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Governor at Maluku

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Last Updated 11/24/2010

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Governor of Maluku, Saleh Latuconsina as the authority of civil emergency and its four members, consisting of the, the Pattimura Military Commander-in-Chief, Brig.
Gen. I Made Yasa, the Maluku Police Chief, Brig.

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"We've taken a passive approach because these jihad Muslims came here to help their Muslim brothers [rebuild]," said Saleh Latuconsina, governor of Ambon and the Maluku Islands, in his first-ever interview with foreign correspondents.
"Only about 10 percent of them have been militant." The governor, a Muslim, said "cracking down on the people who are organizing this would be counterproductive and would make the situation worse." Is the conflict a religious war? "No, no," Latuconsina insisted, pointing at his cabinet staff, which includes Vice-governor Paula B. Renyaan, a Christian.

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The source also disclosed that the administrators of the Civilian Emergency -- Governor Saleh Latuconsina, chief of the Pattimura regional military command Brig Gen I Made Yasa, and Maluku Police chief Brig Gen Firman Gani -- were meeting to discuss ways to overcome the problem.
"This year we have to celebrate (New Year's Eve) amidst a difficult time due to the prolonged conflict," Maluku Governor Saleh Latuconsina said in his New Year's speech in Ambon Sunday night. He said the ethnic and religious conflicts had caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people who also lost all their belongings. He urged the people to unite in creating a lasting peace among followers of the different religions and to reconcile.

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