Directory of Profiled Business People: Moawad, Amel - Moayery, Sheedeh

Mkhwanazi, Phakeme - Model Coordinator, Sri > Moawad, Amel - Moayery, Sheedeh

Amel Moawad - Membership Executive

Amen Moawad - Director of Nursing

Amgad Moawad

Amin Moawad - Executive Senior Accountant

Amir Moawad

Amr Moawad

Anadel Moawad - Healthcare Business Analyst

Andrea Moawad - Real Estate Broker

Andrew Moawad

Angie Moawad - Implementation Manager

Anthony Moawad

Antoine Moawad - Contractor

Antonio Moawad - Acquisitions Program Leader | Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Antwan Moawad - Cost Control

Areej Moawad - Programmer Assistant

Ashraf Moawad

Asim Moawad - Yanbu Sales Supervisor

Asmaa Moawad - Corporate Digital Marketing Consultant

Assaad Moawad - éTudes Post-Doctorales

Atef Moawad - Medical Staff Director

Awny Moawad - Senior Transportation Engineer

Aya Moawad - Academic Head

Ayah Moawad - Manager

Ayman Moawad

Badwi Moawad - Owner

Bahaa Moawad - Process Engineer

Barbar Moawad

Basem Moawad - Photo and Electronic Specialist

Basma Moawad - Business Improvement Manager

Bassem Moawad

Bassma Moawad - Account Officer

Bernadette Moawad

Bob Moawad

Boulos Moawad - Managing Partner

C.Ahmed Moawad - Football Coach

Camille Moawad

Candice Moawad -

Carlos Moawad - Credit Analyst

Carole Moawad - Junior Project Manager

Catherine Moawad

Celine Moawad - Student

Chaouki Moawad - Head of Fixed Income

Chris Moawad - Operations Manager

Christina Moawad

Christy Moawad

Corine Moawad -

Dalia Moawad

Damia Moawad -

Diane Moawad - Executive Assistant

Dina Moawad

Doaa Moawad - Assistant Researcher

Dominic Moawad - Engineering P and L

Edward Moawad - Founder and President

Ehab Moawad - Contracting Manager

Ej Moawad - Leasing Representative

Elias Moawad - Florida Site Manager, Control and Diagnostic Systems

Elsayed Moawad

Emad Moawad

Eman Moawad

Emeil Moawad - Director of Leasing

Emil Moawad

Emile Moawad - Chief Executive Officer

Eng Moawad - Automation Engineer

Ertwaa Moawad - Country Recruitment Specialists

Esmat Moawad - Mechanical Senior Engineer

Essam Moawad

Evette Moawad - Front Office Manager

Evita Moawad

Fahad Moawad - Shift Supervisor

Farag Moawad - Chief Of Wages

Fouad Moawad

Gabriël Moawad - Front End Developer

Gaby Moawad - Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Galal Moawad

Gehad Moawad - Gift and Data Entry Coordinator

George Moawad

Georges Moawad

Gerard Moawad

Girgis Moawad - Digital Publisher

Gregory Moawad - Public Safety Director

H.E. Moawad - President and Founder

Habiba Moawad - Marketing and Outreach Associate

Hadeel Moawad - Radio Analyst, Delta Region

Haitham Moawad - Project Engineer

Hala Moawad - Editor and Stylist

Hamada Moawad -

Hamdy Moawad - Oil&Gas Testing&instructor&Consultations

Hamza Moawad - Digital Marketing Director

Hanan Moawad - Translator

Hanna Moawad - Financial and Administrative Director

Hany Moawad

Hasna Moawad - Training and Coaching Consultant

Hasna' Moawad - Professor

Hassan Moawad

Hassanien Moawad - Senior Motion Designer

Haytham Moawad - Project Manager In Service Strategy Planning and Implementation

Heba Moawad - Deputy Marine Manager

Hebba Moawad - Restaurant Manager

Heidi Moawad

Helen Moawad - Executive Producer

Helmi Moawad - Senior Customer Service Representative

Hesham Moawad - ESP Filed Service Engineer

Hisham Moawad

Hoda Moawad

Hosny Moawad - Mechanical Engineer

Hossam Moawad

Hussein Moawad -

Hussien Moawad - Customer Service Officer

Ibrahem Moawad - Zone Manager

Ibrahim Moawad

Ihab Moawad

Iman Moawad - Pediatrics and Oncology Pharmacist

Irien Moawad - CoDirector of Skilled Nursing Facilities At Chem Rx Corporation

Islam Moawad - Shift In Chanrg

Jacqueline Moawad - Technical Project Leader - Hair

Jad Moawad

James Moawad

Jamil Moawad -

Jano Moawad - Dealing Room Manager

Jasmine Moawad -

Jason Moawad - Supply Chain Integration Consultant

Jimmy Moawad - Owner

Joe Moawad - Legal Consultant

Joey Moawad - OpenPages Solutions Architect

John Moawad

Joseph Moawad

Josette Moawad - Ptf

Josiane Moawad - Co Owner ,Interior Designer,Furnitute and Home Accessories Designer

Joumana Moawad - Project Coordinator

Karen Moawad

Karim Moawad - Finance Department

Katherine Moawad - Emergency Medicine Research Intern

Khaled Moawad

Kyrollos Moawad - Head Trustee

Laudy Moawad - Analyst - Private Wealth Management

Laura Moawad - Assistant Brand Manager

Lena Moawad - Operations Manager, Business Developer and Interior Designer

Linda Moawad - Human Resources Manager

Lisa Moawad - Texas Marketing Lead

Lorein Moawad - Division Sales Manager

Lotfy Moawad - Research and Development Senior Scientist

Louis Moawad - Site Engineer

Lydia Moawad

M-j Moawad - Owner

Magdy Moawad - Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Maged Moawad

Mahmoud Moawad

Majed Moawad - Welcome New Member

Mamdouh Moawad - Associate

Mansour Moawad - Wellsite Geologist

Manssour Moawad - مهندس

Marc Moawad - Therapist

Marco Moawad

Marcus Moawad

Marguerite Moawad -

Maria Moawad -

Mariam Moawad - Administrative Assistant

Marian Moawad

Marie-josette Moawad - Enseignante Et Coordinatrice Des Arts Plastiques

Marielle Moawad -

Marina Moawad

Marise Moawad - Admissions Summer Intern

Mark Moawad

Mary Moawad

Maud Moawad - Founder and Managing Director

Mayda Moawad - Business Development Officer

Medhat Moawad - Senior Territory Manager

Melody Moawad

Mena Moawad - Staff Accountant

Meriam Moawad - Manager

Michael Moawad

Michel Moawad - General Supervisor

Milad Moawad - Art Director

Mina Moawad

Minerva Moawad - Minerva Mouawad I Associate

Mira Moawad

Mireille Moawad - Head of Macro Fiscal Department

Mirella Moawad - Tax Senior Associate

Mirna Moawad - Pharmacy Manager

Moataz Moawad - Network Engineer

Mohamad Moawad

Mohamed Moawad

Mohammad Moawad - District Manager

Mohammed Moawad

Mohsen Moawad

Mona Moawad - Quality Management Systems Auditing .

Monica Moawad - Music Teacher

Mostafa Moawad

Moustafa Moawad

Muhamad Moawad - Web Developer

Muhammad Moawad - Executive Secretary

Muhammed Moawad - FI and CO Consultant

Nabih Moawad - Information Technology Manager

Nabil Moawad - Director General

Nada Moawad

Nader Moawad

Nadine Moawad

Nan Moawad - Realtor and Bookkeeper

Nancy Moawad -

Nash Moawad

Natalie Moawad - Owner

Nazha Moawad - Program Manager

Nermeen Moawad - Sales Agent

Nicolas Moawad - Senior Electrical Engineer

Nicole Moawad

Nina Moawad -

Nour Moawad

Nurhan Moawad - Admin and Logistics Manager's Assistant

Omar Moawad

Onsy Moawad - CIVIL Designer

Osama Moawad

Ossama Moawad -

Pascal Moawad - Senior Category Manager

Patricia Moawad - Executive Vice President

Patrick Moawad - Software Engineer

Patty Moawad - Owner

Paul Moawad

Peter Moawad

Pj Moawad - Branch Manager

Radwa Moawad - Senior Officer

Rafik Moawad - Project Manager

Ralph Moawad

Rami Moawad - Programming and Acquisition Executive

Ramy Moawad

Ranad Moawad - Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Rasha Moawad -

Rashad Moawad

Reda Moawad -

Rene Moawad - Member of Parliament

Rene' Moawad -

Renee Moawad - President

René Moawad -

René Moawad - Developer

Riad Moawad - Sales Consultant

Riham Moawad

Rima Moawad

Rimon Moawad

Roubir Moawad - Pharmacist Intern

Ruba Moawad -

Sahar Moawad - Assistant Manager

Salah Moawad

Salama Moawad - Senior Technician, Hardware

Saleh Moawad - Specialist Surveyor

Salim Moawad - Quality Manager

Sally Moawad - Associate Environmental Planner

Salma Moawad - Interior Designer

Sameh Moawad

Samir Moawad

Samira Moawad - Internship In Logistics - Sensitive Freight

Sandy Moawad - Speech and Language Therapist

Sara Moawad - Vice President

Sarah Moawad

Sayed Moawad

Shereef Moawad

Sherif Moawad

Sherihan Moawad - Quality Assurance and QC Officer

Sherine Moawad - Financial Reporting Officer

Sherry Moawad - Senior Accountant

Shery Moawad - Senior Product Support Engineer

Shibat Moawad - Chemist

Shreif Moawad - Owner

Simon Moawad

Soraya Moawad -

Stephanie Moawad

Steve Moawad - Attorney - Trial Team

Sylvie Moawad - Practice Manager

Taha Moawad - Reservoir Simulation Engineer

Tamer Moawad

Tania Moawad - Graphic Designer and Freelancer

Tantawy Moawad - Assistant Manager

Tareck Moawad - District Manager

Tarek Moawad

Toni Moawad

Tony Moawad - Tenant Services Manager

Tracy Moawad -

Trad Moawad

Trevor Moawad

Victor Moawad - Doctor, FAMILY PRACTICE

Wael Moawad

Wafaa Moawad

Wahid Moawad

Waleed Moawad

Walid Moawad

Yacoub Moawad - Owner

Yahia Moawad - Assistant Manager

Yasmine Moawad

Yasser Moawad - Elctrical Supervisor

Youssef Moawad

Zafer Moawad - Owner

Zeena Moawad - Project Manager

Zeina Moawad - Digital Project Manager

Abdel Moawad Aly -

John Moawad Awad -

Evette Moawad Hanna - Director Of Rooms

Mohamed Moawad Hussein - Masters Student Regular

Abdullah Moawadh - Flight Operations Specialist Trainer&Technical Task Certifier - Safety and Health Environment Reps

Dhai Moawadh

Mohammad Moawadh - Engineering Consultancies and International Arbitrator (Engineering and Trading)

Ahmed Moawadha -

Mohamed Moawadha - Student

Mahmoud MoawadSales - Application Specialist

Akberali Moawalla - Director

Aqil Moawalla - Analyst

Hudheifa Moawalla

Mohammed Moawalla

Mustafa Moawalla - Hedge Fund Research Analyst

Qussay Moawalla - Associate, Real Estate Investment Banking

Safiya Moawalla - Works for Julian Verden

Shabbir Moawalla - Administrator

Zainab Moawalla - Financial Accounting Officer

Ayman Moawd - Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

Hesham Moawd - Graphic Designer

Mohamed Moawd - Technical Support Specialist

Monica Moawde

Ayman Moawea Hassan Hussain - Dao.Nsd.Job Controller

A. Moawed - Owner

Ahmed Moawed

Amera Moawed - Human Resources Supervisor

Amira Moawed - Product Specialist

Drmahmoud Moawed - Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery

ElSayed Moawed - Mechanical Section Head

Eng- Moawed - Senior Civil Engineer

Fatma Moawed

Gamal Moawed

Hassan Moawed - Food Quality Assurance Manager

Hasssan Moawed - F and B Consultant

Karim Moawed - Warehouse

Khaled Moawed - Ps Consultant

Maged Moawed - District Manager

Mahmoud Moawed

Marwa Moawed - Senior Software Tools Engineer

Moawed Moawed - Assistant Professor

Mohamed Moawed

Mostafa Moawed - Associate Professor

Nader Moawed - Procurement Officer

Nashed Moawed - Senior UI Developer

Neal Moawed - Health Sector Management Program

Ramy Moawed -

Seham Moawed - Programmer

Shahira Moawed -

Sherif Moawed

Suzan Moawed - ASP Developer

Wallaa Moawen - Senior Administrative Assistant

Gorgin Moaweni - Process Manager

Ahmed Moawfi - Call Center Team Leader

Abdullah Moawi -

Mariam Moawi - Social Worker

Najwa Moawi - Registration Assistant

Adam Moawia - National Field Coordinator

Ahmed Moawia - President

Hanan Moawia

Hasnain Moawia - Retail Sales Executive

Hassan Moawia - Section Manager - P&G

Hatim Moawia - Information Technology Assistant

Hosam Moawia - Manufacturing Division

Kassem Moawia - Senior RSS Engineer

Khalda Moawia - Process Design Engineer

Marwa Moawia - Lecturer

Mohamed Moawia

Mukhtar Moawia - General Manager

Musab Moawia - Information Technology Section Head

Noha Moawia - Assisstant Profesor

Nsair Moawia - VIP Marketing Host

Rofida Moawia - Service Center Agent

Sharif Moawia - System Administrator

Waleed Moawia - Senior Human Resources Specialist

Yazeed Moawia - Head of Business Unit

Ahmed Moawiah -

Sirin Moawiah - Senior Consultant, Independence

Ahmed Moawiya - Commercial Department

Mohammed Moawiya - Multimedia Coordinator and Graphic Designer

Sumair Moawiya - Data Analyst

Muhammad Moawiyah - Sales and Service Engineer

Bakry Moawwad - Director El Fayoum Branch

Hossam Moawwad - Commisioning Chemist

Mahmoud Moawwad - System Engineer

Rowaida Moawwad - Arabic Teacher and Head of Arabic Elementary Department

Mohamed Moawwad Sayed Mohamed - Dao.Nsd.Service Manager

Mohamed Moawya

Mohmed Moawya - 2G Intgration Engineer

Omar Moawyia - Retail Sales Supervisor

Ari Moaxtuderi -

Christine Moay - Lead-Business Systems Analyst

Ivan Moay - Instructor

Mah Moay - Editor

Thian Moay

Ahmed Moayad

Al Moayad -

Alhodaithy Moayad - Sales Representative

Amjad Moayad - Accountant

Armin Moayad - Committee Member

Ayman Moayad - Technical Support Engineer

Dawood Moayad - Sales

Dina Moayad - Office Coordinator

Haneen Moayad - PhD Student

Lana Moayad - Senior Human Resources

M. Moayad -

Maysam Moayad - Director

Mona Moayad - Assistant Vice President

Mostafa Moayad - United Arab Shipping Company

Mustafa Moayad - Position In Sales Department

Neda Moayad - Associate Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Moayad -

Q. Moayad

Qusay Moayad - Power Systems -Technical Office Supervisor

Ziad Moayad - Accountant

Mona Moayari

Reza Moayd - Programmer

Masoumeh Moaydi - Agricultural Engineer

Aaron Moayed - Information Technology Manager

Afshin Moayed - Chief Executive Officer

Ali Moayed

Alireza Moayed - Adjunct Lecturer

Amir Moayed

Anthony Moayed - Sales Manager

Arian Moayed

Bahram Moayed - Financial and Management Advisor

Bita Moayed - Production Artist

Brandon Moayed - Owner

Daryoush Moayed -

Farid Moayed - Pilot

Farman Moayed - Associate Professor

Fatemeh Moayed - PhD Student

Frank Moayed - Sales and Finance

Fred Moayed - Photographer

Hadi Moayed - Visiting Scholar

Iman Moayed - REA Full Realtor

Joana Moayed - Costumer

Justin Moayed

Kaveh Moayed - Manager

Kimiya Moayed - Information Technology Solution Developer

Lori Moayed -

Mani Moayed - Associé

Maria Moayed - Guest Experience Manager

Mariam Moayed - Senior Human Resources Policy Officer

Mazi Moayed - Head Football Coach

Mehran Moayed - Senior Associate, Forensic Data Analytics

Mitra Moayed - Head Of Sales and Marketing

Mohamad Moayed - Jym School

Mohsen Moayed - Chief Executive Officer

Nada Moayed - Business Intelligence Analyst

Navid Moayed - Business Development Manager

Omid Moayed

Randa Moayed -

Reza Moayed - Contracts Advisor

Roshan Moayed

S. Moayed - Instrumentation Control Engineer

Sadeq Moayed - Commerce and Procurement

Saeedeh Moayed - Teacher

Saeideh Moayed - Service Engineer

Sajjad Moayed - Chief Executive Officer

Sam Moayed - Senior Specialist- Process Engineering

Sara Moayed - Freelance Designer

Sepideh Moayed - Radiologist

Sima Moayed - Pharmacist

Tara Moayed

Taraneh Moayed

Tina Moayed - Communications Officer

Tony Moayed

Vargha Moayed - Partner - Advisory Services Leader

Yasa Moayed - Policy Services Officer

Zahra Moayed - Computer Engineer

Zaza Moayed - Director of Rooms

Seyed Moayed Alaee - Chief Executive Officer

My Moayed Alfadli - Baggage Handling System Operation

Bba Moayed Alhashim - Relationship Manager, Dammam Area

Annemarie Moayede -

Alireza Moayedfar - Chief Executive Officer - Faunder

Amin Moayedfar - Sales Supervisor

Hamed Moayedfar - Buying and Information Technology

Majid Moayedfar

Marmar Moayedfar - Enhetschef

A.Z. Moayedi - Operations Department

Abbas Moayedi - Project Manager

Abdollah Moayedi - Mine Engineer

Aida Moayedi

Alex Moayedi

Alexander Moayedi - Director, Business Planning and Analysis

Ali Moayedi

Alireza Moayedi

Amin Moayedi - Owner

Amir Moayedi - Inspector

Ann Moayedi

Annmarie Moayedi

Aseman Moayedi - Key Account Supervisor

Ashkahn Moayedi

Ata Moayedi

Atbin Moayedi - Healthcare Assistant

Bahador Moayedi - Supervisor

Bahamin Moayedi - Brand Consultant

Bardia Moayedi - Attorney

Behdad Moayedi - Account Manager - Vaste and Mobiele Telefonie

Com Moayedi - Information Technology Manager

Elham Moayedi - PhD Candidate

Eric Moayedi

Esmail Moayedi - Dentist

Fabian Moayedi - Apprentice Sales

Farah Moayedi - Psychiatrist

Fatemeh Moayedi - Department Manager

Giti Moayedi - Head of Quality Assurance and Training

Gitty Moayedi - Banking Center Manager Assistant Vice President

Gittys Moayedi - Assistant Vice President, Banking Center Manager

Hojat Moayedi - Driving Educator

Javad Moayedi - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Kambiz Moayedi - Vice President

Kamran Moayedi

Kasra Moayedi - Owner

Kaz Moayedi

Kombiz Moayedi - Vice President

Ladan Moayedi - Accountant

Linda Moayedi - Content Acquisitions Librarian

Mahsa Moayedi - Mortgage Agent

Mahtab Moayedi - Chief Financial Officer

Mahtis Moayedi - Project Engineer (Asset Management)

Mark Moayedi - Product and Operations Manager

Maryam Moayedi - Medical Advisor

Massieh Moayedi - Postdoctoral Fellow (Honourary Research Fellow)

Master Moayedi - Founder - Television Host and Executive Producer

Matt Moayedi - Radio Manager

Mehdi Moayedi - Civil Engineering

Mehrdad Moayedi

Michelene Moayedi - Director of Finance and Strategic Planning

Mina Moayedi - Dentist and Owner

Mohammad Moayedi

Mohsen Moayedi - Crisis Management

Mojtaba Moayedi - Graphics and Creativity Manager

Mona Moayedi - Linguist, Spanish Teacher,SLA Professional, E-learning Professional, Researcher, Translator, E

Monireh Moayedi - Ph.D. Candidate

Mostafa Moayedi - Satellite Communications Expert

Mozhdeh Moayedi - Insurance Agent

Nader Moayedi - Customer Solutions Manager

Nasreen Moayedi - Board of Trustees

Nazanin Moayedi - Internist

Neda Moayedi - Graduate Career Counselor

Nicole Moayedi - Chemical Specialist

Nima Moayedi

Nt Moayedi - Senior Solar Engineer

Orod Moayedi - Trade System Administrator

Paris Moayedi - Executive Chairman

Parisa Moayedi - Graphic Designer

Parvaneh Moayedi - Owner

Patricia. Moayedi - Business Owner

Patty Moayedi - Sales Manager In Fine Jewelry ,Fashion Jewelry and Watches

Payman Moayedi - Journalist

Perry Moayedi - Marketing Executive

Ramin Moayedi - Business Taxes Representative

Rayka Moayedi - Banker

Reza Moayedi - Senior Business Analyst

Roxana Moayedi - Associate Professor

Roxanne Moayedi - Associate Professor of Sociology

Ryan Moayedi

S. Moayedi - International Affairs Manager

Sacha Moayedi - Consultant Engel and Volkers Commercial Berlin

Saeed Moayedi - Owner

Sam Moayedi

Sanam Moayedi - Head of Program Management Office (PMO)

Sara Moayedi - AACC Product Development Competition Chair

Sascha Moayedi - Senior Consultant Investment

Sean Moayedi

Serraya Moayedi - Internet Sales Manager

Shadi Moayedi

Sharareh Moayedi - Secretary

Shyan Moayedi - Citigold Relationship Manager

Siamak Moayedi - Project Manager

Sina Moayedi

Soheila Moayedi - Administratief Medewerker

Soudabah Moayedi - Instructor

Taher Moayedi - Store Manager Bovet

Tania Moayedi - Counsel

Venus Moayedi

Victoria Moayedi - Client Service Advisor

Vida Moayedi - Photoshop I -PUBL 222- Instructor

Yalda Moayedi

Yas Moayedi - Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Fellow

Yolanda Moayedi - President

Ali Moayedian - IP Automation Manager

Javad Moayedian - Senior Reservoir Engineer and Project Coordinator

Naghmeh Moayedian - Assistant Professor

Shadi Moayedian - Technical Manager

Shahrzad Moayedian - Senior Consultant

Tina Moayedian - Director of Research and Development Department

Yashar Moayedian - Professional Services Analyst

Paris MoayediExecutive - Chairman

Ali Moayedikia - Scholarship Holder

Alireza Moayedikia

Sara Moayedinia

Hossein Moayedkhah - Graphic Designer and Photograper

Sarah Moayedmohseni - Manager and Owner

Maryam Moayednia - Technical Expert

Maryam Moayedniya - Architect

Cynthia Moayedpardazi - Business Operations Manager Senior

Ismail Moayedpardazi - Member

Arash Moayedpour - Commercial Manager

Dominique Moayedpour - Head of Presales and Integration CEMEA

Mohammed Moayedy - Mechanical Inspector

Hamzeh Moayedynezhad - Follow Director of Development Projects

Amir Moayedzadeh

Ayda Moayedzadeh

Kamyar Moayedzadeh - Head of Electrical and Telecommunication Department

Mehrdad Moayedzadeh - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Mona Moayedzadeh - Human Resources Project Manager

Zack Moayedzadeh

Alan Moayer - Cost Controller

Ali Moayer

Alina Moayer - Store Manager

Alireza Moayer - Mechanical Engineer

Anita Moayer - Medical Laboratory Scientist

Azadeh Moayer - Sales Expert

Bahador Moayer - Professor of Art

Benny Moayer - Manager

Damoon Moayer - Relationship Manager

Darya Moayer - Engineering Recruiter

Elly Moayer

Fariborz Moayer - Head of Pathobiology Department

Joshua Moayer - Senior Director, Product Management

Mahdi Moayer - R and D Department

Mahsa Moayer - Sales Expert and Technical Engineering

Manny Moayer

Maryam Moayer

Mohsen Moayer - Position, Financial Technology

Mona Moayer - Slpa

Negin Moayer - Founder, BNMO DESIGN and Project Architect, INTERFORM

Nima Moayer

Nina Moayer - Special Events Manager

Parisa Moayer - Human Resources Specialist

Philippe Moayer

Rachel Moayer - Owner and Medical Esthetician

Reza Moayer -

Roxana Moayer - Head and Neck Surgery

Ruby Moayer -

Saman Moayer - Studio Director

Shima Moayer - Architect

Simin Moayer - Senior Financial Aid Student Advisor

Sorousha Moayer - Adjunct Lecturer

Sudabeh Moayer - QC Manager

Thea Moayer

Al Moayeri - President

Ali Moayeri

Alireza Moayeri - Realtor

Amir Moayeri

Azadeh Moayeri - Student Affairs Officer II

Azar Moayeri - Founder

Azita Moayeri - Alumni Welcome Ambassador and Berkeley Network Project

Baharak Moayeri - Information Technology Support Specialist

Bahareh Moayeri - Research and Development Expert

Behrooz Moayeri - Chief Technology Officer

Bob Moayeri - The Buyer

Caroline Moayeri - Safety Specialist

Fardad Moayeri - Director

Farhad Moayeri - Program Coordinator of Project Management Program

Farhard Moayeri - Program Coordinator of Project Management Program

Foruhar Moayeri - General Practitioner

Fred Moayeri -

Hamed Moayeri - Senior Software Developer of the Banking System

Hassan Moayeri -

Houshang Moayeri - Research Assistant Professor

Jayson Moayeri - Senior Rotating and Packaged Equipment Engineer

Layla Moayeri - Front End

Lily Moayeri

Mahdi Moayeri - IOS Developer

Mahtab Moayeri - Staff Scientist

Mariam Moayeri -

Maryam Moayeri

Masoud Moayeri - Senior Consultant

Mehdi Moayeri

Michelle Moayeri - Research Grants Officer

Mohamad Moayeri - Network Systems Administrator

Mohammad Moayeri - Chief Executive Officer and President

Mona Moayeri - Medical Representative

Morteza Moayeri - Head of Planning and Strategic Studies Office

Morvarid Moayeri - Associate Medical Director, Transfusion Service

N. Moayeri - Neurosurgeon, Assistant Physician In Chief

Nader Moayeri - Faculty

Nizar Moayeri - Neurochirurg - Spine Fellow

Reza Moayeri

Salman Moayeri - Planning and Project Control

Saman Moayeri - Sales Development

Sami Moayeri - Product Trainer

Sanaz Moayeri - Sales Lead

Sara Moayeri - Defence Counsel

Sepideh Moayeri - Front Office Trainee

Shahrzad Moayeri - Head of International Communications

Sharon Moayeri

Zafer Moayeri - Project Manager

Zarin Moayeri - Originator

Aria Moayerian - Senior Control Systems Engineer

Farzad Moayerian - Project Manager

Mahsa Moayerian - Laboratory Technician

Neda Moayerian - GA - Pool

Farhad MoayeriProgram - Coordinator of Project Management Program

Mohammad Moayery - Member

Sheedeh Moayery - Associate General Counsel


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