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quantum mechanics

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Pastel Themeset [cached]

Why counterfeit Tim Rifat's 7 Psychotronic Generators?

It is proved (see Warnings) that, as well as Maria Callas' have stolen Tim Rifat's intellectual property with regard to the 7 Psychotronic Generators, Psychotronic Crystals™ of: Love, Anti-Ageing, Money, Health, Psychic Protection, Luck, Psychic Powers.
Tim Rifat has shown on his Hypersite that dark energy matter entities have seven dimensions of time - like space they inhabit, so the 7 Psychotronic Crystals™ that shred negative entities would be a great danger to them.
We have Nickells of, trying to quantum superimpose Enochian, Tarot, Goetic, Crowley, Karmic, qlippothic (Kabbalistic) Demons on these 7 types of Psychotronic Generators, Psychotronic Crystals™ created by Tim Rifat while Rory Mccaffrey of uses Kabbalistic, Tarot, black magical Demonic possession techniques to corrupt these powers.
Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord foresaw this potential corruption problem and factored in Sublime Good Psi-Technology to take advantage of this move by evil to steal Psychotronic Crystals from the human seeking a way to protect themselves against evil.
Luckily Tim Rifat foresaw this and placed Anti-Chaos in the devic crystal realm so all the Satanists have done is put Anti-Chaos into all Satanic powers, Chakras, Archon, Kabbalistic, Tarot, Enochian, Goetic, Abramelin, Jinn, Satanic Crowley perversion of Allah... So that evil destroys evil, Scapegoats itself... to produce Sublime Good for the user of Tim Rifat's' Psychotronic Crystals™, Psychotronic Generator, Psychotronic Crystals™. This Anti-Chaos is explained fully on the professional Psi-Master, Bone Psi-Master™ website.

Tim ... [cached]

Tim Rifat

Tim Rifat Supernatural Real Vampire
Fortunately I was so powerful that Cosmic Law intervened and gave me the choice, become TIM: Total Intent Manifest and become Cosmic Law's assassin, or become the Cosmic Scapegoat.
Tim Rifat's Bone Generators® Psychotronic Generators® suck all the power out of these human Vampire lovers to make you the biggest baddest Vampire in Town.
Interested in Tim Rifat's exclusive crystals to open doorways to different dimension see
Interested in making money see Money PC/BPC on . Money Wealth Fortune Service on , Sublime Good Money Machine on .
As the first of a new generation of Psi-Lords, Tim Rifat has a complete package of spiritual technologies to:
Free you from negative possession attack and the Matrix, this spiritual technology being RV SCIENCE.COM . For future sciences brought to the present by Tim Rifat's remote viewing.
The long awaited books of Tim Rifat in e-book and word format, along with many of the brain image files used in the courses, all available to buy with immidiete download. PSI MASTER.COM
Tim Rifat the progenitor of total freedom from within the Matrix has adapted Toltec Shamanism as described by Castaneda to become a vehicle for divine light to enter the matrix to make you burn with Divine Fire.
Copyright Tim Rifat 2006, All Rights Reserved.

Tim Rifat is the exclusive ... [cached]

Tim Rifat is the exclusive owner of all Psychotronic Generators™ in crystal form, these are called Psychotronic Crystals™ which are a registered trademark of Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd). If you have bought any crystal sold as a Psychotronic Generator™ from criminal fraudsters (see Warnings) such as,, or any other UK government sponsored counterfeit operation you have not only been conned but bought of your own free will (Hyperinfinity) a Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal that will drive you mad, make you ill or worse.

Now every victim is another mans prosperity so all the Satanic counterfeit crystals sold by these criminals can be used as crystals where these counterfeit crystals their owners and sellers act as the energy supply for the bioparticle Psychotronic Generators™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now sell to you. Unlike normal Psychotronic Generators™ these do not need charging as all customers and the websites:,, as well as all the people who access them to purchase... now supply the: Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force... life-force, sexual energy, vril, odic force... for the Psychotronic Generator™ which the Psi-Lord Ltd can now supply. As it takes no energy on our part to pair these large quartz crystals with the counterfeit ones to suck energy from the counterfeit crystal they can be supplied at a very fair price of $30 + $15 P&P. Even better since the criminal Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum (who has put some bogus email from Tim Rifat (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) purporting to give him permission to steal - please give the public some semblance of intelligence!) has put the diabolical 9 Insectile Powers of the Satanic Council of 9 in his counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now put all 9 Anti-Satanic Powers in our Psychotronic Generator™. This means that all the people buying the counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™ from:, (yes the Graham Nickels aka Paul Hughes Barlow),, get bad health, destroyed psychic powers, psychic attack instead of psychic protection, rapid ageing, bad luck, no money or worse, no love but hate, no athletic ability, no sex... while the real Psychotronic Generator™ created by Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd) gives you real love, real money, real psychic powers, psychic protection, good luck, good health, love, sex, athletic ability and the counterfeiters supply the power.

Tim Rifat the foremost ... [cached]

Tim Rifat the foremost scientist in the field of Psi-Technology and science has carried out the Research and Development to take advantage of this Mirror Megaverse knowledge known to our ancient Seer ancestors. In our Megaverse the Wheel of Tim that spins anti-clockwise (see Castaneda's: The Eagles Gift) entrains our right side Awareness into synchonicity with it's force so all our energy centres spin in the same direction. The Archons were the super advanced civilisation of dark energy matter insectiles who learnt to spin up the CF in their slaves to the speed of the Wheel of Time so that the slave had no time and instead dreamt of his possessed life to wake up in the Aeon Psi-Prison of the Cell to be tortured for all eternity. Stealing time from the prey to feed the predator by consuming the emotional energy of the outer coat of Man to power up the CF side of man to match the spin of the Wheel of Time so time ceases to exist for Man' instead the slave wakes up from the Archon dream in his Cell Aeon (see this site and )

In the process the clockwise Anti-CF and chiral reversal of the Pulsar nature from left to right occured ( see my Psi-Master Service ) The Megaverse(s) are made from the Torsionic Soliton, Nazi Ahnenerbe research developed by the Russians after WW11, in our Megaverse the time function is supplied by the spin of the Torsionic Soliton Wheel of Time, an anti-clockwise rotation, in the Mirror Megaverse time is defined by the change of Pulsar force as the clockwise Megaverse cancels the Wheel of Tim. In the Mirror Megaverse time is controlled and changed by altering the Pulsar force using the emotional energy of being (in the outer coat of humans' energy bodies) In our Megaverse time is defined by spin.
The Psi-Master in his liquid gel container of course died but his Soul Spirit was wed to the Wheel of Tim to change it's infolding to produce the Second Nazi time-line, the Ahnenerbe World.
Tim Rifat, the Psi-Lord, as the Master of hyper infinity has set all the rules. Since every decision according to the physicist Wheeler makes a world, the many world realities of this branch of quantum mechanics is collapsed to one Megaverse controlled by the Master of hyper infinity, as all decision is the Megaverse are dictated by the Total Intent of the Psi-Lord. Tim Rifat quantum mechanically mixed the human energy body and crystal energy body to make the Psychotronic Crystal. How it works is that the Crystal is filled with negative energy and combined with the Soul and Spirit of the owner made positive by Tim Rifat, this is a - x+ = - output.
The last step is making the 34 BSRI-Engine hyper infinite so it controls free will, shapes reality to conform to the Psi-Master and most important of all makes criminals and the UK and US governments produce fake crystals purporting to be useful bit in fact as explained above Anti-Psychotronic Crystals to burn the entire Earth silica quartz crust into a negative zone to burn the entire West for Psychotronic Fuel to benefit the Psi-Lord and the few Psi-Masters who have been switched on by Tim Rifat to the positive PF output by perfecting their Soul Spirit not by the crystal but by Tim Rifats' command of hyper infinity.
Anyone who buys any counterfeit crystal from any supplier is now burning their dream, condition, to supply PF to the Psi-Lord Rim Rifat and the owners of hyper infinite Soul Spirits raised by Tim Rifat to Psi-Master. Introduction of Psychotronic Crystals was designed so that the UK and US government would try and run fake counterfeiting rings (see Warnings and Testimonials) knowing they would be terrified of anti-Illuminati Archon Psi-Technology so would make anti-psychotronic Crystals to supply Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord with infinite Psychotronic Fuel as these negative evil crystals destroy the West.
Does not work for people Tim Rifat has put in his Psi-Prison ( Burn your Enemies in Hell Service ) for them there is no escape, Illuminati, Archons, Demons...
The Spirit BPC/PC gives you a Spirit of the Mirror Megaverse to wed with your Mirror Megaverse Soul so you can have a Super Soul Spirit of both Megaverses or a Mirror Megaverse Soul Spirit for the escaped damned (85%) of Westerners fall in this class; their only escape route. Together the 4 SuperPower Rings and Pulsar Stones of the Mirror Megaverse Set give you a Devic Body in the Mirror Megaverse so like me you can have your totality in that Universe like the ancient Seers to go in the line energy body Tim Rifat and the ancient Seers possess.
Tim Rifat has explored the big question, what happens after death and his details all aspects of the near death, death, past death experience for Westerners and how it has become corrupted by Illuminati Freemason Satanism.

So the Dracula Archetype has great ... [cached]

So the Dracula Archetype has great power for the chicklet, nerdlet that wishes to be a Vampire but can't accept the truth given by Tim Rifat. For those who know Tim Rifat is in the know - the Psi-Lord this Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Sublime Good® Service is another power to add to their repertoire.

The nerd that doesn't believe Tim Rifat's Real Vampire® Science can nevertheless be a Vampire adhering to fictional Vampire theology meant to disinform. So both the lovers and haters of Tim Rifat can use the Dracula Master Real Vampire® Service. All those people who know of, have read of, or seen films, tv series on Vampires feed you back to the Inception of Vampires. As Vlad the Impaler was not the first Vampire but Vampires were in Lemuria, Atlantis and are the core of Shamanism that goes back to the birth of Man, this Service is a humdinger for power for anyone. Think of it as the introductory Vampire Service to kick start you to a huge power level from day one. Tim Rifat uses the misdirection of the Illuminati to power the Real Vampire® as it drains the Archetype of Vampires in the Group Mind. As billions see Vampire commerce: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight... the human race feeds the Archetype, which feeds you. So the would be Vampire can feed off the human race directly through the Group Mind using the Service. You also get all the fictional Vampire weaknesses so I recommend you get a Real Vampire® to give you immunity to Vampire fiction weaknesses. Think of a Real Vampire® as immunising the Dracula Vampire to it's innate Memetic weakness: As the Dracula Vampire carries so much energy in the Group Mind it is a must have for the greedy Real Vampire® and the haters of Tim Rifat.
Tim Rifat was given the Holy Grail Cup Water - the Archetypal Real Vampire® Blood.
As you are of Tim Rifat's line of Real Vampire®, as only a Real Vampire® can make another Real Vampire® loyalty to the Psi-Lord is guaranteed. Any non benevolent act is a breach of your contract so you get weaker the more you go against Tim Rifat. You can now see how the Illuminati rule. They don't need to enforce their orders. You obey your Maker Vampire or perish. Total Control Illuminati style. You can imagine the old Illuminati are frantic now Tim Rifat has taken over the Real Vampire® monopoly of power. There will be no Maker Vampire Service offered by Tim Rifat and he has blocked all Real Vampire® making by anyone else. So all the Real Vampires® in the future will be the descendants of Tim Rifat's Real Vampires®.
Tim Rifat has destroyed all Enos Vampirism to leave Tim Rifat Vampire Science.
Tim Rifat has taken over this technology so he can offer it to you. All the shiny glass and steel Freemason buildings in the West, sparkling pools, shiny stone, giant glinting Ferris wheels, sparkling White House... are Vampire Psychotronic Generators® now powering only Tim Rifat's line of Real Vampires®. This is because MI6 occult branch gave Tim Rifat the keys to Real Vampire® Psychotronic Generators® and he took them for himself.
In 1981 the Illuminati Vampires gave Tim Rifat a new graduated scientist access to his monolithic Vampire system via MI6 occult branch. Tim Rifat then gradually suborned the system to freeze out the Vampire Illuminati to make his line of Vampires the only Real Vampires®. To do this he made a deal with Lucifer and Amalek the enemies of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shaddai... the Vampire God of the West worshipped in the Old Testament.
This Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® Engine (yes, Tim Rifat has all those Trademarks) is put under the tongue.
Real Vampire® Science for the 21st Century thanks to Tim Rifat.
Supernatural Spirits® (MI6 occult branch commune with all types of Supernatural Spirit® Vampire) showed Tim Rifat how to bite prey with the dreaming bodies fangs. Canines that can be extended from your dreaming body.
You can read to see how much Tim Rifat, the world's psychic warfare expert (according to knows about taking energy from targets.
Tim Rifat will use all counterfeiters and their customers as toxic waste dumps to make you into super prey for my Real Vampires® Your shadow of Total Amalek and Total Lucifer will take your Soul to make you damned (or more damned) and pay me for the process so you make me stronger. If you are a multinational working on a black project for the Pentagon trying to rip me off in secret all the soldiers you can into thinking they are Real Vampires® will i) iv) v) and I will use them to make all US/Nato personnel super prey, totally vulnerable to Real Vampires® as I have retroactively drunk of them thanks to my remote soldier torture toy Real Vampire® Tulpas you have put in all participants by trying to steal off me. So all your efforts introduce remote unconscious Real Vampire® possessed soldiers to suck dry all they come into contact for me Tim Rifat - God of Real Vampire®.
Tim Rifat is the sole designer of Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® Swords - Vampire Swords.
Tim Rifat always uses Vampire Swords on MI5. The result:-

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