Directory of Profiled Business People: Lei, Doreen - Lei, Jamie

Lehky, Ivan - Leifsson, Valdimar > Lei, Doreen - Lei, Jamie

Doreen Lei - Operations

Doris Lei

Dorothy Lei

Dou Lei - Software

Doug Lei - Equipment Operator

Drummer Lei - National Payroll Coordinator

Du Lei

Duan Lei

Dupont Lei - Manager

Dustin Lei

Dwain Lei - Managing Director, Sales

Dylan Lei

Eadie Lei - Technical and Sales Manager

Eamon Lei - Quantitative Research Analyst

Eason Lei - Software Developer

Easy Lei -

Echo Lei

Ed Lei - Fitter

Eddie Lei

Eddy Lei

Edgar Lei -

Edison Lei

Edith Lei

Edmond Lei - Operations Analyst

Edmund Lei

Edouard Lei - Technico-Commercial

Edward Lei

Edwin Lei

Effy Lei - Relationship Manager

Eiffel Lei - Researcher

Eileen Lei

Eilene Lei

Elaine Lei

Eldon Lei - Lead Software Design Engineer In Test

Elena Lei

Eli Lei - Sales and Marketing Manager

Elisa Lei -

Elise Lei - Assistant Manager - Human Resources

Elissa Lei

Eliza Lei - Elementary School Teacher

Elizabeth Lei - Professor of English

Elkie Lei - Project Coordinator

Ella Lei

Elle Lei

Ellen Lei

Ellie Lei - Gp

Elliot Lei - Project Manager

Ellis Lei - Hard and Soft Count Supervisor

Elma Lei - Human Resources Specialist

Elsa Lei

Elva Lei

Elvis Lei - Vice President

Elyse Lei - Material

Elysy Lei - Photographer

Ema Lei - Admin Executive

Emilee Lei -

Emily Lei

Emma Lei

En Lei - Project Assistant

Endo Lei - Sales Secretary

Endong Lei - Piping Designer and Checker

Eng Lei - Photo Lithography Process Staff Engineer

Engine Lei - System Engineer

Enid Lei - Yuhang Economic-Technological Development Area

Enja Lei - Associate Product Manager

Eric Lei

Erica Lei

Erika Lei - Trainer

Erin Lei

Esme Lei - Interactive Coordinator

Estela Lei - Gestora De Produto

Esteven Lei - Instrutor De Informatica

Esther Lei

Ethan Lei

Eugene Lei

Eunice Lei - Assistant Manager, Merchandising

Eunis Lei - Customer Service Assistant Manager

Eva Lei

Evan Lei

Evangeline Lei

Eve Lei

Evelyn Lei

Even Lei - 高级分析师

Evie Lei

Ewen Lei - Customer Service Representative

Eyeam Lei - Artist and Developer

Fa Lei

Fabian Lei -

Fai Lei - Assistan Director Business Development

Fairy Lei - Head of Operation In Shanghai Office

Fan Lei

Fang Lei

Fangfang Lei - Process Engineer

Fannie Lei

Fanny Lei

Fanxing Lei - Handyman

Faye Lei - Export Department

Fedora Lei - Assistant Accountant

Fei Lei

Feifei Lei - Social Media Intern

Feiran Lei - Video Director and Producer

FeiTao Lei - Director, Technical Solutions of EPG

Felicia Lei - Guest Relations

Felicity Lei - International Sales

Felix Lei

Feng Lei

Fengming Lei - Mechanical Drafter

Fengyang Lei - Predoctoral Trainee

Fengyun Lei - Chief Representative

Fernando Lei

Fillian Lei - Chief Financial Officer

Filomena Lei - Sales Support Executive

Finix Lei - Senior Software Developer

Fiona Lei

Flora Lei

Florbela Lei - Software Engineer

Florence Lei

Florin-Nicu Lei - Java Developer

Fong Lei

Fornia Lei - Manager, Tax and Business Advisory Services

Fran Lei -

Francis Lei

Francisco Lei

Francoise Lei - Commercial and Marketing Coordination Director

Frank Lei

Frankie Lei - Reservation Executive

Fred Lei

Freda Lei

Freddie Lei - Confidential Criminal Information Processing Clerk

Frederick Lei - Chairman

Freeman Lei -

Frey Lei

Freya Lei - Staff Accountant

Fu Lei

Fubo Lei - Assistant Vice President

Fudong Lei - Continuous Assurance Officer

Fujia Lei - Manager, Corporate Finance Advisory

FULLCHUAN-Jennifer Lei - Jennifer LEI and Sales Manager

Fumin Lei -

Fuying Lei - Vertical Marketing Manager - Buildings and F&B Industries

Gabby Lei - Sales

Gabriele Lei - Photographer, Video Maker, Video Editor,Graphic Designer, Co-Art Director

Gaby Lei

Gang Lei

Gao Lei

Gaopan Lei - Production Control

Gary Lei

Gavin Lei

Ge Lei

Gen Lei -

Gene Lei

Geng Lei - Project Engineer

Genray Lei - Senior Technical Product Manager

George Lei

Georgiana Lei - System Certification

Geory Lei - Project Manager

Gerald Lei

Gertrud Lei - Owner

Giggs Lei -

Gigi Lei

Gil Lei - Gerente

Gilbert Lei

Gilles Lei -

Gin Lei - Documentation Representative

Gina Lei

Ginny Lei

Gino Lei - Photojournalist

Giselle Lei - Center Manager

Gitte Lei

Gladys Lei

Glen Lei -

Glenn Lei

Gloria Lei

Goh Lei

Gong Lei

Gongmin Lei - Lab Director

Gordon Lei

Gossoon Lei - Program Manager

Grace Lei

Gracie Lei - Tax Accountant

Greaty Lei - Air Humidifier and Ventilation Products Sales Manager

Gu Lei

Guan Lei

Guang Lei

Guang-Sheng Lei - Postdoctoral Fellow

Guangchen Lei - Director

Guangchun Lei - Dean, Professor

GuangDih Lei - Senior System Engineer

Guanghun Lei - Director of Freshwater and Marine Program

GuangMing Lei - Project Controls, P.Eng, MCP

Guangyin Lei - Research Engineer

Guanying Lei - Region IV

Guiyuan Lei

Gump Lei - Analyst Programmer

Guo Lei

Guo-xin Lei - Field Service Engineer

Guocheng Lei - Technical Support Manager

Guoguo Lei - Php高级研发工程师

Guoqing Lei

Guowen Lei - Senior Geoscientist (Reservoir)

Gwendolyn Lei - Consultant

Gwenn Lei - Regional Co-Director

H. Lei -

Hai Lei

HaiBin Lei - Fiber Optical Products Research and Development Manager

Haibo Lei - Research and Development Manager

Haijiang Lei - Product Program Manager

Haipeng Lei - Senior Researcher

Hairong Lei

Haixin Lei - Associate Dean

Haiyong Lei - Chief Technology Officer

Haku Lei

Hala Lei

Halbert Lei - Senior Software Engineer

Halley Lei - 11299468

Hamilton Lei - First Vice President

Han Lei

Hang Lei - Atmospheric Support Scientist

Hangxiao Lei - Senior Analyst

Hank Lei

Hanna Lei

Hannah Lei

Hanni Lei - Business Analyst

Hanqin Lei - Senior Bio Scientist

Hans Lei - Chief Financial Officer and ØKonomidirektør

Hansheng Lei - Associate Professor

Hanshi Lei - Software Engineer

Hanwei Lei

Hanwen Lei - Cinematographer

Hanwu Lei - Assistant Professor

Hao Lei

Hao-Yun Lei - Research Associate

Haohui Lei - Business Development

Haoyi Lei - Media Supervisor

Happy Lei - Salesmanager

Harold Lei -

Harrison Lei - Director - Senior Trading Strategist - Structured Notes

Harry Lei

Harryphuong Lei - Manager

Harvey Lei

Hau Lei

Hawking Lei - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hazel Lei - Executive Assistant To General Manager

He Lei

Heather Lei

Hedy Lei - Senior Sales

Hei Lei - Senior Financial Analyst

Heidi Lei

Hejun Lei - Information Technology Consultant

Helen Lei

Helena Lei

Helle Lei - Financial Controller

Hellen Lei

Hendry Lei - Vice President

Heng Lei - Vice President

Henrik Lei - Head of Information Security

Henrique Lei - Trainee Lawyer

Henry Lei

Herbert Lei - Vice President- Senior Treaty Underwriter, Asia Pacific

Herong Lei - Senior Development Engineer

Herrickson Lei - Accounting

Herry Lei - Lead Technician, Access Control

Hing Lei - Payroll Coordinator

Hio Lei

Hiu Lei -

Hnin Lei - Operation Engineer

Ho Lei - Manager ( Solutions Development

Hoa Lei -

Hogan Lei

Holley Lei -

Holly Lei

Honey Lei

Hong Lei

Hongbing Lei - Director of Photonics Design

Hongjiang Lei - Associate Professor

Hongpeng Lei

Hongqi Lei - Senior Valuer

Hongtao Lei - Professor

Hongxia Lei - Maitre Assistante

Hongxing Lei - Professor

Hooi Lei - Global Critical Situation Manager

Hope Lei - Researcher

Horace Lei

Hou Lei

Howard Lei

Hsiang-Ting Lei - Postdoctoral Associate

Hsien Lei

Hsien-Hsien Lei

Hu Lei

Hua Lei

Huai Lei -

Huamin Lei - Pro E Designer

Huan Lei

Huan-Yao Lei - Professor In the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Chairman

Huang Lei

Huangshu Lei - Vice General Manager

HuaP Lei - POSTDOC Researcher

Huawei Lei - Stamping Tooling Supervisor

Hubert Lei - Support Eng

Hui Lei

Hui-Ching Lei - Vice President

Huitian Lei - Quantitative Financial Analyst

Huiwen Lei - Software Engineer

Huiying Lei - Freelance Graphic Designer

Hutt Lei - Senior Software Engineer

I-Wen Lei - Senior QC Analyst

I. Lei

Ian Lei

Iat Lei

Icey Lei - Oversea Sales

Ichun Lei - Senior Consultant

Icy Lei - Operations Director

Ida Lei

Ideal Lei - Admin Assistant

Iek Lei - Business and Event Coordinator

Ilonka Lei - Team Leader, Servicecentre Informationmanagement

In Lei

Ines Lei

Iok Lei

Irene Lei

Iris Lei

Isa Lei

Isaac Lei - Senior Sales Associate

Isabel Lei

Isabella Lei

Isana Lei - Administrative Assistant

Issa Lei - Financial Reporting and Corporate Accounting

Ivan Lei

Ivory Lei - General Manager

Ivy Lei

J. Lei

J.J. Lei -

Jabir Lei - Support Manager

Jacinta Lei -

Jack Lei

Jackie Lei

Jackle Lei - Sale Manager

Jackson Lei

Jacky Lei

Jaclyn Lei - Venue Support and Frontline Services

Jacob Lei - Toezichthouder Milieu

Jacobs Lei - Senior Software Engineer

Jacqueline Lei - Data Manager

Jacques Lei - Financial Accountant

Jacqui Lei - Specialist

Jae Lei - Artist

Jaecent Lei - Analyst - Credit Debt Collection

Jaime Lei - Senior Sales Manager

Jakel Lei - Quality Assurance and Ra

Jakob Lei - Senior Director - HORIZON Programme

Jame Lei - Financial Risk Management Specialist

James Lei

Jamie Lei


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