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Paul A. Schaffranke

Senior Linguist

Senior Epigrapher


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Alexander Helios Inc


World Chess Federation

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p-intvew [cached]

Paul Schaffranke Interview
Senior Linguist, Senior Epigrapher, Senior Historian and Vice President, Alexander Helios, Inc.; Ptolemy Productions, Inc. Paul Schaffranke: I started in summer of '94 deciphering the script.

RESPONSE [cached]

This page has several responses and rebuttals of Harry and Paul to opposing communication, correspondence, published articles, letters, and commentaries from various publications and periodicals.
March 1998 by Paul Schaffranke 3, Issue 16 of the Ancient American (AA) concerning Schaffranke (translator of the Burrows Cave script) and Horatio Rybnikar (also known as Brian - Harry - Hubbard). I praise these two energetic and brilliant fellows for publishing their work and its correlation to the last of the Ptolemy Dynasty-kings of which set up the Library of Alexandria, center of high learning in the ancient world before it was burned by a fanatical Christian mob in AD 400. ( There is no ancient record to support this statement. ) Schaffranke and his colleague Hubbard presented and defended their work at an ISAC conference, in Columbus, GA. in April, 1995, just before the death of Dr. Joe Mahan, then president of ISAC. Thanks to the efforts of several interested researchers, especially Schaffranke and Hubbard, it would appear that there has been considerable progress along these lines. It is here that they have invested tens of thousands of dollars for leasing land, cutting trees, digging holes, and raising local support. ( Funny how I raised local support and Burrows didn't. ) They were accompanied at this site by one of the four people present in the log cabin near Sauk City, WI, in 1990. ( This must refer to Virginia Hourigan but I'm not sure. ) Although I was happy about the decipherment activities that Schaffranke and Hubbard presented at the ISAC meeting in 1995, their fervent requests to be given access to the cave so they could prove that Alexander the Great and Cleopatra were buried there did not meet with positive results. ( The truth of the matter was that Russell had promised to take us to the site. That's what Hubbard and Schaffranke have done. And they have been rewarded with tremendous insight, excitement, and adventure. Now, 21 years later, Paul Schaffranke says that a script resembling Adena Punic is actually an archaic form of Latin alphabet and he has named it "Schaff", after his grandfather. In fact, his every word in Latin is fallacious, taken from Punic letters read as Latin, producing total nonsense in what may be a schizophrenic delusion. I'll have you know twas I, not Paul that named his American form of Latin "Schaff" because there simply was no name for the complex alphabet and it does honor his late grandfather. Paul is not a sentimental person and would most likely have settled to call his new-found alphabet something much easier to understand perhaps, "Adena Latin". Schaffranke: This particular forum is geared to deal directly with deciphering tablets from Alexander's Tomb. Schaffranke: First of all, I would like to state on behalf of Ptolemy Productions, Inc. that we are not subject to or have associations with Diffusionist Groups. Paul and I eventually became his best salesmen. Announcement by Paul Schaffranke The inscriptions, supposedly in Latin, are nonsense. [1] Paul Schaffranke, the self-styled decipherer, has no discernible credentials as a Latinist, or anything else that would qualify him for his work. Latin Epigraphy is not child's play. If Schaffranke is a Latinist on the basis of three years of high school Latin, then with greater justice I should set up shop as a cardiologist on the basis of having undergone open heart surgery. [2] His "alphabet" is an imaginary composite of several archaic alphabets already 400 years out of date, Greek and Latin both, with some characters apparently added from the Minoan syllabary. On the other hand, the letter 'U', a mediaeval development, makes a premature appearance alongside the expected 'V'. Stranger still, since all Greek and Italian alphabets had a full range of vowels - that is their great advance over Phoenician and Hebrew. - Schaffranke's "alphabet" usually behaves like primitive Hebrew, only with vowels supplied as needed (the occasional use of vowels tells against its authenticity). Moreover, Schaffranke gives some of the characters flatly impossible equivalents. For example '+', which he takes as et (= 'and') uses the plus sign which is not classical but mediaeval, and never stands for et even then. Schaffranke, who counts Greek among his eighteen languages, makes the same blunder. But it hardly matters what languages Hubbard and Schaffranke know or don't know. I suspect that the "alphabet" itself was adopted in the first place, long before Schaffranke emerged, precisely because an inscription written in it could be made to mean anything, and everything. When at first I learned last summer that a journal publication by NEARA (New England Archaeological Research Amatuers) had featured an article concerning myself and my associate Paul Schaffranke, I was somewhat excited and desired greatly to learn more and review the article as soon as I could. As became true, this acclaimed scholar was just another fly-by-night author attempting to create more publicity for himself by attacking Paul and myself for having made the greatest discovery in all mankind's history. I would even go so far to say that this "expert" has never deciphered anything or made any contributions to history whereas Paul and I both have made numerous contributions to world history working with excerpts from the ancient Library of Alexandria to pool from. As scholars probe deeper, they are forced to use the knowledge and guidelines that Paul and I have precluded and established to a vague but real extent. By Paul A. K. Schaffranke But now in paragraph #17, Prof. MacGregor makes wild statements like Hubbard and Schaffranke cannot tell the difference between a sigma and a xi or recognize the breathing equivalent to our "H" and so forth, which perplexed me deeply. Self-styled Epigrapher, Paul Schaffranke, deciphered several translations of Burrows Cave script that appears in issue #16 of Ancient American. Hubbard and Paul Schaffranke did not realize that Augustus had traded Juba's Numidian inheritance for Mauretania which had undergone profound Carthaginianizing, retaining the Egyptian religion of Carthage, some use of Punic writing and Old Libyan (Numidian or Berber.) Contrary to MacGregor's apprehension, monumental Roman Epigraphy resorted conventionally to abbreviations, some of which Schaffranke missed. Schaffranke discerned what no one else had, as Michael Ventris in the case of Linear B. We do not ask how many years of formal training Ventris had in Greek, but what was his method and result. Hubbard and Schaffranke, who do realize the genuiness of the Cave, dismissed the clear and careful Ogam of many Stones as actual Ogam, which does not read as Gaelic, but Boutet of Quebec has identified Celtiberic, consistent with all the rest.

harrybio [cached]

Harry's first widely distributed, animated oratory production video, was titled The Lazeria Map Collection produced in winter of 1994; which also features his long time associate Paul Schaffranke.
This strange yet outrageous video presentation merely put on exhibition Harry's rare maps, charts and display specimens going back to the late 1500's.

paulbio [cached]

Paul Schaffranke
Throughout Paul's life, he has been a world traveler and explorer. Coming from a military family, he spent most of his youth primarily in Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy and New England. While attending secondary school in Austria, Paul was able to visit the countries of North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea from Morocco to Egypt. Paul was able to learn the customs and history of ancient Numidia first hand from local historians. It was here that he first took an interest in the Tiffinagh-Berber alphabet and script. Shortly thereafter, Paul began to study all the spoken Berber dialects which he continues today. Paul Schaffranke became an expert in both military history and ancient history of which he has composed several essays and reports on strategy, tactics, covert operations during W.W.II, and the threats of Communism. In 1993, Paul Schaffranke met Harry Hubbard by using his ability of translating Latin Texts on Maps from the 16th century. However, during the last 15 years, Paul has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge concerning Ancient Scripts and Unknown Ancient Languages. Currently, he is expert in the following ancient languages: Aramaic, Punic (Phoenician), Nabatean, Greek, Latin, Etruscan, Oscan, Berber, Egyptian (Glyph, Hieratic and Demotic), Akkadian, Runic and Iberic. In addition to knowledge of these languages, he fervently studies the following scripts and alphabets: Arabic, Faliscan, Sumer, Hungarian, Russian, Sanskrit, Coptic, Linear A and B, Lycian, Maya and of course his own ancient language called Schaff* which he dedicates to the memory of his grandfather Schaffranke. To this day, there is no scholar or professor the world over who has successfully challenged Paul or the accuracy of his decipherment capabilities. With this amazing Linguistic background, it is no wonder that Schaffranke was the foremost qualified person to decipher the scripts found in the ambiguous Burrows Cave and making their contents available to the world. There is no contemporary or living Epigrapher in the world who has deciphered more unknown ancient text and tablets than Paul Schaffranke which places him in an elite category shared with no one. Paul's favorite recreations are Chess and Casino Games. He applies his knowledge of strategy and tactics to defeat his Chess opponents and has won titles and points in several National Chess Championship Tournaments. He has been an active member of the World Chess Federation for over 12 years. On the Casino Cruisers, Paul uses his enhanced memory of mathematical calculations to play the odds at several games of skill and chance. He enjoys most of all playing Blackjack, Craps and Poker in every city he visits. When this cave or Tomb is brought out into the open Paul Schaffranke is looking forward to deciphering the entire ancient archive and provide the world with the information that will change history forever. When confronted by establishment experts, skeptics and 'none believers', Schaffranke is quick to reply that there "....Is no establishment position anymore, Ordo Ab Chao, the establishment has been crushed, out with the New Ways and back with the Old. When Paul first deciphered the tablets from Burrows Cave, he clearly indicated that it was an Etruscan related script, however, he had no idea that Etruscan hadn't been broken or deciphered at that time. Deciphering and translating the script from Burrows Cave was not a seemingly over difficult task for Paul because of his total familiarity with Ancient and Modern Latin. In short, Paul Schaffranke broke the unknown Etruscan script with an alphabet he found in the United States.

Ptolemy News Page [cached]

It then becomes proof that Paul Schaffranke nailed the decipherment correctly as Helios (the sun god) clearly in an example from Greece.
Probably the biggest new thing, well, that I can tell you about, is that a famous author from Switzerland is featuring Paul and I with a host of photos and decipherments in his upcoming book to be printed in 4 languages I believe. I hate publicity. It won't be available here in the states and that's good because Americans are generally too preoccupied to figure this crap out. As many of you are aware, Paul and I were slammed by a famous Professor from Chicago; we have written rebuttals which will be put on this board probably next week. We are considering placing some of the responses censored last summer from the "Anal Retentive" Ancient American Forum on ours, the ones concerning the lies that Frank Joseph (Collins) and Russell Burrows got caught in and hammered by Paul Schaffranke. Paul and I were well received in Denver 2 weeks ago and we enjoyed the presence of 80 people who attended our workshop where we called Poo-Poo on the greatest historical hoax of the century and proved that the Dead Sea Scrolls are all FAKE. We exposed other hoaxes as well. Afterwards, we received a standing-O and socialized with our class participants for over 2 hours in the lobby. Our open lecture on Saturday the 9th at 7PM drew about 500 persons. We experienced 2 touching Ogamite converts with testimonials that were just TRAGIC. We welcome these new converts and will always be there for them when they are in need of a Warrior to help them crush the Ogamites in this incredible Epigraphic Crusade that we are now winning as Paul and I clean up American Scholarship. Speaking of which, I was recently made aware that a Latin Professor from the University of Chicago has come out against me. I haven't seen the rather lengthy article yet but we'll get it up on the site by the end of this week. He is supposedly a Classical Latin Professor of Ancient History. Let me predict the future, I bet he hasn't even heard of Varro before. I'll also bet that he has never read Strabo, Diodorus, Cassius Dio nor Pliny before. It seems none of the Latin Professors have come up with anything yet, but I must pat this man on the back and wish him good luck. Also, Paul and I were featured in the Vincennes, Indiana "Sun Commercial" on Friday the 15th. It really is the best Newspaper Article about us yet. The staff writer was a big "Jack Ward Fan" as well as having a Masters degree in Ancient Roman History, which did him no harm at all. He was able to understand us. Harry and Paul have arrived in Colorado for the upcoming Global Sciences Congress in Denver. The Congress dates are August 7th through the 11th. Paul and Harry are scheduled to speak on Saturday the 9th, at 7pm. Paul and I will be speaking at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver next month. I was kind of in the middle of the big fiasco between Paul and the staff of the Ancient American when he busted them (again) for lying to their readers and supporters which he felt they should not do. Anyhow, Paul immediately contacted the AA Forum and his reply was yanked off the page after a mere few hours. His reply is now in our Responses department. The situation was quite intense, but Paul must be given all the credit for his undefiled logic in a pressing circumstance. Atta boy Schaff! Paul and I have been asked to give a presentation at the Global Sciences Conference next month. We will be giving details and dates later. The "Articles" have had 2 additions, one by Paul Schaffranke and the other by Dr. William Kreisle.

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