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Last Updated 9/17/2003

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Advocate of the Growing VA Industry  - Virtual Assistance U

Expert Coach  - Virtual Assistance U

Owner  - Admin Solutions

Certified Reviewer  - VACertification.com


Founder  - VAs

Advisory Board  - Atlas Virtual Solutions

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Ronda Dykes, MVA Ronda Dykes began working virtually in the mid-1980s - long before it was the norm - when she routinely sent and received remote communications and assignments via telex, modem, and fax.Following the birth of her daughter in 1998, she decided to eschew the corporate world and somehow capitalize on her extensive administrative experience and Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Communications.While researching home-based business possibilities on the Internet, she discovered that what she had been doing for years now had a name and an industry - Virtual Assistance - and that it was quickly becoming the hottest home-based business of the decade.She knew immediately that she had, at last, found her calling. Ronda opened Admin Solutions (http://www.admin-solutions.com/) in 1999 and soon began providing top-quality virtual assistance to overworked executives, successful entrepreneurs, busy independent professionals, and understaffed small businesses from coast to coast.In 2001, to better reflect and promote the virtual aspect of her business, Ronda changed her business name to admin-solutions.com and redesigned her web site to showcase her new business image.Highly skilled in office administration and management procedures, Ronda has received numerous certifications from Brainbench.com in the computer software, communications, and office skills categories and, in February 2001, was one of the first Virtual Assistants in the world to receive the coveted Master Virtual Assistant (MVA) designation awarded by VACertification.com. Ronda is committed to helping her colleagues build successful VA businesses.She does this by regularly writing "how-to" articles on operating and marketing a VA business, actively participating on several VA discussion lists, message boards and chats, serving on the Advisory Board of AVirtualSolution.com, as an Expert Coach for Virtual Assistance U, and as a Certified Reviewer for VACertification.com, and by participating as a panelist at the Business Marketing Workshop at VA Conference 2001. After mentoring new and established VAs for more than a year, at the urging of her colleagues and associates, Ronda decided to offer these services on an "official" basis and, in May 2001, launched VACoach.com (http://www.vacoach.com/).When asked what prompted her to start VACoach.com, Ronda said, "I firmly believe that any administrative professional who possesses top-notch skills, along with the desire, commitment, drive and dedication to succeed, can realize his or her dream of operating a rewarding VA business.But, sometimes, they need the support of an experienced VA to answer their questions and guide them in the right direction - someone who has ‘been there' and ‘done that' - someone to stand on the sidelines and cheer them on.That is why I started VACoach.com - to coach my colleagues to success!" Ronda is also an advocate of the growing VA industry and an internationally recognized expert in the field of Virtual Assistance.She has been featured in two books on operating online businesses: "A Career in Virtual Assisting: Take the Cyber Secretary Plunge" and "Mompreneurs Online: Using the Internet to Build Work at Home Success."In 2000, Ronda was invited by the Strategy Practice Department of Andersen Consulting to participate in a benchmarking study to determine the best practices in the field.

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The Challenges of Working from Home While Raising a Toddler

By Ronda DykesWe were discussing the difficulties of working from home while raising children, when she asked, "How do you do it?!Ronda Dykes is the owner of Admin Solutions, a virtual office support service that specializes in helping small business and individuals convey a professional image with high-quality word processing, desktop publishing and web design services.She is also on the advisory board of AVirtualSolution, a resource site for Virtual Assistants.She can be reached at (816) 279-5701, by email at RDykes@admin-solutions.com or through her company's website at http://www.admin-solutions.com.

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DSA Desktop Services-A virtual assistance and web design company!

This report was written by Ronda Dykes, owner of Admin Solutions, an off-site virtual assistance company serving overworked and understaffed small and home-based businesses.For more information, please visit her website at http://www.admin-solutions.com/RDykes@admin-solutions.com

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