Directory of Profiled Business People: McCafferty, Matthew - McCaffery, Melissa

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Matthew McCafferty

Maura McCafferty

Maureen McCafferty

Maurice McCafferty - Release Manager

Max McCafferty

Maxine McCafferty - Business Support

Mayuri McCafferty - Teacher of Science

Meaghan McCafferty -

Megan Mccafferty

Meghan McCafferty

Melanie McCafferty

Melinda McCafferty

Melisa Mccafferty - Information Technology Program and Project Manager

Melissa McCafferty

Melle McCafferty - I Sales Assistant

Mercedes McCafferty - Customer Service Analyst

Mercy McCafferty - Service Studio Representative

Meredith McCafferty - Senior Account Manager

Michael Mccafferty

Micheal Mccafferty - Engineer

Michele McCafferty

Michelle Mccafferty

Mick McCafferty - Chief Executive Officer

Mike Mccafferty

Miriam McCafferty - Marketing Coordinator

Misti McCafferty - Legal Assistant

Mistie McCafferty

Misty McCafferty - Rn

Mitch McCafferty - Member, Golf Team

Mitchell McCafferty

Molly Mccafferty

Monica Mccafferty

Morgan McCafferty

Mr McCafferty - Head of Year

Mura McCafferty - Vice-Chair of the Irish North Materials Group

Myra McCafferty -

Nada McCafferty - Recruiting Coordinator Senior

Nadine McCafferty - Realtor

Nancy McCafferty

Naomi Mccafferty

Natalia Mccafferty - Manager

Natalie McCafferty

Neal McCafferty

Neil McCafferty

Neill McCafferty - Teacher

Nell McCafferty -

Niamh McCafferty

Nic McCafferty - Operations Manager

Nicholas McCafferty

Nick McCafferty

Nicola Mccafferty

Nicole Mccafferty

Nik McCafferty - Operational Scientist

Nikki McCafferty

Nora McCafferty - Product Range Manager

Noreen McCafferty - Accounting Manager

Norma McCafferty - Creative Director

Ollie McCafferty - Assistant Project Manager

Olly Mccafferty - Land Hydro Surveyor

Owen Mccafferty

Paddy McCafferty - Members

Pamela Mccafferty

Pascale McCafferty - PPC Manager

Pat McCafferty

Patricia McCafferty

Patrick Mccafferty

Patt McCafferty - Director of Financial Aid

Patti McCafferty

Patty McCafferty

Paul Mccafferty

Paula Mccafferty

Pauline McCafferty

Peggy McCafferty

Penelope Mccafferty - Financial Center Manager

Peta Mccafferty

Pete McCafferty

Peter Mccafferty

Petra McCafferty -

Phil McCafferty

Phillip Mccafferty

Phyllis McCafferty - Director of Counseling

Preston McCafferty - Network Operations Center Technician

R. McCafferty - Manager

Rachel McCafferty

Rain McCafferty - New Business KYC Analyst

Ralph McCafferty - Board Member

Randall McCafferty

Randy McCafferty

Ray McCafferty - Warehouse and Forklift Driver With A Class B Lisence

Raymond McCafferty

Rebecca McCafferty

Reggie McCafferty

Regina McCafferty -

Reginald McCafferty - Account Manager

Regis McCafferty

Renee McCafferty

ReutersIan McCafferty - Monetary Policy Committee Member

Rex McCafferty

Rhiannon McCafferty -

Rhonda McCafferty

Ric McCafferty

Rich Mccafferty

Richard Mccafferty

Rick McCafferty

Ricky McCafferty - Detective McCafferty

Rita McCafferty

Ro McCafferty - Rn

Rob McCafferty

Robert Mccafferty

Robin McCafferty - Recovery and ReSols Anlyst

Robyn McCafferty - Marketing Manager

Rod McCafferty - Sales Manager

Roger McCafferty

Ron McCafferty

Ronald McCafferty

Ronnie McCafferty - Chief Financial Officer

Rory McCafferty

Rose McCafferty

Roseann McCafferty - Teacher

Rosemary McCafferty - Senior Risk Assessor

Ross McCafferty

Roxanne McCafferty - Analyst Programmer (Part-Time)

Roy Mccafferty

Ruairi McCafferty - Director Global Real Estate

Ruben McCafferty - Client Manager - Vertical Educación - Major Accounts

Ruby McCafferty

Rudy Mccafferty -

Russell McCafferty - HSE Consultant

Ruth McCafferty - Technical Program Manager

Ryan Mccafferty

Sabina McCafferty - Health System Manager

Sam McCafferty

Samantha McCafferty

Samira Mccafferty - Student

Samm McCafferty - Risk and Control Analyst

Sandi McCafferty

Sandra McCafferty

Sandy McCafferty

Sara McCafferty

Sarah Mccafferty

Sarahjayne McCafferty

Scott Mccafferty

Sean Mccafferty

Shane McCafferty

Shannon McCafferty

Sharie McCafferty - Information Technology Security Officer

Sharisse McCafferty

Sharon Mccafferty

Shaun McCafferty

Shauna McCafferty

Shawn Mccafferty

Shawna McCafferty

Shayleh McCafferty - Accounts Receivable, Assistant Branch Trainer and Administrative Assistant

Sheena McCafferty -

Sheila McCafferty

Shelley McCafferty -

Shelly Mccafferty

Sheridan McCafferty - Associate Director, Global Marketing

Sherry McCafferty

Sheryl McCafferty - Spencer Stuart

Shirley McCafferty - Owner

Simon McCafferty - Senior Sales Executive

Sinead McCafferty

Siobhan McCafferty

Siobhann McCafferty - Project Manager: Digital Repositories Transition

Sj McCafferty - Operations Director

Sofia McCafferty - Media Access Editor

Sommer McCafferty

Stacey McCafferty

Stephanie McCafferty - Administartive Assistant

Stephen Mccafferty

Steve Mccafferty

Steven Mccafferty

Stevie McCafferty - Managing Director

Stewart McCafferty - Director

Stuart Mccafferty

Sue McCafferty

Susan Mccafferty

Susanne McCafferty

Susie McCafferty - Clinical Partner In ER

Suzanna McCafferty - Administrative Duties

Suzanne Mccafferty

Suzie McCafferty

Suzy McCafferty - Secretary To Neighbourhood Services

Sylvia McCafferty

Syndy McCafferty - Program Manager

Tammy Mccafferty

Tara McCafferty

Tarnya McCafferty

Taryn McCafferty -

Taylor McCafferty - Sales and Marketing Assistant

Tayon Mccafferty

Ted McCafferty -

Teddy McCafferty -

Terence McCafferty - Business Manager

Teresa McCafferty

Terrance McCafferty - Manager of Radiology Services

Terrence Mccafferty

Terry Mccafferty

Theresa McCafferty

Therese McCafferty - Vice President of Administration and Membership Services

Thomas Mccafferty

Tiffany Mccafferty

Tim Mccafferty

Timothy McCafferty

Tina McCafferty

Todd Mccafferty

Tom McCafferty

Tomi McCafferty - President

Tommy McCafferty

Toni McCafferty - Data Analyst

Tony McCafferty

Tori McCafferty -

Tracey McCafferty

Tracie McCafferty

Tracy McCafferty

Travis McCafferty - Consultant

Tristan McCafferty - Financial Management Specialist

Troy McCafferty - Network and Systems Administrator

Ty McCafferty -

Tyler Mccafferty -

Una Mccafferty - Senior Manager

Valerie McCafferty - Fraud Prevention Specialist

Vanessa McCafferty - Consultant

Veronica McCafferty - Nursing Assistant

Vicki McCafferty

Vicky McCafferty

Victoria McCafferty

Vincent McCafferty -

W. McCafferty

Warren McCafferty - Head of Quality

Wayne Mccafferty - Managing Director

Wendeline McCafferty -

Wendy McCafferty

Will McCafferty - Teacher

William Mccafferty

Yasmine McCafferty

Yelena McCafferty - Director

Yesenia McCafferty -

Zach McCafferty -

Zen McCafferty - Sales Manager

Zenith McCafferty - Writer Freelance

John McCafferty - DSV -

George Mccafferty - gmccaff - Regional Transport Trainer

Laia Mccafferty Myles - Sales Associate

Cathy McCafferty- Smith - Senior Consultant

Jennifer McCafferty-Cepero - Director, Miami Children's Hospital Research Institute

Hayley McCafferty-David - Project Manager - West Midlands Museum Partnership

Lisa McCafferty-Fluty - President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike McCafferty-KW - Broker

Ellen Mccafferty-O'Connell - Associate Nurse Leader, Nurse Practitioner

John Mccafferty-SCO - Board Member

Cathy McCafferty-Smith - Chief Engagement Officer- Leadership Development, Coaching Programs, Facilitated Learning Sessions

Marisa McCafferty-Smith -

Kristen McCafferty-Strong - Paralegal and Contract Specialist

Jennice McCafferty-Wright - Instructor

Ian McCaffertyCFO -

Gerry McCaffertyCOC-Springfield -

Patrick McCaffertyCPA - Principal

Peg MccaffertyJohnson - Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor

Scott McCaffertyManaging - Director

Rod McCaffertySales - Marketing Manager

Beth McCaffertyYouth -

Lori McCaffertz -

Aaron Mccaffery

Abby McCaffery -

Adam McCaffery

Aeya McCaffery - Freelance Translator

Agnes McCaffery

Aidan McCaffery

Ailsa McCaffery - Graduate Digital Filmmaker

Al McCaffery -

Alan McCaffery -

Alannah McCaffery - Customer Care Consultant

Alex Mccaffery

Alexa McCaffery - Operations Manager

Alexander McCaffery

Alexandra McCaffery

Alexandria McCaffery - Business Systems Analyst

Alison McCaffery

Allen McCaffery - Title Assistant

Alyson McCaffery -

Amanda Mccaffery

Amber McCaffery

Amelia McCaffery -

Amy Mccaffery

Andrea McCaffery

Andrew Mccaffery

Angela McCaffery - Chief Operations Director

Angie Mccaffery

Angus McCaffery - Non-Executive Director

Ann McCaffery - D and F and Lieutenant

Anna Mccaffery

Anne Mccaffery

Annette McCaffery - Agent

Annmarie McCaffery - EI Coordinator

Anthony Mccaffery

Antoin McCaffery - Ulster GAA Physical Literacy Coach and Tutor

April McCaffery - Paralegal

Arthur Mccaffery

Ashleigh McCaffery

Audel McCaffery - Manager Housekeeping and Linen Services

Augustine McCaffery - Manager

Austina McCaffery - Graduate Assistant, Cultural Center

Bailey McCaffery -

Barbara Mccaffery

Barry McCaffery

Bart McCaffery - HVAC Manager

Beau McCaffery

Becky McCaffery

Ben McCaffery - Operations Director

Bernard McCaffery

Bernie McCaffery

Beth McCaffery - School Improvement Coordinator

Bethann McCaffery -

Bill McCaffery

Blake McCaffery - Outage Manager

Bob McCaffery

Bobbi McCaffery - Capacity Building Assistance Program Coordinator

Bobby McCaffery

Bonnie McCaffery

Brad McCaffery - Controller and Operations Specialist

Brandi Mccaffery -

Brandon McCaffery

Brendan McCaffery

Brett McCaffery

Brian Mccaffery

Bridget McCaffery - Digital Media Associate

Brigid McCaffery

Bruce McCaffery

Bryan McCaffery

Buddy McCaffery - District Manager of Pharmacy and Store Operations

Buster Mccaffery -

Cailin McCaffery - Waitress

Cain McCaffery - Domicile Care Worker

Caitlin McCaffery

Caleb McCaffery - Lead Operator

Calvin Mccaffery

Cameron McCaffery

Candace McCaffery

Carleen McCaffery - Office Administrator

Carly McCaffery - Member of Community

Carlyn McCaffery -

Carol McCaffery

Caroline McCaffery

Carrie McCaffery

Casey McCaffery

Cass Mccaffery - Manager and Stylist

Cassandra McCaffery - Dairy Products Canada G.P

Cassie McCaffery - Registrations

Cassy McCaffery - Client Relations and Business Manager

Catherine McCaffery

Cathy Mccaffery

Cecie McCaffery - Art Teacher

Celene McCaffery - Director

Chad McCaffery - Build Engineer Ii

Charles Mccaffery

Charlissa McCaffery - Personal Assistant

Chelle McCaffery

Cheri McCaffery -

Cheryl McCaffery

Chris Mccaffery

Christi McCaffery - Med and Voc

Christian McCaffery - Running Back

Christina McCaffery

Christine McCaffery

Christopher McCaffery

Christy McCaffery - Administrative Assistant

Chuck Mccaffery - Operator

Ciaran McCaffery - Teacher

Cindy McCaffery

Claire McCaffery

Clare McCaffery

Clayton McCaffery

Clodagh McCaffery - Speciality Doctor Oral and Maxillofacial Sugery

Colin Mccaffery

Colleen McCaffery

Collin McCaffery

Colm Mccaffery

Colman McCaffery - Country Manager

Colt McCaffery - Expedited Services

Connie McCaffery - Medical Staff

Connor McCaffery

Conor McCaffery - Camera Operator

Corrine McCaffery - Sale

Craig McCaffery - Chief Operating Officer

Crystal McCaffery - Administrative Assistant

Cyril Mccaffery -

Damien McCaffery

Damon McCaffery - Operations Manager

Dan McCaffery

Dana McCaffery - Techin

Dane McCaffery - Store Manager

Daniel McCaffery

Danielle Mccaffery

Danny McCaffery - Construction Manager\, Construction Services

Darlene Mccaffery

Darren McCaffery

Darrick McCaffery - Estimator and Project Manager

Dave McCaffery

David Mccaffery

Dawn McCaffery

Dawnmarie Mccaffery

Dean McCaffery

Deanna McCaffery - Utilization Review Specialist

Deavon McCaffery - Senior Software Engineer

Deb McCaffery -

Debbie McCaffery - Vice President of Marketing

Deborah Mccaffery

Debra McCaffery

Declan McCaffery -

Deneen McCaffery - Business Owner

Dennis McCaffery

Derek McCaffery

Dermot McCaffery - Transportation Consultant

Des McCaffery - Senior Engineering Manager

Desmond McCaffery - Contract Development Manager

Destiny McCaffery - Training Specialist

Diane McCaffery - -

Dina McCaffery - Digital Production Teacher

Division McCaffery - Head Coach

Dj McCaffery - Facilities Operations Manager

Don McCaffery - Technical Specialist

Donald McCaffery

Donna McCaffery

Doreen Mccaffery -

Doug Mccaffery

Douglas McCaffery - Regional Market Manager

Drew McCaffery

Duncan McCaffery - Technical Director

Dylan McCaffery

Eamon McCaffery - Carpenter

Ed McCaffery

Edward McCaffery

Eileen McCaffery

Elaine McCaffery - Senior Technical Writer

Eliana McCaffery - Position In Marketing and Sales

Elisabeth McCaffery

Elise McCaffery

Elizabeth McCaffery

Ellenmarie McCaffery - PA To the Managing Partner

Emily McCaffery

Emma McCaffery -

Eric McCaffery

Erin Mccaffery

Esther McCaffery -

Euan McCaffery -

Eugene McCaffery - Senior Leasing Representative

Evan McCaffery - National Account Manager

Evelyn McCaffery

Ewan McCaffery - General Manager

Fergal McCaffery - Director of the Regulated Software Research Centre and Senior Lecturer - Department of Computing and Maths

Ferra McCaffery - Vice President

Ferra-Lynn McCaffery - Executive Consultant and Social Media Coordinator

Fran McCaffery - Head Coach

Francesca McCaffery

Francis Mccaffery

Frank McCaffery - Realtor

Gannon McCaffery

Garry McCaffery - Delivery Supervisor

Gary McCaffery

Gavin McCaffery - Sales Director UK

Gene McCaffery

Genia McCaffery - Mayor North Sydney

George Mccaffery

Gerard McCaffery

Gerri McCaffery - Artist

Gerry Mccaffery

Gill McCaffery

Gillian McCaffery - Examiner- Stage Division (Tap and Jazz)

Gina McCaffery - QCC Marketing

Ginette McCaffery

Glen McCaffery - Member, Team

Glenda McCaffery - Payroll Officer

Grace McCaffery

Graeme McCaffery - Customer Service

Grant McCaffery -

Greg McCaffery - President

Gregory McCaffery - President

Gwen McCaffery - Position In Sales Department

Hal McCaffery -

Haley McCaffery -

Hannah McCaffery - Freelance Illustrator

Harlan McCaffery - Project Director

Harold McCaffery

Harry McCaffery -

Hayleigh McCaffery - Assistant Boutique Manager

Hayley McCaffery

Hazel McCaffery - Assistant Manager

Heather McCaffery

Heidi McCaffery - Director of Hospice and Palliative Care, Socila Work Supervisor

Helen McCaffery

Hilliary McCaffery - Analyst, Restaurant Excellence - Kentucky Fried Chicken

Holley Mccaffery - Officer Resource Optimization

Holli McCaffery

Hugh McCaffery

Ian McCaffery

Iris Mccaffery -

Irma Mccaffery -

Isaias McCaffery - Professor of History

J. Mccaffery

Jack McCaffery

Jackie McCaffery - Admin Partner

Jaclyn Mccaffery

Jacob McCaffery -

James Mccaffery

Jamie Mccaffery

Jan McCaffery

Jane McCaffery - Flight Attendant

Janet McCaffery

Janine McCaffery

Jasminka McCaffery -

Jason McCaffery

Jay McCaffery

Jean McCaffery

Jeanne McCaffery - Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Jeff McCaffery - Associate.Warehouse

Jeffery Mccaffery

Jeffrey Mccaffery - Physician Relations

Jen McCaffery

Jenna McCaffery - Human Resources and Operations Manager

Jennifer McCaffery

Jenny McCaffery

Jeramey McCaffery - Pond Department Manager

Jerry McCaffery - Executive Director

Jessica McCaffery

Jessie McCaffery -

Jill Mccaffery

Jim McCaffery

Jo McCaffery - Senior Post Production Manager

Joanna McCaffery - Director of Communications

Jocelyn McCaffery - Policy Associate In the Wholesale Conduct Policy Unit

Joe Mccaffery

Joely McCaffery - Customer Support Centre Manager

John Mccaffery

Johneen McCaffery - Program Manager

Johnny McCaffery - Maintenance Technician

Jonathan McCaffery - I&C Engineer

Jordan Mccaffery

Joseph McCaffery

Josie McCaffery -

Joyce McCaffery

Judith McCaffery

Judy McCaffery -

Julia McCaffery

Julian McCaffery - Board Member

Julianne McCaffery

Julie McCaffery

Juliet McCaffery

June McCaffery - Purchasing Administrator

Justin Mccaffery

K. McCaffery - President

Kaden McCaffery - Business Development Manager - Projectors Division

Kae McCaffery - Doctor

Kaitlin Mccaffery

Kaitlyn McCaffery - Property Manager

Karen McCaffery

Kari McCaffery -

Karin McCaffery

Kate McCaffery

Kathleen McCaffery

Kathryn McCaffery - Assistant Project Coordinator

Kathy McCaffery -

Katie McCaffery

Katrina McCaffery

Kay McCaffery -

Kayla McCaffery - Caseworker

Keith McCaffery

Kell McCaffery - Home and Community Care Case Manager

Kellie McCaffery

Kelly McCaffery

Ken McCaffery -

Kenneth McCaffery - Senior Claims Adjuster

Kerrie McCaffery - Deputy Manager

Kerry McCaffery

Kerry-Ann Mccaffery - Integration Systems Specialist - Customer Integration Management

Kerry-Anne Mccaffery - Integrated System Specialist

Kev Mccaffery - Branch Manager

Kevin Mccaffery

Kieron McCaffery - Company Owner

Kiki McCaffery - Part Time Model

Kim McCaffery

Kimberli McCaffery -

Kirsten McCaffery - Associate Professor

Kirsty McCaffery - Social Care Strategic Policy and Finance

Kit McCaffery -

Kris Mccaffery

Kristen McCaffery

Kristi McCaffery - Office Manager

Kristie Mccaffery

Kristine McCaffery -

Krysta McCaffery

Kyle McCaffery

Kylie McCaffery

Kym McCaffery - Certifed Fitness Trainer

Lance McCaffery

Larry McCaffery

Laura McCaffery

Lauren McCaffery

Lawrence McCaffery - Graphic Designer

Leigh Mccaffery

Len McCaffery -

Leonard McCaffery - Financial Regional Manager

Les McCaffery

Leslee McCaffery -

Lia McCaffery

Liam McCaffery - Operations Programme Design and Delivery

Libby McCaffery - Broker Associate

Lin Mccaffery - Manager

Linda McCaffery

Lindsey McCaffery - Administrative Support Specialist

Lisa McCaffery

Lise McCaffery - Curriculum Development Manager

Lisha McCaffery - Assistant Vice President-Branch Manager

Liz McCaffery

Lloyd McCaffery - Plant Manager

Lori McCaffery

Lorraine McCaffery -

Louise McCaffery -

Lucila Mccaffery - Process Lead West Sales Support

Lucille McCaffery - Sales Support Manager

Lucy McCaffery - Portfolio Manager

Lynda McCaffery - Executive Producer

Lyndsay McCaffery - Drama Teacher

Lynn McCaffery

Lynne McCaffery

Madeleine McCaffery - Campus Representative

Madison McCaffery

Maggie McCaffery - Shin Guard

Magnus McCaffery

Malcolm McCaffery - EUC Architect

Manus McCaffery - Lifetime Member

Marc McCaffery

Marci Mccaffery

Marcia McCaffery

Marcy McCaffery - Portrait Photographer

Margaret Mccaffery

Margie McCaffery - President

Margo McCaffery - Station Operations Manager

Maria McCaffery

Marianne McCaffery - Administration

Marissa Mccaffery

Marji McCAFFERY - Owner

Mark Mccaffery

Marlene McCaffery - Travel Cordinater At UW

Martha McCaffery -

Martin McCaffery

Martin McCaffery -

Mary McCaffery

Mary Jo McCaffery -

Matt McCaffery

Matthew McCaffery

Maura McCaffery

Maureen Mccaffery

Meagan McCaffery - Senior Sales Associate

Meg Mccaffery

Megan McCaffery -

Meghan McCaffery

Melanie McCaffery

Melissa McCaffery


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