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  • Benefits

    Medical, dental, vision and life insurance, including flexible spending accounts and matching employee contributions for HSA's!

  • Compensation

    Competitive salary, bonus, 401k matching and ZoomInfo stock for all employees.

  • Flexible PTO

    Generous vacation, sick-time and holiday pay.

  • Well-Being

    Onsite fitness centers, mindfulness resources through our Wellness Platform, free healthy snacks, discounts on travel, and much more.

  • Employee Experience

    We aim to create the best journey possible by partnering with you; recognizing and celebrating the moments that matter.

  • Career Growth

    We prioritize growth of our employees by coaching and promoting internal mobility and access to a state of the art learning platform.

Our Values

Difference Makers

We believe that the seven most detrimental words that a company can believe in are “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Every day we strive to be 1% better.

One Team, One Dream

We work well together, the phrase “that’s not my job” does not exist in our culture. We are collaborative and inclusive when bringing people and ideas together.

Define New Possibles

We are firm believers in innovation and are willing to take calculated risks. Every day we look beyond what is possible and define a new possible instead.

Get Stuff Done

We strive to make data-based decisions and are not paralyzed by perpetual analysis.

Our Bar Is High

We anticipate our customer needs before our customers know what they want.

We don’t stop when they buy our software.

Diversity and inclusion

The mission of ZoomInfo’s Global Inclusion & Diversity Initiative (GIDI) is to create a sense of belonging for all employees. GIDI takes an active role in focusing on the equity, advancement and empowerment of underrepresented communities.

  • Zoom In Color
    Zoom in Color cultivates fresh ideas to build a pipeline for, recruit, retain and professionally develop Black professionals. We work to create honest spaces to elevate the importance of community while celebrating our individuality. Zoom in Color builds confidence in our employees to inspire us all to live authentically and advance professionally.
  • ZoomInfo Pride
    ZiPride fosters an environment that encourages positive diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and + individuals. In doing so, this group furthers the advocacy, mentorship, and education of affected individuals in the workplace; with a focus and determination that all people either gay or straight understand the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities.
  • ZoomInfo WIN
    ZoomInfo WIN (Women's Initiative Network) works to increase the representation and advancement of women in all roles at ZoomInfo, through professional and personal development. We are dedicated to motivating one another and creating a space that gives women the courage to discuss and solve issues that impact them specifically. Together, we create an environment that educates others and mobilizes advocacy company-wide.
  • ZoomInfo Military & Family
    Zulu Mike Foxtrot's mission is to connect and construct relationships for past, present and future service members of any global Armed Forces. This group provides resources, fellowship and military-themed events to improve company and community atmosphere. ZoomInfo Military & Family supports diversity and leads by example, in a group with mixed backgrounds but identical experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it.

  • Comparably award: Best Company for Women
  • Comparably award: Best Company Culture
  • Comparably award: Best CEO
  • Inc's Best Workplaces 2019
  • Great Place to Work award: Certified 2020-2021
  • The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work 2020

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