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Rika Nonaka

Rika Nonaka of Digimon Tamers 03


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Rika Nonaka is Renamon's Tamer, and is also known as the "Digimon Queen," a title earned through winning the Digimon card tournament shortly before the Tamers' adventures began.Rika's mother, Rumiko, gave birth to her when she was still only a teenager, and as such is still a young mother who is more interested in being Rika's friend than a parental figure - but the tough, tomboyish Rika dislikes her mother's distinctly feminine profession and feels distanced from her.With the absence of her father following her parent's divorce, Rika and her mother live with Seiko Hata, Rumiko's mother and Rika's grandmother.

Rika was deliberately conceived as the strongest character of the Tamers group so that she would appeal to the target demographic of young males who watch the show (so that hence, they would buy merchandise relating to her).
Rika and Renamon proved a powerful fighting team, defeating many Bio-Emerged Digimon, but Rika did not believe in the idea of partnership, thinking that Digimon only existed to fight.Their battle with a Lynxmon was seen by Takato in his dreams, and two nights later, they fought with a Goblinmon which Digivolved into a Fugamon.The next day, Rika and Renamon attacked Takato and Guilmon in the park, but the battle was broken up by Henry, only to be resumed the day after in an underground parking garage.
That night, Rika wondered how Gargomon had been able to Digivolve, when Renamon had so far failed to.
Rika and Renamon appeared to take down the Vilemon that had Bio-Emerged at Takato's school, but rebuffed thanks, and affection from Calumon.
After Rika's mother had to run out on a talk at school to attend a photo shoot, Rika spied a Digital Field as he walked home.After quickly changing, she and Renamon faced off against the newly Bio-Emerged Digimon, an Allomon, but even with a Frozen Wind Modify Card, couldn't stand up to him.Angered by the arrival of the other Tamers and their Digimon, seeing it as interference, Renamon was able to freeze Allomon and destroy him, absorbing his data.In the evening, Rika reflected on the events that had led to her becoming a Digimon Tamer, and was then alerted by her D-Power to the presence of Impmon, who was conversing with Renamon.That conversation, however, was interrupted by the Bio-Emergence of a Dokugumon, which Renamon engaged before Rika arrived.During the course of the battle, Rika was caught in the spider's web, but was freed by Renamon, who then took the full brunt of a Venom Blast to protect her, then collapsed.Rika told Renamon she did not want her to leave her, and cried out her name - prompting her Digivolution into Kyubimon for the first time.Kyubimon destroyed Dokugumon and absorbed her data, then explained to Rika that she had Digivolved because Rika had finally shown that she cared for her.
The following day, Rika reflected on this, still not convinced that Digimon were anything more than data.During the day, Takato and Guilmon visited Rika's home, seeking advice on Guilmon's recent near-disappearance.She didn't have a lot to offer, as she thought that the disappearance of data was no great loss.When Guilmon then fully disappeared into an energy field in the tunnel beneath the park, Takato and Henry called on Rika to help them search for him.
When Guilmon battled Devidramon, Rika watched the battle, as Renamon would not get involved, deeming it Guilmon's fight.Guilmon won the fight by Digivolving into Growlmon, but he found himself unable to De-Digivolve.As Takato and Henry tried out several schemes to hide him, Rika arrived to chastise their attempts at camouflage in the park.
When rain washed off the paint they had used to hide Growlmon, Rika and Renamon left them to deal with it.
Later, as Rika reflected on Digivolution, she felt as though she was being followed, only to find that it was just Calumon.She then bumped into her mother, who thought that the "toy" was adorable, but after she got away, told Calumon to scram, sending him running off in tears ... then felt the strange presence again.Returning home, Rika ignored her mother's attempts at dressing her more femininely, and then once again felt the presence following her again.Renamon could find nothing, but promised, as her partner, to protect her - but Rika threw it back in her face, telling her she didn't believe in partnership.When taking the subway, Rika found herself captured by the being which had been stalking her - IceDevimon, a frozen fiend who found Rika to be as cold-hearted as he was, and wanted her to be his Tamer.She refused, saying she already had a partner, and IceDevimon forced a confrontation between himself and Renamon, to prove that he was more powerful.
Rika was unwilling to make her Digivolve, fearing that she could turn into a monster like IceDevimon, but when she showed her care for her once again, Renamon became Kyubimon - but even that was not enough, as IceDevimon defeated her.Guilmon was finally able to destroy the villain, and absorbed his data, but as his Digital Field faded away, Rika renounced Digimon, declaring that she hated them, and she and Kyubimon went their separate ways.
Rika threw away her D-Power and Modify Cards, but later, during the night, she was visited by Calumon, who tried to cheer her up.Rika put on a brave face, but found herself missing Renamon, searching for her every so often to see if she had returned.When Renamon battled some Flybeemon in the park, Rika watched, but left before the battled ended, believing Renamon had only ever used her to gain data.In the evening, Rika refused to talk to her grandmother, who tried to explain that no-one can make it in the world on their own.As Renamon then battled a Harpymon, Rika's D-Power alerted her to the fight, and Calumon convinced her to pay attention to it.Arriving at the battlefield, Rika watched as Renamon paused to deliberate Harpymon's - and indeed, her own - fate, only to have Harpymon blindside her and try to claw her.Rika came to her air, stabbing Harpymon in the back with a sharp stick, and, as she then turned on Rika, Renamon became Kyubimon and destroyed Harpymon - but did not absorb her data, explaining to Rika that she did not need data because she had Rika.The two made their peace, and were reunited as equals and partners.
Shortly before the Juggernaut was activated.Rika and Renamon talked about partnership, and how it had changed them.When the Juggernaut was then brought online, it allowed the first Deva, Mihiramon to enter the real world.Renamon was the first to fight him, Digivolving into Kyubimon to do so, but she was quickly defeated.Gargomon then also fell, and Growlmon became WarGrowlmon to destroy him.
When Rika and her grandmother went to see a play, the performance reminded Rika of her relationship with Renamon, and she wondered how she could ever have thought Digimon were just data.On the way home, in the subway, Sandiramon appeared, and Rika summoned Renamon to her side to battle him.She became Kyubimon, and the two of them then pursued the snake down the tunnels, running into Henry and Terriermon, who then joined in the battle against the Deva.Takato and Growlmon then arrived, and the team's combined power destroyed the villain.Rika and Kyubimon were then introduced to Takato's friends.
While Takato and Henry headed off on their school camping trip, Rika gave Renamon her first gift - an energy drink.
Rika and Renamon took on Vajramon, and were fairly evenly matched, while Terriermon Digivolved into Rapidmon to destroy Pajiramon.Vajramon was also caught in his attack, and was apparently destroyed, but was able to reconstitute his data, and then confronted Rika and Renamon, demanding that Renamon come with him.Renamon agreed, leaving Rika to worry about her fate
Rika found herself roped into a photo shoot arranged by her mother, but when Coco the photographer told her she'd be just like her mother, she lashed out, pushing him over and running from

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English Name: Rika Nonaka Voice Actor: N/A Digimon: Renamon,

Background Info: A mean and tough girl, unlike the previous female digidestines, she has an attitude.At the beginning of the series, she's not much of a nice person, but as it progresses on, she's much nicer.She's a genius at the Digimon Card Game and has won many tournaments.

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Rika Nonaka Digimon Partner: Renamon

Rika, in the beginning of the series, sees Digimon as nothing more than mere computer data built for fighting, wanting her partner, Renamon, to be the strongest Digimon in the world. She attempts to strengthen Renamon by battling any bioemerging Digimon and having Renamon download their data after defeating them, but is frustrated at Renamon's lack of control over Digivolution. Eventually she realizes that the two must be on equal partnership and friendship.

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English Name:Rika Nonaka

Rika is the cold-hearted stubborn one of the group. One day after winning a Digimon Card Game Tournament she claimed her name as The Digimon Queen. After that she goes home to find a bunch of Digimon that want her to tame them. Rika wants only the best fighter to make her the strongest so she picks Renamon. If you tried to get close to Renamon and Rika theyd probably kill you. Rika does get a bit uptight around Ryo knowing he beat her in the first Digimon Tournament. At first Rika thinks Digimon are only made for fighting and that they are just data, but after Renamon almost dies she has a change of heart, and thinks Digimon are more than just data. With the help of the other Tamers Rika starts to lighten up a bit. Rikas parents are divorced so she lives with her mother and grandma. Her mother is always trying to get her to wear dresses. Rika hates dresses and is more into that tomboy look. She at first wears a broken heart on her t-shirt but when the D-reaper attacks the real world, Rika ends up wearing a t-shirt that has a full heart on it. Rika is probably the strongest Tamer.
Kazu is far better than kenta and takato at the digimon card game but not as near as better than Rika is.

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