Directory of Profiled Business People: Mageramova, Yegyana - Magero, Stephen

Magee, Jerlene - Maguta, Gloriah > Mageramova, Yegyana - Magero, Stephen

Yegyana Mageramova - Admin

Timurs Mageramovs - Warehouse Manager

Jacqueline Mageran - Telecomm.,Operator

Jennifer Mageran - Administrative Assistant

Jody Mageran - Thin Cast Technician

Larry Mageran -

Tanya Mageran - Office Administrator and Accounts Payable

Agnès Magerand - Chef De Service

Arnaud Magerand - Equity Derivatives Analyst

Cedric Magerand - Responsable Technique

Christelle Magerand - Directrice D'Un Pôle D'Ingénierie

Hugo Magerand - Auditeur - Superviseur

Isabelle Magerand - Assistante Marketing and Communication

Loic Magerand - Country Manager

Loïc Magerand - Business Unit Coordinator

Ludovic Magerand - Postdoc

Philippe Magerand - Division Environnement

Pierre Magerand - Assistant En Langue éTrangère

Sandra Magerand - Acheteuse

Tanguy Magerand - éTudiant

Mike Magerano - Senior Information Technology Officer

Raoul Magerano - Customer Service Consultant

Peter Mageranov - Vice President

Andrienne Mageras - Vice President

Anna Mageras - Trade Project Editor

Anne Mageras - Chapter President

Ashley Mageras - Lifeguard

Brooke Mageras -

Christopher Mageras - Mate

Daniel Mageras

Danielle Mageras - Performer

Frank Mageras -

George Mageras

Henry Mageras - Manager

James Mageras - Board Member

Jason Mageras - Bookkeeper

John Mageras - Position In Used Car Sales

Judith Mageras

Julie Mageras

Keara Mageras - Inventory Planning Associate

Kelly Mageras

M. Mageras -

Marie Mageras - Realtor

Mark Mageras - Teacher and Coach

Michelle Mageras -

Mike Mageras - Position In New Car Sales

Muireann Mageras

Nicho Mageras - Tech Support

Nicholas Mageras

Paula Mageras - Member

Stephen Mageras

Steve Mageras - Vice President Capital Markets

Susan Mageras - New Homes Sale Manager

Zena Mageras - Office Manager

Deborah Magerat - Administrative Assistant - PIP

Marco Magerat - WOC - Wing Operations Officer

Sarah Magerat - Avocate

Yolanda Magerat - Accounts and Administration Assistant

Doris Magerböck - Purchasing Agent

Maria Magerciakova -

Gabriela Magercu -

Ibtissem Magerdi - Financial Controller

Eva Magerdichian

Silva Magerditchian - Board Member

Alex Magere - Student

Alfred Magere - Consultant

Amandine Magere - Webmaster

Beatrice Magere - Customer Care Supervisor-Prepaid

Cora Magere -

Delphine Magere - Economics Department

Edwin Magere - Project and Program Assistant

Florent Magere - Compositor

Harry Magere - Business Development Manager

Ibrahim Magere - Sor Supervisor

John Magere - Sales Person

Krenisha Magere - Portfolio Specialist I, Portfolio Management

Laura Magere - Lead Correspondence Analyst

Marko Magere - Student

Martial Magere - Directeur Des Opérations Maintenance

Nancy Magere - Food and Beverage Senior Supervisor

Nicodemus Magere - Director

Olivier Magere

Patrice Magere - Auditor

Richard Magere - Finance Manager

Rick Magere - Administrator I

Ritta Magere - Principal Trade Analyst

Robert Magere - Principal Training Officer

Romuald Magere - Technicien Process

Rose Magere - Accountant

Sebastien Magere - Group Technical Director

Vince Magere -

Vincent Magere - Executive

Zachary Magere - Account Executive

Alexandru Magereanu - Senior Consultant

Ioan Magereanu - Sales and Marketing Executive

Paula Magereanu - Litigation Legal Office, Legal Department, Chief Executive Officer Division

Vlad Magereanu - Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Magereij - Bedrijfsleider

Ruud Magereij - Safety Manager

Astrid Mageren -

David Mageren - Information Technology Manager Carbonates EMEA

Edith Mageren -

Estelle Mageren - Directrice Ventes Nationales -Gestions Comptes Nationaux

Jean-Paul Mageren - Production Manager - Helix

Karine Mageren -

Maxime Mageren - Conseiller Vendeur éTudiant

Olivier Mageren - DHT Team Leader

Pascal Mageren

Philippe Mageren - Coach Sportif

Véronique Mageren -

Yvette Mageren - Agent Senior

Richard Magerenge - Executive Director

Dorothy Magerer - Supply Chain Assistant

Jennifer Magerer - Executive Director of Family Communications and Logistics

Kenedy Magerer - Infrastructure Support Analyst

Lorrie Magerer -

Marcella Magerer - Executive Assistant To Barry Shrage

Michael Magerer - Owner

Rachel Magerer - Girls Gymnastics Instructor

Robin Magerer - SME Relationship Officer

Scott Magerer

Chisomo Magereta - Safety, Health, Environment And Social Integration Manager

Billie Magerfield - Realtor, ABR, SRES

Lawren Magerfield -

Leslie Magerfield -

Jochen Magerfleich - Chief Operating Officer

Age Magerfleisch

Jochen Magerfleisch - Executive Vice President Sales Europe

Laurie Magerfleisch - Physical Therapist

Melissa Magerfleisch

Olaf Magerfleisch - Project Engineer

Sandra Magerfleisch - Senior Counsel

Scott Magerfleisch

Stuart Magerfleisch - Service Advisor

Alexander Magerhans -

Christian Magerhans - Staff Specialist II

Friederike Magerhans - Trade Marketing Consultant Global Franchise

Kerstin Magerhans - Inside Sales Representative Beverage Can

Michael Magerhans -

Susanne Magerhans

Bjørn Magerholm - Product Specialist Spine

Dagfinn Magerholm - Quality Assurance Engineeer

Eva Magerholm -

Knut Magerholm - IT- Og Prosjektutvikler

Per Magerholm - Electrical Steel Outfitting

Chris Mageri - Non

Claudia Mageri - Junior Fund Account Manager

Hunchiraya Mageri - Consultant

Kim Mageri - People Consultant

Mohini Mageri - Office Admin

Nagaraju Mageri -

Nick Mageri - Board Member

Nirmala Mageri - Events

Radu Mageri - Administrator Retele Calculatoare

Rakesh Mageri - RPM Manufacturing Solutions

Claudia Mageri-Perini - Fund Account Manager

Alex Mageria - Advisory Board Member

Allison Mageria - Giver WP Campaign

Bernard Mageria - Procurement and Project Coordinator

David Mageria - Contributor

Faith Mageria - Medical Representative

George Mageria - Relationship Manager

Glad Mageria - Information Technology System Administrator

James Mageria

Jan Mageria -

Jason Mageria - Investor Center Intern

Josphat Mageria - Field Service Technician

Kibuchi Mageria - Applications and Sales Specialist

Mageria Mageria - Account Manager

Mwaniki Mageria - Owner

Phillip Mageria - Owner

Roseline Mageria - Senior Officer.Senior Officer -Merchant Onboarding

Ruth Mageria

Vadym Mageria - Information Technology Department Zaporizhia Regional Branch

Chris Magerian -

Hodge Magerian - Member

Talene Magerian - Editor

Diana Magerie -

Ray Magerinny - Sales

Derek MagerIntelligence -

Kevin Magerison -

Cristian Mageriu - Team Leader, Digital Services

Florin Mageriu - Presedinte

Nicu Mageriu - Sales Consultant

Douglas Magerka - Senior Service Analyst

Heike Magerka - Account Manager

Kristin Magerka - Assistant Account Manager

Alexandra Magerke - Geschäftsführerin

Peter Magerke - Contract Administration

Dmitry Magerkin - Staff

Alex Magerko

Andrea Magerko - Quality Review Analyst

Brian Magerko

Debbie Magerko - Senior Insurance Specialist

Diane Magerko - Infinite Campus Data Team Specialist

Igor Magerko - Manager, Facility Services and Support

Jayne Magerko - Eighth Grade Math Teacher

Jeffrey Magerko - Field Services Manager

John Magerko - Senior Engineer and Manager

Julia Magerko - Project Administrator

Katelyn Magerko - Product Specialist

Kimberly Magerko - Owner and Creative Director and Instructor

Lori Magerko - Litigation and Coverage Attorney

Luke Magerko

Maggie Magerko - President

Margaret Magerko -

Martin Magerko

Matt Magerko - Director Finance

Matthew Magerko - Director

Michael Magerko

Mike Magerko -

Nicholas Magerko -

Nick Magerko - Undergraduate Researcher

Norma Magerko - Special Education Administrative Assistant

Pete Magerko - Project Manager

Peter Magerko -

Rachael Magerko - Associate Director of Admissions

Robert Magerko - Guidance Counselor

Roman Magerko - Grafik

Roxanne Magerko - Customer Service Team Lead

Suzanne Magerko - Social Studies Teacher

Andreas Magerkohl - Aircraft Maint Manager

Irmgard Magerkohl - Sales Assistant

Ashleigh Magerkorth - Patient Reg

Bridgette Magerkorth - Director, Human Resources

Erik Magerkorth - Store Manager

George Magerkorth - The New Heights Finance Team

Gillian Magerkorth - Sports Coordinator

Hermann Magerkorth - Systems Administration Manager

Jason Magerkorth - Trip Driver

Johnathan Magerkorth - Head Veterinary Doctor

Marc Magerkorth

Mary Magerkorth

Sean Magerkorth

Alan Magerkurth - Software Developer

Alyssa Magerkurth - Purchasing Department

Ashley Magerkurth

Axel Magerkurth - Jefe De Seccion

Brad Magerkurth - Corporate Beer Director

Brian Magerkurth

Bryan Magerkurth - Financial Advice Manager

Carol Magerkurth - Front Desk and Administrative Assistant

Carsten Magerkurth

Cheryl Magerkurth - Pe Teacher

Chris Magerkurth - Layabout Golfer

Christina Magerkurth

Christy Magerkurth - Treasurer

Craig Magerkurth

Deb Magerkurth - Food Service Director

Denise Magerkurth - Claims Adjuster

Grant Magerkurth - Sales Representative

Ian Magerkurth

Jasmine Magerkurth -

Jennifer Magerkurth

Jim Magerkurth - Tech Guy

Joerg Magerkurth - Post-Doc: Senior Research Associate for Real Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Katharina Magerkurth - Projektassistenz

Kathy Magerkurth - Prepress Scanning Tech

Kelly Magerkurth -

Kristen Magerkurth

Larry Magerkurth

Linda Magerkurth - Realtor

Marilee Magerkurth - Field Representative

Mary Magerkurth

Max Magerkurth - Owner

Megan Magerkurth - Senior CRA

Melinda Magerkurth - Innovation Analyst

Michael Magerkurth

Nikolai Magerkurth - Resident Physician

Olaf Magerkurth

Pablo Magerkurth - Jefe De Proyectos

Patricia Magerkurth

Paul Magerkurth

Peter Magerkurth - Computer and Electronics Instructor

Ralph Magerkurth

Renee Magerkurth

Richard Magerkurth - Maintenance Lead

Rod Magerkurth -

Sandy Magerkurth

Sheri Magerkurth - Art Director

Sherry Magerkurth -

Stacy Magerkurth

Stefan Magerkurth - Einkauf Information Technology Consulting

Stephanie Magerkurth

Stephen Magerkurth - Analyst Principal PP&C

Susan Magerkurth -

Sven Magerkurth - Communication and Information Technology Officer

Tyler Magerkurth - Captain

Vw Magerkurth -

William Magerkurth - Member

Brian Magerkuth - Director Supply Chain

Alexander Magerl

Aline Magerl - Gerente Projetos

Amy Magerl - Billing Analyst

Andreas Magerl - Chiefeditor and Publisher

André Magerl - Encaregado Da Produção

Barb Magerl

Barbara Magerl

Benjamin Magerl - Student

Bernhard Magerl -

Brian Magerl - Project Manager

Caroline Magerl

Chris Magerl

Christoph Magerl

Chuck Magerl - Founder and Owner

Cynthia Magerl

Daryl Magerl -

David Magerl

Debbie Magerl - Office of Policy, Planning and Statistics

Dick Magerl - Plan Commissioner

Dominic Magerl -

Edward Magerl - Senior Technician

Edwin Magerl - Chief Financial Officer

Ella Magerl -

Ernst Magerl - Operations Manager

Felix Magerl -

Friedrich Magerl

Fritz Magerl -

George Magerl - President

Gottfried Magerl - Head

Hans-Peter Magerl - Zerspanungstechnicker

Iris Magerl

Jamie Magerl - Audit Process Manager

Jessy Magerl

Jimena Magerl - Dibujante De Diseño

Joe Magerl - Eng

Johannes Magerl - Account-Manager

John Magerl

Joseph Magerl - Project Manager

Julia Magerl -

Jörg Magerl - Selbständiger Unternehmer

Karin Magerl - Clinical Research Manager

Katharina Magerl -

Katya Magerl - Commercial Administrator

Kerry Magerl - Client Service Representative

Lisa Magerl - Director, Client Services

Lori Magerl - Pet Care Specialist

Maja Magerl - .

Marija Magerl - Professional Associate

Mark Magerl

Marlene Magerl - Marketing Manager

Marty Magerl - Director, Cyclotron Services and Development

Mary Ann Magerl - Infection Control Officer

Michael Magerl

Michaela Magerl -

Michelle Magerl - Senior Risk Management Analyst, Assistant Vice President - US Consumer Risk Management

Mike Magerl - PRESIDENT, Marketing Services Group

Milivoj Magerl - Profesor

Mislav Magerl - Software Engineer Internship

Mona Magerl -

Nick Magerl - Executive Board Member

Paul Magerl - Marijuana Non-Retail Unit

Raymond Magerl - Senior Field Service Technician

Reiner Magerl -

Robert Magerl - Head of Affiliate Controlling

Roch Magerl - Field Service Manager

Simon Magerl - Midmarket and Corporate Underwriter

Sophie Magerl -

Thomas Magerl

Thorsten Magerl - Field Sales Support Teamleader

Trudy Magerl - Laboratory Manager

Veronika Magerl -

Walter Magerl - Head Product Support, Detection

Wayne Magerl - Managing Partner

William Magerl - Analista De Redes

Wolfgang Magerl - Food and Beverage Manager

Caroline Magerl-Studer - Chief Executive Officer

Emerenz Magerl-Ziegler - Freelancer

Andreas Magerle -

Andrew Magerle - Commissioner

Angie Magerle - Buyer and Sales

Casey Magerle - Firefighter

Colin Magerle - Caller

Daniel Magerle - Board Member

Dennis Magerle

Gabriele Magerle - Director

Hannah Magerle -

Ivan Magerle - Research and Development Project Manager

Jamie Magerle - Second Assistant Chief

Jennifer Magerle - Summer Programs Office Staff and Support and Athletics Administrative Assistant

Jenny Magerle -

Katharina Magerle - Marketing and Sales

Lindsay Magerle

Michael Magerle - Instructor

Mike Magerle -

Pam Magerle - Music Director

Peter Magerle - Fourth Generation Member

Ralf Magerle - Managing Director

Robert Magerle

Tim Magerle - Franchise Owner

US-Vehicles Magerle - Marketing Director

Jim Magerlein - Council Member

John Magerlein - Physicist

Suzanne Magerlein - Senior Actuarial Analyst

Adam Magerman - PHD Student

Alaine Magerman -

Alan Magerman -

Alf Magerman - Assistant Manager

Aloysius Magerman - Marketing Manager

Amy Magerman

An Magerman - Chief Executive Officer

Andre Magerman

Andrea Magerman

Andrew Magerman - Chief Executive Officer - Independent Developer

Anne Magerman

Aubrey Magerman

Barry Magerman - Owner

Beaulah Magerman

Bernard Magerman - Preventieadviseur

Beth Magerman - Associate Performance Engineer

Bill Magerman

Brayton Magerman - Transport Engineer

Calvin Magerman -

Cara Magerman - Assistant Banqueting Supervisor

Carlo Magerman - Technical Consultant

Cedrick Magerman - Sales Consultant

Charles Magerman - Partner

Chuck Magerman

Clint Magerman - Account Executive

Daniel Magerman

Darin Magerman -

David Magerman

Dayrian Magerman

Deon Magerman

Dirk Magerman - Independant Insurance

Duane Magerman - Account Manager

Eddy Magerman - Zaakvoerder

Edwin Magerman - Material Planner

Els Magerman

Elvie Magerman -

Elwin Magerman - Internal Audit Manager

Eric Magerman

Ernest Magerman - Crew Operations Manager

Errol Magerman - Chairperson: Housing and Local Government

Eugene Magerman

Fabian Magerman - Head of Supply Group

Fadiel Magerman - Trade Marketing and Category Manager

Faiek Magerman - QMS Auditor - Civil and Building

Faranaaz Magerman - Network Security Administrator

Françoise Magerman - Adjointe Au Directeur Financier

Freddie Magerman

Freddy Magerman - Portfolio Administrator

Fuad Magerman - Stock Controller

Geert Magerman - Head Innovation Business To Territories

Glenn Magerman

Grant Magerman - Senior Customer Engineer

Greg Magerman -

Gregory Magerman - Commercial Secretary

Hannah Magerman

Harold Magerman - System Manager International Franchise Stores

Harry Magerman

Hayley Magerman

Inge Magerman -

Ingrid Magerman - Hr-verantwoordelijke

Irene Magerman

Isaak Magerman - Business Analyst

Jacques Magerman - Raadgever Affiliated Retail and New Markets

Jake Magerman

James Magerman - Director of Partnerships and Program Innovation

Jamie Magerman - Senior Assistant and Dance Teacher

Jean-Louis Magerman - Prototype and Test Services Manager

Jeanette Magerman - Administrative Assistant

Jessica Magerman -

Jesswill Magerman - Research Project Manager

Jill Magerman - Executive Director

Jillyan Magerman

Jo Magerman - Owner

Joel Magerman - Chief Executive Officer

Johann Magerman - Director

Josh Magerman - Weather Software Engineer

Josquina Magerman - Junior Consultant Recruitment and Selection

Jurgen Magerman

Justin Magerman

Karen Magerman -

Katarina Magerman - Teamleader Legal

Kayley Magerman - Tech III and Safety Officer

Kelsey Magerman -

Ken Magerman

Koen Magerman

Lana Magerman - Customer Relations Manager

Lea-Anne Magerman - Corporate Social Investment Manager

Leah Magerman - Human Capital Consultant

Len Magerman - Tech Services Lead

Leonard Magerman - Occupational Hygiene Practitioner

Lien Magerman - Senior Coach

Liezel Magerman - Admin Officer 3

Lisa Magerman - Registered Nurse

Loretta Magerman - Rn

Lotte Magerman - Onthaalmedewerker

Ludwig Magerman - Klanten Adviseur

Luther Magerman - Private Function Services - Click Here

Mandy Magerman - Facility Manager

Marc Magerman

Marco Magerman - Operator Grade 1

Marianne Magerman - Senior Manager, Client Engagement

Marius Magerman - Refrigeration Assistant

Mark Magerman - Member, Faculty

Masimo Magerman - Managing Director

Max Magerman

Mia Magerman -

Michael Magerman

Michelle Magerman -

Michiel Magerman - Regional HTS Manager

Moira Magerman

Molly Magerman -

Natalie Magerman

Neil Magerman - Manufacturing Manager

Nick Magerman - Owner - Tax Adviser and Accountant

Nicole Magerman - Debtors Clerk

Nina Magerman

Omelia Magerman -

Pascal Magerman

Patricia Magerman - Sales Consultant

Patsy Magerman -

Penelope Magerman - Practice Accountant

Peter Magerman - Director

Petrus Magerman -

Portia Magerman -

Priscilla Magerman - People and Conservation Officer

Rachel Magerman

Randolph Magerman - CM Initiatives

Renaldo Magerman - Technician, Mechanical

Rochelle Magerman - National Area Manager

Roger Magerman -

Rohan Magerman - Content Producer

Roschelle Magerman - Accounts Clerk

Ruben Magerman -

Rudi Magerman - Project Coordinator and Safety Officer

Rudy Magerman - Export Manager

Ruth Magerman - Sales Manager

Sabine Magerman - Data Manager

Sarah Magerman - Assistant Buyer

Selwyn Magerman - Western Region

Shamiel Magerman - Customer Master Data Controller - Sales Operating Model

Shanaaz Magerman - Secretary

Sharen Magerman - Commercial Underwriting

Sharief Magerman -

Stanley Magerman - Deputy Chief Education Specialist

Susan Magerman

Terri Magerman

Thierry Magerman - Partner

Timothues Magerman - Junior Operations Manager

Tom Magerman

Tonja Magerman

Trevor Magerman - Senior Litho Web Offset (Coldset) Printer

Unine Magerman - Executive Assistant To the Marketing Director and Assistant To the Key Account Manager

Vivian Magerman - Administration Clerk

Wendy Magerman

Willem Magerman

Yannick Magerman -

Yolande Magerman - Pnd2 Lecturer Nursing Grade 2

Zack Magerman

Zuraidah Magerman - Production Clerk and PA To Operations Manager

Nick MagerManaging - Head of Cambridge Property Management

Jelena Magermane - Programme Manager

Alessandro Magermans

Andrea Magermans

Anja Magermans - Service Desk Analyst

Anne Magermans

Anneliese Magermans - Locutora

Annick Magermans

Arnaud Magermans - Consultant

Audra Magermans - Adjunct Instructor Information Technology

Barbara Magermans - Student

Bart Magermans - Hypotheken En Financiële Diensten

Bas Magermans - Designer

Basile Magermans -

Benoît Magermans - Conseille Commercial

Bert Magermans - Algemeen Medewerker Subsidieteam

Bob Magermans - Postbesteller

Carel Magermans - Manager OK Planning

Carlijn Magermans - Internship Office and Student Counsellor At the Faculty of Business and Communication

Carola Magermans - Customer Care Manager

Cecile Magermans - Traffic and Adherence Specialist Junior

Claudine Magermans - Quality Assurance Engineer

D.J. Magermans -

Dennis Magermans - Commercieel Directeur

Didier Magermans -

Eduardo Magermans

Edwin Magermans - Arbeidskundige

Ellen Magermans - Waitress

Elsa Magermans - Servicebalie

Eric Magermans - Manager Huur En Beheer

Erik Magermans - Producer

Evianne Magermans - Casemanager Poort

Frederick Magermans - College Security

Gabriela Magermans -

Guillaume Magermans - Administrateur

Hans Magermans - Rayonleader Manufacturing Bodyshop

Harold Magermans - DSI Senior Beleggingsspecialist Private Banking

Hayley Magermans - Development Officer

Jacqueline Magermans -

Jasper Magermans - Media Manager

Jeremie Magermans -

Jill Magermans -

Joost Magermans - Opening Vierde Vestiging

Kim Magermans - Psycholoog NIP

Lars Magermans - Publiek Service

Lilian Magermans -

Lisa Magermans - Vicevoorzitter Prometheus Nierteam

Lucien Magermans - Planning Coordinator

Marcel Magermans - Owner

Marlies Magermans - Medewerker Sales Support

Marnix Magermans - Pedagogisch Medewerker

Martijn Magermans

Martyn Magermans - Manager Solutions Delivery - Head of Package Acquisitions

Matt Magermans - Service Department - Apprentice

Michael Magermans - Administrateur

Michelle Magermans - English and Spanish Translator Intern

Michiel Magermans - Customer Support and After Sales

Mirjam Magermans - Manager P&O

Monique Magermans - Directeur

Patrick Magermans - Medewerker Agrarisch En Industrieel Loonwerk.

Paula Magermans -

Philippe Magermans - Animateur EPN

Pol Magermans - Software Engineer and Project Manager

Ramon Magermans - CAD and PLM Consultant (Atos)

Raymond Magermans - Warehouse Supervisor

Rene Magermans - Field Development Manager

Samirah Magermans - Sales Executive Dutch Speaking Markets

Sanne Magermans - Human Resources and Recruitment

Sylvie Magermans - Secrétaire

Thomas Magermans - Junior Accountancy Consultant

Tony Magermans - Insurance Broker

Willy Magermans - Stadsgids

Wybe Magermans - Head of Client Services

Daniëlla Magermans - Oving - Fractiemedewerker

Jane Magermans Flores - Consultora En Monitoreo Y Evaluacion

Audra Magermans-Cress -

Joanne Magern

Sara Magern - Regional PA

Abigail Magero - ELA Teacher and Computer Applications and Creative Media Design

Agnes Magero - Senior Management.Senior Manager-Compliance

Alfred Magero - Physicist

Anderson Magero - Coordenador De Faturamento

Artur Magero - Supervisor De Logìstica

Brian Magero - Event Manager and Planner

Carol Magero - Administration Officer

Caroline Magero -

Carolyne Magero - Administration Officer

Charles Magero - Multimedia

Chris Magero - Project Manager

Christina Magero - Assistant Director

Dani Magero - Treinamentos Para Arquitetos E Designers De Interiores

Declan Magero - Business Development Manager - Africa

Deogratius Magero - Strategic Consultant

Elly Magero - International Travel Consultant

Emma Magero - Sales Assistant

Emmanuel Magero - Senior Accountant

Eng Magero - Project Engineer

Eric Magero - Founder

Erick Magero - Claims Assistant

Esther Magero - Administrative Assistant

Evans Magero - Director

Francis Magero

Geofrey Magero - Accounts Officer (Revenue Supervisor)

Habiba Magero - Senior Safety Officer

Ian Magero - Web Developer

James Magero - Financial Advisor

Jared Magero

Jascinta Magero - Service Administration Manager

Jessica Magero - Dental Office Manager and Clinical Dental Assistant

Joe Magero - Part Time Accountant

John Magero

Jonathan Magero - Programme Enhancement Officer

Jorge Magero - Regional Business Associate

Joseph Magero

Julius Magero - Software and Web Developer Intern

Keith Magero - Senior Plant Operator

Kevin Magero

Kings Magero - Medical Representative

Larisa Magero -

Leigh Magero - Contact Center Team Manager

Levin Magero - Adminstaration

Lillian Magero

Lisa Magero - Kindergarten Teacher

Moses Magero - Director

Mourine Magero - Admin Officer

Mário Magero - Diretor De Vendas

Nakhungu Magero

Neville Magero - Process Standardisation&Operations Support Senior Specialist

Nick Magero

Nicole Magero - Office Manager

Nixon Magero - Senior Field Officer

Norah Magero - Projects Officer

Oscar Magero - Senior Commercial Officer

Peter Magero -

Polly Magero - Customer Care Manger

Sam Magero - Strategy and Innovation - Eastern Africa Region

Samuel Magero -

Sheila Magero - Consultant

Stephen Magero


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