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About the Authors | Insiders' Guide® to NC Mountains, 5th Edition

Sara Pacher Sara Pacher. . . a south Georgia native, made her second trip to these mountains one August when she was 14--and it was love at second sight.At a motel on Lake Chatuge, she awoke her parents and insisted, "I want to stay here."By September, she was enrolled in a private school in the Blue Ridge Mountains.She went on to colleges in Georgia, Colorado and Florida, and her career took her to Manhattan and Europe.Her son, Amadeus, was bor¾n in Geneva, Switzerland. Back in the United States, she helped start ATLANTA magazine, worked in publishing in New York and moved to San Francisco to become assistant editor for Western Skier and Western travel editor for Better Homes and Gardens.To satisfy her gypsy heart, she lived for extended periods in Mexico and also became a certified tour director.Then, in 1978, she saw an ad for a writer/editor position at The Mother Earth News magazine in Hendersonville, and her old love for these mountains came back into focus.She was senior editor of the magazine for 12 years and also organized and led the magazine's "Tours that Teach" all over the world.Sara has biked China, trekked and rafted in both the Himalayas and Alaska, camped in Tanzania's Serengeti, played with Rwanda's mountain gorillas and toured health spas all over the former Soviet Union.She's also studied wild plants in the Alps, reef fishes in the South Seas, horticulture in Japan, arts and crafts in Scandinavia and Nepal, alcohol-fuel production in Brazil and solar power in Israel. She now freelances from her home 8 miles outside Brevard on a small lake with a waterfall below her study's deck.Her articles have appeared in Utne Reader, Green Prints, New Realities and BackHome magazines.Reflecting her love of gardening, she has serves as contributing writer to Rodale Press' All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, The Experts Book of Garden Hints and Garden Answers.A few years ago, Sara wrote a series called "Cream of the Country" about great places to live all over the United States--but when it came to Western North Carolina's Mountains, her philosophy was, "Never tell." Now, with four successful editions of this book under her belt, her silence on the subject has truly been broken.

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By Sara PacherSara Pacher :Sara Pacher is a former writer/editor for national magazines , whose assignments have taken her all over the world , including trekking and rafting in Nepal , biking in China , visiting mountain gorillas in Africa , studying coral reefs in the South Seas , crafts in Scandinavia , wild plants in the Alps , solar power in Israel , and alcohol-fuel production in Brazil.She has lived for extended periods in Europe and Mexico.Her son , Amadeus , was born in Geneva , Switzerland.Over her career , Sara helped create both Atlanta and Backhome magazines , contributed to Rodale's garden books , and co-authored four editions of The Insiders Guide to North Carolina's Mountains , the area where she currently lives.Her interviews with such notables as Lester Brown of the World Watch Institute and the late Norman Cousins have been picked up by several publications.An article she wrote on Jimmy Carter appears in a college textbook on writing.Sara has also written poetry , musicals , screenplays , and lyrics for rock bands , but due to her deep love of ancient history , she notes that no writing project has been as much fun as traveling back in time with The Gladiator Isarna.Free Preview :Though cooler than outdoors , it was still stifling in the narrow chambers lined with hard benches where the gladiators awaited their fights.Some marked off the names on programs as the fighters were called.Many even wagered on the outcomes of the contests or gambled with dice.Some prayed at small altars to Mars set up in each of the holding rooms.

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