Phu Bai

Later Commander at 220th Aviation Company

220th Aviation Company
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Last Updated 8/22/2017

General Information

Employment History


Crew Chief  - Danang Golf Club

Mechanic  - Catkiller

8th RRFS

85th Evac Hospital


Strategic Marketing Manager  - MEMC Electronic Materials , Inc.

Member  - 1st Recon Bn.

Chief Hand Surgeon  - Brooke Army Medical Center

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Board Of Directors | Honor For All

Kent was a Sergeant in Phu Bai with 220th RAC in 1969.

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220th Aviation Company "Catkillers" In Memory: CPT Kenneth Tony Keltner

220th Aviation Company, Phu Bai, Vietnam
Phu Bai Airfield from above, looking south Phu Bai flight line

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220th Aviation Company "Catkillers" History: 1968

• Phu Bai, Republic of South Vietnam
220th Aviation Company "Catkillers" History: 1968 220th Aviation Company 'Catkillers' unit banner "Since the 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division flew the back seat with the 220th, 2nd platoon out of Phu Bai from July-September 1968...could you add our logo to the web page banner? Catkillers, 2nd Platoon, Phu Bai, during 1968. You already have some photos in the History Index 1968-Phu Bai (mostly taken from testimony before the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA): I was then assigned to fly with the Catkillers out of Phu Bai in support of our troops." From July 1968 through September 1968, I flew with the 220th Aviation Company, (the Catkillers) out of Phu Bai.

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