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This profile was last updated on 12/5/12  and contains information from public web pages.

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  • Founder
    Bone Generators™


  • quantum mechanics
    Southampton University
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Remote Influencing, RV Science, turan rifat, charged crystals, RV, RI, remote viewing, remote influencing, psychic warfare, surveillance, 5 Dec 2012 [cached]
Tim Rifat Scam
Government agents have libelled and slandered Tim Rifat as being a scam artist. This is defamation and legally prosecutable, so all outragous bloggers beware as:- all products and Services are fully Trademarked and recognised by the British Government: Intellectual Property Office: given the full seal of approval by law, which is applicable world wide: All counterfitors and criminals selling goods and Services in the same categories as any of Psi-Lord Ltd's range are legally con artists and scam artists. These are the libellers and slanderers that have tried to defame me. For example Life sold psychotronic Generators ® even thought Trademarked by Psi-Lord Ltd, until threatened with prosecution - these are the real scam artists: Tim Rifat does not hace a Twitter page, Facebook page... So all the so called Tim Rifat's using my material are scam artists, probably MI5, NSA, CIA, FBI...
Real Vampires, RVScience, Tim Rifat
Fortunately I was so powerful that Cosmic Law intervened and gave me the choice, become TIM: Total Intent Manifest and become Cosmic Law's assassin, or become the Cosmic Scapegoat.
Tarot Vampires® is a unique combination of Services and goods which only Tim Rifat and Psi-Lord Ltd can supply, as he holds the Trademarks for psychic consulting with respect to Vampires® and Vampire®; as well as Real Vampire® and Real Vampires®.
Tim Rifat reads all your E-mails so there might be a small delay in replying to your emails due to the volume.
Tim Rifat is Europe's leading expert on Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing having had published 3 books on Remote Viewing: Remote Viewing the history and science of Psychic Warfare: Random House; 1999... by major publishing houses - not self published. His life has been in constant danger since he refused to work for Britain's Secret Service, making him free to publish any cutting edge research. Now the problem with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing is that while your biophysical body is out travelling (your Soul), Supernatural Spirits walk into your body and takeover - meaning you get possessed. As you Remotely View and Remote Influence your energy bodies light up like a firefly as Hyperinfinity is transferred to your biophysical body, that drifts off and leaves your physical body vulnerable to possession. Hyperinfinity is the force of free will that keeps your body from being possessed while sleeping as it resides normally in your skeleton. Hence Bone Generators® the exclusive trademarked property of Tim Rifat. When you go Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing your free will, Hyperinfinity, flows into your biophysical body that then drifts off to do Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Your physical body is now deficient in Hyperinfinity that acts as a safeguard to full possession. So all Remote Viewers and Remote Influencers get possessed by Supernatural Spirits. This means no sane person should use any Remote influencing or Remote Viewing protocols sold by anyone but Tim Rifat.
This is because all Tim Rifat's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing protects your physical body from possession while your biophysical body is away. All these technologies are fully trademarked and the exclusive intellectual property of Tim Rifat.
This is the exclusive trademarked technology of Tim Rifat found on - - - and
Why Remote Viewing Remote Influencing and the Matrix is the exclusive domain and controlled by completely by Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord.
The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, has breached trademark law by advertising themselves as having connection to Psychotronic Crystals ® the trademark of Tim Rifat. This is like Jo the plumber stating he is Sony ® because he is a plumber (unregistered!) Now Psi-Lord Ltd would never infer any connection to Sony® even though the latter funded a multimillion centre specialising in psychic research technology. Sony ® failed to develop this technology Psi Lord Ltd has developed it, Joe the plumber or are just intellectual property thieves.
The Illuminati know that the CD's and cassettes sold by these ex-operatives are no danger to them as only energy matters to psychic development. So if a wageslave learns any Remote Influencing protocols or Remote Viewing Technology anyone with more energy can block their efforts and use them in surrogate stooges - ScapeGoats. Until 1986 the Illuminati controlled all avenues of psychic energy and power, now Tim Rifat has Sequestered that Total Control.
Tim Rifat offers the most advanced and extensive range of Psi-Technology on the planet. Check out the Power Rings, Psychotronic Crystals/Generators, Courses, Books, Ultimate Energised Water, Warrior Shaman Power Objects, Lucid Viewing enablement - and the largest stock of Energised Crystal Jewellery to be found - all with the most advanced instructions - so you can achieve your Ultimate Potential. Click on to pen your portal to all the wonders that Psi has to offer.
Mind over Matter, Tim Rifat
Tim Rifat is constantly researching Psychotronic amplifiers and seeks to better their performance using specially developed maths and physics. Tim has found each psycrystal should have an anchoring psycrystal called the Time Rifat Bio Particle (TRBP) Psycrystal.
Tim Rifat is the world's leading expert on RV and RI. Unlike all other RV/RI companies, Tim has never worked for any government. He is therefore able to give you the real RV and RI technology - RV Science. See FBI warnings.
All US RV/RI experts are former DIA/CIA personnel and are prohibited by US Federal Law from disclosing anything of real value, as this would endanger US Security. This means all US courses are low level and substandard products.
For those who wish to learn real RV and RI, Tim is the only scientist in the field able to give you state of the art Psi technology. All RI needs large quantities of energy to function effectively, and all US courses omit this simple fact, thus the US RI drains the body of energy, leading to premature ageing. Time travel and deep penetration RV to enter top secret sites requires considerable amounts of energy; US RV technology as sold to the public simply cannot perform in this area.
To this end, Tim supplies Psychotronic generators charged with biophysical energy, these psychic batteries enable all forms of RI and advanced RV as mentioned above. All my competitors merely charge crystals by touch - this is ineffective, does not work. All RV Science psychotronic generators are charged from government, financial, military and other power sites by Tim Rifat, who carries out this work or worse, see warnings, daily throughout the year, to abstract all energy from these biophysical and physical domains; consequently, the RV Science crystal withdraws energy from all other crystal generators - power goes to power, as money goes to money.
Tim Rifat
Tim Rifat - crystal psychogenerators Tim Rifat is the World's leading expert on remote viewing, psychic spying, Psychotronics, Shamanism Psi-warfare.
Books and Courses by Tim Rifat are found on and
© Psi-Lord Ltd 2008 Tim Rifat and Psi-Lord are trading names of Psi-Lord Ltd
Tim Rifat has explored the big question, what happens after death and his details all aspects of the near death, death, past death experience for Westerners and how it has become corrupted by Illuminati Freemason Satanism.
Tim Rifat is the exclusive ..., 15 Feb 2007 [cached]
Tim Rifat is the exclusive owner of all Psychotronic Generators™ in crystal form, these are called Psychotronic Crystals™ which are a registered trademark of Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd). If you have bought any crystal sold as a Psychotronic Generator™ from criminal fraudsters (see Warnings) such as,, or any other UK government sponsored counterfeit operation you have not only been conned but bought of your own free will (Hyperinfinity) a Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal that will drive you mad, make you ill or worse.
Now every victim is another mans prosperity so all the Satanic counterfeit crystals sold by these criminals can be used as crystals where these counterfeit crystals their owners and sellers act as the energy supply for the bioparticle Psychotronic Generators™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now sell to you. Unlike normal Psychotronic Generators™ these do not need charging as all customers and the websites:,, as well as all the people who access them to purchase... now supply the: Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force... life-force, sexual energy, vril, odic force... for the Psychotronic Generator™ which the Psi-Lord Ltd can now supply. As it takes no energy on our part to pair these large quartz crystals with the counterfeit ones to suck energy from the counterfeit crystal they can be supplied at a very fair price of $30 + $15 P&P. Even better since the criminal Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum (who has put some bogus email from Tim Rifat (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) purporting to give him permission to steal - please give the public some semblance of intelligence!) has put the diabolical 9 Insectile Powers of the Satanic Council of 9 in his counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now put all 9 Anti-Satanic Powers in our Psychotronic Generator™. This means that all the people buying the counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™ from:, (yes the Graham Nickels aka Paul Hughes Barlow),, get bad health, destroyed psychic powers, psychic attack instead of psychic protection, rapid ageing, bad luck, no money or worse, no love but hate, no athletic ability, no sex... while the real Psychotronic Generator™ created by Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd) gives you real love, real money, real psychic powers, psychic protection, good luck, good health, love, sex, athletic ability and the counterfeiters supply the power.
Psychotronic Generators, 15 Feb 2007 [cached]
Bone Generators™ invented by scientist Tim Rifat are the most powerful Psychotronic Generators that will ever exist because the Psychotronic Crystals are your own skeleton and skull turned into a Psychotronic Crystal and bioparticle to always give you a positive energy output; the Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Generators using two coupled Psychotronic Generators to cancel out any negativity. This double Psychotronic Crystal is the creation of Tim Rifat and if you see criminals selling this technology you know they are counterfeiters, intellectual property thieves and UK/US government run stooges like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow of (see warnings).
These counterfeit crystals have been reversed so they drive the user and counterfeiter paranoid and cause mental illness as Paul Hughes Barlow admits to suffering from (see warnings) Now since you can only buy Psychotronic Generators and Psychotronic Crystals from Tim Rifat who owns the market, all others being counterfeiters that make you ill or worse... many potential customers have a huge problem in that as the only supplier the Bone Generators™ are very expensive relative to the earnings of the wageslave.
In my first book Remote Viewing: psychic spying and warfare published by Random House 1999, Tim Rifat published the Defence Intelligence Agency documents on Psychotronic Generators that stated Psychotronic Generators could give non psychics psychic power even to the extent of enabling remote killing. As the world expert on Psychotronic
Generators (officially recognised by see Testimonials) the
US and UK governments have tried everything to force me to work for them; having refused they have tried everything to shut my public disclosure of this information as Tim Rifat believes the full disclosure of this ultimate Psychic Power, Psychotronic Generator technology, Psychotronic Crystals is the right of all free thinking individuals the Bone Generators™ are the ultimate development of Psychotronic Generators and include in them the Hyperinfinity to set, glue, hold the Psychic Power so it can fully manifest and develop. As the ultimate Bone Generator™ Service cost $1800 see the Service part of this site Tim Rifat decided to give his Clients the bargain of the century in offering New Age Psychic Power Bone Generators at a price that any person could afford so all the Western population could avail themselves of this technology. As the cheapest Bone Generator™ Service is $200 this is still beyond the means of the poor minimum wageslave who has the right to enjoy the fruits of this ultimate psychic power technology. So Tim Rifat is offering to download the Bone Generator™ psychic power on this section for all in price of $50 as a Service to the hard pressed client. Tim Rifat is also offering single psychic power custom downloads of Bone Generators™ for the same price based on any New Age activity for the same price from white magic to Radionics if you can't find it listed on this part of the site.
All our Bone Generators™ come with the guarantee that Tim Rifat personally empowers them and you automatically get an E-Certificate on ordering so you have proof that Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord will bring into being the New Age Psychic Power Bone Generator™.
Remote Viewing Bone Generator Service;
Tim Rifat has had 3 Remote Viewing books published and is the worlds leading expert on Remote Viewing, compare my books to the censored Remote Viewing books published by US military spooks to see Tim Rifat gives all the military secrets (available on as E-Books).
Having survived since 1996 under sentence of death by the British government Tim Rifat has proved Bone Generators™ make you hard to kill (see Vietnamese info on ) as well as unbeatable in Remote Viewing where Tim Rifat has since 1997 given all the secrets of the West to the public via as a guest and now World Correspondent for Rense Radio, the USA's largest independent news organisation.
Tim Rifat does what he pleases as the only Psi-Lord
Since Tim Rifat does not want to be on the hit list of Russian, China... the Remote Influencing package only works on Westerners and pro Westerners worldwide so you can Remote Influence them to give you money, love, sex, power over them, promotion, submission... the list is endless.
The Remote Influencing protocols are downloaded into your bones remotely by Tim Rifat, who turns them into Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals which are Psychotronic Generators to give you the energy for Remote Influencing as well as quantum computers that hold knowledge to use real Remote Influencing not the garbage sold by ex-operatives run by the US and UK government to spread disinformation via tapes, DVDs... To use you simply use your mind's eye to visualise the Skeleton Psychotronic Crystal (minus Skull) uploading energy and Remote Influencing quantum computing capacity into your Skull Bioparticle Psychotronic Generator. You simply walk into your Skull and are projected to the target to be Remotely Influenced. Once there you touch them remotely with your right biophysical hand to download commands and touch them with your left biophysical hand to ease from their mind/brain./body anything you don't want them to do. It is easy. No complex protocols all you need is huge amounts of energy supplied by the ultimate Psychotronic Generators: Bone Generators™ created by Tim Rifat who has made them foolproof so you cannot get blowback by any Remote Influencing you carry out, the only safe super powerful Remote Influencing on the planet a spin off from my $25000 Omega Point Bone Generator Services on now available for all mainstream Remote Influencing at the bargain price of $50. Why? To give all my Clients no matter what income a taste of the ultimate in Psychic Power, the Bone Generator™ created by Tim Rifat.
As energy is the key to all psychic powers Tim Rifat remotely psychokinetically evolves your skull to a bioparticle and the rest of your bones to a Psychotronic Crystal quantum entangled to create the Ultimate Psychotronic Generator the Bone Generator™.
Tim Rifat reserves the right to cancel all Services if used for non personal use in business to promote herbal businesses using Tim Rifat's name.
Pastel Themeset, 6 Sept 2008 [cached]
Tim Rifat the creator of Bone Generators™, the ultimate way to pack supernatural spirit power into your body by use of your own bones, specially charged as fountains of youth, mind over matter generators, quantum computers, Psychotronic Crystals™, now offers his 34 BSRI-Engine the only way out of the Matrix now as Bone Generators™.
New Page 1, 5 Dec 2012 [cached]
Tim Rifat, the world's leading scientific expert on the paranormal has created the ultimate new age Psychotronic generator designed to amplify in a positive manner all aspects of new age endeavour.
© Psi-Lord Ltd 2008 Tim Rifat and Psi-Lord are trading names of Psi-Lord Ltd
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