Directory of Profiled Business People: Parsai, Neetesh - Parsani, Sheila

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Neetesh Parsai - Chemical Engineer

Neetu Parsai - Professor

Neha Parsai

Nick Parsai

Nilesh Parsai - Specialist- Design and Product Solution Sales

Nimish Parsai

Niraj Parsai - Information Technology Consultant

Nishant Parsai - Assistant Manager

Nitin Parsai

Nitish Parsai - Senior Engineer [Strategic Sourcing]

Parand Parsai - Dentist

Parvin Parsai

Pawny Parsai - Marketing Manager

Piyush Parsai - Project Lead

Pk Parsai - System Administrator

Pragati Parsai - Center Head and Science Faculty

Pranav Parsai - Deputy Manager

Prasheed Parsai - Engg. Planning

Prateek Parsai - Account Manager

Prerana Parsai - System Engineer

Priyanka Parsai - Software Engineer

Pulin Parsai -

Rahul Parsai - Senior System Engineer

Rajkumar Parsai - Etl Architect

Rajul Parsai - Assistant Manager and Application Developer Analyst

Rakhi Parsai

Rashav Parsai - Bridge Engineer

Richa Parsai - Software Engineer

Riju Parsai - Delivery Excellence Manager-EMEA and APAC

Ritu Parsai - Software Engineer

Rohit Parsai

Ruchir Parsai - Implementation Engineer

Sachin Parsai

Sagar Parsai - Country Representative

Sandeep Parsai - Cluster Manager-Rollout

Sanjay Parsai

Shailesh Parsai - Technical Officer TO-WASH

Shikha Parsai -

Shiny Parsai - National Project Coordinator

Shireen Parsai - Resident Physician

Shyam Parsai

Siddharth Parsai - Owner

Sima Parsai - Clinical Nurse Manager

Sohaila Parsai - Senior Project Manager

Soroush Parsai - Instrumentation Engineer

Sourabh Parsai - Accounts Executive

Sudhir Parsai - Regional Sales Manager

Sujata Parsai

Sumeet Parsai - Proprietor

Sumit Parsai

Tom Parsai - Owner

Uri Parsai - Cluster System Administrator

Vaibhav Parsai - Business Development Executive

Vineet Parsai - Marketing Data Analyst II

Vivek Parsai

Vk Parsai - Employee Counselling Psychologist

Zahra Parsai - Engineer

Rakhi Parsai' - Manager Communications and Alliances

Tanaz Parsai-Chini - Office Manager

Pedram Parsaian - Club Manager

Monica ParsaiDirector -

Abbas Parsaie - Engineer

Evelyn Parsaie -

Farid Parsaie - Uptime Accredited Tier Designer - President

Farnoush Parsaie - Microbiology

Farzad Parsaie

H. Parsaie - Vice President

Hamid Parsaie - Professor and Chairman

Houman Parsaie - Position, Research Committee

Jamie Parsaie - Senior Technical Support Engineer

Jamshid Parsaie - Tech Support

John Parsaie - Software Engineer Intern

Mehrdad Parsaie

Mohammad Parsaie - Business Development Manager

Paniz Parsaie - Administrative Support Coordinator

Pezhman Parsaie - Information Technology Specialist

Salina Parsaie

Tannaz Parsaie - Financial and Administration Manager

Ali Parsaiee - Telecommunication Engineer

Ajay Parsaik

Dharmendra Parsaila - Technical Lead

Fred Parsain - Service Manager

Didier Parsaix - SAMS -

Hussain Parsaiyan - Software Engineer

Majid Parsaiyan - Web Master

Syed Parsaiyan - Business Development

Hadi Parsajam - In Charge of Quality Control of Oil Products In Laboratory

Nooshin Parsajou - DVP&R Engineer

Atakan Parsak - Design&Analysis Engineer

Beycan Parsak - Sales Engineer

Hakan Parsak - Sales Representative

Merve Parsak - Foreign Trade Accounting Responsible

Mustafa Parsak - Manager

Serap Parsak - Finance Manager

Serkan Parsak - Responsable Administratif Et Financier

Özden Parsak - Sales Engineer

Mahendera Parsaka - Student

Mary Parsaka - Quality Control Officer

Joan Parsakalleh - Director

Mehrshad Parsakalleh - Manager

Michael Parsakalleh - Technician, Maintenance

Sarah Parsakalleh -

Simon Parsakar - Chief Executive Officer

Piyarom Parsakdee - Graphic Designer

Christina Parsakhian - Artwork Coordinator

Zahra Parsakhoo - Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Afshin Parsakia - General Manager

Ebrahim Parsakia - Mediator

Kevin Parsakia - Instructor

Koroush Parsakia - Salesforce Consultant

Natasha Parsakia

Naz Parsakia - Assistant Store Manager

Paul Parsakia - Senior Project Manager

Tahnee Parsakia - Photographer

Al Parsakian - Senior Sales

Richard Parsakian - Owner

Angelos Parsakis - Associate Consultant

Mohammadreza Parsakish - Procurement Specialist

Ramin Parsakish - |Instructor

Mathieu Parsal -

Paul Parsalaach - Operations Manager

Paul Parsalano -

Joseph Parsalaw - Vice Chancellor

Nenduvoto Parsalaw - Human Resources and Personnel Manager

Zoi Parsali - Junior Copywriter and Content Manager

Dorothy Parsalidis - Executive Assistant and Meeting and Events Coordinator

Konstantinos Parsalidis - Senior Planner

Lolita Parsalidis - Project Manager

Nikiforos Parsalidis - Technical Superintendent Engineer

Paul Parsalidis - Senior Account Manager

Stefanie Parsalidis - Legal Assistant

Theo Parsalidis - Communications Coordinator

Katerina Parsalidou - Design Consultant

Joseph Parsaligan

Veronica Parsaligan - Data Entry Specialist

Apostolos Parsalis - Key Account Manager

Iosif Parsalis - Managing Director

Omiros Parsalis - Sales Manager

Abigail Parsall - Test and Measurement Sales Executive

David Parsall - Technical Sales Executive

Dawn Parsall

Dean Parsall - Material Controller

Debra Parsall

Lee Parsall - Wintel Engineer

Simon Parsall - General Manager - Chartering

Aaron Parsall-Myler - Theological Student

Daniel Parsaloi - Licensing Officer

Luke Parsaloi - Program Manager

Simon Parsaloi - Senior Pastor

John Parsals - SJNECA Contractor

Ajey Parsam - Senior Executive

Jhansi Parsam - Technical Writer Fresher

Jyothi Parsam - Senior Software Engineer

Kavya Parsam - Company Secretary

Prasanna Parsam - Business Analyst

Prashanth Parsam - Senior Manager - Projects

Priya Parsam - Health Aide

Sai Parsam - Software Engineer

Shayan Parsam - Owner

Vidya Parsam - Head of Lab Operations

Vijay Parsam - Senior Consultant - SPI Project

Laura Parsama - Public Relations Manager

Leevi Parsama

Teppo Parsama - Group Manager, Investments and Projects

Alireza Parsamagham - Sales Manager

Mojgan Parsamagham - -

Nicholas Parsamakis - Chief Operating Officer Central and Eastern Europe

Parisa Parsamand - Graphic Designer

Afshin Parsamanesh - Senior Fisheries Biologist

Ariya Parsamanesh - Consulting System Engineer

Azita Parsamanesh - Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Hamid Parsamanesh - Consoultant

Mahdokht Parsamanesh - Sales Expert

Melika Parsamanesh -

Mohammad Parsamanesh - Sales Manager

Paria Parsamanesh - Data Analyst

Payman Parsamanesh - Graphic Designer

Parisa Parsamaram - Student

Armaqan Parsamehr - Instruments And Monitoring In Geotechnical Engineering

Cyrus Parsamehr - Solution Architect, Web Developer

Ehsan Parsamehr - Director of Sales and Marketing

Farhad Parsamehr - Biomedical Engineering

Farzad Parsamehr - Network Administrator

Hadi Parsamehr - Geotechnical Engineer

Reza Parsamehr - Instructor

Artin Parsamian - Music

Gagik Parsamian - Manager, Markets Assessment

Ludwig Parsamian - Agent

Perouza Parsamian - Student Worker

Tagouhie Parsamian - Gestionnaire De Recouvrement

Tigran Parsamian - Senior Software Applications Engineer

Mona Parsamoghadam - Working Student

Yury Parsamov - Digital Marketing Manager

Anush Parsamyan - Credit Specialist

Arthur Parsamyan - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Ashot Parsamyan - Project Manager

Bakur Parsamyan - Postdoctoral Researcher

Diana Parsamyan

Grant Parsamyan - Senior Director

Gurgen Parsamyan - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Hayk Parsamyan - Worker

Janet Parsamyan - Human Resources Labor Relations Ad Specialist IV

Jivan Parsamyan - Test and Product Engineer

Leo Parsamyan - Senior Operating Systems Analyst

Lusine Parsamyan - Head of People and Culture Department and Human Resources Manager

Mari Parsamyan - Mortgage Specialist, Centralized Property Preservation

Mary Parsamyan - Founder, Blogger, Content and Social Media Manager

Nana Parsamyan - Key Account Manager

Rita Parsamyan - Registered Nurse

Robert Parsamyan - Sales Associate

Sorel Parsamyan - Productivity Analyst

Star Parsamyan -

Taron Parsamyan - President

Tigran Parsamyan - Designer

Adrian Parsan - Casino Server and Automation - Team Leader

Alanna Parsan - Branch Manager

Ambika Parsan - Contract Web Designer

Anand Parsan

Annahita Parsan - Präst

Annantra Parsan - Owner

Arvind Parsan - Research and Development Engineer

Asmar Parsan - Operations Manager

Dale Parsan - Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist

Daniel Parsan - Grundare

Diana Parsan - Verpleegkundige

Farhad Parsan - Power Verification Engineer

Frank Parsan - Systems Analyst and Project Manager

Gainda Parsan - Procurement Coordinator

Ghunshyam Parsan - Head of Operations - Sugar

Gina Parsan - Administrative Assistant

Gomathi Parsan - Marketing Communications Manager

Hadi Parsan - Auditor

Hazel Parsan - Process Development Chemist

Indra Parsan - Executive Assistnt

Joel Parsan

Juanita Parsan -

Kameila Parsan

Karina Parsan - Store Manager

Lucia Parsan - Spouse

M. Parsan -

Mark Parsan - Information Technology Technician

Merle Parsan - Order Entry Clerk

Merlianne Parsan - Supervising Pharmacist

Narish Parsan - Counselor for the Board of the District Sout East

Natasha Parsan - Billing Analyst, Enterprise Billing Support

Neil Parsan - Board Member

Nicholas Parsan - Affiliate

Nikesh Parsan - L and T ECC Division

Nilima Parsan - Projectmedewerker Implementatie EPD (Programma EVA)

Paddy Parsan - Senior Financial Consultant

Peter Parsan - Director PMO

Pratiksha Parsan - Purchasing Officer

Premendra Parsan - Manager

Rachel Parsan

Ravi Parsan

Reshma Parsan - Prepress Technician

Ria Parsan -

Rikshit Parsan - Director

Robert Parsan - Project Inkoper

Roksana Parsan - Head of Youth Group

Roshni Parsan - Accounting Assistant

Sally Parsan - Brand Manager

Sandeya Parsan - Trainee

Sanjiv Parsan - Factory Manager

Shan Parsan - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Shanaz Parsan - Managing Partner and Head of Energy

Shree Parsan -

Shyam Parsan - Head - Operations Sugar

Sumit Parsan

Sunita Parsan - Purchasing Buyer 2

Vid Parsan -

Vidya Parsan - Accounts Payable Specialist

Vivek Parsan -

Vyjay Parsan - Hoofduitvoerder

Abhishek Parsana - Associate Project Manager

Aditi Parsana -

Ajay Parsana - Tech Lead and Team Lead

Amit Parsana - Partner

Amita Parsana - Assiatant Professor

Ankit Parsana - Frontend Developer

Ashvin Parsana - Bm

Ashwini Parsana - Research Services Coordinator, RMS Team J

Balkrishna Parsana -

Bhargav Parsana - Partner

Bhavesh Parsana -

Brijesh Parsana - Mechanical Design Engineer

Chance Parsana -

Chandresh Parsana

Charlie Parsana

Dahlan Parsana - Lead Piping Engineer

Dhaval Parsana

Dhruv Parsana -

Dinesh Parsana - Director

Fal Parsana - Corporate Accounts Manager

Falguni Parsana -

Harish Parsana - Associate

Himat Parsana - Web Developer

Janak Parsana - Senior Designer

Jigar Parsana - Modernization Architect

Jignesh Parsana - Software Engineer

Jimulkumar Parsana - Owner

Jitendra Parsana - Partner

Kalrav Parsana

Kaushik Parsana

Kirit Parsana -

Kishan Parsana

Krupal Parsana - PHP Developer

M.D. Parsana - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mahesh Parsana -

Maulikbhai Parsana -

Mehul Parsana - Principal Research Manager

Milan Parsana - Owner

Minesh Parsana -

Mohit Parsana

Mukesh Parsana -

Nikul Parsana - Manager

Nikunj Parsana - Senior Officer

Nimesh Parsana - Chartered Accountant

Nimish Parsana - Director Of Operations

Nirav Parsana - Software Developer

Oliver Parsana - Database Administrator

Paresh Parsana - Sales Manager

Prashant Parsana

Radhika Parsana - Product Development

Rajeshree Parsana - Marketing Officer

Rakeshkumar Parsana - Senior Software Engineer

Rakshit Parsana - Managerial Director

Rasik Parsana

Ravi Parsana - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Ravin Parsana - Interior Designer

Ricko Parsana - Site Manager

Riddhi Parsana - Research Specialist II

Rishi Parsana - Cad Tech and Junior Estimator

Ritesh Parsana -

Rohit Parsana - iOS Developer

Sagar Parsana

Sanjay Parsana -

Saroj Parsana - Property Accountant

Seerin Parsana - PL SQL Developer

Sejal Parsana - Kindergarten Teacher

Shailesh Parsana - Magento Developer

Sharad Parsana

Shashwat Parsana - Editor

Shawory Parsana - Educator

Shine Parsana - Architect

Shradhdha Parsana - Developer

Shri Parsana

Tejas Parsana - Lecturer

Udit Parsana - Owner

Vinod Parsana -

Vipul Parsana - Web Consultant

Vishal Parsana - BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application)

Vyomesh Parsana - Senior Lecturer

Yogesh Parsana

Zarna Parsana - Administrative Assistance

Mahnaz Parsanasab - Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant

Mohammad Parsanasab - Associate Professor

Rajesh Parsanathan - Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Avinashsing Parsand - Electrical Workshop Supervisor

Roma Parsand - Quality Control Chemist

Shiva Parsand - Administrator

Mara Parsane - Consultant

Ali Parsanejad - Structural Consultant

Ariana Parsanejad - Business Development Manager

Armin Parsanejad - Bartender

Masoud Parsanejad - Developer

Mitchell Parsanejad - Registered Architect

Mohammad Parsanejad - Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate

Nazanin Parsanejad - Clinical Trial Manager

Payam Parsanejad - Principal Software Quality Engineer

Pouné Parsanejad - Director

Sahar Parsanejad

Sam Parsanejad -

Simone Parsanejad - Intern for the Beauty Department

Tony Parsanejad - Principal Software Quality Engineer

Karen Parsanesi - Coordenadora Programa Convida

M.Ebrahim Parsanezhad - Professor

Mohammad Parsanezhad

Parham Parsanezhad - Owner

Pouriya Parsanezhad - PhD Candidate

Negah Parsangi - Dentist Owner

Alessandra Parsani - Engineer Technician

Chiara Parsani -

Daniela Parsani -

Fiorenza Parsani - Business Development Manager

Luca Parsani - Sales Manager

Manoj Parsani - Finance Manager

Martina Parsani - Socio Dirigente

Massimo Parsani - Capo Contabile

Matteo Parsani

Mihir Parsani - Social Media In-charge

Paolo Parsani - Operation Manager

Puran Parsani - Account Supervisor

Rahul Parsani

Ramesh Parsani - Founder, Director

Rossella Parsani - Psicologia

Sara Parsani - System Administrator

Sheila Parsani


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