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This profile was last updated on 1/1/15  and contains information from public web pages.

Ambassador Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Wrong Ambassador Nevers Sekwila Mumba?

High Commissioner

Local Address: Zambia

Employment History

Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • National Secretary
  • Founder
    Reform Party
  • National Secretary
    Movement for Multiparty Democracy


  • Associate Theology Degree
  • Honorary Doctoral Degree
    International Seminary
  • Masters Degree , Public Policy
    Regent University
200 Total References
Web References
High Commission of the Republic of Zambia in Canada, 1 Jan 2015 [cached]
The High Commission of the Republic of Zambia wishes to inform our guests to the website that Dr. Nevers S. Mumba is no longer the High Commissioner and that he completed his tour of duty and travelled to Zambia on 6th December 2011.
Nevers Mumba | Elias Munshya LLB (Hons)., MA., M.Div. [cached]
At the MMD dinner dance held at Savoy Hotel, acting President Nevers Mumba made some usual political statements aimed at the opposition and then he added:
In the previous article, I had mentioned how that after President Mwanawasa's return from New York in September 2004, it took only 24 hours for Vice-President Nevers Mumba to be fired. The firing itself came as a shock to Nevers Mumba. What is even worse is that President Mwanawasa felt so aggrieved at Nevers that he even paraded Nevers' letter of apology that he had written in connection with the reports The Post had carried about the airport event the day earlier. Most interestingly, President Mwanawasa even mentioned that he had regretted appointing Nevers as Vice-President.
After he was fired, a brood of the Mwanawasa camp within government and party was excited that Nevers had been fired. The perceived threat that Nevers presented to all those that were aspiring to succeed Mwanawasa had now been taken of. In the opinion of some, the MMD would now move on and keep the Nevers Mumba factor behind them. Not so fast though, the Nevers Mumba factor was alive and well and in the next few months he was to strike back and strike back real hard.
After the September firing, Nevers left government house, his official residence within days. Typically, a former vice-president is expected to stay in the official residence for a few weeks to allow for him to look for decent accommodation elsewhere. He left the country for the USA and a few other countries to perhaps recuperate. After this firing, he mentioned of how he tried the sport of golf and also found solace in taking a few courses at Regent University in Virginia. He had earlier enrolled there in a Master of Public Policy program.
Upon return to Zambia, a few months latter, Nevers discovered that the support he had garnered within the MMD branches across the country was quite unshaken. In fact, even within the MMD NEC itself, it seemed Nevers had some sizeable support. In a party that had grown to dislike Mwanawasa's hardline style of leadership, most within the MMD party had taken Mumba to be a safe alternative.
The MMD was about to go to the convention that year. Now that it was just November, the arrangements for the convention were delayed until the next year 2005. MMD members who had seen Nevers as an alternative to Mwanawasa had to move quickly to assure Nevers of their support. Even MMD stalwarts like Sikota Wina and his wife were reported to be among those supporting Nevers Mumba to take over as MMD president.
As Nevers' presidential candidature was gaining momentum, he enlisted the support of President Frederick Chiluba. Nevers knew that openly accepting Chiluba's endorsement would be a political gaffe. And so he had to be very careful.
Implicitly then, Nevers had accepted Chiluba's endorsement. And if Nevers had considered Chiluba to be a thief - now that he was running for president of the MMD he could do with as much support as he could get. It did not matter that when in government Nevers did push for Chiluba's prosecution. An enemy had become a friend - politics par excellence.
And then came the announcement. Nevers was featured on Anthony Mukwita's Let the People Talk.
Mwanawasa on the other hand gathered enough intelligence both within the party and indeed the nation to know that Nevers was going to be a viable candidate against him. He was told there is a revolt in the MMD branches and Nevers had real support.
Additionally, Vernon announced that the MMD was going to commence disciplinary action against Nevers Mumba.
Nevers had been expelled effectively ending his ambition to be president of the MMD. Vernon Mwaanga had also ensured that the electoral college was cleansed of all the supporters of Nevers Mumba.
Enlisting the services of a shadowy figure known as John Ziba, Nevers Mumba established and registered a new political party to be known as the Reform Party.
With an emblem of a charging bull, the party symbol was going to show everything that Nevers stood for - tenacity, strength and power. The Reform Party had for its slogan, a phrase taken from the national anthem - strong and free. This party was not going to last long. Nevers did not manage to garner any significant support for it, and before long, the Reform Party remained a party on paper.
However, like I mentioned above - Nevers was no Michael Sata. What Sata represented in the minds of Zambians was far much more real than what Nevers did. And so if Nevers had thought that his new party was going to succeed he was in for a rude shock. The Reform Party made no real inroads into the political scene.
After Nevers was expelled, the Bemba-speaking section within the MMD had lost their political symbol and with it they had lost their influence. This group now wanted to get back its lost power. Mwanawasa knew of this influence and in fact it had been one reason why he had earlier appointed Nevers in the first place - to appease them.
This MMD convention and the way it voted in Katele Kalumba made Nevers Mumba to exclaim that Mwanawasa had betrayed the fight against corruption.
To bolster his chances in politics, Nevers knew that the Reform Party was headed nowhere.
Mulenga coincidentally is nephew to Nevers Mumba. He had campaigned hard in Chinsali and had bolstered his popularity in Chinsali. In the battle of the 2 adoption certificates, it was Mulenga's that won. A family meeting in Chinsali had persuaded the uncle to defer to the nephew and drop out of the race for Chinsali.
Nevers had failed.
The 2006 elections came and Nevers never again appeared with Michael Sata.
It seemed like dejavu for Nevers.
There was no room for Nevers Mumba. His sin had been too much. And his temptations were unforgivable.
Two years after the 2006 elections, President Levy Mwanawasa died. Fresh elections were to be called within 90 days of the burial. The MMD found its candidate in the republic vice-president Rupiah Banda. Knowing that the MMD was basically non-existent in the Bemba-speaking regions of Luapula and Northern Provinces, candidate Rupiah Banda turned to both President Chiluba and to Nevers Mumba.
In countless campaign stops, Nevers appeared with Rupiah Banda in Mansa, Chinsali and several others places. Campaigning for Rupiah Banda meant almost instantaneously that Nevers was still going to be game.
After Rupiah Banda won the elections - Nevers' dream of going to Canada as High Commissioner would come true. The turbulent priest, turbulent vice-president and controversial politician was now on his way to Ottawa to become the country's ambassador. Upon hitting the ground in Ottawa, Nevers became a hit. He learnt the art of diplomacy quickly and got loved almost instantaneously by his diplomatic colleagues. In 2010 he was appointed dean of the diplomatic corps of Canada. Apart from Canada he was also ambassador to several Caribbean nations such as Bermuda, Jamaica and The Bahamas.
Within the business community, Nevers connected very well. Barrick Gold had just come to Zambia and were making huge investments into Lumwana. President Banda was happy to have Nevers in Ottawa. Since Nevers' ambition knew no boundaries, Rupiah Banda did well to keep Nevers as far as possible.
However, MMD members and indeed many MMD insiders were still watching Nevers from afar and given the right circumstances they could give him another chance.
Ambassador Nevers Mumba in Ottawa got the shocking news and knew there will be changes soon in Ottawa. Hours after Sata was sworn in, Nevers sent his congratulations but knew that his time as Ambassador had come to an end.
Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kabwili recalled Nevers Mumba with immediate effect. To this recall, Nevers responded:
"I will come back to Zambia after the 3 months expires in accordance with my contract."
This three months would give Nevers the necessary time to bid farewell to the contacts he had gathered in Ottawa. It would also give him the time to reflect on his next move.
It was the second ballot that assured Nevers Mumba of victory.
That morning, Nevers Mumba had been elected president of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy.
From State House, President Sata castigated Nevers Mum
Home > News > God ordained ... [cached]
Home > News > God ordained Nevers Mumba, Not RB, to rule Zambia-Prophet
God ordained Nevers Mumba, Not RB, to rule Zambia-Prophet
Dr. Emmanuel Kure says former Vice president and current ambassador to Canada Nevers Mumba was the man God had ordained to take over when Levy Mwanawasa died but that Mumba was too busy with things of this world.
Nevers Mumba didn't listen to God
Nevers Mumba didn't listen to God
Kure however said Nevers Mumba lost the opportunity for good.
56 Comments on "God ordained Nevers Mumba, Not RB, to rule Zambia-Prophet"
But when Prophet Kure says that:-"God ordained Nevers Mumba, Not RB, to rule Zambia", I start having problems with these men of GOD. The Prophet says President Rupiah Banda is a bridge put in by GOD because Nevers Mumba erred.
That Nevers Mumba you speak about is a traitor who has never stood for the truth since his joining of politics. He deluded his followers when he was offered a job by the very government he wanted to hound from power. Mr. "prophet", we rebuke your so called prophecy in the name of Jesus! GO BACK TO NIGERIA!
Nonsowrote on 14 September, 2009, 14:27
Does this man of God know when and why Nevers was removed? Why did God not intervene for His anointed one? Does Kure really know Nevers?
This is the same thing with this "prophet" now predicting that Nevers should have been president instead of Rupiah. I don't like Rupiah being president he is a lesser evil compared to a hypocrite like Mumba! So before this "prophet" does his guess work or daydreaming, let him know and respect the integrity of Zambians. Go back to Nigeriaooooh
Therefore our lord could not have ordained Mumba and not put him on the throne.
But if the man is a false prophet, Nevers as a citizen of Zambia still has a chance of being elected President of Zambia by the people of Zambia.
The only advice to Nevers is to reconcile himself to the people of Zambia (what that means).
"Dr Mumba cannot win at ward ..., 27 May 2014 [cached]
"Dr Mumba cannot win at ward level even in Chinsali, where he comes from, and this is the problem that we have," Dr Kaingu said.
And Dr Mumba has said some senior party officials are likely to leave the former ruling party and not he because they are not ready to embrace the new vision of the rebranded MMD. Dr Mumba says contrary to assertions by his two vice-presidents Brian Chituwo and Kaingu as well as MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya that he has failed to run the former ruling party, he has actually saved it from dying. "By the time I took over MMD very few Zambians wanted to hear the name MMD. They just rejected it at the polls - it was in the doldrums. "People did not want to hear certain names which you are mentioning (Brian Chituwo, Michael Kaingu and Dora Siliya) because they thought that they had enough of it," Dr Mumba said.
Dr Mumba said on Sunday when he featured on a special programme on Kabwe's KNC Radio that his job is to recreate the MMD so that it can realign its policies with the aspirations of Zambians. Dr Mumba cited perceived arrogance, corruption, and the party being more responsive to foreigners than Zambians as some of the factors that led to its loss in the 2011 tripartite elections. Dr Mumba said after he was elected MMD president, he led the party to undertake a "brutal assessment of itself" and measures to fight corruption and other factors that led to its loss are in place. He said as part of rebranding, "new faces" are joining the party so that it can be run with a new approach. Dr Mumba said wrangles in the MMD are mere 'birth pains' which will result in the new and strongest political party in Zambia. "We need to know who is with us, to know who is able to play this role of the new MMD, to know who is failing to catch up with the new developments in the new MMD," he said. "We want everybody to run with us but it is not possible that everyone will come with us." Retracing the history of MMD, he said after Dr Frederick Chiluba won the presidency in 1991, "giant members" such as Humphrey Mulemba, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Baldwin Nkumbula, and Emmanuel Kasonde left the party but Dr Chiluba continued being president. Dr Mumba also said when Dr Chiluba was handling over power to Levy Mwanawasa, 22 strong members among them Godfrey Miyanda and Christon Tembo left the MMD but Mr Mwanawasa became President and the MMD continued.
That is my preoccupation and that is my goal," Dr Mumba said. Dr Mumba said that the PF will not win the 2016 elections because it has failed to deliver on its campaign promises.
Nevers Mumba Patriotic Front
"Very shortly we are starting a ..., 1 April 2014 [cached]
"Very shortly we are starting a movement 'Save MMD from Nevers Mumba'. Just now, we are calling upon all people to put our hands together to save MMD from total collapse," he said. The former MMD national secretary said if he can find K1 billion he would organise an extra-ordinary convention and usher in new leaders of the party. Maj Kachingwe said Dr Mumba's allegation that State House is sponsoring people to cause divisions in the MMD is "cheap politics".
"Anybody who loves democracy in this country must invest in us who are fighting Nevers Mumba. For me, if anybody had money today to give me - like K1 billion - I can get rid of Mumba in the next one week. "I only require K20 million for a provincial conference and K800 million for a convention. If anybody had invested in this process by now we would have gotted rid of Nevers Mumba," Maj Kachingwe said.
Maj Kachingwe said Dr Mumba has been accusing some MMD members of being sponsored by the Patriotic Front (PF) to cause confusion in MMD.
Efforts to get Dr Mumba failed as he gave his mobile phone to one of his aides, who said Dr Mumba was not available to give an interview. And one of Dr Mumba's staunch supporters Maimisa Chiwele has said after carefully analysing events in the MMD, it is evident that the party must go for an extraordinary convention to prevent the party from collapsing.
Nevers Mumba
Pressure mounts on Nevers Mumba
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