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Last Updated 6/12/2004

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - News

Now we have the refreshing opportunity to applaud an Ecuadorian government decision and to commend Ecuadorian Minister of Commerce Yvonne Baki for making a landmark ruling on behalf of conservation.Minister Yvonne Baki has taken a courageous step forward and future generations in Ecuador and around the World will be thankful for it.

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Hot Spot Films | هوت سبوت Ùيلمز

Yvonne Baki was born in the Ecuador and she traveled to Lebanon when she was 15 and felt a foreigner there and in Europe.
She felt she did not have a home country, and art was the thing that made her feel that she was somehow connected. Yvonne visited the rest of Lebanon after completing her university study at the age of 15, and requested her family to buy her a car instead of making a party for her. At the Waza Cornish she met a handsome man with green eyes and hit his car. This accident gave rise to a friendship and love that ended in marriage despite the objection of her parents because she was too young. Yvonne Baki was appointed a consulate for the Ecuador in Lebanon when she was only 25 years old, and she exercised her work until she left Lebanon because of war, which made her also paint. She was astonished of this war that started because of differences in beliefs. She held and exhibition and sold all her works. She became an Ambassador for her country at Washington for 4 years and then at the advise of one of her sons she ran for presidency and lost but she considers herself to have gained from that experience. Now Yvonne is the Minister of Foreign Trade in Ecuador.

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Dialogue on Diversity - Awards

Yvonne A Baki, Ambassador from Ecuador to the United States, for making history in a field often seen as the preserve of men.She is not only an effective diplomatic negotiator (she played a cardinal role in the successful peacemaking agreements with Peru), but has also gained distinction as a professional artist, whose pictures are displayed in a variety of permanent exhibits in Europe and the Americas.To her continuing advocacy for peace-oriented resolution of international contentions she brings a genuinely cosmopolitan perspective, having her self been schooled in both Lebanon and Ecuador and being a fluent speaker of Spanish, English, Italian, and Arabic.Trailblazer Awards

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