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Lucid Software is the leader in visual collaboration for enterprise and hybrid teams of all sizes to easily connect through virtual whiteboarding, intelligent diagramming, and cloud visualization.

Industry: Software

The Challenge

To stay at the forefront of innovation, Lucid Software wanted a solution that would allow each sales and customer success representative to record customer conversations and identify opportunities for relationship improvement and corporate growth.

“Meetings are the bread and butter of every business. They are how we communicate with our customers. Using a conversation intelligence tool like Chorus allows me to capture and analyze conversations and remain much more in tune with what my customers are saying,” says Mike Larson, Enterprise Customer Success Manager.

The Solution

Chorus by ZoomInfo, equipped with innovative AI capabilities, enables sales reps to analyze customer insights faster, stay focused during conversations, and promote collaboration across departments. Chorus’ GenAI Post-Meeting Summary replaces post-call reviews with a detailed list summarizing the main points of the call.

Before Chorus, Larson would take 15 minutes after a customer call to log notes and distribute important insights across spreadsheets, CRMs, and shared documents. This manual process was not scalable and it took time away from preparing for upcoming conversations.

“Now I don’t have to listen back to any of my calls because I can rely on the AI in Chorus to give me my top 3 takeaways, a list of action items, and a bulleted summary of the key points or items discussed. This saves me roughly four and a half hours of work in a week,” says Larson.

Now freed from having to take notes during calls, reps can fully engage with the customer and the opportunity. Chorus can also simplify complex topics and make them easier for reps to understand.

“There was one call in particular, where the customer was speaking in very technical terms, and I spent about 20 minutes after the call trying to understand what was shared,” says Larson. “Then the automated meeting summary hit my inbox and the AI had summarized what was said in a single bullet point. This confirmed that I can trust the quality of the AI in Chorus and spend more time focusing on my customers.”

In addition to AI and meeting summaries, with Snippets, users can quickly and easily share moments from calls with other team members. This is especially helpful if complex or technical product topics arise.

“The ability to share snippets is driving cross-departmental collaboration and saves an incredible amount of time from having a meeting about a meeting. Instead, in a few clicks, I can send the relevant information to the team who needs to take action on what was shared,” says Larson.

This knowledge-sharing enhances workflow efficiency and prevents duplicate efforts across teams. Users can also view metrics within Chorus, such as the “talk-to-listen ratio” metric, which helps identify and prioritize the voice of the customer.

“I like looking at the ratios because it’s a built-in accountability feature. I like to keep my ratio at 50/50 or 60/40 with the customer talking more,” says Larson.

The Results

With Chorus by ZoomInfo in their tech stack, Lucid Software’s customer success team streamlined their workflows and improved their customer-focus. Teams now adopt a “do more with less” mindset, making time-saving practices and tools essential in accomplishing daily tasks.

“Knowing that I can rely on ZoomInfo, with best-in-class tools and reliable products, makes my job easier. The power of AI and conversation intelligence is keeping the voice of the customer at the forefront of everything we do,” says Larson.

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