About The Company

7 Eagle Group is a recruiting firm that connects talented Military Veterans to companies who value the grit and leadership skills they bring to America’s workforce.

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

The Challenge

7 Eagle Group is a niche recruiting firm with the mission of connecting Military Veterans with jobs, companies, and career paths they love. In order to fulfill that mission, data is key.

“To get in touch with decision-makers at large organizations is very difficult,” explained Jordie Kern, Founder of 7 Eagle Group. “Sure, LinkedIn works for some, but it doesn’t turn the key for us.”

7 Eagle Group was in need of a tool that could not only provide them with reliable and accurate contact information to connect them with their target accounts and contacts, but one that could also help them identify companies with job positions that fit the specific industries, skill sets and locations of the Veterans they are working to place.

The Solution

“Veterans possess intangible characteristics that set them apart from the crowd and make them great candidates for companies looking for a competitive edge,” explained Kern. “Our goal is to get that message across to organizations that may be looking to hire.”

With ZoomInfo’s Advanced Search capabilities, 7 Eagle Group is able to instantly populate a list of companies based on customized criteria that relates to the skillsets and experiences of the specific candidate they are working with. From there, they use ZoomInfo to identify direct dials and email addresses for hiring managers within those targeted accounts.

“ZoomInfo is both expanding our reach and improving the quality of our leads,” said Kern. “Before ZoomInfo, we’d go into Indeed and look to see who’s hiring, but that’s only a tiny sample of the companies. There are lots of other companies who aren’t advertising, and the only way we can find them is with ZoomInfo.”

The Results

Since signing on with ZoomInfo, 7 Eagle Group has seen their engagement rates double which has ultimately led to increased opportunities and faster placements.

“We see much higher email deliverability and engagement rates when we use data from ZoomInfo as opposed to data we get from other sources,” explained Kern. “It is obvious to us that ZoomInfo has the richest and cleanest data in the market.”

“With ZoomInfo, we’re able to make a real difference in the lives of the Veterans we work with,” said Kern. “When we get somebody on a job–or a career path, more importantly–it’s just so rewarding. If a Veteran was working as a mechanic on tanks or planes, for example, they come back feeling like the only thing they can do is be an auto-mechanic. We get them into a career path where they have the opportunity to make a lot more money and have a lot more responsibility.”

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