Directory of Profiled Business People: Stavroff, Sera - Stavros, Martha

Stark, Kasey - Stearns, Marti > Stavroff, Sera - Stavros, Martha

Sera Stavroff - EA for Information Services

Sharon Stavroff - Owner

Svetoslav Stavroff - Test Engineer (Earlier and Recently) Customer Quality Support Engineer

Thea Stavroff

Tiffany Stavroff - Mail Carrier

Vera Stavroff - President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerome Stavrog - Infographiste

Evi Stavrogianni - Sales Department

Maria Stavrogianni - Head of Investor Relations Unit

Christos Stavrogiannis - Senior Network Engineer

Dimitris Stavrogiannis - Freelance Journalist

Georgios Stavrogiannis - Marketing Manager

Stefano Stavrogiannis

Xenofon Stavrogiannis - Consulente Per Attività Di Gestione Ed Amministrazione GENERAL CONSTRUCTION SpA Branch Grecia

Anastasia Stavrogiannopoulos - Accounts Officer

Marios Stavrogiannopoulos - Scientific Advisor and Coordinator of the Mental Health Units of Athens

Stavros Stavrogiannopoulos - Depot Production Manager

Angela Stavrogiannopulos - Account Manager

Anastasia Stavrogina - Cra

Stavros Stavroglou - Data Scientist

Jim Stavrojohn - Shift Security Supervisor

Katherine Stavrojohn - Owner

Nick Stavrojohn

Nicole Stavrojohn -

Dora Stavrolakes - Independent Sales, Business Manager

Georgi Stavrolakes - Project Manager

Georgiana Stavrolakes - Cost Control Manager

Kimberly Stavrolakes

Yako Stavrolakes

Alex Stavrolakis

Allie Stavrolakis

Alex Stavroloulos - Teacher

Nick Stavroloulos -

Allyson Stavron - Regional Project Accounting Manager

Brian Stavron - Vice President Information Technology

Bruce Stavron - Commercial LED Lighting and Energy Solutions Specialist

Bryce Stavron - Athlete

Chase Stavron

George Stavron -

Karim Stavron - Independent Case Investigator

Kelle Stavron - Author

Kyle Stavron - Clerks Helper

Mark Stavron

Max Stavron

Renee Stavron - Study Coordinator

Scott Stavron - Information Technology Specialist

Shane Stavron -

Sophia Stavron - Chief Executive Officer

Tom Stavron - Territory Account Manager

Christina Stavropierrakos

Kristina Stavropios -

Kristina Stavroplos - CCBYS and Crisis and Outpatient Therapist

Patti Stavroplos - Legal Assistant

Peter Stavroplos

Steve Stavroplos

Audrey Stavroplus

Lou Stavroplus - Agency Orincipal and Owner

Nick Stavroplus - Wildlife Officer

Olympia Stavropodi -

D. Stavropoilos -

Martina Stavropol - Asset Administrator

Lorraine Stavropolis

Steve Stavropolis - West Africa Broadcast Engineer

Ellie Stavropolos - Assistant To Denise Cavanaugh

Dimitrios Stavropolous -

Georgina Stavropolous -

Mark Stavropolous - Managing Partner

Nicos Stavropolous -

Peter Stavropolous - Chief Executive Officer

Romain Stavropolous -

Stella Stavropolous - Real Estate Sales Agent

Terry Stavropolous -

Leonard Stavropolskiy - DPT and DC Co Owner

Lora Stavropolsky

Vitalii Stavropolskyi - Product Manager

Andriy Stavropoltsev - Эксперт

Svetlana Stavropoltseva - Project Coordinator

Bill Stavropolus - Founder and President

George Stavropopoulos - Sales Administration and Office Manager

William Stavropoul -

Dimitris Stavropoulo -

Achilles Stavropoulos - Geomodeler

Adele Stavropoulos - Provisional Psychologist

Agamemnon Stavropoulos - Tax Advisor - Accountant

Aggelos Stavropoulos

Alex Stavropoulos

Alexander Stavropoulos - Student Manager

Alexandre Stavropoulos -

Alexandros Stavropoulos

Alexi Stavropoulos - Director

Alexia Stavropoulos -

Alexis Stavropoulos

Alice Stavropoulos -

Amanda Stavropoulos

Amy Stavropoulos

Anargyros Stavropoulos -

Anastasia Stavropoulos

Anastasios Stavropoulos

Anastos Stavropoulos - Managing Director Representative for Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique and Angola

Andreas Stavropoulos

Andrew Stavropoulos

Angel Stavropoulos

Angela Stavropoulos

Angelos Stavropoulos

Ann Stavropoulos - Nurse Practitioner

Anna Stavropoulos

Anthony Stavropoulos - Field Services Manager and Manager of Public Relations

Antonia Stavropoulos - Manager -Everyday Banking

Antonios Stavropoulos - Customer Service Representative

Antonis Stavropoulos

Aphrodite Stavropoulos

April Stavropoulos -

Argiris Stavropoulos - Electrical Engineer

Ari Stavropoulos - Partner

Ariana Stavropoulos -

Arlene Stavropoulos - Rn, Bsn

Ashley Stavropoulos

Asimakis Stavropoulos - Partner, Research and Development Manager

Athanasios Stavropoulos

Athena Stavropoulos -

Barbara Stavropoulos - Radiology Technician

Basil Stavropoulos

Basilhs Stavropoulos - Special Education Teacher and Principal, ICT Teacher Trainer

Becky Stavropoulos

Betsy Stavropoulos - Realtor, BA,MA,CNS,CRS

Betty Stavropoulos - Senior Coordinator, Benefits and Compensation

Bianca Stavropoulos - National Leasing Assistant

Bill Stavropoulos

Bladimiros Stavropoulos - Global Connectivity - Satellite Services

Bobby Stavropoulos - Assistant Field Operator L1-2

Brittanie Stavropoulos

Bryan Stavropoulos - Modernization Operations Manager, Palm Beach

Caitlin Stavropoulos - Shift Manager

Carol Stavropoulos - Art Director

Carrie Stavropoulos - Nurse

Cathy Stavropoulos - Realtor

Charalampos Stavropoulos - Continuous Casting Production Manager

Cherrie Stavropoulos - CA (SA) - Part Time Employee

Cheryl Stavropoulos -

Chris Stavropoulos

Christie Stavropoulos - Universal Banker

Christina Stavropoulos

Christine Stavropoulos

Christopher Stavropoulos

Christos Stavropoulos

Cindy Stavropoulos

Colin Stavropoulos - Technician-Telecom Iii

Con Stavropoulos

Connie Stavropoulos - Property Manager

Constantin Stavropoulos

Constantine Stavropoulos

Constantinos Stavropoulos - Judge

Corinne Stavropoulos - Shipping Department

Costa Stavropoulos - Ventas

Costas Stavropoulos - Technical Manager

D. Stavropoulos

Daniel Stavropoulos - Project Manager for Digital Projects

Danielle Stavropoulos

Daphne Stavropoulos - Media Relations Officer

David Stavropoulos

Dawn Stavropoulos

Dean Stavropoulos

Debbie Stavropoulos - Social Worker 2

Demetri Stavropoulos -

Demetrios Stavropoulos

Demetrius Stavropoulos - Entrepreneur Hospitality

Demitri Stavropoulos - President

Dennis Stavropoulos

Diana Stavropoulos

Diane Stavropoulos - Consultante Rh - Coach

Dimitra Stavropoulos

Dimitri Stavropoulos

Dimitrios Stavropoulos

Dimitris Stavropoulos

Dina Stavropoulos - Board Member

Dinos Stavropoulos - OTC Derivatives

Dionysios Stavropoulos -

Dionysis Stavropoulos - Senior Software Engineer

Donatos Stavropoulos - Postgraduate Research Fellow

Donna Stavropoulos

Drew Stavropoulos -

Duane Stavropoulos - Solutions Architect and Technical Team Lead

Duygu Stavropoulos -

Effie Stavropoulos - Strata Manager

Elenie Stavropoulos

Elias Stavropoulos

Elisabeth Stavropoulos - Alliance Manager - Marketing Communications

Elisha Stavropoulos - Assistant Account Executive

Ellen Stavropoulos - Paralegal

Ellie Stavropoulos

Elpitha Stavropoulos - Social Educator

Elvia Stavropoulos -

Emma Stavropoulos - President

Emmanouil Stavropoulos

Eric Stavropoulos

Erika Stavropoulos - Resource Tchr, ABA

Erin Stavropoulos - Segment Manager - Automotive and Industrial

Ernest Stavropoulos

Esther Stavropoulos

Eva Stavropoulos

Evagelos Stavropoulos - Chief Executive Officer

Evangelia Stavropoulos -

Evangelos Stavropoulos - Research Support Manager

Evelyn Stavropoulos - Decision Maker

Fabrice Stavropoulos - Chief Executive Officer

Fanis Stavropoulos -

Fil Stavropoulos - Deputy Director - Information Technology Internal Auditor and Software Developer

Fill Stavropoulos - Information Technology Internal Auditor and Software Developer

Foivos Stavropoulos - Master Mariner

Fonta Stavropoulos - Market Team Manager

Fotios Stavropoulos - Surveyor

Fotis Stavropoulos

Fran Stavropoulos - Specialty Teacher - Physical Education

Franci Stavropoulos

George Stavropoulos

Georgia Stavropoulos - Board Member

Georgina Stavropoulos

Georgios Stavropoulos

Germanos Stavropoulos

Giannis Stavropoulos

Gina Stavropoulos

Giorgos Stavropoulos

Giulia Stavropoulos

Greg Stavropoulos

Gregory Stavropoulos

Gus Stavropoulos

Haido Stavropoulos - Legal Administrator

Hannah Stavropoulos - Key Account Manager Retail

Helen Stavropoulos

Ifigenia Stavropoulos - Independent Sales Representative, Recruiter

Ilias Stavropoulos

Ioannis Stavropoulos

Isabelle Stavropoulos -

Jack Stavropoulos -

Jade Stavropoulos -

James Stavropoulos

Jamie Stavropoulos -

Janet Stavropoulos

Janice Stavropoulos -

Jason Stavropoulos - Scientist I

Jen Stavropoulos - Elementary School Teacher

Jenna Stavropoulos

Jennifer Stavropoulos - Teacher

Jenny Stavropoulos

Jim Stavropoulos

Jimmy Stavropoulos

Joanna Stavropoulos

John Stavropoulos

Joseph Stavropoulos - Loan Officer Assistant

June Stavropoulos - Principal

Karen Stavropoulos -

Karina Stavropoulos - Position In Marketing and Systems

Kassandra Stavropoulos - Sales Associate

Katherine Stavropoulos

Kathryn Stavropoulos

Kathy Stavropoulos

Kati Stavropoulos -

Kenny Stavropoulos - Drummer

Keri Stavropoulos - Campaign Marketing Manager

Kim Stavropoulos - Freelance Social Media Community Manager

Kimberly Stavropoulos - Receptionist

Kinga Stavropoulos - Information Systems Controls Analyst

Kirsty Stavropoulos -

Konstantinos Stavropoulos

Konstantinos-Foivos Stavropoulos - Captain Office VSat

Konstantis Stavropoulos - Head of Customer Base Management

Kosta Stavropoulos

Kostas Stavropoulos

Kostis Stavropoulos -

Kris Stavropoulos - Information Officer

Kristian Stavropoulos - Assistant Development Manager - Barangaroo South

Kristos Stavropoulos - Chief Information Officer

Lashanda Stavropoulos -

Lata Stavropoulos - Physician Consultant

Lauren Stavropoulos -

Lee Stavropoulos - Facilities and Maintenance Specialist

Lefteris Stavropoulos - Structural Actions Working Party

Lena Stavropoulos -

Leonidas Stavropoulos

Linda Stavropoulos

Lisa Stavropoulos

Litsa Stavropoulos - Events and New Projects Manager

Liverios Stavropoulos - Business Development Manager

Lorraine Stavropoulos - Engineer for West Africa

Louie Stavropoulos -

Louis Stavropoulos

Louiza Stavropoulos

Loukas Stavropoulos - Director of Sales

Lucas Stavropoulos -

Lukas Stavropoulos

Lyberis Stavropoulos - Project Manager

Lyllian Stavropoulos - Coordinator

Léo Stavropoulos - Responsable d'Exploitation

Malina Stavropoulos - Assistant Merchandise Manager, Women's Lifestyle and Training Footwear

Manolis Stavropoulos - Supervisor

Manuel Stavropoulos - Senior Project Manager

Maree Stavropoulos - Human Resources Manager

Maria Stavropoulos

Marie Stavropoulos

Marina Stavropoulos - Director, Educational Resources

Marinos Stavropoulos - Senior SAP FICO Analyst

Mario Stavropoulos - Assistant Manager

Marios Stavropoulos - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marissa Stavropoulos - Assurance Associate

Mark Stavropoulos

Mary Stavropoulos

Matt Stavropoulos -

Matthew Stavropoulos

Melanie Stavropoulos

Melina Stavropoulos -

Melissa Stavropoulos

Menelaos Stavropoulos

Michael Stavropoulos

Michail Stavropoulos - Product Manager

Michalis Stavropoulos

Michelle Stavropoulos

Mihalis Stavropoulos - Sales Account Manager

Mike Stavropoulos

Miltiadis Stavropoulos - Owner and Information Technology Consultant

Monica Stavropoulos

Natasha Stavropoulos -

Nektaria Stavropoulos - Business Development Manager

Nella Stavropoulos

Nia Stavropoulos -

Nic Stavropoulos - Founder and Managing Director

Nicholas Stavropoulos

Nick Stavropoulos

Nickolas Stavropoulos

Nicolas Stavropoulos - Assistant Commercial Bilingue

Nicos Stavropoulos - Law Faculty

Nikki Stavropoulos -

Niko Stavropoulos - Producer

Nikolaos Stavropoulos

Nikolas Stavropoulos

Nikos Stavropoulos

Nina Stavropoulos

Nora Stavropoulos - Agent

Norma Stavropoulos - Owner

Omiros Stavropoulos -

Pam Stavropoulos - Head of Research and Clinical Practice I

Panagiotis Stavropoulos

Panos Stavropoulos

Pantelis Stavropoulos

Parthena Stavropoulos - Bulletin Producer; Journalist

Patricia Stavropoulos

Patty Stavropoulos -

Paul Stavropoulos

Pavlos Stavropoulos

Penelope Stavropoulos - Branch Manager

Penny Stavropoulos - Client Service Representative

Pericles Stavropoulos - Associate Professor

Periklis Stavropoulos - Sommelier

Pete Stavropoulos

Peter Stavropoulos

Philip Stavropoulos

Phillip Stavropoulos - Senior Vehicle Inspector

Photis Stavropoulos - Tutor

Polly Stavropoulos - Isa

Polydoros Stavropoulos - Senior Product Manager

Potoula Stavropoulos - Director of Business Development

Protopresbyter Stavropoulos

Rea Stavropoulos

Rhonda Stavropoulos -

Richard Stavropoulos - Team Manager

Rick Stavropoulos -

Ross Stavropoulos - General Ledger Accountant II

Roxanne Stavropoulos - Text Real Estate Agent

S. Stavropoulos

Sam Stavropoulos

Sandi Stavropoulos - Vice President of Membership

Sandy Stavropoulos - Supervisor - Seniors and Personal With Disabilities Division

Sara Stavropoulos - District Communications Manager

Sean Stavropoulos

Shan Stavropoulos

Sharon Stavropoulos

Sofia Stavropoulos - Injury Management and Workers Compensation Team Leader

Sokratis Stavropoulos - Sales Engineer and Technical Support

Sophee Stavropoulos -

Sophia Stavropoulos

Sotirios Stavropoulos - Partner

Soula Stavropoulos - Administrative Assistant

Spiro Stavropoulos -

Spiros Stavropoulos

Spyridon Stavropoulos

Spyros Stavropoulos

Stacy Stavropoulos - Project Manager

Stathi Stavropoulos - Business and First Class Travel Consultant

Stavros Stavropoulos

Stef Stavropoulos - Mailing and Fulfilment Clerk

Stefanos Stavropoulos - Unified Communications Engineer

Stella Stavropoulos - Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Stavropoulos -

Stephen Stavropoulos

Stergios Stavropoulos - Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Steve Stavropoulos

Steven Stavropoulos

Stratos Stavropoulos - Quality Systems Specialist

Tami Stavropoulos - Human Resources Manager

Tanya Stavropoulos - Personal Assistant

Tara Stavropoulos - Senior Specialty Sales Representative and Regional Sales Trainer

Taryn Stavropoulos - Business Development Manager

Tasi Stavropoulos - Goa

Tasos Stavropoulos - Account Data Analyst

Tassos Stavropoulos - Production-Logistics Manager

Ted Stavropoulos

Terry Stavropoulos - Broker

Tessie Stavropoulos -

Thanae Stavropoulos

Thanasis Stavropoulos

Thanassis Stavropoulos - Script Writer

Thanos Stavropoulos

Theo Stavropoulos

Theodor Stavropoulos - Chief Executive Officer

Theodora Stavropoulos - Managing Director

Theodore Stavropoulos

Theodoros Stavropoulos

Theodosios Stavropoulos - Dentist

Theonie Stavropoulos - Corporate Travel Consultant

Thomas Stavropoulos

Tina Stavropoulos

Tom Stavropoulos

Tony Stavropoulos

Trevor Stavropoulos - Applications Programmer

Trisevgeni Stavropoulos - Head of Compliance and Legal

Tzannis Stavropoulos - Managing Partner

Vangelis Stavropoulos

Vas Stavropoulos - Clinical Psychologist

Vasileios Stavropoulos

Vasilios Stavropoulos - Senior Clinical Psychologist In the Department

Vasilis Stavropoulos

Vassilis Stavropoulos - Marketing Manager

Vicki Stavropoulos - Education Manager

Victor Stavropoulos - Owner

Victoria Stavropoulos

Voula Stavropoulos

Wanda Stavropoulos -

William Stavropoulos

Yanni Stavropoulos -

Yannis Stavropoulos - Senior Product Developer

Yiannis Stavropoulos

Yiannos Stavropoulos - Manager Commercial Centre Attica 1

Yiorgos Stavropoulos - General Manager

Yorgos Stavropoulos -

Coda Stavropoulos-Alfrey - Group Sales and Customer Relations

A. Stavropoulos-Kalinoglou -

Jenny Stavropoulos-Leis - Neonatal Administrator

Rea Stavropoulos-Lorence - Active Member

Evangelos Stavropoulos-Vasilakis - Research Fellow

Antonios StavropoulosKalinoglou -

Rea StavropoulosRN - Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Adriana Stavropoulou -

Afroditi Stavropoulou - Education

Aleka Stavropoulou - Broadcast Journalist

Alexandra Stavropoulou

Alice Stavropoulou - Sales and Purchasing Management Of Orthopedics Department

Amaryllis Stavropoulou - Restorator of Antiquities

Anastasia Stavropoulou - Nurse

Andrianna Stavropoulou - Purchaser

Angie Stavropoulou - Sales Department

Anna Stavropoulou

Anthi Stavropoulou - Business Development Manager

Antonia Stavropoulou - Software Engineer

Aphrodite Stavropoulou - Pl

Areti Stavropoulou - ΕMployee At Photo Store

Argiro Stavropoulou - Alarm and Security Products

Aristea Stavropoulou - Chief Editor

Athanasia Stavropoulou - Business Analytics and Optimization Consultant

Athena Stavropoulou - Administrative Assistant I

Athina Stavropoulou - Purchasing Department

Charitini Stavropoulou

Christina Stavropoulou

Chrysoula Stavropoulou

Chryssa Stavropoulou - Responsable Departement Biomedical

D. Stavropoulou -

Danai Stavropoulou

Daphne Stavropoulou

Della Stavropoulou - Architectural Surveyor and Conservation Specialist

Depy Stavropoulou - Founder

Diana Stavropoulou - Director

Dimitra Stavropoulou

Efi Stavropoulou

Elena Stavropoulou

Eleni Stavropoulou

Elina Stavropoulou - General Director

Elisavet Stavropoulou - Customer Service Officer

Erasmia Stavropoulou - Director

Evangelia Stavropoulou

Evi Stavropoulou - Communications Marketing Assistant

Faidra Stavropoulou - Biostatistiker

Fay Stavropoulou -

Foteini Stavropoulou - Lecturer In Operations Management

Georgia Stavropoulou

Georgia-Maria Stavropoulou - Assistant Accountant

Georgina Stavropoulou -

Gianna Stavropoulou - Assistant Accountant

Giota Stavropoulou

Helen Stavropoulou - Agronomist

Ioanna Stavropoulou

Iosifina Stavropoulou - Freelance Translator

Irinika Stavropoulou - Lawyer

Jenny Stavropoulou - Land Surveyor

Jo Stavropoulou - Trainee Lawyer

Joanna Stavropoulou - Communications Specialist

Kalliopi Stavropoulou

Kate Stavropoulou - Purchasing Dpt

Katerina Stavropoulou

Keli Stavropoulou - Commercial Communications Manager

Kelly Stavropoulou

Kely Stavropoulou - Communications Manager

Liana Stavropoulou - Operations (Ship Management)

Lina Stavropoulou

M. Stavropoulou

Maria Stavropoulou

Marianna Stavropoulou

Marilena Stavropoulou - Sales Representative Vet Dep

Marina Stavropoulou

Mary Stavropoulou

Matina Stavropoulou - Coordinator of the Hellenic Institute of Information and Communication Management

Melenia Stavropoulou - Associate Director, Quantitative Analyst, Multi-Manager Solutions - Investment Solutions

Michaela Stavropoulou - Psychologist - Psychotherapist - Family Therapist

Michelle Stavropoulou

Nafsika Stavropoulou - Supervisor De Cuentas Back-Office Comercial

Nancy Stavropoulou - Accountant

Nansy Stavropoulou - Reception and Reservations

Nasia Stavropoulou - Distribution, Software Sales

Natasha Stavropoulou

Natassa Stavropoulou - Cargo Manager

Nefeli Stavropoulou - Psychologist- Psychosocial Support of Women Prisoners

Nelli Stavropoulou -

Nelly Stavropoulou - Video Editor

Niki Stavropoulou - Lawyer

Niovi Stavropoulou - Art Therapy

Olga Stavropoulou - President

Ourania Stavropoulou - Director of Civil and Municipal Status Directorship

Panagiota Stavropoulou - Bank Clerk

Panayiota Stavropoulou - Undergraduate Student

Penny Stavropoulou - Administrative Assistant

Pepi Stavropoulou - Senior Language Specialist

Sofia Stavropoulou

Sofianna Stavropoulou - Client Services

Sophia Stavropoulou - Conference Assistant

Sotiria Stavropoulou

St. Stavropoulou - Assistant Manager

Stella Stavropoulou

Stephanie Stavropoulou -

Stevi Stavropoulou - Primary School Teacher

Sylvia Stavropoulou -

Teta Stavropoulou - Accountant

Theodora Stavropoulou - Training Department

Valina Stavropoulou - Office and Front of House Manager

Vana Stavropoulou -

Vasilena Stavropoulou - Special Education Teacher-Family Counselling

Vasiliki Stavropoulou

Vasso Stavropoulou - Plastic Surgery Clinic Director

Vaya Stavropoulou - PhD

Vickie Stavropoulou - Project Officer

Vicky Stavropoulou - Consultant

Virginia Stavropoulou - Club Manager

Andreas Stavropoulous - Board Member

Chris Stavropoulous -

Ellen Stavropoulous -

Hazel Stavropoulous -

Nicole Stavropoulous - Project Manager

Steven Stavropoulous - Finance

Sue Stavropoulous -

Sandy Stavroppoulos - States Attorney

George Stavrops - Electrical Engineering Technician

Ana Stavropulos

George Stavropulos - Warranty Analyst

Giorgio Stavropulos -

Jim Stavropulos - Reliability Manager

John Stavropulos -

Kelly Stavropulos - Complex Coder

Kim Stavropulos - Human Resources Business Partner

Mary Stavropulos -

Michael Stavropulos

Nick Stavropulos

Nickolas Stavropulos - Technician-Eng-Cluster

Paul Stavropulos - Chief Financial Officer

Christos Stavrorravdis - Consultant

A. Stavros

Abigail Stavros

Adam Stavros

Adrienne Stavros - Waitress

Akras Stavros - Postdoctoral Researcher

Alex Stavros

Alexander Stavros

Alexandra Stavros

Alfred Stavros - Member

Ali Stavros -

Alicia Stavros - Claims Examiner

Amber Stavros

Amy Stavros - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Andre Stavros

Andrea Stavros

Andrew Stavros

Andriopoulos Stavros - Owner

Androulakakis Stavros - Senior Program Manager

Andy Stavros

Angela Stavros - Processor Specialist

Angelica Stavros - Hourly Associate

Angie Stavros

Ann Stavros - Administrative Assistant

Anne Stavros - Pediatrics Clinical Clerkship

Annette Stavros - Coordinator of Undergraduate Education Program and Field Placement Coordinator

Anthony Stavros

Antoinette Stavros - Administrative Functional Support 3

Antoniou Stavros - Machine Operator

April Stavros - Bakery Market Manager

Aristotle Stavros - Sales Agent

Ashley Stavros - Sales Coordinator

Avgerinopoulos Stavros - Structural Engineer

Avgerinos Stavros - Ruminant Business Unit Manager

Ben Stavros - Account Executive

Benjamin Stavros - Software Engineer, ID Products

Beth Stavros -

Bill Stavros

Brittany Stavros - Multi-channel Sales Associate

Brother Stavros - Monk

C. Stavros - Cpa

Cacia Stavros - Digital Photography Technician

Caitlin Stavros - Student

Candace Stavros

Carlos Stavros

Carol Stavros - Practice Group Assistant

Carrie Stavros

Catherine Stavros - Attorney

Cathy Stavros - Board Member

Charitos Stavros -

Charity Stavros

Charles Stavros

Chatzatourian Stavros - Presales Director

Chelsea Stavros -

Cheryl Stavros - Executive Vice President

Chi Stavros

Chris Stavros

Christeas Stavros -

Christian Stavros

Christina Stavros

Christine Stavros

Christopher Stavros

Clare Stavros

Cleo Stavros -

Cléo Stavros - Internal Communications Coordinator

Connie Stavros - Executive Secretary To Business Administrator

Contact Stavros -

Coral Stavros - Regional Training Director

D S Stavros - Owner

Daliakopoulos Stavros - Head of FX and Derivatives Trading

Damián Stavros - Locutor

Dan Stavros - Executive Vice President

Daniel Stavros

Darla Stavros - Committee Member

Darlene Stavros - Independent Beauty Consultant

Daryl Stavros -

David Stavros

Dean Stavros - Owner

Debbie Stavros -

Debbora Stavros - Senior Information Technology Manager

Demetrios Stavros - Chiropractor, Director of Onsite Therapy Division

Dena Stavros - Senior Technology Auditor

Dendrinos Stavros - Senior Lecturer,Course Scheme Manager

Denise Stavros - Operations Manager

Despina Stavros

Diamantopoulos Stavros - Paediatric Endocrinologist

Diana Stavros

Dianna Stavros - Stem Coordinator

Dimitrios Stavros -

Dimitris Stavros - Technical Manager

Dino Stavros

Dj Stavros -

Dolly Stavros - Owner

Donna Stavros - President and Chief Executive Officer

Dylan Stavros

E. Stavros - Science Applications Software Engineering

Elan Stavros -

Elena Stavros -

Elizabeth Stavros - Graduate Teaching Assistant - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy

Elle Stavros

Ellen Stavros

Elly Stavros - Business Unit Director

Erin Stavros - Financial Crimes Investigator

Ernie Stavros - Technology Architect - Engineering

Evangelakakis Stavros - Marketing Communications

Evangelia Stavros - Research Assistant

Evangelidis Stavros - ELTA Postal Agency

Evankelos Stavros - Subgerente Planificación Y Control De Gestión

Eve Stavros -

Fallon Stavros -

Fasoulas Stavros - Co Founder of 2 Forthnet - NOVA Stores

Fiona Stavros - Vice President Nonclinical Development

Flori Stavros - OKM Junior Tennis Program Head Coach

Fran Stavros - V. P. of Marketing

Frances Stavros - Board Member

Gabriel Stavros

Garrett Stavros - Network Technician

George Stavros

Georgea Stavros - Local Technology Coordinator

Georgia Stavros

Georgiadis Stavros - Phisiotherapist and Hydrotherapist

Georgos Stavros - Ingeniero De Procesos

Gina Stavros - Utah Department of Health Implementation Manager

Grafakos Stavros - Student

Grant Stavros - Logistics

Greg Stavros

Gregg Stavros - Owner

Gregory Stavros -

Gus Stavros

Hallie Stavros - Sales

Hayden Stavros - Manager

Helen Stavros

Hershey Stavros - Head Coach Boys Soccer

HuiChen Stavros - Quality Control Manager

Ian Stavros - Ta

Ioannis Stavros

Ioannou Stavros - Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Group Chief Operating Officer and International Activities. Executive Member of the Board of Directors

Jacqueline Stavros - Associate Professor

James Stavros

Jane Stavros

Jasmin Stavros -

Jason Stavros

Jenna Stavros - Account Manager

Jennifer Stavros

Jessica Stavros

Jill Stavros -

Jim Stavros - Member

John Stavros

Jon Stavros - President

Jonathan Stavros

Joshua Stavros - Media and Public Relations Manager

Julia Stavros -

Julianna Stavros - Resident Assistant

Kadoglou Stavros -

Kaitlyn Stavros - Senior Analyst, Space Management

Kakkos Stavros - Member

Kaledas Stavros - Engineer

Kallie Stavros - Graduate Student

Kamarianakis Stavros - IT-Architect

Kara Stavros

Karabinas Stavros - Stavros Karabinas Pharmacy

Karagiannis Stavros - Mechanical Engineer

Katherine Stavros - Account Executive

Katie Stavros

Katina Stavros - Operations Supervisor

Kefaleas Stavros - Software Developer

Kelly Stavros

Kendal Stavros - Director, Bravo On-Air Promotion

Kim Stavros - Owner

Kimberley Stavros

Konstantine Stavros

Konstantinos Stavros - Associate

Koranis Stavros - Office Manager

Kounas Stavros - Account Holder Supervisor

Koutsouropoulos Stavros - NSO Core Network Engineer -- Access and Packet Core

Kristen Stavros - Education and Outreach Manager

Kristi Stavros

Kristin Stavros - Unit Coordinator

Kristina Stavros

Kristine Stavros - Certified Surgical Technologist

Laurel Stavros - Blogger

Leigh Stavros - Accountant

Linda Stavros

Lindsay Stavros - Collections and Exhibitions Associate and Project Registrar

Lisa Stavros - Project Coordinator

Loumakos Stavros - Solutions Implementation and Program Director and Financial Products

Lounis Stavros - Director

Luca Stavros - Electrical-HVAC Supervisor

Luis Stavros - Asistente Contable

Luke Stavros

Lynette Stavros

Marcela Stavros - General Director and Bussines Development

Margo Stavros - Assistant Professor, Department of Creative Arts

Maria Stavros

Maria-Paz Stavros -

Marie Stavros -

Marilyn Stavros - Judge

Mark Stavros

Markonis Stavros - "Vlucht HS13" (Psychological Thriller Series)

Maroudas Stavros -

Martha Stavros -


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