Directory of Profiled Business People: Croes, André - Croes, Shannon

Crispin, Ken - Crolet, Emilie > Croes, André - Croes, Shannon

André Croes - Eigenaar

Andy Croes - Senior Adviseur Financieringsadvies

Angela Croes - Performer

Angele Croes - Informatie Analist

Angelique Croes

Angelo Croes - Internship

Angene Croes - Receptionist

Anghelic Croes -

Anja Croes -

Anne Croes - Quality Manager

Anne-Marie Croes - Company Manager

Anneleen Croes - Medewerkster BO BTB

Anthony Croes

Arianne Croes - Groundhandler Operations

Ariëlla Croes - Office Manager

Arlene Croes - Inventory Control Agent

Armando Croes -

Arnaud Croes - Services Development Manager EMEAR

Arnoud Croes

Astrid Croes - Owner

August Croes - Curator of Education

Axel Croes - Field Service Engineer

Badereddine Croes - Student

Baron Croes - Director

Bart Croes

Bavo Croes - Motion Graphics Designer

Beatrijs Croes - Office Manager

Beckie Croes - Senior Vice President, Provider Enablement

Ben Croes - Senior Manager, Capital Markets

Benjamin Croes

Benny Croes - Kol V and H Vlw B.D.

Bert Croes

Bertram Croes - Creative Producer

Bette Croes - Board Member

Bob Croes

Bonifacio Croes -

Bradley Croes - Vista Grande Cafe Server and Cashier

Brenton Croes - Assistant General Manager

Brigida Croes -

Brigiet Croes - Voorzitter

Brigitte Croes - Senior Test Engineer QTP

Brittany Croes - Trainee

Brunic Croes - Income Auditor

Bryan Croes

C.C. Croes -

Cae Croes -

Caia Croes - Programmator Muziek and Evenementen

Carina Croes - Human Resources Manager

Carla Croes

Carlos Croes - Manager and Hoofd Behandelzaken Afdeling SEPA In Flevoland

Carolina Croes

Caryn Croes - Office Manager and Marketing

Casey Croes

Caya Croes - Unit 12

Cedric Croes - Buyer

Cees Croes - Vice Voorzitter and Medewerker Public Relations

Cerilio Croes - Supervisor Information Technology

Chantal Croes

Charles Croes

Charlotte Croes - Baliemedewerkster

Chris Croes

Christel Croes

Christian Croes - Latin America, Regional Sales Manager

Christina Croes -

Chrystal Croes

Cindy Croes

Claude Croes - Voorzitter

Claudia Croes - Coordinadora De Laboratorio De Computacion

Clifford Croes - Software Developer

Cristina Croes - Assistant Finance Controller

Curtis Croes - Director of Contact Center Operations

D'Elaine Croes

Daisy Croes - Traffic and Project Manager

Dale Croes - Archaeologist

Damian Croes - Sales Support

Danielle Croes - Recruiter

Danilo Croes

Danny Croes - Service Receptionist

David Croes - Optometrist

Davinia Croes - Course Coordinator and Project Coordinator

Davyne Croes - ICT Support Technician

Deanna Croes

Deaxo Croes - Account Manager

Debbie Croes -

Debby Croes - Secretary

Debi Croes - Good Business

Deborah Croes

Derrick Croes -

Desiree Croes - Director

Desmond Croes - MSMH Sterilisatie Medewerker

Dick Croes

Didier Croes

Dino Croes -

Dirk Croes - Parts Director

Diëgo Croes - Assistent-Projectleider

Dominicque Croes - Interne Auditor

Dominique Croes - Plant Performance Engineer

Don Croes - Sales Manager

Drucelle Croes - Personal and Business Development Strategist and Coach and Trainer

Dwayne Croes

Désirée Croes - Digital Workshop Host

Eddy Croes

Edgar Croes

Edrick Croes - Executive Vice President and Partner

Edsel Croes - Owner and Operator

Edward Croes

Edwin Croes

Edwuard Croes - Senior Manager, Global Flagship

Efrem Croes -

Eldwin Croes - TD Manager

Elif Croes - Ict-Developer

Eline Croes

Elizabeth Croes - Enrichment and Tutoring Specialist

Eliènne Croes - Interim Recruiter

Elke Croes

Ellen Croes - Recruitment Consultant

Els Croes - Teamleider Inspectie

Elsa Croes - Klantenservice Medewerkster

Elvira Croes - Directie Secretaresse

Elvrie Croes - Expert Ondersteuner Namens LOWAN and PO-Raad Vanuit De CED-Groep

Emmelyn Croes - PhD Student

Endy Croes - Vice President (SD)

Enid Croes -

Enrique Croes - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Eric Croes - Owner

Erik Croes - Owner

Erin Croes - Managing Director

Ernie Croes - Managing Director

Ernon Croes - Sales Executive

Erwin Croes

Eslaine Croes - Marketing Manager

Esteban Croes - Drilling Engineer (Project Management)

Esther Croes

Eugenia Croes

Eva Croes - Jeugdverpleegkundige

Evelyn Croes - Administrative Assistant

Everett Croes

Evertson Croes - Software Engineer

Fabian Croes - Owner

Fari Croes - Pastry Chef and Owner and Founder

Felipe Croes

Felix Croes - Software Architect

Fernando Croes - Production Assistant

Filomena Croes -

Fito Croes - Director

Fitzgerald Croes - Principal

Fleur Croes - Owner | Interior Designer

Francie Croes - Human Resources Coordinator

Francisco Croes -

Frank Croes

Franklin Croes

Fred Croes - Owner

Frederick Croes - Project Manager

Gabriela Croes - Atención Al Cliente

Gabriella Croes - Vice Chairman and Treasurer

Gabrielle Croes - Sales and Marketing Assistant

Gail Croes

Geert Croes - Supervisor

George Croes -

Gerald Croes

Gerda Croes - Assistent Accountant

Gerlien Croes - Resourcing and Development Consultant

Gerrit Croes - Head of Social Media and Talentstage Organizer

Gerson Croes - Transmission Controller

Ghislaine Croes -

Gian-Pierre Croes - Manager Milling Dental Center

Gianny Croes - Junior Executive

Gijsbert Croes - Managing Partner

Gilbert Croes -

Gilberto Croes

Gilmar Croes

Gino Croes -

Giovanni Croes - Scrum Team - Trade and Guarantees Operations

Gisele Croes - Financieel Beheerder

Gisette Croes - Locutor

Gislaine Croes - Recreation Manager

Glenbert Croes - Senator

Glenn Croes

Gloria Croes - Financial Manager

Grace Croes - Stafmedewerker Planning and Control

Gustavo Croes - Supervisor De Operaciones Lago and Operador De Bombeo

Guy Croes

Haaike Croes - Stagiair

Hamza Croes - Juridisch Hulpverlener

Hans Croes

Harold Croes - Turnaround and Maintenance Planner and Scheduler

Heat Croes - Banqeting Manager

Heather Croes

Hedy Croes - VIP-Team

Heidi Croes - Directeur Onderwijs En Student

Helena Croes - Owner

Hendrik Croes - Public Relations and Communications Officer

Henri Croes - Accountmanager Brandsnijwerk

Herbert Croes - Chief Executive Officer

Herman Croes

Hilde Croes - Sociotherapeut and Verpleegkundige

Hildward Croes

Howard Croes - Operations Boarding Officer

Hubert Croes - Assistant Financial Controller

Ika Croes - Trademark Adminstrator

Illiana Croes -

Ilse Croes - Locatiemanager

Imelda Croes -

Inge Croes -

Irene Croes - Administrative Department, Administration Manager and Assistant Director

Isabelle Croes - Human Resources Officer

Ivan Croes

Ivar Croes

Ivo Croes

J. Croes - Chef Sectie Douane Recherche En Informatie

Jaak Croes - Technicus

Jacinto Croes -

Jack Croes

Jacky Croes - Catering Director

Jacques Croes - Technical Director Cylinders

Jaered Croes - Web Designer

Jair Croes - Internal Communications Officer

Jan Croes

Jane Croes - Partner

Janet Croes - Communication Consultant

Janylina Croes - Onderwijsassistent and ICT Medewerker

Jason Croes

Javier Croes - Director General

Jean Croes

Jean-milo Croes - Brand Partner

Jean-pierre Croes - Area Manager (France and North Africa)

Jeancarlos Croes - Media Outreach Consultant

Jeanette Croes - HRM Advisor

Jeanie Croes - Founder and President

Jeffrey Croes -

Jennifer Croes

Jenny Croes

Jennyferr Croes - General Office Assistant

Jeremy Croes

Jeroen Croes

Jerry Croes - Dj

Jessica Croes

Jo Croes - .NET Developer

Jo-Anne Croes - Lecturer

Joanie Croes - Floor Manager

Joanne Croes -

Jocelyne Croes

Jody Croes - APM Consultant @ RealDomen

Joelly Croes - Corporate Sales

Joeri Croes

John Croes

Jolina Croes - Begeleider Amv

Jonathan Croes - Kwaliteits and Veiligheidscoördinator Zon

Jordan Croes - Business Growth Specialist

Jorge Croes - Lider De Proyectos

Joris Croes - Matroos

Jose Croes - Trainer and Opleider

Josef Croes - Managing Director

Josefina Croes - Medewerker Verkoop

Joselin Croes - Attorney At Law

Josh Croes - Yoga Instructor

Joshua Croes - Senior Finance Manager

Jouel Croes -

Joury Croes - Coach and Personal Trainer

Joyce Croes -

Judessa Croes - TM Administrator and Adm. Ass.

Judith Croes -

Julianne Croes - Bilingual Case Manager and Legal Coordinator

Jurgen Croes

Karel Croes

Karen Croes - Managing Director

Karie Croes

Karin Croes - Investment Manager

Karina Croes - Director Of Human Resources

Karol Croes - Inspector Civil

Kat Croes - Reading Specialist

Kate Croes - Project Reporting and Control Coordinator

Kathleen Croes

Katja Croes

Keith Croes

Kelsie Croes -

Ken Croes

Kenneth Croes

Kevin Croes

Kim Croes

Kimberly Croes - Docente Havenlogistiek, TCS En Mentor

Kris Croes - Senior Research Engineer

Kristina Croes - Billing Specialist 1

Kristof Croes - Team Leader Electrical and Functional Test and Reliability

Kristopher Croes - Founder | Information Technology Consultant

Kyle Croes - SCM Total Cost Out Project Manager

Larry Croes

Laura Croes - Leerkracht

Laurie Croes - Customer Service Representative Supervisor

Leen Croes - Distributieplanner

Leentje Croes - Program Manager

Leo Croes - Owner and President

Leon Croes - Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Les Croes - Private Owner

Lex Croes - Security Specialist

Lidia Croes - Director of Finance

Lienchi Croes - Senior Account Manager

Lienchie Croes - Senior Account Manager

Lieselot Croes - PhD Fellowship

Lilian Croes - Programma Manager

Lilly Croes

Linda Croes

Lionel Croes - Coordinateur - Gestion De Projets

Lisa Croes

Lish Croes - President

Louise Croes - Medisch Secretaresse

Luc Croes - After Sales Regional Manager Sales Operations

Lucas Croes - Openbaar Vervoer Surveillant

Lucien Croes - Engineering Admin Assistant

Lucienne Croes - Medewerker Inkomen

Lucio Croes - Functioneel Beheerder CV I&TB

Ludo Croes - Operation Manager

Luis Croes

Luke Croes - Systems Engineer

Lukee Croes - Director

Lydianne Croes - Project Coordinator

Lynne Croes

Lynrick Croes - Aerodynamics Engineer

M.A. Croes -

Maarten Croes

Mairin Croes - Marketing Executive

Mairon Croes - Technical and Creative Director

Mandy Croes

Marc Croes

Marcel Croes

Marcell Croes

Marcella Croes

Marcia Croes

Marco Croes

Marga Croes - Hoofd Afdeling Bestuursondersteuning

Margaret Croes - Public Relations Manager

Margaritha Croes - Trademark Administrators

Margo Croes - Employee Service Unit A

Margot Croes - Persoonlijk Begeleider A

Maria Croes

Mariaine Croes

Marianne Croes - Stewardess

Marie Croes - AcoA Onderzoeksdocent

Marijke Croes - Sales Executive

Marilinda Croes - Chief Financial Officer

Marilou Croes - Investment Accounting

Marilyn Croes - Manager CLient Care

Mario Croes

Marion Croes - Administrative Officer

Marisol Croes - Lecturer Research, Business and Intercultural Communication

Marjo Croes

Marjolein Croes - Stage

Marjorie Croes -

Mark Croes

Marleen Croes - Hoofd Boekhouding

Marlenda Croes

Marlene Croes -

Marlies Croes - Store Manager

Marlon Croes - Director

Marte Croes - Medewerker Dienst Communicatie En Marketing

Martijn Croes

Martine Croes - Car Remarketing and Auction Specialist

Maruschka Croes - Business Owner and Managing Director

Mary Croes - Nursing Supervisor

Maud Croes

Maureen Croes - Administrative Assistant

Maurice Croes

Max Croes

Medwin Croes - Sales Director

Melinda Croes

Melissa Croes

Meredith Croes -

Merlin Croes - Service Manager

Michael Croes

Michel Croes

Michele Croes

Michiel Croes - PhD Candidate

Migdalia Croes - Owner

Mike Croes - District Sales Manager - Interior Finishing

Milio Croes - Service Coordinator

Milou Croes - Arts 0-4 Jarigen

Milton Croes

Mirian Croes - Financial Manager

Mirto Croes -

Misha Croes - Developer

Monique Croes

Monrick Croes - Owner

Monty Croes -

Myandra Croes - Communications Manager

Nadia Croes

Nancy Croes - ICT Medewerker ERP

Nanda Croes - Apotheker

Nannelle Croes - Director

Nathalie Croes - Visual Merchandiser I.O

Nathan Croes - ISA Certified Municipal Specialist

Nelson Croes -

Nephtaly Croes - Student

Nettie Croes - Documentbeheerder

Nico Croes

Nicole Croes

Niels Croes - Oprichter We Love To Shake

Nikki Croes

Norman Croes - Assistant Web Developer

Oswaldo Croes - Executive Director

P. Croes -

P.R. Croes -

Paola Croes - Coördinerend Behandelaar and Psycholoog

Pascal Croes

Pat Croes

Patricia Croes

Patrick Croes

Paul Croes

Pedro Croes - Business Process Analist (Mentor)

Peggy Croes

Peter Croes

Phil Croes - Medewerker Uitkeren

Philip Croes - Technology Engineer

Pierre Croes - Corporate Sales Manager

Pim Croes - PhD Student

Priscilla Croes - Brand Manager

Quirina Croes - Operations Manager

R.W. Croes - Board Member

Rachelle Croes - Chef Crediteurenadministratie

Rafael Croes -

Raiza Croes - Sales Associate

Ralph Croes - Commercial Manager

Ramon Croes - Installateur

Ramoncito Croes - Manager

Ramsis Croes - External PhD Student

Randall Croes - General Manager, National Representative

Randolph Croes - Treasurer - Board of Directors

Randy Croes

Raoul Croes - Graphic Design Intern

Raquel Croes - Program Manager

Raul Croes - Secretary

Raymond Croes - Technical Engineer

Regis Croes - Administration Des Données and Support Utilisateur

Reinbert Croes - ISO and OHSAS Coordinator

Renata Croes - Beveiligingsbeambte

Rene Croes - Sales and Marketing Coordinator Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Rhonda Croes - Finance

Rianne Croes - Interim Online Communicatieadviseur

Ricardo Croes

Rich Croes - Engineering Manager

Richard Croes

Ricky Croes

Rignald Croes - Core Audit

Rigoberto Croes - Account Manager

Rina Croes - Dialyseverpleegkundige

Rinske Croes - Medewerker Wijkteam Soesterkwartier

Rob Croes - Stichting Buurtinitiatief Nieuwland, Voorzitter

Robbert Croes - Clusterleider ICT

Robert Croes

Robertico Croes - Chair, Department of Tourism, Events and Attractions Professor

Roberto Croes - Customer Service Representative Business Banking

Rod Croes

Roderick Croes

Rodney Croes - General Manager

Rodrick Croes -

Roel Croes - Legal Advisor

Rogier Croes - CIS Region

Roland Croes

Romaric Croes - Clinical Director - Anatomic Pathology Solutions

Romulo Croes - Presidente

Ronald Croes - Business Controller

Ronella Croes

Ronny Croes - ICT Rolloutcoördinator BP&S

Rosalia Croes - Vice President

Roxana Croes

Roy Croes - Spanish Teacher

Roz Croes - Treasury Analyst

Ru Croes - Managing Partner and Senior Consultant

Ruben Croes - Board Member

Rudi Croes - Ambtenaar

Rudy Croes

Ruthline Croes - Purchasing Agent

Ryan Croes

Régine Croes - Project Leader

Sabine Croes - Research Manager

Sam Croes - Lead Designer

Sander Croes

Sandra Croes

Sandy Croes - Photographer

Sanne Croes

Sara Croes - Escro Marketing Management Bvba

Sarah Croes - Systems Analyst BSN, RN

Sasha Croes - Senior Product Coordinator

Saskia Croes

Scott Croes - Professor of Anatomy and Physiology

Sera Croes - Administratief Medewerkster

Sergej Croes - Service Toyota Camry

Sergino Croes - Senior Sales Manager

Shahayra Croes - Public Relations Officer

Shajir Croes - Assistant Systems Manager

Shamila Croes - Senior Wet- En Regelgevingdeskundige

Shannon Croes - Office Manager


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