Directory of Profiled Business People: Clunie, Jerry - Clupper, Jerry

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Jerry Clunie - Captain Aircraft Testing and Delivery

Jessica Clunie - Branch Manager

Jim Clunie - General Manager

Jo Clunie - Director

Jo-Anne Clunie - Manager

John Clunie

June Clunie -

Justin Clunie - Sales Manager

Karly Clunie - RN, BSN, Legal Nurse Consultant, Patient Advocate

Katherine Clunie - Interior Designer

Kathy Clunie - Swimming Director

Kenneth Clunie - Assistant Public Health Engineer

Kerry Clunie

Kevear Clunie - Computer Technician

Kevin Clunie

Kirk Clunie - Chief Financial Officer

Krista Clunie -

Kristell Clunie - International Senior Executive

Kristen Clunie

Kristina Clunie -

Larry Clunie - Activities Assistant

Laura Clunie

Lauren Clunie

Laurence Clunie

Lee Clunie -

Lesley Clunie

Lindsay Clunie - Business Process Analyst

Lisa Clunie

Liz Clunie - Assistant Finance Manager

Lloyd Clunie - CHB, Chief Executive Officer, and President

Lorraine Clunie -

Luis Clunie - Director

Lynn Clunie - Care Assistant

Madeleine Clunie - Hotel Accountant

Maggie Clunie - Freelance Choreography and Pilates Teacher

Marc Clunie - Developer

Margaret Clunie -

Mark Clunie - Active Schools Coordinator

Martin Clunie - Medical Secretary

Mary Clunie - Lawenforcement

Matthew Clunie

Meghan Clunie -

Michael Clunie - Site Manager

Michaela Clunie - Team Manager

Michele Clunie

Michelle Clunie

Mike Clunie

Moira Clunie - Director of Programme Design and Delivery

Monifa Clunie

Mr Clunie - Human Resources Manager

Nancy Clunie - Head Teacher

Neale Clunie - Investment Consultant

Neil Clunie

Nigel Clunie -

Nikki Clunie - Advertising

Owen Clunie - Assistant Commissioner

Paige Clunie

Pam Clunie - Land for Wildlife Coordinator

Pamela Clunie - Position, Financial Services

Pat Clunie - Finance Director

Patricia Clunie - Assistant Vice President Human Resources Business Partner

Paulette Clunie - Officer, Theatre

Peter Clunie

Rachael Clunie - Model

Rachel Clunie - Production Coordinator

Randal Clunie - Health and Safety Director

Randall Clunie - Vice President of Indirect Materials and Services

Randy Clunie - Sea Ray's Director

Raymond Clunie

Richard Clunie

Richie Clunie - Civil Supervisor

Robert Clunie

Rose Clunie - Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter Chartered Member

Rosemarie Clunie - Director, Securities Operations

Rosemary Clunie

Ross Clunie

Roy Clunie

Russell Clunie

Samantha Clunie

Sandra Clunie - Accountant

Sarah Clunie

Shannon Clunie - Customer Service Coordinator

Sharon Clunie -

Shaun Clunie

Shiyama Clunie - Director

Simon Clunie - School Business Manager

Simone Clunie -

Sistah Clunie - Chief Executive Officer

Sofia Clunie - Program Coordinator

Spence Clunie

Steven Clunie

Stewart Clunie - Captain

Susan Clunie

Tahlia Clunie - Senior HE Executive

Tania Clunie - Stewardess

Tanya Clunie

Terence Clunie -

Theodore Clunie - World Language Teacher

Thomas Clunie -

Tiffany Clunie

W. Clunie - Vice President, Finance

Warren Clunie - Manager Media Sales - Calgary Sun

Warwick Clunie -

Wayne Clunie - Kitchen Porter

William Clunie

Yumiko Clunie -

Zak Clunie - Account Manager

Charlene Clunie-Brown - Coffee Industry Board

Michelle Clunie-James - Marketing Manager, C&W Business Solutions

Caitlin Clunie-O'Connor - Finance and Sponsorship Lead

Lori Clunie-Powell

Dianne Clunie-Wallace - Marketing and Client Services Manager

Ajani ClunieCITC - Program Coordinator

Warren ClunieManager - Manager Media Sales - Calgary Sun

Adam Clunies - Intermediate Business Systems Analyst (Co-Op)

Angelina Clunies

Anthony Clunies - Project Manager

Daniel Clunies - Senior Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer

Gregory Clunies

Ian Clunies - Guest Service Agent

Jon Clunies -

Jonathan Clunies - General Counsel

Linda Clunies - Senior Engineer and Officer - Transmission Operating Tools

Martin Clunies - Nutritionist

Ross Clunies

Sandra Clunies

Sandy Clunies - Historian

Suzanne Clunies - Associate Director

Adrian Clunies-Ross -

Alex Clunies-Ross

Alexander Clunies-Ross - Research Trainee

Alison Clunies-Ross -

Andrew Clunies-Ross - Principal

Angus Clunies-Ross - Manager, National Sales

Anna Clunies-Ross - Sales Consultant

Beverly Clunies-Ross - TRIM Systems Administrator

Cameron Clunies-Ross - Intern

Caroline Clunies-Ross - CYP-IAPT CBT Supervisor

Cate Clunies-Ross - Assistant Adviser

Cedric Clunies-Ross - Station Manager

Chris Clunies-Ross - Laboratory Manager and Director

Christina Clunies-Ross -

Christine Clunies-Ross -

Craig Clunies-Ross - Owner

Dook Clunies-ross - Freelance Photographer

Eddie Clunies-Ross

Edward Clunies-Ross

Helena Clunies-Ross - Design Director

Henry Clunies-Ross - Board Member

Ian Clunies-Ross

James Clunies-Ross - Projects Manager

Jane Clunies-Ross - Advisor - Leading Government Sustainability

Jenny Clunies-Ross - Physiotherapist

Jethro Clunies-Ross - Senior UX Designer

Joanna Clunies-ross -

John Clunies-Ross - Product Manager

Justine Clunies-Ross - Client Administration Consultant

Karen Clunies-Ross - Casual Teaching

Kevin Clunies-Ross -

Kirsten Clunies-Ross - Associate Consultant

Kyle Clunies-Ross -

Liz Clunies-Ross - President

Louise Clunies-Ross - Manager, Partnerships and Development

Lynette Clunies-Ross - Chief Operating Officer, SAS Australia and New Zealand

Mary Kay Clunies-Ross - Vice President, Membership and Communications

Mary-Anne Clunies-Ross - Project Manager

Matthew Clunies-Ross - Managing Partner

Nick Clunies-Ross - Practice Principal

Ninan Clunies-Ross - Finance Project Manager

Penelope Clunies-Ross - Visiting Anaesthetist

Rita Clunies-Ross - Retail Clerk

Shane Clunies-Ross - Owner

Sophia Clunies-Ross

Stacy Clunies-Ross

Stephanie Clunies-Ross - Proprietor

Tony Clunies-Ross -

Anthony Cluning - Remuneration and Benefits Manager

Bianca Cluning

Carmel Cluning -

Catherine Cluning - Administration

Courtney Cluning -

David Cluning - Director.

Greg Cluning - Boilermaker and Welder

Jayne Cluning - Strategic Planning Coordinator

Jenny Cluning - Developmental Movements Therapist and Trainer

Liisa Cluning

Mark Cluning - Position In Alternative Programs

Merja Cluning - Club Secretary

Mick Cluning

Ros Cluning

Sandra Cluning

Steven Cluning - Associate - Taxation Services

Stewart Cluning - Civil Superintendent

Tarynn Cluning - Accountant

Thelma Cluning

Tim Cluning - Instructional Designer

Timothy Cluning - Instructional Designer, Back To Work Project

Debra Clunings -

Achim Clunis - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aisha Clunis - Remedial Tutor - Primary

Alisa Clunis - Senior Manager, Internal Audit

Amanda Clunis

Andrew Clunis

Ann Clunis

Asha Clunis -

Atira Clunis - Disabilities Support Worker

Ayanna Clunis -

Brendan Clunis - Student

Brett Clunis - Director of Client Services

Cameal Clunis - Manager

Carla Clunis

Charlotte Clunis - Designer

Cheryl Clunis -

Christophe Clunis - Services Financiers Commerciaux

Cleveland Clunis

Clint Clunis - Direct Support Staff

Damion Clunis

Daniel Clunis - Architect

Derrick Clunis - MD

Devon Clunis

Dillon Clunis - Trucker

Dionne Clunis

Dowhene Clunis - Relationship Manager

Gary Clunis - Regional Sales Manager

Gillian Clunis

Gregg Clunis

Gregory Clunis - Admiral

Herma Clunis - Board Member

Iyran Clunis

James Clunis - Production Biller

Jennaydra Clunis - Associate

Jermaine Clunis -

Joe Clunis - Technical Coordinator

Joseph Clunis - Vice President

Judy Clunis - Pricing Specialist

Jul Clunis - ESL Instructor

Julie-Ann Clunis - Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Department

Katherine Clunis - Teacher and Social Activist

Kathy Clunis -

Kenton Clunis - Account Executive

Kevin Clunis

Kimberly Clunis - DV Shelter Advocate

Kimone Clunis - Payroll Administrator

Kira Clunis

Kit Clunis - Professional Engineer

Leon Clunis - Superintendent

Lisa-Marie Clunis - Media Manager

Maria Clunis - Board of Trustees Member

Marsha-Ann Clunis

Matthew Clunis - Group Sales Intern

Michael Clunis - Sergeant

Mikael Clunis - Services Financiers Commerciaux

Milan Clunis -

Nakeisha Clunis - Web Developer\Designer

Nancy Clunis - Marketing Manager

Natalee Clunis - Clerical Officer

Natalie Clunis

Norma-Lyn Clunis

Odion Clunis - EMR Support Specialist

Paige Clunis - Customer Account Representative - Industrial Business Group

Pat Clunis - Member

Patrice Clunis - Student

Patrick Clunis

Robert Clunis - Chemical Production Technician

Rose Clunis - Patient Care Technician II

Ryan Clunis -

Samuel Clunis - Chairman

Sandy Clunis - Duty Supervisor

Sania Clunis - Receptionist

Sarah Clunis

Scott Clunis

Shelly Clunis -

Stavros Clunis - Tech: Software Developer

Staysha Clunis - Researcher

Stephanie Clunis - Bookkeeper and Office Manager

Steve Clunis

Steven Clunis

Sue Clunis

Susette Clunis - Executive Director

Tamara Clunis - Dean, Academic Success

Tara-kaye Clunis - Registered Nurse, Trauma ICU

Taylene Clunis - Brand Ambassador

Theo Clunis - Maintenance Technician

Tori Clunis - Asset Management

Tyrone Clunis -

Alexandria Clunk - Intern

Ali Clunk - Intern

Andrew Clunk - Vice President of Commercial Leasing

Angelika Clunk - Export Processor and Coordinator and Customer Service Representative

Brendan Clunk - General Manager

Bryan Clunk - Information Technology Analyst and Developer

Candace Clunk - President

Catherine Clunk - Business Analyst

Chris Clunk

Chuck Clunk - Director

Cynthia Clunk - Vancouver Island Accounts Manager

David Clunk

Dennis Clunk

Denny Clunk - President

Dieter Clunk - Senior Consultant

Ed Clunk - District General Manager

Ellen Clunk - Materials Manager

Ethan Clunk - Legal Intern

Greg Clunk - Senior Analyst Information Technology

Jennifer Clunk - Legal Assistant

Joe Clunk - Chief Executive Officer

John Clunk - Senior Business Developer

Jon Clunk - DSD Coordinator and Store Operations

Kimberly Clunk - Account Manager At Mountain FM for Rogers Broadcasting Limited

Lisa Clunk - Registered Nurse

Marilee Clunk - Student Research Assistant

Patricia Clunk - Medical Language Specialist, SWAT Team Member

Patrick Clunk - Patent Attorney

Paula Clunk - Account Executive, Oncology and Hematology

Robert Clunk - Industrial Electrician

Roy Clunk - President and Owner

Ryan Clunk - Business Solutions Specialist

Scott Clunk - Financial and Administration Clerk

Susan Clunk - Director of Occupational and Physical Therapy

Tcharles Clunk - Técnico Em Informática

Terry Clunk - President

John Clunkett - Sales Representative

John ClunkExecutive - Board Member

Jana Clunkova - Administrator and Practice Manager

Lubica Clunkova - Marketing and Communications Manager

Adam Clunn

Adrian Clunn - Software Specialist

Amy Clunn

Andrew Clunn

Audrey Clunn - Membership Director - Executive

Barbara Clunn

Ben Clunn

Bradley Clunn - New Build and Rebuild Supervisor

Brenda Clunn -

Brooke Clunn - Category Manager

Charlotte Clunn - Nursing Supervisor

Christopher Clunn - Manufacturing Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Colleen Clunn

Dana Clunn - Customer Service

Darren Clunn - Strength and Conditioning Coach

David Clunn

Denise Clunn

Devin Clunn - Manufacturing Engineer

Diana Clunn -

Diane Clunn - Expo Coordinator and Sales Associate

Doug Clunn - Account Representative

Dustin Clunn - Field Accounting Site Supervisor

Ed Clunn

Gordon Clunn - Partner

Harry Clunn -

Hayley Clunn - Qualified Producer

Ian Clunn - Manager Wide Bay and CHL Qld Representative

Irene Clunn - Admin.

Jack Clunn -

Janine Clunn - Product Manager

Jeanne Clunn - Business Development Manager

Jeff Clunn -

Jennifer Clunn - Community and Economic Development

Jeremy Clunn - Merchandise Coordinator

Jerrod Clunn - Project Manager

Jessica Clunn - PreK Teacher and Program Coordinator and Assistant Director

Jimmie Clunn - Cpa, Cva

Joanne Clunn - Assistant

Julia Clunn - Associate

Kaleigh Clunn - Director of Special Projects

Karen Clunn - Executive Coordinator

Kelly Clunn

Lacey Clunn - Closing Agent

Martin Clunn - Marketing Manager

Melinda Clunn - Seventh Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Michael Clunn - Cyber Systems Operator

Michelle Clunn

Mike Clunn - Cost Analyst

Monty Clunn - Field Engineer

Neville Clunn -

Nick Clunn - Adjunct Instructor

Paul Clunn

Perry Clunn - Asset Accountant

Phillip Clunn - Chief Financial Officer

Randy Clunn - Real Estate Consultant

Rebecca Clunn - Artist , Researcher

Rick Clunn

Sandra Clunn

Sean Clunn - Customer Service Associate

Shannon Clunn - Senior Environmental Engineer and Project Manager

Shawn Clunn - Electrical Department Manager

Stephanie Clunn - Owner

Stephen Clunn - Non Executive Director

Steve Clunn

Tom Clunn - Uk and Eu Manager

Tony Clunn -

Trevor Clunn

Veronica Clunn -

Will Clunn - Business Manager

Zondra Clunn - Language Arts Teacher

Joanne Clunne - Director

Julianne Clunne - Inspirational Artist and Writer

Kim Clunne - Admissions and Bookings Ward Clerk

Margaret Clunne - President

Mark Clunne

Matthew Clunne - Branch Sales Coordinator

Michael Clunne - Chief Executive Officer

Peter Clunne -

Robert Clunne -

Shari Clunne - Personal Assistant

Leroy Clunne-Kiely - Photovoltaic Designer

Brenda Clunnie -

Gavin Clunnie

Iain Clunnie - Programme Manager

Ian Clunnie - Owner

Scylagh Clunnie

Ahmad Cluntun - Ph.D. Candidate

Adèle Cluny - Customer Service

Amje Cluny - Amje

Antonio Cluny - President of Public Prosecutor's Service

Belinda Cluny - Assistant Release Quality

Ben Cluny

Camille Cluny - Talent Assistant

Cindy Cluny - Marketing Manager

Craig Cluny - Business Owner

Francisco Cluny - Adviser

Hannah Cluny - Deputy Service Manager

Jonathan Cluny

João Cluny - Mediator

Madalena Cluny - Processes and Applications Consultant

Nancy Cluny - Head Teacher

Newcastle Cluny - Head

Nicola Cluny - UPS3 Part-time Teacher, KS3 - KS4

Nina Cluny

Old Cluny - Director

Paris Cluny -

Pedro Cluny - Tecnico De Som

Randall Cluny - Vice President and Board Member

Smart'Up Cluny - Association D'Entrepreneuriat

Tim Cluny - Consultant

Wilhelmina Cluny - Social Forestry Division

William Cluny - President and Chief Executive Officer

Imoa Cluny Moa - Faiaoga I Le Kolisi Faifeau I Malua - Sikolasipi O Le Ekalesia - PhD Candidate

Hilton Clup -

Moustafa Clup -

Stephine Clup -

Tim Clup -

John Clupak - Medical Advisory Board Member

John Clupepper -

Chuck Clupert -

Christopher Cluphf - Pharmaceutical Customer Service Representative

Colleen Cluphf

Daniel Cluphf - Analyst, Health Economics

David Cluphf - Curriculum Designer

Harry Cluphf - English Teacher

James Cluphf

Jason Cluphf - Technical Support Specialist

Jeff Cluphf - Construction Manager

Larry Cluphf - Executive Director, BTC and ERC and WATR

Lynee Cluphf - Substitute Teaching

Phillip Cluphf - Company Commander

Rod Cluphf - Paint Supervisor

Scott Cluphf - Front End Support Manager

Stephanie Cluphf - Customer Service Associate

Terri Cluphf

Clint Clupka - Production Mixer 1

Jennifer Clupless - Energy Manager

Allen Clupny - Manufacturing Technician

Carol Clupny -

Elizabeth Clupny

Janet Clupny - Bank Teller and Customer Service Representative

Jeff Clupny - Implementation Manager

John Clupny - Design Engineer

Joshua Clupny - Human Resources Specialist

Krystan Clupny - Alumni Programs Manager

Loren Clupny

Nicole Clupny - Assistant Admistrator

Ron Clupny - Director Sales and Operations

Thomas Clupny - Director of Safety and Envoronmental

Yvette Clupny -

Alice Clupot - Services Généraux

Alyssa Clupp - Receptionist

Amy Clupp -

Angela Clupp - Toddler Teacher

Calvin Clupp

Erin Clupp

Flo Clupp - Board Member

Jessica Clupp - Independent Distributor

Joe Clupp - Director of Family Life

Joseph Clupp - Director

K.E. Clupp - Physical and Technical Security Equipment Evaluation Engineer

Ken Clupp -

Kenneth Clupp - Senior Technical Security Consultant

Larry Clupp - Associate

Mariann Clupp

Robert Clupp - Operations Manager

Brandon Cluppel -

Lana Cluppel

Kevin Cluppent - Vice President of Human Resource

Aaron Clupper - Dish General Manager

Adam Clupper - Manager - Commodity III

Alex Clupper - Accounting Specialist

Allie Clupper - Teacher

Amy Clupper - Rn, Csn

April Clupper - NextGen Trainer

Ashley Clupper - Assistant Manager

Brandt Clupper - Chief Executive Officer

Chip Clupper

Chris Clupper - Sales Education Shoulder Manager

Connie Clupper - Landscape Designer

Daniel Clupper - Biomedical Engineer

Darwin Clupper

David Clupper

Denise Clupper - Staff Analyst

Dodie Clupper - Office Manager

Donald Clupper

Eric Clupper - Case Manager and Clinical Documentation Improvement

George Clupper -

Harold Clupper - Engineering Manager

Jerry Clupper


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