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Last Updated 11/3/2006

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STEFANO VISCONTI RIPPED BODYBUILDER NYC'S PREMIER MASSEUR 11YRS EXP STEFANO VISCONTI - NYC'S PREMIER MASSEUR My name is Stefano Visconti and I give a full body complete DEEP TISSUE PROFESSIONAL massage.I will go back to Stefano and recommend him to you. In my continuing search to find that """"perfect for me"""" massage therapist, after a long string of disappointments, I apprehensively called Stefano in the early afternoon to see when he would be available for a massage session.I had seen his ad for a while, but I never called him because I live downtown and he lives uptown, but after visiting most of the downtown and midtown masseurs and being generally disappointed, I decided to go above 57th and give him a try.To my surprise, he was available later that evening because he had just had a cancelation, which I found very accomodating with my busy schedule.Stefano is quite the talker.However, I am here to tell you that if you pass Stefano up you only have yourself to blame.It is an experience that you will NOT regret.He is HOT without a chip on his shoulder.He is SWEET and KIND and he will make you feel better than you may have felt in a long time.Inside and out!! Everything with Stefano was a most pleasant experience.From his warm and professional phone manners (he called me 10 minutes after I left a message) to his being perfectly on time, and of course the massage itself.When Stefano arrived at my home, later that day, I was very glad to see such a handsome guy greet me. Hw walked in, shook my hand and gave me a hug.In no time he made me feel completely at ease, as if I had known him for years.He looks like those guys you see on tv or at the gym.....but this stud was no only approachable, but sweet as well.Wonderful, handsome, and very sweet!Did I say handsome already????I am not saying anything new, all his reviewers have commented how his body looks like a Greek god, big, hard, sculpted and proportioned.The massage was very professional, vigorous, strong.After all Stefano is a massage therapist with years of training and experience.My stressed out body neened that kind of deep tissue massage to relieve all my knots.It was also so serene and very relaxing, and he gave a new meaning to the erotic final part, which was not rushed at all.Clearly this hunk goes out of his way to make sure his clients leave happy and smiling.Stefano was actually highly recommended by a friend, and made the experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

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