Directory of Profiled Business People: McClure, Scottie - McClurg, Carrie

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Scottie McClure

Scotty Mcclure

Sean Mcclure

Sean D Mcclure - Operations Manager

Seann McClure - Hydrogeologist

Sebastian McClure - Regional Manager, Business Operations - Process

SEH-Bill McClure -

Seig McClure -

Selene McClure

Selisha McClure - Administraitve Assistant

Serene McClure -

Sergio Mcclure -

Seth McClure

Sgt McClure - Advisory Board Member

Shad Mcclure

Shala McClure - Breast Health Educator and Emergency Room RN

Shalegh McClure - Compliance Director

Shalise Mcclure -

Shamus McClure

Shana McClure

Shanah Mcclure

Shanda McClure

Shane Mcclure

Shanice McClure

Shanley Mcclure

Shanna Mcclure

Shannan McClure - Special Education Teacher

Shannon Mcclure

Shanon McClure - Sales Administrator

Shante McClure - Accountant

Sharen McClure - Human Resources and Administrative Manager

ShaRhonda McClure - Senior Accounting Analyst

Shari McClure

Sharla McClure - CID Secretary and Assistant Evidence Custodian

Sharna McClure -

Sharnie McClure - Owner

Sharon Mcclure

Sharron McClure - AP Coordinator

Shatanya McClure - Staff Assistant

Shaun McClure

Shauna McClure

Shauna N McClure -

Shavonne McClure - Lead Teacher

Shawn Mcclure

Shawna Mcclure

Shawnita McClure - Orchestra Director

ShawnTrell McClure

Shay McClure

Shaye McClure -

Shayla McClure

Shayna McClure - Behavioral Health Care Manager II

Shea McClure

Sheena McClure

Sheila Mcclure

Shel Mcclure - Manager

Shelagh McClure

Shelby McClure

Sheldon McClure

Shelia McClure

Shellee McClure - Sales Learning Analyst

Shelley McClure

Shellie McClure

Shelly McClure

Shelton McClure

Sheona McClure - Solicitor, Planning and Environment Team

Sheree Mcclure

Sheri McClure

Sheridan McClure

Sherie McClure

Sherman Mcclure -

Sherri McClure

Sherri-Ann McClure - Clerk Typist

Sherrie Mcclure - Accounts Administrator

Sherrill McClure - Realtor

Sherry Mcclure

Sheryl McClure

Shirley Mcclure

Shona McClure - Sales Assistant

Shyra McClure - Curatorial Assistant

Si McClure - Technical Animator

Sian Mcclure

Sibylla Mcclure -

Sidman McClure - Owner

Sidney McClure - Independent College Counselor and Owner

Siegfried McClure -

Sier McClure -

Silke Mcclure -

Silvia McClure

Sim McClure -

Simeon Mcclure -

Simon Mcclure

Simone McClure - Sports Administrator

Sinéad McClure - Editor, Sound Engineer and Scriptwriter and Co Founder

Siobhan McClure - Lecturer (Drawing and Painting)

Skeeter McClure -

Skip McClure - Board Member

Sky McClure

Skyler McClure - Portfolio Manager of Special Assets

Sloan McClure - International Public Relations and Marketing

Smith McClure -

Smokey Mcclure

Sofia McClure

Soha McClure

Sonia McClure - Benefits Specialist

Sonja McClure

Sonna McClure - Redding Land Services

Sonnet Mcclure - Account Associate

Sonny McClure -

Sonya Mcclure

Sophie Mcclure

Soreen McClure - Management Information Systems Analyst

Speedy McClure -

Spencer McClure

Spike McClure

Spring McClure - Manager

Stacey Mcclure

Staci McClure -

Stacia McClure - Senior Account Manager

Stacie McClure

Stacy Mcclure

Stan McClure

Stanislas Mcclure -

Stanley McClure -

Starla McClure -

Starr McClure

Ste McClure - Scaffolding Foreman

Stefana Mcclure

Stefani McClure

Stefania McClure - CAE 3, Commercial Customer Service (Retention)

Stella McClure

Stephan McClure

Stephanie Mcclure

Stephen Mcclure

Stephen L. McClure - President

Sterling Mcclure

Stevan McClure - Senior Minister

Steve Mcclure

Steven Mcclure

Stevens McClure

Stevie McClure - Sole Proprietor

Stewart McClure

Storm-Skyler McClure - Professional Dancer

Streeter McClure - President

Stu McClure - Buyer

Stuart McClure

Stéphanie Mcclure

Sue Mcclure

Sue Ellen McClure - Traffic Assistant

Sulay Mcclure -

Summer Mcclure

Sundance McClure - Web Developer

Sunny McClure - Regional Manager

Susan Mcclure

Susanna Mcclure -

Susannah McClure - Video Interpreter

Susanne Mcclure -

Susie McClure

Suzan Mcclure

Suzane McClure - Owner

Suzanne Mcclure

Suzette McClure - Human Resources Representative

Suzy McClure

Swann McClure - Hiab Support Manager and Regional Service Manager

Sy McClure - Respite Assistant

Sybil Mcclure -

Sydnee McClure - Special Education Teacher

Sydney Mcclure

Sylvia Mcclure

Synthia McClure - Lead Operator

T. McClure

T.J. McClure

Tabatha McClure -

Tabitha McClure -

Tahli McClure

Talia McClure -

Tam McClure - Marketing Director

Tamahtra McClure - Employment Specialist

Tamala McClure - Senior Employee Services Representative

Tamara McClure

Tamatha Mcclure

Tameka McClure - Executive Assistant

Tamera McClure - Financial Crimes Specialist III

Tami McClure

Tamira McClure - Accounting Specialist

Tammie McClure

Tammy Mcclure

Tana McClure - Assistant (for Vern)

Tane McClure

Taner McClure

Tania McClure

Tanisha Mcclure -

Tanna McClure

Tanner McClure

Tanya Mcclure

Tané McClure - Associate Producer

Tara McClure

Tarra McClure - Outside Sales Representative

Taryn McClure -

Tatiana McClure - Waitress

Tausheli McClure - Network Communications Specialist

Tawana McClure

Tawny McClure

Tawnya McClure - Admin Assistant

Taylor Mcclure

Teal McClure

Ted Mcclure

Teddi McClure - Administrative Assistant

Teddie McClure -

Telisha McClure - Director of Operations

Tennile McClure - VA Southern Nevada HCS ISO

Terence McClure - New Home Sales Specialist

Teresa Mcclure

Teri McClure

Teronda McClure - QC Specialist

Terrace McClure - Nondestructive Testing Aerospace Composite

Terre McClure - Finance

Terrence Mcclure

Terresa Mcclure

Terri Mcclure

Terrie McClure - Systems Analyst II

Terry Mcclure

Tesa McClure - Teacher

Tess Mcclure

Tessa McClure - Laser Technician

Thalissa McClure - Managing Director

Thea McClure - Owner

Theodore Mcclure

Theresa Mcclure

Thida McClure

Thomas Mcclure

Thomas A. Mcclure -

Tia McClure -

Tiana McClure - Client Services Officer

Tiara McClure

Tifani McClure -

Tiffany Mcclure

Tiffiney McClure - Sales Consultant

Tiki McClure - Controller, Accountant

Tillecia Mcclure -

Tim Mcclure

Timi McClure - Job Coordinator

Timmey McClure

Timmy McClure - Vice President; Chief Operating Officer

Timorhy Mcclure - Commercial Account Executive

Timothy Mcclure

Tina McClure

Tipp McClure

Tippa McClure - I Catering Sales Manager

Tiquisia McClure - Sales Analyst

Tisa McClure - Salon Manager

Tish McClure

Tisheena McClure - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Tj McClure

Tobias McClure

Toby Mcclure

Tod McClure -

Todd Mcclure

Tom Mcclure

Tomika Mcclure - Hair

Tommy Mcclure

Toney Mcclure -

Toni McClure

Tonia Mcclure

Tonie McClure

Tonja McClure - Senior Recruiter

Tony Mcclure

Tonya Mcclure

Tonya R. McClure - Human Resources

Tori McClure

Tory McClure - District Manager Lifestyle -Texas

Toussaint McClure -

Tracey Mcclure

Traci Mcclure

Tracy McClure

Travis Mcclure

Tre McClure - Recruiting Coordinator

TreasurerMatt McClure -

Trena McClure - Senior Administrative Specialist

Trent McClure

Trenton Mcclure

Trevan McClure

Trevaun McClure - Senior Manager

Trevis Mcclure - Product Engineer

Trevor McClure

Trey Mcclure

Tricia McClure - Photographer

Trina McClure

Trinidad Mcclure -

Tripp McClure - OMP Implementation Manager

Trish Mcclure

Trisha McClure -

Trista McClure - Lab Tech

Troy Mcclure

Trudi McClure

Trudy McClure

Truman Mcclure -

Tucker McClure

Tuisdi McClure - Acting, Dance, and Singing Student

Twila Mcclure

Ty Mcclure

Tyger McClure

Tyler Mcclure

Tyrone Mcclure -

Urmila Mcclure

Ursula Mcclure

Us McClure -

Vail McClure

Vaila McClure

Vakeea McClure -

Valdyne McClure - XO Communications

Valencia McClure

Valeria Mcclure - Accounts Manager

Valerie Mcclure

Van Mcclure

Vance McClure - Interactive Marketing Manager

Vanesa McClure - Assistant Technology Director

Vanessa McClure

Vannah McClure - Director of Laboratory Services

Varley McClure - Quality Assurance Manager

Vaughn McClure

Velma Mcclure

Vera McClure

Verna Mcclure -

Vernell McClure - Health Physicist

Vernon McClure

Veronica McClure

Vic McClure - Purchasing Manager Railcar

Vicki McClure

Vickie McClure

Vicky Mcclure

Victor Mcclure

Victoria Mcclure

Vieva McClure - Director of Catering

Vilma Mcclure -

Vimala McClure

Vince McClure

Vincent Mcclure

Vinnie Mcclure

Viola Mcclure -

Virgina McClure -

Virginia Mcclure

Vivian McClure

Viviana McClure - Research Processing Professional

Vladlena McClure - Realtor, Investor, Developer

Von McClure - Territory Manager

Vonda Mcclure -

w-Joel McClure - Contract Manager

W. McClure

W.N. McClure -

W.R. McClure -

Wade McClure

Wallace McClure

Wally McClure

Wally J McClure - Information Technology Manager

Walt Mcclure

Walter Mcclure

Wanda Mcclure

Ward Mcclure

Warner Mcclure

Warren Mcclure

Wat Mcclure

Wayne McClure

Webster McClure - Intelligence

Wells Mcclure - Golf Course Superintendent

Wende McClure - MSW Internship Coordinator

Wendell Mcclure

Wendi-Lee McClure -

Wendy Mcclure

Wes McClure

Wesley McClure

Weston McClure

Whit McClure -

Whitney Mcclure

Wilbert McClure

Wilbur McClure

Wilda Mcclure -

Wiley Mcclure

Will Mcclure

Willard Mcclure -

William Mcclure

William F McClure - Associate General Counsel

Williams McClure - President

Willie Mcclure

Willis Mcclure -

Willy Mcclure

Wilma McClure -

Wilmer Mcclure -

Windy McClure

Winfred Mcclure -

Winifred Mcclure -

Winter Mcclure - Customer Service Associate

Wj Mcclure

Wl Mcclure -

Woodrow Mcclure

Worthy McClure - Position In Sales

Wyatt Mcclure -

Wyckie McClure - Docent

x-Rob McClure -

x-Wilbur McClure - Collections Coordinator

Xavier Mcclure

YaLonda McClure - Continuous Improvement and Sustainability Manager

Yann McClure -

Yarra McClure - Director of Customer Engagement

Yashiema Mcclure

Ying McClure - Account Representative

Yolanda McClure

Yuliya McClure - Learning Assistant, Human Resources Staff Learning and Development

Yvonne Mcclure

Zac McClure -

Zach McClure

Zachary Mcclure

Zack McClure

Zackary Mcclure

Zeb Mcclure - Concrete Finisher, Leed Green Advantage

Zebediah McClure - Owner

Zelma McClure - Board Member

Zina McClure - Project Manager

Zoe McClure - College Healthcare NHS Trust Notice

Leland McClure - BOGUS - Production Manager

Christopher Mcclure - Koutsikaloudis - FPandA Intern

Dain McClure - Thomas - Director and Architect

Marian McClure Barker - Vice President Supply Chain

Shera McClure Dean - Educator Burton High and Junior High, Burton, Kansas

Carolyn McClure Ilic - Vice President - Business Development Officer

Leslie McClure Krasner - Executive Director

Lindsay McClure Miller - Co-Director and Teacher

Jose McClure MRICS - Director RE Investment Management

Scott Mcclure Pe Cem - Energy Engineer

Inc. McClure Publishing - Owner

Dave McClure's - Coordinator

Rusty McClure's - Managing Partner

Wilda McClure-Abbott

Marlene McClure-Allen - Office Manager

Dimitri McClure-Anderson -

Hillery McClure-Bailey - Financial Analyst II

Jennifer McClure-Bailous - Administrative Assistant (Contractor)

Sheri Mcclure-Baker

Laura McClure-Barnes - All Physician

Dana McClure-Barone

Kristy McClure-Barrera - Human Resource Manager

Melissa McClure-Beaulieu - Public School Teacher and Enseignant(E) D'éCole Publique

Cynthia Mcclure-begley - Project Coordinator

Tristan McClure-Begley

Karen McClure-Benson - Provider Relations Consultant

Shannon McClure-Burke - Director of Corporate Planning

Evon McClure-Buynack -

Kimberley McClure-Byrd - Chief Executive Officer

Laura McClure-Cairns - Senior Manager

Laurie McClure-Canavan -

Karen McClure-Carr - Department of Healthcare Financing and Policy

Kris McClure-Coleman - Health and Fitness Specialist

Nicole McClure-Cox - Licensed Massage Therapist

B. McClure-Creech - Case Manager New Business

Chris Mcclure-crowe - Manager of Restaurant Systems

Marilyn McClure-Demers - Associate General Counsel

Grace McClure-Dotado - Cw Cad Designer

Mary McClure-Dotado - Cw Cad Designer

Anais McClure-Farley - Law Intern

Shawon McClure-Fields - Owner

Lynne McClure-Flores - Sys Analyst

Kathy McClure-Fritz - Orchestra Member

Phyllis McClure-Graham - Student Mentor

Naomi McClure-Griffiths

Jennifer McClure-Groover - Teacher

Linda McClure-Hammons - Staff Accountant

Lindsay McClure-Hartman

Lillia McClure-Hartter - Owner

Aaron McClure-Hattrem - Sales Consultant

Monique McClure-Hegge - Owner and Inspector

Dona Mcclure-Heinen -

Ashley McClure-Hennessy -

Derek McClure-Hewitt - Teacher

Sandie McClure-Howe

Kesha McClure-Hunley - Licensed Counselor and Director of Educational Development

Bronwyn McClure-James - Design Manager

Pamela McClure-Johnson - Philanthropy Awards Selection Co-Chair

Islay McClure-Keane - Board Member

Alayne McClure-Keller - Field Sales Manager

Kay McClure-Kelly - Administrative Coordinator

Phoebe McClure-Khan - Registered Nurse

Shari McClure-Klang -

Christopher McClure-Koutsikaloudis - Equity Analyst

Jessica McClure-Kuhar - SW Region Manager

Janet McClure-Kuhn - Customer Experience Manager and Project Coordinator

Mindy McClure-Laforge -

Annie McClure-Laughton - Emt

Nancy McClure-Long - Minister of Word and Sacrament

Barbara McClure-Lukens - President, Friends

Tori McClure-MacDonald -

Sharon McClure-Marable - Patient Account Representative

Jen McClure-Metz - Executive Producer

Kelley McClure-Monk -

Talia McClure-Moore - Administration of Justice Professor

Kelley McClure-Mork - Special Projects Coordinator

Andi McClure-Mysza - President

Gabrielle McClure-Nelson - Regional Audit Manager

Crystal McClure-Neville - Logistics Sales and Operations

Amy Mcclure-ottmers -

Paula McClure-Phipps -

Carla McClure-Pike - Executive Office Admin

Teronda Mcclure-pinson - Assurance Documentation Specialist

Sheri McClure-Pitler - Author and Illustrator

Marlo McClure-Porter - Nephrology Fellowship Coordinator

Wendy McClure-Porter - Board of Trustees Member

Ricky McClure-Pritchett

Deborah McClure-Realtor - Chief Executive Officer

Karen McClure-Richard - Director

Tiffany McClure-Rishel - Senior Project Engineer

Kelly McClure-RN -

Donna Mcclure-Rogers -

Pam McClure-Roman - President

Julian Mcclure-Santana - Technicial Support

Denise McClure-Saskowski -

Anthony Mcclure-sc -

Annie McClure-Schmelz - Long Term Care Division

Carol McClure-Schutte - Classic Club Member

Meredith McClure-Scott - Library Media Specialist

Beth McClure-Shimel

Sandie McClure-Sinkbeil - Risk Manager

Karen McClure-Skelton - Machine Operator

Deb McClure-Smith -

Gloria McClure-Smith -

Lorraine McClure-Smith -

Pat McClure-Smith - Real Estate Broker - Owner

Shirley McClure-Sopic

Charmel McClure-Sternick - Membership Relationship Manager

Dana McClure-Thomas - Research Coordinator

Monica McClure-Thomas - Customer Service Specialist

Shirley Mcclure-Walker - Undergraduate

Dawn McClure-Wautier -

Melanie Mcclure-whitely - Physician Coordinator

Kathleen McClure-Wight - Executive Vice President and Division Manager Government and Institutional Banking

Kristy McClure-Williams - Family Nurse Practitioner

Valeria McClure-Williams - C-Suite Executive Assistant

Elaine McClure-Wilson - Language Therapist and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist

Ashley McClure-Wolfson - Registered Pharmacist

Vickie McClure-Wright - Quality Engineer

Jacqueline McClure-Zerbe - Certified Translator and Owner

Wendy McClure-Zorrer -

Kristie McClureAccounting - Manager

Howard McClureAssistant - Instructor

Lorraine McClureAssociate -

Maggie McClurec - Financial Manager

Jacob McClureCIMA®was - Managing Member and Chief Compliance Officer

Amber McClureEmail - Assistant Coach

Vaughn McClureESPN - Staff Writer

Thomas McClureExecutive - Director

Janeen McClureFeatured - Senior Research Analyst

Roger McClureGeneral -

Wayne McClurehas - Technician

Wendy McClureis - Editor

Christopher Mcclureiv -

Robert McClureLead - Designer

Josh McClureLeave -

Harrison McClurelf -

Connie McClureMassage - Therapist

Mark McClureMcClure - Comfort Advisor

Natalie McClureMcClure's -

Melissa McClureOffice - Manager

Shawn McClureOrlando - Market Manager

Dave McClureoversees -

Rich McClurePresident - Chief Executive Officer

Ricky McClurePritchett - Regional Property Manager

Andy Mcclurer - Owner

Dan Mcclurer - Director

Rob McClurer - Information Technology Analyst III

Morgan McClurerf -

Peg McClureRidings - Community Service Coordinator

Ewan McClures -

Michael McClures - Invited Guest Artist

Meredith McClureSpatial - Ecologist

Robert McClureSr -

Dave McClureVice - President - Operations

Mark McClureWed - President, Managing Director

Natalie McClureWorkshop -

Stu McClureWRONG - Sales Manager

Keith Mcclurey

Kevin McClurey -

Michelle McClurey -

Patricia McClurey - Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurse

Rob McClurey - Associate - Banking and Capital Markets

Ewan McClure - Lecturer

Jared McClure - Commissioner

Missy McClure - Lower Elementary Teacher

Steve McClurfe - Union Co. Commissioner

A. McClurg -

A.C. McClurg -

Aaron McClurg - Operations Support Manager

Abbi Mcclurg - Client Loyalty Department

Adam Mcclurg

Al McClurg

Alan McClurg

Alex Mcclurg

Alexandra McClurg

Alexis McClurg -

Allen Mcclurg -

Allison McClurg - Personal Assistant

Allyson McClurg - Royse City and Commercial Specialist

Alyce McClurg

Alyssa McClurg

Amanda McClurg

Amy McClurg

Andrea McClurg - OSS Administrator II

Andrew McClurg

Andy McClurg

Angel Mcclurg

Angela Mcclurg

Angelica McClurg - Paralegal

Angie McClurg - Senior Manager of Epworth Forest Conference Center

Anita McClurg

Anna McClurg

Anne McClurg - Mom

April McClurg

Apryl McClurg - Position In Corporate and Golf Outing Sales

Arnie McClurg -

Asha McClurg - Medical Student

Ashleigh McClurg

Ashley McClurg

Aubrey McClurg - Chief Husbandry Officer

Bailey McClurg - Technology Commercialization Intern

Barbara McClurg - Client Associate

Bea McClurg - Trainee Administrator Restructuring Services

Ben McClurg

Benjamin McClurg - Employed By

Bernie McClurg - Director Hlth. Rec.

Beth McClurg - Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker

Bethany McClurg

Bill McClurg

Billy McClurg

Bob Mcclurg

Bonnie McClurg -

Boyd McClurg

Brad McClurg

Bradley Mcclurg - US Southern Region Reliability Manager

Brandon McClurg - Student Coach

Brandy McClurg

Brendan McClurg

Brett McClurg - Chairperson of National Traffic and Transport Discipline

Brian McClurg

Brianna McClurg

Bridget McClurg - MR 1 With the Seabees

Brittany McClurg - COF Assistant Director

Brooke McClurg

Bruce McClurg

Bud McClurg - Maintenance Manager

Byron McClurg - Project Management Consultant

C.J. McClurg - Sales and Technical Representative - Vigil Tinting Specialist

Cady McClurg - Seventh Grade English Teacher

Caitlin Mcclurg

Callan McClurg - Public Address Announcer

Cameron McClurg

Camille McClurg - Strings Specialist

Carl McClurg

Carla McClurg -

Carlee McClurg

Carol McClurg

Carole McClurg - Division Admin - Assistant To the Vice President of Finance

Caroline McClurg

Carren McClurg - SAP Data Management Specialist

Carrie McClurg - Controller


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