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Interview: 11 Questions with Tatsu Mikami of CHURCH OF MISERY
Tatsu Mikami - CHURCH OF MISERY Interview with Tatsu Mikami of CHURCH OF MISERY This interview goes to eleven! Antihero Magazine caught up with doom mastermind and founding member of CHURCH OF MISERY, Tatsu Mikami, and talked to him about the new album, And Then There Were None, which is released via Rise Above Records on ...

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Church Of Misery were formed by Tatsu Mikami (ba) in the spring of 1995 to play very individual DOOM rock influenced by early Black Sabbath and 70s heavy rock, with lyrics dedicated to famous serial killers like Manson, Dahmer, Ramirez, etc.
Now, the band's line-up consists of 3 Japanese guys, Hideki Fukazawa - vocals, Tatsu Mikami - bass, and Junji Narita - drums, and one Australian,Tom Sutton - guitars.

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CHURCH OF MISERY was founded by Tatsu Mikami (bass guitar) back in 1995.
After the breakup of his leading thrash metal band SALEM (that had toured in the UK several times and received critical acclaim from metal fans as well as the press) Tatsu decided to start his own solo project. He wanted to do something that reflected his other musical inspirations - doom metal and doom rock. Apart from metal and thrash, he was strongly influenced by doom bands like SAINT VITUS, BLACK SABBATH and became aware that his own riffs had started to include doom vibes. Also, he was very much into late 60's/early 70's heavy rock material like LEAF HOUND, NOVEMBER, MAY BLITZ, HIGH TIDE, GUN, BLUE OYSTER CULT and so on. It was natural for him to shift his musical direction from metal to a more rock-influenced style. In 1995, Tatsu formed a band with Tomohiro Nishimura (guitar), Hideki Shimizu (drums), Kazuhiro Asaeda (vocals), that was named CHURCH OF MISERY. Tatsu and Junji contacted the previous singer Hideki, and they decided on a reunion, joined by new guitar player Ikuma Kawabe (ex-DHIDALAH) in late May 2012.

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