 30 years, Access Development has helped organizations build revenue, engagement, and loyalty through custom incentives, employee perks, and discount programs. The company’s private discount network of over 350,000 merchant locations is America’s largest.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

The Challenge

Ineffective Data Hampers Sales Efforts

In today’s B2B space, companies like Access Development want to ensure their leads are consistently up-to-date and accurate. However, Access Development faced a data management dilemma: The company’s marketing and sales initiatives couldn’t stay on course without accurate information, but its data vendor didn’t have the ability to keep up.

It was the perfect time for ZoomInfo Enrich to step in and help Access Development strengthen its data-driven decisions.

Its former data provider, Data.com, had “too many inaccurate email addresses, contributing to higher email bounce rates,” said Taylor Hatchell, Salesforce Administrator Manager at Access Development. Given that the marketing and sales teams were processing a plethora of leads at once, incomplete data – in particular, incorrect contact information for people who had switched employers – was the biggest pain point. Despite using Data.com, their campaigns were struggling to be successful.

“As we continued using Data.com, we noticed that we were lacking the capabilities to keep our data relevant. Thus, our campaigns were becoming heavily affected by this…”

The Solution

Zoominfo Enrich Sharpens A Data Management Strategy

When it became clear to Access Development that instantaneous and ongoing data enrichment capabilities were imperative, the company made the switch to ZoomInfo Enrich. ZoomInfo Enrich tackled the problems immediately, flagging contacts who had moved to different companies and, in turn, allowing the teams to remove those people from email campaigns.

This rigid data management approach resulted in a significant upswing in Access Development’s outreach: reduced email bounce rates, increased connections, and a 40% increase in lead conversions.

Further, the sales team responsible for Access Development’s Employee Perks program relies on the number of employees working at a prospective company as a benchmark on whether to pursue a lead. ZoomInfo provides employee headcounts as part of its company profiles, which allows Access Development’s reps to better identify and prioritize leads.

“With ZoomInfo Enrich, we are able to update our leads with information that enables us to connect with key accounts faster. This way, we can work towards actively improving our reach-out process.”

By using ZoomInfo Enrich, Access Development is now able to continuously complete and enhance leads as teams input them into the CRM. ZoomInfo Enrich updates and appends key fields for contact and account information – such as email, direct dials, job functions and employee count – instantly. With ZoomInfo Enrich, Access Development captures high quality data, improves lead scoring, and maximizes results.

More importantly, Access Development’s sales and marketing teams enjoy added confidence in their new leads and data management solution.

With ZoomInfo Enrich, we had a good experience from the start. We’re finding more success with our email blasts thanks to ZoomInfo’s accurate contact information and their ability to enhance the database.

Taylor Hatchell,
Salesforce Admin Manager, Access Development
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