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Silvia agreed and they hastily said their goodbyes to the hostess.
In the car, Maritza asked Silvia what she wanted to do. Silvia replied excitedly. "No," Silvia said, lowering her eyes in sadness. "Oh, honey, I'm sorry. What happened?" "Nothing," Silvia snapped. Silvia did not drink beer very often, but when she did, it didn't take a lot to make her head swim and emotions bubble to the surface. Silvia sniffed and sobbed as she added, "I... "No, no," Silvia interjected. Silvia stared long and hard at her mother as if pondering a whether to discuss something or not. Silvia stared at her mother, and then confessed: "Carlos broke up with me because I was... " "Yes?" "...inexperienced, mom. I couldn't please him! Silvia said loudly. When Silvia had relaxed, Maritza looked in her daughter's dark amber colored eyes and said, "Honey, there will be men who don't care if you..." "I dunno," Silvia shrugged, seeming to tire of the conversation. Fearing the conversation would end, Maritza pressed on. "What, if you don't mind me asking, was Carlos disappointed about?" Silvia glanced at her mother and again stared in silence for a long minute. She was deciding just how frank to be with her mom. She, with the help of the alcohol, decided to tell all. "He said I gave shitty blow jobs," she blurted before chickening out. I only had sex with Sergio and that was twice in missionary, before we broke up," Silvia continued, her tongue loosening and the words coming out uncontrollably. Silvia glanced at her in surprise. "You would?" Silvia followed suit. Silvia stared in awe only inches from her mother's tongue, as her mom continued to service the dildo. "If you want, you can curl your tongue around it..." "Around what? Silvia interrupted. "Ohhh," Silvia said, nodding approvingly. Silvia started to lick it, following the instructions of her expert mom, and then stopped. Silvia did not respond. Instead, she leaned forward, tilted her head, and as both women stared at each other, they began licking the sides of the dildo. In an attempt to overcome the initial awkwardness of the moment, Maritza picked up her pace and slurped on the base. Silvia followed her mother's lead and as Maritza sucked the tip, Silvia followed. As Maritza licked the side, her daughter followed. Silvia was taken aback by this proposal. I don't know who else, mom," Silvia replied. Maybe I need more practice," Silvia said and continued licking the dildo like a lollipop. Maritza joined and in a few seconds they were moaning again. Hearing the sounds of pleasure emanating from her hastened Silvia's decision. "So, if were to call Julio...what will I say? Silvia exclaimed. It was easy to see where Silvia got her good looks and fine body. "Thank you, Julio. Come in, please, come in and take a seat," she said, offering him a beer. My daughter, Silvia, has been a little down lately and I am worried about her. Silvia walked into the living room. Her red dress was so tight it was like a second silky skin. Her breasts were not as big as her mothers yet, but there was hope that she would soon possess a generous rack and an ample ass. Silvia was standing topless, showing her large breasts to Julio. Maritza marveled at how close they resembled hers when she was younger, except Silvia's nipples were longer and her areolas darker. Silvia turned her head and saw her mom standing at the door. Julio turned as well and caught sight of Maritza. "Why don't you come to the bedroom," she said. "We'll be more comfortable there." Maybe it was the alcohol already taking effect or maybe he was so horny Julio didn't care about Maritza's presence. Maybe there was a chance he could fuck both women. "Let's go to mom's bedroom," Silvia said, taking him by the hand. When the arrived in the bedroom, Maritza whispered in Silvia's ear: "Let me know when you have him in your mouth. I want to see what you learned." Silvia continued her seduction of Julio. However, Carlos, her ex-boyfriend, was on her mind. She imagined she was having another chance to give him a blowjob, but this time she'd do it better, much better, better than anyone else could do it. Silvia didn't waste time. She helped Julio out of his pants and took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. Then, right before she crammed the cock in her mouth, she screamed "Moooom." Maritza walked in and saw Silvia was already giving him the blowjob. Maritza approached slowly, then stood closer and started directing Silvia's movements. She repeated some of the instructions "Up then down. Again. Up, then down." Silvia licked up the length of Julio's vein laden shaft and back down. Julio was hearing the instructions and couldn't believe what it was happening. Never in his wildest wettest dreams could he imagine something like this. A totally hot mom, expertly instructing her sexy daughter on how to give him the blowjob of a lifetime. "Slip just the head into your mouth and flick the tip with your tongue," Maritza continued. This made Julio release a barely audible moan: "Ohhhhhh." Silvia smiled and thought, "that's a good sign. Silvia continued with this cock inside her warm mouth, squeezing it with her lips as hard as she could, doing it faster and faster, and making him groan. Maritza decided it was enough, the lesson was learned. She caressed Silvia's hair and said: "You are doing it like a professional. I am so proud of you, baby. Give him a reward. He has been a very nice boy." As Maritza walked out of the room, Julio jumped on the bed. Silvia climbed on top of him. He guided his cock into her tight waiting cunt. She started to ride him, going up and down. She was happy because her teacher approved of her blowjob. Her pride and ego had never been higher. She felt she now possessed the skills to please any man. She promised herself that she would take any opportunity to give a blow job, every day if she had to, up to 30 men a month she would please them all. Images of the mailman, her college professor, her roommate's brother, even her father's good friend, ran through her mind. She was enjoying fucking Julio. She liked the feeling of his thick cock inside her shaved pussy. She was not thinking about Carlos anymore. She didn't need him. "It's his loss," she thought. Silvia felt an orgasm rising within her and she started to moan and then scream as she surrendered to the pleasure. She felt a strong vibration in her crotch that moved through her body at the speed of light. She shuddered as she experienced the most intense orgasm. This was clearly the best sex she had and by the look on Julio's face the feeling was mutual. Julio motioned for her to get off him and she did, lying down. He climbed on top of her and began to penetrate her with wild abandon. Maritza wandered back into the room in time to see Julio climax and release a load of cum on Silvia's round brown ass. Silvia smiled. She felt like a complete woman.


Officer Silvia Loret is making the rounds during the height of the swine flu scare.
Silvia had no intention of hassling anyone until she caught sight of a moving van in front of a building. "Kind of late for a move," she thought. She approached slowly. She ran the plates. Nothing unusual. She was about to drive off when she thought she heard a noise, breaking glass, from inside the building. She parked and headed in. She tried to call in her position, but got nothing, just static. She tapped on her walkie-talkie and tried again. Nothing. She shrugged her shoulders, "doesn't matter, everyone is out with the flu." She noticed the front door had been forcibly opened. She drew her gun and entered the building cautiously. It was dark and looked abandoned. She fumbled around for the lights. She flipped the switch. Nothing. She breathed a sigh of relief. She tried her walkie-talkie again. Nothing. She was about to leave when she heard a noise behind a closed door. Her heart rate accelerated. She moved like a cat and listened to the door. "Definitely someone in there," she thought. She counted quietly to herself, took a deep breath, and then opened the door. Silvia Loret. I'm at the corner of Independence and Fourth. Nothing but static. The young man smiled and Silvia felt a gun in her back. "The question is 'are you alone?'" said a man's voice. "Now drop your gun, bitch!" Silvia dropped the gun. Silvia Loret." He was older than the one she initially caught. He whistled as he admired her shapely body. "I've got to admit, amigo. If ever I needed to be frisked, here's the lady." They both laughed. Silvia kept a straight face. Nothing at the academy had trained her for this. She was uncertain what their motives were. She wasn't a hostage. No one knew her whereabouts. "So how about Sgt. Silvia? Silvia tried in vain to resist moaning, but the man's tongue on her pussy and asshole was too much." Soon she was moaning and groaning, almost to the point of begging to be fucked. The young man approached Silvia. She was in the throes of passion as the older man sucked on her engorged clit. The young man bent down and kissed her breasts lightly, but then started to suck on her thick dark nipples. Silvia did all seven. Then all seven had their way with her, but one at a time, one right after another. She was covered in cum by the end of the night. Tonight she was in new territory. She found herself on top of the older man. She was riding him, her tits flopping in his face. She felt the younger man behind her, her ass checks separate, then the thick tip of his cock enter her asshole. She groaned as the two worked in unison to fuck her from behind. Silvia sat, naked, wondering how she was going to explain this to her superior.


The money was ok, but Silvia struggled to make ends meet.
She was not as well off as Sandra. She had many younger brothers and sisters her parents were supporting. Silvia responded with a laugh. A male co-worker walked in and they grew silent. When he left, they restarted their conversation. "I wouldn't think he would need to pay for sex," Silvia said. Silvia was puzzled and said, "I don't follow." "Would you do him for $500?" Silvia smiled, silently thinking of all the things she could buy with $500. Silvia said with a laugh. On the way home, Sandra told Silvia it was all set. Silvia pretended to be horrified. "No, you didn't!" Most boys Silvia had been with were all about their pleasure. I'm just going to end up naked in a bed getting fucked," Silvia said with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. Silvia entered the lobby and Don Jose approached. Silvia smiled and nodded. She wasn't bashful and raised her arms so he could effortlessly lift her shirt over her head, unleashing her large breasts. Silvia started to orgasm and Don Jose reached his climax. Silvia clutched the pillow as her body adjusted post orgasm. Silvia smiled and thought about the $500. Silvia eagerly accepted.


Silvia had been looking forwards to this day for weeks because she would be soon arriving at her best friend, Amy's house, for a party.
Amy's parents said that boys could attend the event, but they had to go home by midnight and were not allowed alcohol or drugs. Silvia had to find the perfect outfit because she would be competing for attention from other girls there, but she didn't want to appear as though she was desperate. She was 20 years old and proud of her D-cup breasts, although in some bras she thought that her breasts were slightly larger than a D. This meant though that finding an outfit was particularly difficult. She tried on tops with plunging fronts, that if she were to move just a little too sharply, her nipples could be slightly exposed or even a whole breast. Yet, she didn't want to appear prudish. Finally, after around an hour she decided upon a black blouse to match her tight jeans. Silvia decided not to wear a bra because it wasn't see-through and she knew that she would get the most attention when the boys noticed her breasts bouncing around under the material as she danced or moved around. Her dad dropped her off at Amy's at 7pm and even though she thought that she was late, it turned out that she was one of the first to arrive. Silvia explained the situation. "My parents are not home, we can go there, and call the the guys to let them know we are hosting the party" David suggested "Sounds cool to me" Said Silvia They stopped by a convenience store and bought some liquour, cigarretes, snacks... They came at David's house and set everything up, Silvia helped preparing some snacks, she also was calling some of her girlfriends to notify them the change of place. A couple of them said she would attend, some of them were already doing something else. So she felt confident at least 2 of them would arrive soon. She felt like having a drink. She prepared the drinks. After some minutes David prepared more drink this time with a little bit more liquour than normal for Silvia. Around 30 minutes passed and there was no sing of anyone else. Anyway she was enjoying the chat with the guys. One more drink for her. David had been trying to get the party going with some jokes and funny tales. "Why don't we play spin the bottle? I know it's a bit childish, but it could be fun. David's suggestion was met with nods of approval from Silvia, who seemed a little bit more relaxed and confident. "Ermm, if the bottle points to you then you have to do anything we command" John's version of the rules made Silvia burst out laughing. First we have to finish all the liquor of this bottle. Come on Silvia, you haven' t drunk enough John took the empty bottle and handed it to Silvia "Ok who wants to spin first? David volunteered. She was petrified that the bottle would land on her first as she wasn't wearing a bra and didn't want to be sat there in her tiny black panties in front of these 2 boys. David span the bottle and time stood still as it went around the circle. It landed on Silvia. Silvia started to make sexy and luscious movements in such natural way. "Yes baby, show us a little more, you' re beautiful, you look like a movie star, you have the look of those european actresses" Said David When Silvia heard this she smiled and asked "Do you really think a could be a famous model or actress?" "Hell yes baby! You' re gorgeous, spectacular, I have no words to describe you" "How abou this? Silvia aked and get a position where they could see part of her loveley breast. John took the bottle and calculate the turn to make it land on Silvia again. He did it. "Ups! It's for you again Silvia" Choose, clothes or forfeit?" Ohhh, again for me? Silvia had a incautious innocent point of view of the game. Well... Forefeit "No, no harder" Silvia screamed, It is hurting righ now" "Well ok, no more spanking, but then forfeit" "Yes, show one of your tits" - "No way" Silvia replied - "Then I will spank you harder than this" John used a lot more of strengh " Ouch! ok, ok, I will do that, ok John! Said Silvia, with something of submission in her voice. The game continued but now Silvia had one sides of the blouse slightly off. Silvia noticed David and John's pants were moving as their hardon's raged at the sight of her huge tit. As she went to spin the bottle the boys watched her tits move and jiggle. This caused more visible throbbing. Silvia took her spin and it landed on John.. She commanded him to take his pants off. He stood up . he wasn't wearing underware , His erection sprung free and stood out pointing at Silvia. He sat back down, but Silvia could still glance at his hardon pointing up to his belly-button. "Looks like the game is about to get interesting! Silvia thought David took the bottle and gave it a spin. It landed on Silvia who knew that she would have to take her pants off. She didn' t even wait David to command. She removed her pants and the boys got joy in seeing what she had to offer. It landed on David. It was an easy task for him because John had gone before him so he stood up and revealed another bulging crotch to the room. He took his seat and then his spin. It landed on Silvia, she chose to reveal her tits and leave her pussy hidden. Her tits were perky and her nipples were slightly puffy. But the command was different. "Silvia, your forfeit is to show us your cunt ." It was the best that David could think of. It landed on Silvia again. Silvia put wrapped her soft hand around their erections and began to give the handjob. More than 2 minutes passed and Silvia didn' t even pretend to stop the handjob. She seemed to enjoy it. After a couple of minutes more Silvia asked "Now what? Do you just spin again?" David now only pretended to spin it, but he only put it landing to Silvia and commanded. "Let John pentrate you" "Ok" She was really acting like a prostitute now. "You tell me how you want it....... Ohhhh" Silvia says fondling his hardon, "Let me Stick in you now" he said Silvia gasped again as she felt him slide into her wet channel up to the hilt. Silvia now took John's dick in her mouth, she let out a series of little shrieks as she reached a climax that just seemed to go on and on.


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