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Faculty of Law  - University of Sydney


Community Member  - NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Board Member  - The National Centre of Excellence Ltd

Member of the International Advisory Board  - SSRN

Member of the Editorial Boards  - Australian Feminist Law Journal

Part Time Member  - Australian Law Reform Commission

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Reg Graycar
Reg Graycar DIRECTOR - Appointed Independent Director May 2013 Reg Graycar is a barrister practising in NSW and is a member of the Human Rights Committee of the NSW Bar Association.

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Reg Graycar
DIRECTOR - Appointed Independent Director May 2013 Reg Graycar is a barrister practising in NSW and is a member of the Human Rights Committee of the NSW Bar Association. She is Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Sydney, and was Professor of Law there until 2012. Before joining University of Sydney Law School in 1997, she was Professor of Law at UNSW, and has been a visiting professor of law at universities in the USA, France and Canada. She was also been a full time Law Reform Commissioner for NSW, a part time member of the Australian Law Reform Commission and a member of the Family Law Council. She has served on a number of tribunals and has published widely on a range of legal issues.

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Professor Reg Graycar - Sydney Law School - The University of Sydney

Professor Reg GraycarProfessor Graycar's research has been continuously supported by the Australian Research Council.Reg Graycar, Helen Rhoades & Margaret Harrison, The Family Law Reform Act: The First Three Years, Final Report, The University of Sydney and the Family Court of Australia, December 2000. (exec summary republished in Australian Family Lawyer, December 2000; and Family Matters, Autumn, 2001). Reg Graycar, Helen Rhoades & Margaret Harrison, The Family Law Reform Act: Can Changing Legislation Change Legal Culture, Legal Practice and Community Expectations?Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, Work and Violence Themes: Including Gender Issues in the Core Law Curriculum, 2 Vols, 625pp, 1996, archived at: Reg Graycar, "Gender, Race, Bias and Perspective: OR, How Otherness Colours Your Judgment" (2008) 15 International Journal of the Legal Profession 73-86; to be republished (with permission) in Helen Irving and Kevin Walton (eds), Julius Stone conference publication (2009).Reg Graycar and Jenny Morgan, "Equality Rights: What's Wrong"? in Rosemary Hunter (ed), Rethinking Equality Projects in Law: Feminist Challenges, Hart Publishing: Oxford, 2008, 105-124.Reg Graycar, "Understandings of Gender (In)equality" in M Mateo-Diaz & S Millns (eds) The Future of Gender Equality in the European Union, Palgrave Macmillan: NY (forthcoming 2008).Reg Graycar & Jenni Millbank, "From Functional Family to Spinster Sisters: Australia's Distinctive Path to Relationship Recognition" (2007) 24Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 121-164. (Part of a forum Following Marriage, which is published as a separate bound volume.)Reg Graycar and Jane Wangmann, (2007) Redress packages for institutional child abuse: Exploring the Grandview Agreement as a case study in 'alternative' dispute resolution 1-43, published as Sydney Law School; Legal Studies Research Paper No. 07/50.Reg Graycar, "Judicial activism or traditional negligence law?Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'Law Reform: What's in it for Women?' (2005) 23 Windsor Yearbook on Access to Justice.Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'Feminist Legal Theory and Understandings of Equality: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?' (2006) 28 Thomas Jefferson University Law Review, 399-421.Reg Graycar, "Frozen Chooks Revisited: The Challenge of Changing Law/s" in Rosemary Hunter & Mary Keane (eds), Changing Law: rights, regulation and reconciliation, Ashgate Publishing: Aldershot (2005), 49-76.Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'Thinking about Equality' (2004) 27 UNSW Law Journal 1-7.Reg Graycar, 'Remembering Marlee Kline: A Voice Against Anti-Semitism' (2004) 16 Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 221-225.Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'One Step Forward and Two Steps Back: Examining Understandings of Equality' (2004) 20 Australian Feminist Law Journal 23-42.Reg Graycar, 'Claire L'Heureux-Dub,: Some Reflections from Down Under' in Elizabeth Sheehy (ed) Adding Feminism to Law: The contribution of Madame Justice L'Heureux-Dub,, Irwin Law: Toronto (2004), 81-107.Reg Graycar, 'Putting Gender on the Damages Agenda: Michael Chesterman's contribution to Accident Compensation' in Kam Fan Sin (ed), Legal Explorations: Essays in Honour of Professor Michael Chesterman, Lawbook Co: Sydney (2003), 139-154.Reg Graycar, 'Teaching Torts as if the World Really Existed: Reflections on Harold Luntz's contribution to Australian law school classrooms' (2003) 27 Melbourne University Law Review 677-696.Reg Graycar, 'Public Liability: A Plea for Facts' (2002) 25 UNSW Law Journal 810-818 (originally published as part of Forum: Reform of the Law of Negligence: Balancing the Costs and Community Expectations; Volume 8, no 2).Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, "Women" in M Coper, A Blackshield & G Williams (eds), The Oxford Companion to the High Court, Oxford University Press: UK (2002).Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, "Women's Work" in M Coper, A Blackshield & G Williams (eds), The Oxford Companion to the High Court, Oxford University Press: UK (2002).Reg Graycar, 'Sex, Golf and Stereotypes: Measuring, Valuing and Imagining the Body in Court' (2002) 10 Torts Law Journal 205-221.Reg Graycar, Lovric, J & Johansson, R, 'Guaranteeing Someone Else's Debts' (2001) 12(3) Journal of Banking and Finance - Law and Practice 181-198.Helen Rhoades, Reg Graycar & Margaret Harrison, 'Researching Family Law Reform: The Authors Respond' (2001) 59 Family Matters 68-74.Reg Graycar, Jenny Lovric & Robyn Johannson, 'Third Party Guarantees' (2001) 12 Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice 181-198.Reg Graycar, 'Law Reform by Frozen Chook: Family Law Reform for the New Millennium?' (2000) 24 Melbourne University Law Review 737-755.Reg Graycar, 'Review of the property (relationships) act in 1984' (2000) 14 Australian Journal of Family Law 69-74.Reg Graycar & Jenni Millbank, 'The Bride Wore Pink… To the Property (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Act 1999: Family Law Reform in NSW' (2000) 17 Canadian Journal of Family Law 227-282.Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'A Quarter Century of Feminism in Law: Back to the Future?' (1999) 24 Alternative Law Journal 117-121.Reg Graycar & Jenny Morgan, 'Legal Theory' in Barbara Caine, Moira Gatens, Emma Grahame, Jan Larbalestier, Sophie Watson & Elizabeth Webby (eds), Oxford Companion to Australian Feminism, OUP: Melbourne (1998), 188-197.Reg Graycar, 'The Gender of Judgments: Some Reflections on Bias' (1998) 32 University of British Columbia Law Review 1-21.Reg Graycar, Jenny Morgan & Hilary Charlesworth, 'Equality for Women Under the Constitution?', presented at the Women's Constitutional Convention, January 1998 and published at Graycar, 'Compensation and the Stolen Children: Political Judgments and Community Values' (1998) 21 UNSW Law Journal 253-258.Reg Graycar & M Harrison, 'Family Law Reforms' (1997) 47 Family Matters 24-25.Reg Graycar & Margaret Harrison, 'The Family Law Reform Act: Metamorphosis or More of the Same?' 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(1995) 17 Adelaide Law Review 49-76.Reg Graycar, 'The Relevance of Violence in Family Law Decision Making' (1995) 9 Australian Journal of Family Law 58-69.Reg Graycar, 'The Gender of Judgments: An Introduction' in Margaret Thornton (ed), Public and Private: Feminist Legal Debates, OUP: Melbourne (1995), 262-282.Reg Graycar, 'Matrimonial Property Law Reform and Equality for Women: Discourses in Discord?' (1995) 25 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 9-30 (also published in Bill Atkin, Graeme Austin and Virginia Grainer (eds), Family Property: Law and Policy, New Zealand Institute of Advanced Legal Studies: Wellington, 1995).Reg Graycar, 'Legal Categories and Women's Work: Explorations for a Cross-Doctrinal Feminist Jurisprudence' (1994) 7 Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 34-58.Reg Graycar, 'Gendered Assumptions in Family Law Decision Making' (1994) 22 Federal Law Review 278-299.Reg Graycar, 'Sterilisation of Young Women with Disabilities: Towards a New Regulatory Framework' (1994) 1 Australian Journal of Human Rights 380-391.Reg Graycar, 'Love's Labour's Cost: The High Court Decision in Van Gervan v Fenton' (1993) 1 Torts Law Journal 122-136.Reg Graycar, 'Women's Work: Who Cares?' (1992) 14 Sydney Law Review 86-105.

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