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GWO Rampage TV - Friday June 6 2008

gwo.popshock.org [cached]

Roger Robertson: Well we're kicking things off here with an Xtreme rules match-up between our Xtreme champion, The Freak Himself, and the ever-eloquent Monsoon.
Christoph Alexander III: This guy's presence actually makes me feel dumber. Roger Robertson: I don't think "dumber" is actually a word, Christoph. Roger Robertson: I don't know what instructions Monsoon heard, but he's just pretty much armed Freak perfectly - what a stupid move! Eddie V continues to hurl verbal abuse at Monsoon who gets increasingly spooked, rolling back inside the ring. He turns around and looks at Eddie V with an expression of uncertainty. Roger Robertson: Don't be fooled by how lean those cane's are folks, they're the very kind that indigenous citizens of the far-east use to build houses and infrastructures; not the made-for-tv kind you'll recognize from WWE tapings. Roger Robertson: I thought manager's were meant to risk life and limb for their clients. Roger Robertson: Monsoon is no longer with us now, folks; he's gone; undeniably vacant. Freak makes the cover to put an end to this pseudo-homicide. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Roger Robertson: Freak manages to secure the pinfall on an opponent who never truly arrived to this contest. Roger Robertson: Next up, we have the three way tag team match ... this is going to be a clusterfuck of a match if there ever was one. Roger Robertson: Well, that's just the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? Roger Robertson: Wow, this guy really does like to attract attention to his entrance. Roger Robertson: You sure you want to finish that sentence? He then takes off his shirt, sunglasses, earrings, lip and eyebrow ring and places it on the outside and then yells at member of the ringside crew to come and grab his items, He then reaches into his pocket he pulls out a pair of padded MMA black gloves and begins to put them on while awaiting his tag team partner. Roger Robertson: What a fast, and entertaining beginning to this match! The fans are already going wild! Sharp turns his attention back to SAC, but SAC is ready, and quickly rolls Sharp up. 1.....2.....Sharp kicks out! The two stand, and lock up. SAC backs Sharp into the corner, and is pulled away by the referee. Sharp bounds at him with a clothesline, but SAC ducks and grabs Sharp by the head. He slams him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. DSJ is now back to his feet, and he whips SAC into the ropes. SAC runs at him, and DSJ throws SAC over his head with a perfect back body drop. Roger Robertson: The resident superhero of the GWO has made his way into the ring! Roger Robertson: Neil's not Canadian ... Roger Robertson: Beautiful move! Absolutely beautiful! Roger Robertson: Language! Roger Robertson: Look at the respect between these two. Roger Robertson: That's the brilliance of GWO ... anything can happen. Roger Robertson: You're welcome. Roger Robertson: Double superplex from the team of Neil Climer and Darrin St. James! Roger Robertson: HEAVEN FLYING DOWN! Roger Robertson: Neil Climer and Darrin St. James are now the number one contenders for the tag team titles! Roger Robertson: Shawn Alexander Cage and Rori McManus better be prepared next time! Roger Robertson: And here he is. The GWO Television Champion. Roger Robertson: If he says so ... Roger Robertson: Beautiful offense as the match begins. Roger Robertson: And again! Roger Robertson: Soldier just hasn't been a fighting champion ... maybe this count will be the end of it all. Roger Robertson: He did it! Roger Robertson: Ryan McKenzie ... what a showing! Roger Robertson: Union Jack is facing Chris Myers tonight, with the contendership spot on the line for Jack tonight. Roger Robertson: The referee asking Jack if he wants to quit. He does not seem to want to give up yet ... he's using his strength. Pulling himself towards the ropes ... Myers attempts to pull Jack away, but Jack drags himself over to the ropes, letting his strength take control. Roger Robertson: Myers is quite impressive again here tonight. Roger Robertson: It's Rog ... and street smarts, in a wrestling match? Roger Robertson: Myers drops down ... sick DDT onto the steel base of the steps! Jack's eyes are now closed, and he does not move. Roger Robertson: This is sickening ... Myers does not want to have a straight forward competition here tonight. Roger Robertson: He could have ended it by now! Continuing the action, Myers jumps into the air, slamming his knee down across Jack's back. He pulls Jack up, and places him into a bow and arrow submission hold. Roger Robertson: Myers goes for his finishing move ... FLASH BACK ... NO! Roger Robertson: Union Jack overcame the odds ... we thought he was beaten for sure! LAURA VS. EPIC There's a humidity to The Project, boiling its inhabitors like ingredients in a stew. Roger Robertson: Absolutely no restraint from EPIC here, he near enough took Laura's head off! EPIC picks Laura up off the canvas and lifts her into a vertical suplex position, he then drops forward driving Laura front-face down into the canvas. An "oooh!" rings out from the fans. EPIC eyes up the downed Laura, and then slingshots himself off the ropes ... Roger Robertson: What the hell is she doing? Roger Robertson: Laura and Hannah Rickman are playing the referee like a marionette here. Roger Robertson: This is a game for Laura, EPIC can't compete with the two of them constantly screwing with the pace of the action ... Wait a second, who's this? The camera re-aligns and spots Union Jack, who's just jumped the guard rail from through the crowd. He pulls Hannah Rickman down off the apron, grabs her by the hair, and drags her back to the rail. From his pocket he draws a pair of handcuffs! Roger Robertson: Our referee is now at ringside seeing to Hannah Rickman who, for once, is not playing with him. Roger Robertson: EPIC has been disqualified! And to be honest I compeltely understand his frustrations


Roger Robertson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GWO Rampage this Thursday April 17th, 2008.
Roger taps his pen on the GWO announce table with the screaming fans in behind reaching out for attention. Roger Robertson: It was the redebut of GWO, and it was something to be seen. Bobby McQueen: It's a battleground Roger, a lot of the new guys, like Chris Hunter, I mean take a look at that! Roger Robertson: That was last week, and tonight it continues. G-Volution Round 2!! Roger Robertson: I noticed some problems backstage, but John E's not one to keep anything pent up. Roger Robertson: Wait a damn, minute ... ! Roger Robertson: Well last week, JC Sharp, who didn't even want to compete, he wants nothing to do with this company, he claims he's done wrestling; he asked for his car keys which he claims to have left behind three some years ago. But the only way JED was gonna hand em over was if he wrestled one match ... Just one last match in the G-Volution tournament. He did that and won. He's here to collect! Roger Robertson: John E's a smart man, but if he were as smart as he claims to be, he'd hand those keys over right now. Roger Robertson: Last week Ravage and XHW's North Starr took on one hell of a fight. Roger Robertson: That one woulda took off Sharp's head! I guess G-Volution round 2 is starting right now! Roger Robertson: I dunno if that'll have any effect on this one. Roger Robertson: Ravage leveled Sharp with that big boot! Roger Robertson: Ravage isn't about to take the easy win, he's made it damn clear he's out to hurt people first and foremost. Ravage lifts Sharp off the mat by his throat with stunning ease. Roger Robertson: Ravage sends Sharp to the ropes with the irish whip ... TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Roger Robertson: For some of the these vetrans it's instinct to kick out of a pin. The fans tonight are behind JC Sharp, they wanna see a match, and they wanna see him get his keys ... Ravage lifts Sharp to his feet looking to continue the assult. Roger Robertson: Ravage could be looking to end it right here! Suddenly Sharp's right forearm finds a well placed home between the trunk like legs of Ravage, causing Ravage to fall over to the side holding his crotch. Roger Robertson: Sharp has yet to be able to mount any sort of effective offense against the unstoppable machine, but he's found an opening, will he capitalize? Sharp rolls Ravage onto his back with a mount and begins to feed lefts and rights to Ravage's jaw line, looking for a knock out. Roger Robertson: ... Roger Robertson: Sharp, risking a DQ by grabbing that ropes. That's illegal leverage, and he was only one count away from losing it here. Roger Robertson: Sharp's beside himself! There's no explination as to why Ravage just won't stay down, he never does! Soon the stomps turn into elbow drops, which turn into punches, which turn into a blatant choke. Roger Robertson: Sharp's choking Ravage! Nothing seems to stop him! The referee begins to count the choke 1,2- Sharp releases, but only to reapply seconds later. Bobby McQueen: haha, that's an old school tactic Roger! Roger Robertson: Break the count, and disregard to all rules. Good grief. Roger who is this guy anyway? He just hangs around and ... Is he even under GWO contract? Roger Robertson: That's Colin Riley, young hopeful looking to make it in this business, and JC Sharp has taken him under his wing. Roger Robertson: That's Xavier Shine, former North American champion! Roger Robertson: Is that what this is?! Reformation of Team Canada? Roger Robertson: What the hell is he doing!? Roger Robertson: Oh my god, Ravage has him ... THE AMARAGEDDON!!! Ravage moves directly into a pin following his vicious full nelson backbreaker. The ref makes the count 1.......2.........3! The ref calls for the bell, "Some Kind Of Monster" cues over the sound system. Roger Robertson: This one is over! Roger Robertson: As it stands, Ravage advances to the G-Volution finals, and the way I see it, he's got one hell of a chance at being named the 2008 G-Volutionist. Roger Robertson: Ladies and gentlemen we have to goto a quick break, but G-Volution Round 2 conitnues with the former Queen of Xtreme, Laura squaring off against one of the most impressive young athletes I've ever seen, Alexis Morningstar. Roger Robertson: Welcome back to Rampage Ladies and gentlemen we're getting right back into the action. Roger Robertson: The Sinister Superman is ever charming here, folks. Roger Robertson: You've never said no to any chick, Bobby. Roger Robertson: So it's old vs. new here; if there was ever a match which truly personified a changed GWO it's here before you, one of our longest running veterans facing off against one of our brightest new talents. Roger Robertson: ... What?! *disbelief* How? Roger Robertson: How the hell could this remind you of a cocaine party? Roger exhales and falls silent, the ring bell chimes and the two combatants circle each other; sizing one another up. Roger Robertson: Alexis really should have had his wits about him there. Roger Robertson: That's the first smart move he's made this match. Roger Robertson: I believe that's one of many signature combo's Alexis employs from that background in Puroresu; his catalogue of moves is staggering. Roger Robertson: And lost as a result of a disqualification. Roger Robertson: HOLY SHIT! The impact of that shook the table we're sitting at here! Alexis lays spread eagle on the canvas; he's not even here right now! Roger Robertson: WOAH! Roger Robertson: I think Alexis is the only person in The Project who doesn't know what's coming next ... Roger Robertson: What the hell is he talking about? Roger Robertson: MY GOD! His knee pads were practially solid metal! Roger Robertson: That means at G-Volution, Ravage will face Alexis Morningstar in the finals to crown the 2008 G-Volutionist! Roger Robertson: Quit brown-nosing, Bob. Roger Robertson: He did get his ass handed to him last week ... maybe he's throwing in the towel early. Roger Robertson: I know who that is! It's Psycho Soldier! Roger Robertson: Of course they are. The guy's a coward, running and hiding like a little b*tch instead of walking out to the ring himself. Roger Robertson: Few in the GWO can look Layne Walker in the eye, Bobby, but this guy is definitely one of them. Roger Robertson: Headbutt to the face of Layne Walker! Roger Robertson: See what I mean? Roger Robertson: A coward's a coward, Bobby. Roger Robertson: SHINING WIZARD! Roger Robertson: North Starr?! What the hell is he doing out here?! Roger Robertson: Are you kidding me? Roger Robertson: It's The Machine himself! Roger Robertson: Psycho Soldier is the winner! Bobby McQueen: I don't believe it, Roger ... the rookie taking out the veteran! Roger Robertson: It's happened before, Bobby. Roger Robertson: Well fans, this next match promises that the first Television champion of the new era of GWO, will be crowned. Roger Robertson: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this! Roger Robertson: Well the GWO is quite unpredictable and this surely proves it! Roger Robertson: He sure does look determined, but he may be underestimating this member of the Tragic Kingdom. The fans seem nothing but displeased with Tony, a stark contrast to the reaction he got the week prior. However, he seems to just feed off of it. As he

GWO Rampage TV - Saturday June 21st 2008

gwo.popshock.org [cached]

Roger Robertson: Ladies and gentlemen, it's June 21st, 2008 ... It's a saturday, but you can bet your ass it's GWO Rampage.
Suddenly a black steel door slams open to the rusted sqeak of pain as it collides into Laura's face knocking her onto the ground! Roger Robertson: Oh my god! Roger Robertson: Trent Larson!! He came back at Oblivion!! But what the hell's he doing, now?! Christoph Alexander III: I think it's pretty damn clear, Roger ... Roger Robertson: Someone needs to stop this!! Roger Robertson: We need some damn answers, our GWO World Champion is down and out at the hands of that goddamned Trent Larson. Christoph Alexander III: You know, Roger, I don't think we need jack shit. Roger Robertson: Is there a chance of you pulling your head out of your own ass, to maybe show, maybe just the slightest concern in something relevant to what we're looking at? EMT's help Laura to her feet as she begins to stirr. Roger Robertson: We haven't even got started folks, it's a special broadcast tonight, and we're not gonna be wasting any time. John E, the ... Roger Robertson: As you can probably tell everyone, we have the Xtreme title match coming up next. Roger Robertson: The referee rings the bell, and we are off! Roger Robertson: He should. Roger Robertson: Freak has a Singapore cane ... Roger Robertson: Will you stop with the horrible puns? Roger Robertson: It's Rog ... Roger Robertson: This guy is ... Roger Robertson: He now has the soda cup ... Roger Robertson: Wait ... Roger Robertson: OH FOR FU- As if déjà vu is starting to become a normal thing in society ... Roger Robertson: He goes for a DD ... With the set up perfect, Freak slams Harrison down onto the mat with ... Roger Robertson: THE VERTICAL SMILE! Roger Robertson: STOP SAYING FREAKING! Roger Robertson: Well we've just seen a new Xtreme Champion crowned, Freak has definately put himself on the map here tonight. Roger Robertson: Welcome back to Rampage ladies and gentlemen, we're getting some entrance music, but to be quite honest I don't know-- Suddenly the momentous force of march throws the black curtain aside as the tree trunk like leg of Trent Larson steps through into the spotlight. The solid following that this man had established throughout 2002-2005 echo passionately off the walls of the Project; as a religiously devoted cheer shakes the foundation of the building. Roger Robertson: Trent Larson ... Roger Robertson: If you wanna get into moral choices, we can talk about the attempts from John E. Dolla, to get rid, to kill Bill Bardem, the man who set the foundation for this company, the one man who birthed this organization, bud! Roger Robertson: Oh, please. Roger Robertson: You can honestly look at this man with respect, and stand up for him? Roger Robertson: Oh please ... This is disgusting, he's degrading the very fans who have kept the GWO alive for as long as it has. Roger Robertson: Can you just cut it out with the lies? Roger Robertson: What the hell are you ... He's coming out here because of the shit that John E, our faithful leader, yeah right.... What he's saying. He's basically calling him out. Roger Robertson: What the hell's going on? Roger Robertson: Wait, Epic turns on John! Roger Robertson: I would love to know what's going on ... "Thunder Kiss 65" by White Zombie rise the entire arena to an electric high, Larson freezes in his boots and slowly raises his head to catch glimpse of the entrance way. Roger Robertson: OH MY GOD!!! Roger Robertson: I didn't think I would ever be caught saying this, but Trent Larson looks to be ... Well, afraid! Roger Robertson well this has not disappointed thus far, and if we remember the last time these two locked horns that was pretty square too; one of the finger pure wrestling matches I've seen in a while. Sharp tries not to waste time, he locks Myers in a Reverse Chinlock and adds a lot of leverage, trying to work on the effect of the back drop. Myers throws out an arm and manages to grab hold of the middle rope; using great ring awareness. Sharp very hesitantly releases the hold, but only with persistent warning from the referee. He clearly wanted to make sure he'd left Myers reeling from the pain. Myers picks himself up off the canvas and leans across the top rope, his neck is paining him. Sharp storms straight in his direction ... Back body drop to ringside! Roger Robertson an uncharacteristically noble move from Myers, here. I guess he wants to see the best from Sharp, and not settle on the hollow victory; definitely not the Myers we're used to! Roger Robertson THERE'S the Myers we're all familiar with! Sharp holds the back of his head in pain. It looks as if he took a very awkward fall, his head ricocheting off the mat. Myers picks him up and slaps him about the face; a disrespectful display from Myers. He steps away and laughs at Sharp, almost pitifully ... LETHAL INJECTION! Oh man! That came from nowhere. Myers was too busy reveling in his own smug sense of self-satisfaction and suddenly Sharp threw a hellacious Superkick straight to his jaw. Roger Robertson Let's see a replay of that ... Wow, on the way down Myers actually hooked his right foot onto the bottom rope! He must have seen the Crossface coming, but knowing he was too late to counter he established other means of liberation. Tremendous awareness. Roger Robertson This would be an ideal time to pin, but in a submission match that's not an option! Where's he going to turn now? Myers studies the downed frame of Sharp, and then suddenly reaches an epiphany. All to quickly he drops to the canvas, pulling Sharp across ... CROSSFACE! This is the second time we've seen this put into action here, but this time it's secured, tight, and in the centre of the ring. Sharp is having trouble resisting, and no side of the ring seems the quicker option to reach. He tries to shimmy left, but Myers just fastens the hold. He attempts to shimmy backwards, but the hold, once again, is tightened. Sharp is fading away ... He's fading.... HE TAPS! SHARP TAPS OUT! Roger Robertson I can't believe it, Myers has forced a tap from one of Canada's finest exports whilst USING another of Canada's finest exports, the Crossface! Myers releases the hold with little argument. He seems happy to have won the contest, and rises to his feet. The referee attempts to raise his arm in victory, but he snatches it away and raises both on his own. Roger Robertson I guess it's Myers who will go on to the showdown for our much-esteemed North American title belt. Don't Forget ... 24/7!! A security camera backstage catches Freak proceeding down the hallway with his newly won X-Treme championship in hand, and a towell around his neck. A referee follows him at all times, now, due to the new 24/7 rules in place. You never know ... Roger Robertson: The Freak, what are we looking at? Roger Robertson: Good gawd, he's trying to kill The Freak! The man manages to wear Freak down to the cold concrete floor. The man uses his full strength to turn Freak onto his back, he goes for a pin. Roger Robertson: Welcome back to Rampage ladies and gentlemen, we're deciding Tag Team Champions it's between Calamity and the team of newcomers, that being Shawn Alexander Cage, and new young lady, Rori McManus ... Roger Robertson: This match will be hard to predict, we haven't seen these two newcomers in a while, and there has been some tension between Soldier and EPIC, not to mention, EPIC just got gored earlier tonight. Roger Robertson: ... looking for the early win! 1 ... 2 ... and even though Cage lacks leverage, he is saved by McManus kicking Soldier in the head. Roger Robertson: McManus is having an impressive showing here tonight. Roger Robertson: Just stop talking now. Roger Robertson: Tapping? Roger Robertson: What!??! What the hell is he doing?? Roger Robertson: This is a tag team title match, you don't

GWO Rampage TV - Tuesday April 1st 2008

gwo.popshock.org [cached]

Cameras cut to the ringside commentary table where GWO mainstays Roger Robertson, and Bobby McQueen appear in formal wear, a clear cut contrast to the rabid fans spilling over the guard rails behind the pair screaming for attention from the camera.
Roger Robertson: Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the day you've all been waiting for! Three years ago we thought we'd seen the end of a great, great company. A company which set a new standard in professional wrestling. We thought it was over. But it's thanks to you, thanks to the fans that we're here right now. Ladies and gentelmen, put the kids to bed. My name is Roger Robertson, this is my colleauge Bobby McQueen, this IS the Gateway Wrestling Organization, and I am proud ... PROUD to welcome you to the official return ... the official re-debut of RAMPAGE! Bobby McQueen: This is crazy, Roger! Roger Robertson: I'm sure it's a regular McQueen family reunion. Roger Robertson: It's sure as hell ain't the Rampage we remember. The announcer makes his way down the aisle paying no mind to the fans who're showing him the utmost respect. He circles around the ring taking in the fans and saying "thank you" along his way. He approaches one fan wearing a black skull bandana around his neck. As the announcer extends his hand the fan sticks his tongue out and with the need of both hands, holds up a massive sheet of bristle board reading "YOU SUCK" in black magic marker. The announcer slowly reads the sign, shaking his head, but accepting that the fan has a right to free speech. Look at that fan, Roger. Gave a peice of his mind! Roger Robertson: That's dispicable. Absolutely dispicable. This man, this sincere man has come out to thank the fans for their support and this disrespectful young punk has the nerve to pull that bullshit. The fan seeks an unfulfilled high five in response to the sudden hazing by the nearby audience members who offer up some trash talk while the announcer walks off calling him a "jerk". Roger Robertson: Looks like these fans are giving him a peice of their mind! He passes the commentary team which offers the camera a glimpse at a fire barrel situated next to the their table bearing the new GWO logo. He shakes their hand then makes his way up the black ringsteps along the 'GWO' apron. He steps through the ring ropes, black in color and makes his way to the centre of the ring. Roger Robertson: One of the many great, and loyal GWO employees who've stuck with us through the hard times, and will stay with us. Bobby McQueen: It's been a long time since we've heard a reaction like this, Roger. Roger Robertson: This night would not be taking place if it weren't for that man. He worked his ass off to get us the air time, this venue, and everything to get the GWO back off the ground. There will never be a replacement for the founder of the GWO, and one of the greatest wrestling promoters of our time, and you know I mean "UK" Bill Bardem - god bless his soul, but if there was anyone ... and I mean anyone who can steer this company in the right direction, it's that man. Roger Robertson: I find that hard to believe, but let's not get into that. Dolla, having entered the ring shakes the hand of the announcer and accepts the microphone as he leaves the ring giving full spotlight to John E. "Working Man" fades out and the praise of the fans becomes more apparent. Moments pass as Dolla gazes around the arena, taking it all in. With his free hand in his jacket pocket, he slowly raises the mic to his lips. Roger Robertson: We're all a part of something big tonight. Roger Robertson: We'll I've never known John E. to shy away from any sort of confrontation, legal restrictions or not. Roger Robertson: I've heard of this other company, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I tune in. Roger Robertson: That's right, XHW's North Starr's booked up against Ravage tonight in the G-Volution round one. Roger Robertson: Well whatever happens, we can't forget tonight's lineup. Roger Robertson: Well, Raw Dawg could not be more apt under these circumstances. Roger Robertson: The guy's name is Raw Dawg ... Dammit, Bobby, is that scotch?! Roger Robertson: It's scotch, Bobby. Roger Robertson: Your mom passed on several years ago. Roger Robertson: Whatever ... Roger Robertson: Laura needs little introduction, of course. Queen Xtreme is back in the GWO, but you've gotta wonder how she'll fare given her background in hardcore wrestling. Hopefully she can play it straight in this one. Roger Robertson: Well I'm sure you'd know all about that, Bobby. Roger Robertson: Ambitious attempt there. He's going to have to wear Laura down a heck of a lot more if he wants to win by pinfall. Laura's back to her feet. Roger Robertson: Dawg using that extra 90 or so pounds to full effect. Roger Robertson: It's probably because there's a woman laying flat out, who doesn't know where she is, and can't recall what just happened ... Roger Robertson: Looks like Dawg was happy to try and get Laura counted out there; smart move by the youngster. Roger Robertson: Uh-oh! Roger Robertson: MY GOSH! Roger Robertson: It's Chris Myers! Roger Robertson: Chris Myers is calling him on ... Wait a minute!! Roger Robertson: I wouldn't turn around Raw Dawg ... Don't do it! Roger Robertson: Raw Dawg slowly turns around ... Bobby McQueen: This is out of control Roger ... Roger Robertson: Neil Climer's finally back to his feet, we still don't have a referee, Raw Dawg has the pin ... Roger Robertson: What's he doing with that chair?? You can see Climer making calculations in his head, the referee is slowly coming to, yet to be aware of any of the action taking place. Climber slingshots himself from the apron, chair in hand ... Roger Robertson: Slingshot Arabian Facebuster!!! Roger Robertson: Climer drags Laura across Dawg and vacates the ring. Roger Robertson: Laura was inches from losing that match up, and thanks to her humble servant ... The, well ... Bobby McQueen: You know what they say, Roger ... Bobby McQueen: *laughs* It's JC Sharp, Roger! Bobby McQueen: Look who it is, Roger ... Roger Robertson: Well I give him credit, he's the only one who had the guts to accept John E's invitation, his challenge, and he's the only one who showed up here tonight to defend his company. North Starr strokes his jawline and moves along out of the cameras view. Roger Robertson: ... and that match is up next! Roger Robertson: John E. Dolla was pretty vocal earlier on about the XHW, and this match, this next one could be the start of a war. Roger Robertson: He's held multiple titles in the GWO, and he's gone on record saying he's going for more. The words "Some Kind of Monster" echo throughout the arena, followed by the instrumentals of Metallica. The arena takes on a shadowy hue, tinted slightly by dark blue, and the monstrous form of Ravage appears at the entrance. His lip curls in contempt as he strides slowly down the fenced in aisle way, as if the mere presence of the fans annoys him. The hatred of the audience is evident, on both parts, as The Machine eggs them on with gestures and phrases designed to elicit a negative response. Ravage climbs onto the apron, his leg swinging over the very top rope, his other following suit. He continues with his arrogant display, stopping only when he gets to the very center of the ring. Slowly, he raises a hand into the air, fist clenching slowly. In one quick motion, he slams the fist into his broad, bare chest once. Twice. Three times, and on the third impact, lighting returns to normal. Roger Robertson: We don't know what this kid has to offer, but this is sure gonna one hell of a test. Roger Robertson: Ravage is calling him on, but Starr just ignores the dialouge, they move close, and then closer. Ravage takes a massive swing with the right hand the fans react accordingly, fully behind the massive machine. Roger Robertson: Here we go!! North Starr ducks the inital swing by R


Roger Robertson: Ladies and gentlemen!!
It's May 31st 2008, tonight's the night we've been waiting for, GWO Oblivion!! As always I'm Roger Robertson and along side me, well ... Unfortunately along- CA3: Roger, cut the crap. Let's get down to the nitty gritty of the situation. This is my Pay Per View. This is my broadcast team, I'm the leader and you, Roger ... You're the sidekick. I'm Batman, you're alfred. Roger Robertson: You mean, Robin? Roger Robertson: Well ladies and gentlemen there's no time for chit chat tonight. Roger Robertson: The Jr. Heavyweight champions were some of the GWO's brightest young athletes, you don't know what you're talking about. CA3: Shut the hell up, Roger. Roger Robertson: This match should prove to be an interesting one, unlike some of the guys on Rampage, the Revolt crew are relatively new here in the GWO, and we, let alone the other wrestlers really don't know what to expect from these guys. CA3: You should expect that some will lose, and one will win. That's it Roger. In this business there's no room for speculation. I mean, I assumed JC Sharp wasn't a big tool, but look at him now ... See what I mean? Roger Robertson: Good grief ... CA3: Do i fucking look like Charlie Brown? Keep your mouth shut Roger. "We Want Tony!" (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) starts coming from the audience. Roger Robertson: A pack of wild dogs! It's every man for himself ... ! Roger Robertson: That was a beautiful move by the Saint. Roger Robertson: Not yet! He's got the ropes. Roger Robertson: Lord Malevolent was looking to lay into Dork, but in this kind of match, the slightest error could end in up a loss. CA3: Malevolent was asking for that, running around in battle royale ... Jesus. Roger Robertson: Dork's in a bad way! Roger Robertson: I know this is an every man for himself, contest, but there comes times when you need to come together and this was one of thsoe situations. Roger Robertson: This is a dangerous move, it's been proven numerous times to be effective in this business, and Harrison has it locked into perfection! Roger Robertson: Get over yourself, I can't stand you ... Roger Robertson: Beautiful display of chain wrestling from Union Jack, and St. James. CA3: Pfft, when I came into the GWO I was already the Television Champion. These guys are going two places, nowhere, and then home. Because this is the GWO, and we don't know about people going home ... F off Roger ... Just F off. The camera centers in on Dork's face, he's out cold!! Roger Robertson: Dork, never tapped out! But he's beet red, and unconscious, the referee may have no choice but to- Roger Robertson: Sigh ... Ring Announcer: Billy Dork has been eliminated. Harrison kicks Dork's limp carcass out of the ring onto the cold cement floor. Roger Robertson: What the hell? The Freak Himself must be the next entrant, but he's armed with a chair! He just leveled Union Jack, a blinded Union Jack. Roger Robertson: That was litterally a fraction of a second away from being a 3!! Roger Robertson: That could've been the end of it, but Freak's the fresh man in the ring, it's gonna take a bit more than that to keep him down. Roger Robertson: Well, as cheap of a tactic that was, it proved effective and is completely legal in this type of contest. Roger Robertson: Oh my god! He calls that one the Southern Comfort!! Roger Robertson: Oh, please would you shut your damn mouth. CA3: But not long enough, Roger. Not long enough, and it wouldn't be surprising if your wife shared my thoughts exactly. Poor sap. Roger Robertson: I can't wait till you get your ass kicked. Bruce Main-hiem, and I'll tell ya why, Roger ... Roger Robertson: I'm sure you will. Roger Robertson: How do you know that? Roger Robertson: Union Jack's a pitload of fire, and he's fighting for his life. CA3: Blah blah, blah blah ... Pitload of gay. You're an idiot. Sure Union Jack is putting up a fight, but it's not like he has a choice. If he could choose, he'd probably sit down and let them rub eachother. He's from South America. Roger Robertson: Are you seriously that dense? He's from southern America. As in, the USA. Not South America. CA3: Potatoe, potatoe. They're the same thing. Just one's from the bargin shop. Roger Robertson: Oh no, that apron is a danger zone in these kinds of matches! Roger Robertson: Oh my god!!! Roger Robertson: What the hell is he doing back out here?? Roger Robertson: Oh my god!!! Union Jack has been touched by angel!! CA3: Good one, Stargate ... Saint hooks the leg. 1..................2........................3!!! Roger Robertson: He did it! Roger Robertson: Not a cloud in the sky here tonight in Gateway, Valley. Roger Robertson: Don't listen to him folks, he's Canadian. CA3: What?? Can ... PFFTTT ... I'm not even talking to you, Roger. You're a loser and I don't deal with losers. Roger Robertson: Thank god. Roger Robertson: Layne Walker has been a man obsessed these past few months ... Roger Robertson: Whatever he's not telling us, he promised we'll find out tonight. Roger Robertson: This next one, ladies and gentlemen is for the Television- or, I'm sorry, the Piece of Shit championship. Roger Robertson: But not before you gave him the Trendsetter on the concrete floor! You robbed all of our fans last week the conclusion to a gre-- CA3: Do I look poor to you Roger? Roger Robertson: Both of these men have completely different in ring prowess. Roger Robertson: They're just teasting eachother ... Roger Robertson: Shine wants Soldier at his best tonight, both of these men want a fight, and it looks like they're going to get it. You better keep your turd loving Canadian nose out of it! CA3: Auh! Look, Roger, I'm stayin outta it! Roger Robertson: Ruthless, absolutely ruthless, but when a championships on the line, there's lenghts many men wouldn't otherwise go to. Roger Robertson: This match was bound to get outta hand. But keep in mind this is a standard one fall match up, any foul play and you could see the referee calling for the Disqualification. CA3: If Soldier was any smarter than Shine's mother, he'd just whack Shine across the head with a chair and leave him for dead. Roger Robertson: You're disgusting, dispicable. Roger Robertson: Well played move, reverse DDT, by Soldier. Bag a shit, Roger. Roger Robertson: You have absolutely no bearing to anything you've been saying this whole night. This has been a strongly contested match by both men, why don't you sit there and shut the hell up, and let me call this match. CA3: Fine. I'll shut up. Roger Robertson: Good. Roger Robertson: Hurry up and do it! CA3: I will ... Roger Robertson: Fine! Shine runs toward Soldier, looking to attempt to clothesline him over the gaurdrail as he did the ropes, but Soldier drops as Shine gets close and drop toe holds him so that Shine slams his chest into the gaurd rail. The crowd errupts, and the same fans that patted Soldier on the back goad Shine as he coughs and attempts to regain his breath. Roger Robertson: Soldier looks like he's going for a high risk! CA3: He's an idiot, he's got the momentum, and he's gonna risk it all! As Soldier begins his leap, he fails to see Shine hop quickly to his feet. Roger Robertson: OH MY GAWD!!! The crowd explodes to their feet with a "HOLY SHIT" chant, shaking the walls of the arena. Roger Robertson: What an incredible counter move by Xavier Shine. Roger Robertson: I've never in my life seen you pull off a counter like that. Roger Robertson: That was a close call, if that rope hadn't been there this match I do believe would be over. He stomps him in the chest before locking on a submission of his own, a Sharpshooter. Sol

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