Ronnie Rivero

Partner at Frantic 4 Racing

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Stormin Normin Story Book

Ron Rivero our partner was there, but he had never driven the car before.
However he did have good experience in other cars in Texas when he was in the service. We put him in the orange car. Now back to the fun part. At the time Ronnie weight about 140 pounds and I weight 175, so I told Ronnie to pull 10 pounds off the front of the orange car. I don`t like to ever lose a race, but I wanted the orange car to win. We go to the line, I leave and keep waiting for Ronnie to go by me. I get in the lights and still no Ronnie. I knew then something had to happen to the orange car. He did a giant wheel stand and when it came back down it broke the left front wheel. To this day he thinks I set him up by pulling the weight off the front end. Not me and really Ronnie knows better. I remember I was working for Demar Ray, at the time you and Ron broke your only motor. We were racing at San Gabrial dragstrip, for a Drag News spot, and when Jim and I were thrashing to change head gaskets, between rounds, Steve Gibbs was announcing, an said "Weekly, Rivero, Fox and Holding, are working on their motor trying to get back here on time, for the next round.

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2004 California Hot Rod Reunion

Norm Weekly, Ron Rivero, Jim Fox and Dennis Holding
Norm Weekly, Dennis Holding, Jim Fox and Ron Rivero go back nearly 45 years as a team and its always great for their legends of fans to see them together. Here Nostalgia Top Fuel driver, Howard Haight visits with Ron Rivero. Ron Rivero is always armed with his trusty Polaroid so the fans can carry away a visual memory. The two members of the team who actually carry out the Frantic 4 Road Tour are Ron Rivero and Norm Weekly. Ron and Dennis Holding do see each other but once or twice a year so they catch up on what's going on while they can.

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2004 NHRR - Bowling Green, KY

From L to R: Dennis Holding, Jim Fox, Ron Rivero and Norm Weekly.

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