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Last Updated 3/8/2006

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President  - Tom Ponzi Investigations

General Director  - Tom Ponzi Investigations


Masters degree  - Criminology , Cambridge University

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Tomponzi Investigations - Press Release (English)

A beautiful restless 007: her name is Miriam.
Miriam Ponzi. Rather than James Bond, however, she resembles some of James Bond's women. Speaking with her of betrayals and jealousies for two hours means striving against a blue, charming look. Her study is superdesigned, supertechnological and supercalifornian. A lady of about 40, trained at the school of suspicion, Miriam is today general director of Tom Ponzi Investigation, a national institution that, like the most famous fashion makes, is liable to imitations. A celebrity built up on the disclosure of secrets. Contracts, industrial counterespionage, leaks of formulas, telephone system and environmental reclamations, privacy protection, current accounts in Italy and abroad, judicial investigations, blackmails, molestations, tracing of missing persons, debtors ... Everything is investigated, "because we all are alleged culprits". And, above all, could-be betrayed. Especially in summer, when hormones run wild because of the heat and the worm of jealousy eats up like a beaver. "When they enter here", says Miriam from behind an exorbitant writing desk, adjusting her mini-skirt, "they know they will learn the truth; a bitter one, in 95 per cent of cases".

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The Globe and Mail

Undeleted text messages and inexplicable phone records were the reason 87 per cent of affairs were discovered, Miriam Ponzi, president of Tom Ponzi Investigations, told Australia's Sun-Herald newspaper."New technology has changed the way affairs are conducted and detected in the 21st century," she said.

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Tomponzi Investigations - Presentation (English)

Miriam Ponzi, after having completed a Masters degree in Criminology at Cambridge University she collaborated with her father for over 20 years.
At a young age she specialized in finding missing children, some due to drug addictions and some in the white-slave market, successfully infiltrating in various criminal organizations. At the age of 23 she became President of the Tom Ponzi Investigations of Lugano and took full control of the international investigations sector. She specialized in financial investigations and in protection against blackmail and bribery (this is when the famous Tom Ponzi Agenda was begun, a real miracle of miniaturized technology) and in the protection of patents and registered trademarks. She continues to gain experience in the Milan, Florence and Rome branches. In this last branch that she successfully directed, she continues her adjournment and her "Tough Passion", inherited from her father Tom Ponzi, always more stimulated to attempt situations by many thought to be impossible. She presently started a new collaboration with world data banks to retrieve stolen artwork and other missing precious objects. Due to the new Penal Code there is a large demand from some of the most important criminal lawyers. Regarding Europe, knowing 4 languages fluently allows her to move around easily, keeping contacts with different financial, economic and productive parties, providing them with all types of information in a very short time. She has a passion for electronics and is always looking for the latest "infernal gadget" to put to use in various counter espionage techniques. She is the mother of a splendid 10 year old boy, Tommy. Even though her work keeps her very busy, she finds the time to personally take care of him.

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