Directory of Profiled Business People: Angway, Cristy - Angyal, Tamas

Anggraeni, Pretty - Anis, Yassen > Angway, Cristy - Angyal, Tamas

Cristy Angway - Global Account Sales Coordinator

David Angway - Senior Specialist 1

George Angway - Manufacturing Engineer

Jean Angway - Graphic and Video Designer

Marilag Angway - Math and English Tutor

May Angway - Sales Coordinator

Mayann Angway - Sales Coordinator

Vida Angway - Laser Technician

Vincent Angway - Quality Assurance Analyst

Grace Angway-Ranesis - Registered Nurse

Bem Angwe - Chief Executive Officer

Ben Angwe -

Comfort Angwe - Pharmacist

Hubert Angwe - Senior Project Supervisor HSE

Julien Angwe-Nze - Directeur De Services A La Protection Judiciaire De La Jeunesse

Catherine Angwec - Senior Engineer

Agatha Angwech - Executive, Public Relations and Events

Alice Angwech - Administrative Assistant

Chris Angwech - Logistics Manager

Harriet Angwech - Lecturer (Parasitologist),

Lillian Angwech - Human Resource Associate, Human Resources Unit

Lucy Angwech - Human Resource Associate

Pamela Angwech - Executive Director

Sarah Angwech - Captain

Susan Angwech - Field Office - Torit

Jairoh Angwekwe - Rn

Linus Angwelba - Sub-District Manager

Emmanuel Angwella - Partner

Immaculate Angwen - Administrator and Information Technology Personal

Marion Angwen -

Stella Angweng - Local Chapter Member

Terence Angwenjang - Florist

Adrian Angwenyi

Agnes Angwenyi -

Angela Angwenyi - Director

Annabel Angwenyi - Operations Manager

Anne Angwenyi - Team Leader and Programme Manager

Anthony Angwenyi

Benard Angwenyi - Accounts Officer

Betty Angwenyi - Associate Investment Specialist

Calvin Angwenyi - Civil Engineering Student

Clive Angwenyi - Programmes Manager

Cpa Angwenyi - Grants Manager

Daughty Angwenyi - Business Consultant

David Angwenyi

Davis Angwenyi

Donald Angwenyi - Technical Director

Douglas Angwenyi - Production Head At Dawa Limited

Edwin Angwenyi - Part Time Tutor

Emily Angwenyi - Managing Director

Eric Angwenyi - Chair

Felix Angwenyi

Gloria Angwenyi - Msc. Mobile Telecommunications

Hassan Angwenyi -

Irene Angwenyi - Grants Manager

James Angwenyi

Jared Angwenyi - Sports Teacher

Jimmy Angwenyi - Management Trainee

Johnstone Angwenyi - Financial Analyst

Julius Angwenyi

Kefa Angwenyi - Board Member

Kenneth Angwenyi -

Laura Angwenyi

Luc Angwenyi - Country Manager

Lucy Angwenyi - Assistant Manager

Maria Angwenyi -

Mark Angwenyi

Maxwell Angwenyi - Major Design

Mina Angwenyi - Administration

Nancy Angwenyi - Data Centre Officer

Noah Angwenyi - Director

Paul Angwenyi - Senior Marketing Excutive

Paula Angwenyi - Digital Marketing Assistant

Peavon Angwenyi - Group Chief Executive Officer

Peter Angwenyi

Philip Angwenyi

Priscilla Angwenyi - Group Finance Manager

Richard Angwenyi -

Samantha Angwenyi - RSC Deployee

Samuel Angwenyi

Shadrack Angwenyi - GP Registrar

Stephanie Angwenyi - Product Distributor

Tweety Angwenyi - Community Impact Intern, Interdisciplinary Studies

Vava Angwenyi - Founder and Chief Coffaholic

Vibian Angwenyi - Local Models for Chronic Care and Self-Management Interventions In sSA (PhD Topic)

Victoria Angwenyi - Senior Internal Auditor

Vincent Angwenyi - Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft

Wilfrida Angwenyi - Driver

William Angwenyi - Owner

Wilson Angwenyi - Executive Assistant

Yvonne Angwenyi

Richard Angweri - Director

Faith Angwet - Customer Service

Patricia Angwet -

Hillary Angweya - Inventory Controller

Joel Angweyae - Warehouse Supervisor

Edwin Angweye - Director

Emmy Angweye -

Mercy Angweye -

Patrick Angweye - Relationship Officer

Jerry Angwf -

Agwe Angwi - Accounts Executive

Christy Angwidjaja - Executive Head Pastry Chef

Witansa Angwidjaja - Co Founder

Aparna Angwilkar

Vinod Angwilkar - Solution

Alan Angwin

Alastair Angwin -

Alistair Angwin - Leading Teacher

Andrea Angwin - Freelance Reporter - RPR, Customer Service Representative, CCR

Annette Angwin -

Anthony Angwin - Supervisor

Ashleigh Angwin -

Barbara Angwin - Nurse and Laser Therapist and Director

Ben Angwin

Benjamin Angwin

Bethan Angwin - Deputy Manager

Brett Angwin

Brian Angwin

Carl Angwin - Senior Power Systerms Engineer

Carleena Angwin - Injury Prevention Coordinator

Carol Angwin - Technical Coordinator

Catherine Angwin

Cathi Angwin - Cellar Hand

Charles Angwin - Grade 8 Case Manager

Charlotte Angwin - Trainee Solicitor

Cheryl Angwin - Medical Technologist

Chloe Angwin - Junior Administrator

Chris Angwin

Christopher Angwin

Colin Angwin

Connor Angwin -

Cordie Angwin -

Courtney Angwin

Crystal Angwin - Owner

Daneen Angwin - Secretary, Executive Board and Director of Communication

Daniel Angwin - Geology Intern

Daniella Angwin

Darice Angwin - Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Darren Angwin - Managing Director

Darèle Angwin - Head of Private Office and Business Management and DH Efficiency and Reform Lead

David Angwin

Deanne Angwin - Senior Payroll Officer

Dee Angwin - Human Resources Administrator

Denise Angwin

Diane Angwin - President

Dianne Angwin - Web UI Designer

Duncan Angwin

Edward Angwin - Attorney

Elaine Angwin

Eleanor Angwin - Corporate Responsibility Intern

Elicia Angwin - Library Spaces Team Member

Elijah Angwin - Const Tech Svs Specialist

Elisabeth Angwin - Owner and Director

Elizabeth Angwin - Manager

Emily Angwin

Fiona Angwin - Storyteller and Puppeteer

Francie Angwin -

Gary Angwin - Pool Manager

Gayle Angwin - Chief Executive Officer

George Angwin

Grace Angwin

Graeme Angwin - Warehouse Supervisor - Marandoo Mine Site

Guy Angwin - Principal Buyers Agent

Helen Angwin - Senior Associate

Hilary Angwin - Public Health Consultant

Ilan Angwin - Manager Software Engineering, Business Intelligence

James Angwin - Client Relationship Consultant

Jane Angwin - Owner and Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Angwin - Senior Electrical Engineer

Jeffrey Angwin

Jerome Angwin - Operations Administrator

Jessica Angwin

Jessie Angwin - Teaching Staff

Jim Angwin - Process Engineer

Jo Angwin - President

John Angwin

Jonathan Angwin - Consulting Analyst - Programme Leadership

Judy Angwin

Julia Angwin

Julie Angwin - Shipping Address

Juliet Angwin -

Juliette Angwin - Human Resouces Manager

Katherine Angwin - Occupational Therapist

Kathryn Angwin - Operations Administrator

Kathy Angwin - Administrator

Katie Angwin - Senior Accountant

Kay Angwin - Partner, Oxford

Krista Angwin -

Kristen Angwin - Keller TX Dentist

Kristin Angwin -

Kylie Angwin - Executive Assistant

Lachlan Angwin - Production Supervisor

Lance Angwin - Software Engineer

Laura Angwin - Customer Service

Leisel Angwin - Information Technology Asset Analyst

Leonie Angwin - Financial Planner

Lewis Angwin - Production Supervisor

Lisa Angwin

Liz Angwin - Tourism Officer

Lizzie Angwin - Assistant Director

Louise Angwin -

Marcus Angwin - Senior Trader

Mark Angwin

Martha Angwin - Practice Administrator

Mary-Louise Angwin - Information Technology Project Manager

Matthew Angwin - Warehouse

Meredith Angwin

Michael Angwin

Michelle Angwin - Business Performance Analyst

Mike Angwin -

Nancy Angwin - Member

Neil Angwin - Nra Hsec

Nicol Angwin -

Pamela Angwin - Human Resources Director

Patrick Angwin

Paul Angwin

Penny Angwin - Retail Sales Representative

Pete Angwin - Artistic Director

Peter Angwin

Rachelle Angwin - Hardlines Manager

Rebecca Angwin - President

Reed Angwin - Network Manager

Richard Angwin

Robert Angwin

Roderick Angwin

Ron Angwin - Auditor

Rose Angwin - Financial Support Specialist

Roselle Angwin - Poet-In-Residence

Saeko Angwin - Director

Samuel Angwin - Commercial Strategy Analyst

Sharon Angwin - Team Leader

Sherrie Angwin - Finance Officer

Sophie Angwin - Solicitor

Stanley Angwin -

Susan Angwin

Susun Angwin - Logistic Part Manager

Thomas Angwin - Miner

Tim Angwin -

Toby Angwin - Contributor

Tonya Angwin - High School Social Studies Teacher

Tracy Angwin

Trudi Angwin - Manager Oil Spill Preparedness

Wendy Angwin -

William Angwin -

Carolyn Angwin-Thomson - Mental Health Worker

Julia Angwing - Senior Tech Editor

Alexander Angwiranata - Marketing Director

Orathai Angwitoonwanit - Sales Coordinator Thailand and Indochina

Melani Angwo -

Debbie Angwood - Right-of-Way Agent

Ian AngWS -

Angelica Angy - Professional House Cleaning

Barbara Angy - Manager

Constance Angy -

F. Angy -

Hola Angy - Project Manager

James Angy - Advertising Consultant

Jeff Angy

Karen Angy - Marketing Manager

Kim Angy - Office Manager

Marllon Angy - Supervisor

Mary Angy -

Mendi Angy - Jefe Unidad De Distribución

Nzengi Angy - Mechanical Maintenance Manager

Ortiz Angy - Accounts Payable Specialist

Owen Angy - Purchasing Supervisor

Semplicemente Angy - Grafica Pubblicitaria

Stefani Angy - Blog Team Manager

Steve Angy - National Account Representative - Onsite Programs

Arun Angya - System Aministrator

Arunkumar Angya - Corporate Information Technology - Infrastructure

Charity Angya

P.Archana Angya - Business Development Manager

Paul Angya - Secretary

Preetham Angya - Software Engineer

Sindhuja Angya - Project Engineer

Srinath Angya - Senior Technical Consultant

Robert Angyab - Inspection Engineer

Adele Angyal -

Adrian Angyal -

Adrienn Angyal - Manager At Financial Accounting and Advisory Services of EY

Agnes Angyal -

Alexander Angyal -

Andras Angyal

Andrea Angyal

Andrew Angyal - Service Restoration Tech

Aniko Angyal

Anne Angyal - Personal Assistant To the President

Attila Angyal - Chief Business Development Officer

Balazs Angyal - Information Technology Support Engineer

Balázs Angyal

Benjamin Angyal - Chef De Partie

Bernadett Angyal - Internal Auditor

Blanka Angyal - Clinical Coordinator and Research Intern

Carrie Angyal - Executive Doctor

Chantal Angyal - Ad Production Manager

Charles Angyal - FAIA Director

Chelsea Angyal - Level II Dental Assistant

Chloe Angyal

Chuck Angyal -

Cindy Angyal - Teacher

Clair Angyal - Administrative Assistant To the President

Claire Angyal - Solicitor

Cliff Angyal -

Courtney Angyal - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cristian Angyal - Product Engineer

Csaba Angyal

Csilla Angyal - Biosimilars Marketing Manager Dx Mrkts

Daniel Angyal - Chief Executive Officer

Danyelle Angyal -

Dave Angyal -

David Angyal

Dennis Angyal - Senior Technologist Weld Process Engineering

Diana Angyal - Controller

Dora Angyal - Aircraft Mechanic

Elizabeth Angyal

Emese Angyal - Intern

Emily Angyal - Actuarial Consultant

Eniko Angyal - Accounts Receivable Team Leader

Eric Angyal - Office Manager

Erica Angyal

Eszter Angyal - NL Query Analyst

Eva Angyal

Faye Angyal - Statutory Appointments Officer

Frank Angyal

Fruzsina Angyal - Senior Consultant

Gabor Angyal

Gabriella Angyal

Gary Angyal - Consultant

Gerardo Angyal - Facilitator, Accounting

Gergely Angyal - Information Technology Consultant (External)

Greg Angyal

Gyula Angyal - Operations Director

Gábor Angyal - Freelance Software Developer

Ildiko Angyal - Senior Manager- WW GBS Technical Accounting

Jaimie Angyal - Owner

James Angyal -

Janet Angyal - Adjuster

Janos Angyal - Head of Terminal Management

Jeffrey Angyal - XCell Orthopedics

Joel Angyal

Joseph Angyal

Jozsef Angyal - Operations Head of IGBT

Judit Angyal - Employee Accident Compensation

Julia Angyal

Katalin Angyal

Ken Angyal - Secretary

Klara Angyal -

Kourtney Angyal - Operations Manager

Kristian Angyal

Kristy Angyal -

Krisztian Angyal - Web Developer

Krisztián Angyal - Senior Project Manager

Károly Angyal - Quality Control Engineer

Laszlo Angyal

Laura Angyal

Lauren Angyal - Executive Assistant

Levente Angyal

Linda Angyal - Chaos Manager

Loretta Angyal -

László Angyal

Magdolna Angyal - Fulfillment Leader - Consumer and Conventional Lighting (CCL) EMEA

Maria Angyal - Exp-Import Manager

Mariann Angyal

Martin Angyal - Senior Sous Chef

Mate Angyal -

Matt Angyal -

Matthew Angyal

Miklos Angyal

Mirjam Angyal - Account Manager

Monika Angyal - Corporate Sales Manager

Márta Angyal - Online Marketing Manager

Mónika Angyal - Assistant Manager

Natalia Angyal - Quality Assurance Coordinator - Contract Compliance

Nikolett Angyal - Recruitment Manager

Nora Angyal - General Procurement

Norbert Angyal

Nóra Angyal - Pharmacist

Olivier Angyal - Pre-Sales Engineer

Patricia Angyal

Patrik Angyal - Creative Artist

Peter Angyal

Péter Angyal - Lead Software Developer

Richárd Angyal - Private Banker

Robert Angyal

Rochelle Angyal - Marketing Assistant

Ron Angyal - Interim Chief Executive Officer

Roxana Angyal - Warranty Assessor

S. Angyal -

Sandra Angyal - Stylist

Susan Angyal - Managing Partner for Partner Development

Szabolcs Angyal - BI Consultant

Szilvia Angyal

Tamas Angyal - User and Application Support


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