Directory of Profiled Business People: Angyal, Bernadett - Angélico, Fabiano

Anggraini, Ervina - Anischko, Christopher > Angyal, Bernadett - Angélico, Fabiano

Bernadett Angyal - Internal Auditor

Blanka Angyal - Clinical Coordinator and Research Intern

Carrie Angyal - Executive Doctor

Chantal Angyal - Ad Production Manager and Junior Media Buyer

Charles Angyal - Director

Chelsea Angyal - Level II Dental Assistant

Chloe Angyal

Chuck Angyal -

Cindy Angyal - Teacher

Clair Angyal - Administrative Assistant To the President

Claire Angyal - Solicitor

Cliff Angyal -

Courtney Angyal - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cristian Angyal - Business Proces Project Manager

Csaba Angyal

Csilla Angyal - Marketing Lead Distributor Markets, Europe

Daniel Angyal - Chief Executive Officer

Danyelle Angyal -

Dave Angyal -

David Angyal

Dea Angyal - Junior Account Executive

Denisa Angyal -

Dennis Angyal - Senior Technologist Weld Process Engineering

Diana Angyal - Controller

Dora Angyal - Aircraft Mechanic

Elizabeth Angyal

Emese Angyal - Intern

Emily Angyal - Actuarial Consultant

Eniko Angyal - Accounts Receivable Team Leader

Eric Angyal - Office Manager

Erica Angyal

Eszter Angyal - NL Query Analyst

Eva Angyal

Faye Angyal - Statutory Appointments Officer

Frank Angyal - Drilling Supervisor

Fruzsina Angyal - Senior Consultant

Gabor Angyal

Gabriella Angyal

Gary Angyal - Consultant

Gerardo Angyal - Facilitator, Accounting

Gergely Angyal - Information Technology Consultant (External)

Greg Angyal

Gyula Angyal - Operations Director

Gábor Angyal

Ildiko Angyal - Senior Manager- WW GBS Technical Accounting

Jaimie Angyal - Owner

James Angyal -

Janet Angyal - Adjuster

Janos Angyal - Head of Terminal Management

Jason Angyal - Robotics Programer and Opperator

Jeffrey Angyal - XCell Orthopedics

Jessica Angyal - Chief Executive Officer

Joel Angyal

Joseph Angyal

Jozsef Angyal - Operations Head of IGBT

Judit Angyal - Employee Accident Compensation

Julia Angyal

József Angyal - Senior Consultant

Katalin Angyal

Ken Angyal - Secretary

Klara Angyal - Corporate Solutions Coordinator

Kourtney Angyal - Operations Manager

Kristian Angyal

Kristy Angyal

Krisztian Angyal - Web Developer

Krisztián Angyal - Senior Project Manager

Károly Angyal - Quality Control Engineer

Laszlo Angyal

Laura Angyal

Lauren Angyal - Executive Assistant

Levente Angyal

Loretta Angyal - Support Administrator

László Angyal

Magdolna Angyal - Fulfillment Manager Distribution EMEA

Maria Angyal - Exp-Import Manager

Mariann Angyal

Martin Angyal - Sous Chef

Mate Angyal -

Matt Angyal

Matthew Angyal

Miklos Angyal

Mirjam Angyal - Account Manager

Monika Angyal - Corporate Sales Manager

Monique Angyal -

Márta Angyal - Online Marketing Manager

Mónika Angyal - Assistant Manager

Natalia Angyal - Quality Assurance Coordinator - Contract Compliance

Nikolett Angyal - Recruitment Manager

Nora Angyal - General Procurement

Norbert Angyal

Nóra Angyal - Pharmacist

Olivier Angyal

Patricia Angyal

Patrik Angyal - Creative Artist

Paul Angyal -

Peter Angyal

Petra Angyal - Cafe Manager Ashmolean Museum

Péter Angyal - Lead Software Developer

Richárd Angyal - Private Banker

Robert Angyal

Rochelle Angyal - Marketing Assistant

Ron Angyal - Vice President of Operations

Roxana Angyal - Market Leader and Warranty Assessor

S. Angyal -

Sandra Angyal - Stylist

Susan Angyal - Managing Partner for Partner Development

Suzanne Angyal - SAP Proficient User and Customer Care Representative

Szabolcs Angyal - BI Consultant

Szilvia Angyal

Tamas Angyal - User and Application Support

Tamás Angyal - System Administrator

Tibor Angyal - Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Timea Angyal - Finance Manager

Todd Angyal

Traci Angyal - Administrative Associate

Tyler Angyal

Veronica Angyal

Viktor Angyal - Financial and Administrative Officer

Viktoria Angyal - Business Process Manager

Viola Angyal - Mainframe Operations Analyst

Virag Angyal - Finance Manager

Wolf Angyal - Key Account Manager

Wolfgang Angyal - President

Zoltan Angyal

Zsolt Angyal

Zsuzsanna Angyal

Ákos Angyal - Senior Purchaser

Zsanett Angyal-Fekete - Coordinator

Adele Angyal-Joly - Turnover, QC Admin, Document Control

Kristie Angyal-Mobily - Senior Financial Analyst

Eva Angyal-Nagy - Hearing Aid Sales

Tunde Angyal-Schmidt - Accountant + Human Resources

Kathrine Angyal-Waddy - Senior Geological Technician

Adam Angyalffy - Owner

Zsolt Angyalffy - Product Manager

Chaya Angyalfi - Teacher

Erika Angyalfi - Project Controls, Junior

Rabbi Angyalfi - Rabbi

Steve Angyalfi

Szilvia Angyalfi -

Judy Angyalfy - Nurse Judy

Summer Angyalfy -

Csaba Angyali - Purchasing Manager

Tamas Angyalics -

Judit Angyalne - Legal Office Assistant

Agnes Angyalne Pataki -

Eszter Angyalos - Lead Translator

Geza Angyalos -

Adam Angyalosi -

Agnes Angyalosi - Operations Manager, Research

Anca Angyalosi - Senior ABAP and Interfaces Developer

Anna Angyalosi - Medicine

Beatrix Angyalosi - Case Team Assistant

David Angyalosi

Gerhild Angyalosi - Asoociate Global Program Medical Director

Istvan Angyalosi - Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Larry Angyalosi - Manager

Reka Angyalosi -

Renata Angyalosi - Operations Manager

Patrick Angyalossy - Estagiário

Veronica Angyalossy -

Adrian Angyalosy -

Cristina Angyalosy -

Edward Angyalosy - Accountant

Reka Angyalosy - Local Original Production Finance Manager, HBO Europe

Andrea Angyalova -

Kate Angyalova - Teacher

Lenka Angyalova - Administrator

Andrea Angyalová -

Edita Angyalová - Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

Marcela Angyalová - Statistical Analyst

Linda Angyaláti - Freight Forwarder

Attila Angyan - Part II Architectural Assistant

James Angyan

John Angyan -

Judit Angyan

Kat Angyan - Quality Assurance Tester

Miklos Angyan - Ingénieur Calcul

Patrick Angyan -

Praveen Angyan -

Sarah Angyan - Convention Sales Coordinator

Susan Angyan - Owner

Thomas Angyan

Brian Angyang - Enterprise Engineer

Karl Angyang - Structural Engineer

Daniel Angyas - Customer Service Manager

Gabor Angyasi - Operations Manager Western Austria

Iva Angyasi - Sews Curtains

Alexander Angye - Executive Assistant

Cimigotto Angye - Export Commercial Department

Joey Angyelof - Sales Associate

Joseph Angyelof - President

Melissa Angyelof

Stefana Angyelusan - Human Resources Specialist

Evans Angyi - Electrical Engineer

Janet Angyie -

Elvis Angyiembe - Regional Ethics and Compliance Counsel, Africa

Elijah Angyiereyiri - Departmental Examination Officer, Department of Applied Biology

David Angyl - CIVFD Latest Member

Moses Angyl - Sales Associate

Lewis Angyla - Human Resources Specialist

Yvon Angylion - Assistant Marketing

Alex Angylousy -

Lauren Angyn - Business Analyst 1

Laurie Angyn - Business Analyst

Aliyu Angyo - Engine Cadet

David Angyo - Responsable Marketing Digital

Gloria Angyo - Nurse Administrator

Samuel Angyobore - Teacher

Lyudmil Angyozov -

Constantine Angyridis

David Angyu - Director Business

Nahum Angyu - Comptroller

Nyoyima Angyu - Producer

Uten Angyu - Planning Officer

Comfort Angyu-Osondu - Chief Executive Officer

Gaius Angyunwe - Director of Finance and Accounting

Jerome Angyunwe - Assistant General Manager - Harbours

Erik Angyus - Safety Specialist, Coke Plant Operations

Joe Angyus - Safety Director

Joey Angyus - Pitcher

Jules Angyus -

Laura Angyus - Library Assistant

Lindsay Angyus - Associate Designer

Vicky Angyus - Occupational Therapist

Bartholomew Angyuum - Position In Finance

Zhenyu Angz - Program Committee Member

Albert Angzenaa

Maurice Angzenaa - Assistant Budget Analyst

Ang Angzippy - Office Assistant

Ana Angás - Profesora

Paco Angás - Outsourcing Software Solutions Leader

Pilar Angás - Comercial

James Angáwa - Director Operation Support

Massimo Angèi -

Alexandre Angèle - Directeur

Arnaud Angèle - Responsable De Production

Arnold Angèle - Gestionnaire Paie Et Carrière

Boizard Angèle - Project Manager

Bonnet Angèle - Développement and Qualité Matière Première

Céline Angèle - Junior KEN

Demarais-Benoit Angèle - Senior Expérimenté

Djakpo Angèle - Account and Human Resources Assistant

Dochler Angèle - Brand Manager

Frédérik Angèle - Architecte

Galipienso Angèle - Hôtesse De Caisse

Gazeau Angèle - Chef Pâtissier

Guillet Angèle - Chargée De Communication Externe and Relations éColes

Huppé Angèle - Naturopathe, Diplômée, Agréée

Kouamé Angèle - Communication

Pasquier Angèle - Directeur Des Marchés Du Logement Social, Des Collectivités Locales Et De l'Immobilier

Pierre Angèle - Sales Manager France

Richard Angèle -

Sandra Angèle - Assistante De Direction

Sarah Angèle - Business Développement

Sébastien Angèle - Directeur Adjoint Des Nouveaux Médias

Thiaw Angèle - Direction Administrative Et Financière

Vigouroux Angèle - Conseillère Microcrédit

Crha Angèle Arsenault - Agente De Gestion Du Personnel - Dotation

Suzanne Angèli - Owner Consultant

May Angèlica - Student

Alexandre Angé - Attaché Commercial

Antoine Angé - Responsable D'éDition

Arnaud Angé - Credit Management Consultant

Aymeric Angé - Principal

Caroline Angé - Fondatrice Development and YOU ,

Christian Angé

Clara Angé - Chef De Projet éVénementiel

David Angé -

Didier Angé - Indépendant à Titre Exclusif

Emma Angé - Web Designer

Emmanuel Angé - Online Sales Manager

Eric Angé - Agent Commercial

Erik Angé

Frederic Angé - Direction

Gérard Angé - Founder, Producer

Isabelle Angé - Group Logistics Consumables and Parts Manager

Linn Angé - Account Manager

Maike Angé - Local Expert Guide, Tour Leader, Location Scout, Guia De Turismo

Marie Angé - Chargée De Communication

Mimsy Angé - Front Office Manager and Chef De Réception

Nicole Angé - Chef D'Entreprise - Agent Immobilier

Olivia Angé - Researcher

Omar Angé - Chief Officer

Paul Angé - Conseiller Commercial Véhicules Neufs

Philippe Angé - Key Account Manager

Sabine Angé - Personnel

Vincent Angé - Business Developer

Violette Angé - Artiste Chorégraphique

Virginie Angé - Responsable Achat Et Logistique - Verantwoordelijke Aankoop En Logistiek

Arnaud Angée - Project Manager

Aurélie Angée -

Guy Angée - Directeur Projet

Marc Angée - Président Directeur Général

Maxime Angée - Chargé D'éTudes Statistiques

Pascal Angée - Mécanicien Aéronautique

Hector Angée Villanueva - Secretario De Despacho De Deporte, Recreación Y Cultura De Risaralda

Aatiba Angéla - Promotrice Terrain

Agócs Angéla - Senior GL Accountant

Alessandrini Angéla - Chef D Entreprise

Andáné Angéla - Buyer

Bartolf Angéla - Clinical Research Fellow

Belso Angéla - Graphic Designer

Benedek Angéla -

Borsos Angéla -

Budai Angéla -

Elek Angéla - Financial Manager

Farkas Angéla - Sales Representative

Farkasné Angéla - Financial Assistant

Kaposi Angéla - Business Operations Manager, IBM Systems Lab Services, MEA

Kelemen Angéla -

Magyar Angéla - RX Line Manager

Molnár Angéla - Business Operation Specialist

Pozsár Angéla - Organizer

Rozinka Angéla - Supplier Quality Engineer

Sipos Angéla - Belkereskedelmi Főosztály and Nőgyógyászati Marketing Osztály

Stefanovics Angéla - Actress

Szilágyi Angéla - ÖNfinanszírozó Filmek Létrehozása

Camilla Angéle - Underviser Og Vejleder I Job Og Fremtid, Jobcenter

Rie Angéle - Booking Koordinator

Benoist Angéli - Ingénieur De Production

Guillaume Angéli - Conseiller De Vente (Rayon Aménagement Rangement and Cuisine)

Adriana Angélica - Auxiliar De Vendas Executivo

Aline Angélica - Contadora Pleno

Amiga Angélica - Java Engineer

Ana Angélica

Angélica Angélica - Auxiliar |Administrativo

Anna Angélica - Agente De Geração De Demanda -AGD

Antonio Angélica - Owner

Brenda Angélica - Auxiliar Administrativo

Bruna Angélica - Chefe De Divisão

Bárbara Angélica - Junior Executive

Carla Angélica

Carol Angélica - Professora

Cortés Angélica - Propietario - Directora Administrativa Y Financiera

Cristiana Angélica -

Cristina Angélica - Assistente Comercial E Marketing

Cruz Angélica -

Cícera Angélica - Professora Coordenadora De ÁRea - Ciências Humanas

Daiana Angélica - Empreendedor

Daiane Angélica - Estágio Newton Paiva - Projeto Herbário

Eliane Angélica - Secretaria

Elizeu Angélica - Ordinary Seaman

Elma Angélica - Tesoureira

Eula Angélica - Auxiliar Administrativo

Fabiana Angélica - Diretora Municipal

Flávia Angélica - Professora

Georgina Angélica - Early Years Teacher

Grazielle Angélica - Diretora De Imagens

Guerrero Angélica - Ejecutivo De Cuenta

Gutierrez Angélica - Directora

Hola Angélica

Iara Angélica - Auxiliar

Ivana Angélica - Graduada Em Química Industrial

Jeanne Angélica - Assistente Administrativo

Joana Angélica

Joelma Angélica - Intrutora De Treinamento

Jorge Angélica - Presidente

Kamilla Angélica - Assistente Administrativa

Ketulin Angélica - Advogada Da KA Advocacia E Consutloria

Laís Angélica - Supervisor De Planejamento

Lee Angélica -

Lenir Angélica - Diretora Executiva

Luiza Angélica - Redatora Social Media

Luz Angélica - Auxiliar Administrativo

Luísa Angélica - Engenheira Civil

Marcielle Angélica - Assistente Administrativo- Gerente De Compras

Maria Angélica

Mariana Angélica - Assistente Social

Martins Angélica - Sócio Proprietário

María Angélica

Marília Angélica - Professora

Michele Angélica - Aux. Adm.

Micheline Angélica - Analista De Ressuprimento-Supply Chain

Miranda Angélica - Diretor Financeiro

Naiara Angélica - Auxiliar Administrativo

Nair Angélica - Posto Avançado Em Atendimento Ao Cliente

Natácia Angélica - Auxiliar Administrativo

Natália Angélica - Estagiária

Norma Angélica

Patrícia Angélica - Técnico Em Assuntos Educacionais

Perrier Angélica - Consultante En Formation

Priscila Angélica - Técnico De Segurança Do Trabalho

Renata Angélica - Assessora Jurídica

Rosa Angélica - Arquiteta Cenógrafa I Arte Multimídia

Roy Angélica - Sales

Ruth Angélica - Assistant

Samoel Angélica - Tecnico Suporte Em Informática

Samson Angélica - Animatrice Sociale

Santos Angélica - Senior Consultant

Simone Angélica - Sócia

Sol Angélica - Creative Design Freelancer

Teresa Angélica - Gestora Da Facturação and Contas Fornecedores

Tereza Angélica - Vendedora De Projeto Crescendo Com A Postura Para Escolas Particulares

Veruska Angélica - Gerente De Design E Produtos

Íris Angélica - Dpto Comercial

Itil Angélica Espinosa - Especialista De Seguridad Informática

e-Fichas Angélica Ilacqua - Prestadora De Serviços

Ana Angélica Marçal -

Berna Angélica María -

M. Angélica Noakes - Research and Taxation Analyst

Maria Angélica Pereira Teixeira - Aux Administrativo

Mani Angélica Pérez - Consultora Independiente

Luz Angélica Zapata - Gte. De Mercadotecnia

Adriano Angélico - Analista De Sistemas

Anderson Angélico

André Angélico - Designer

Beatriz Angélico - Marketing Trainee

Celina Angélico - Information Technology Support

Clayton Angélico - Técnico De Geração E Distribuição De Energia

Dina Angélico - Senior Consultant

Esteban Angélico - Administrativo De Obra

Fabiano Angélico - Executive Director


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