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Rigor, Collaboration, and Care: Two Decades of HIV/AIDS Prevention Research at HHD

With funding to target African American male STD clinic patients, HHD investigators Millie Solomon and Bill DeJong began formative research.
"They were eager to speak to someone who listened non-judgmentally to their stories," says Solomon. Researchers learned about patients' misconceptions about STDs, such as believing that good hygiene would protect them from STDs. Solomon, who has a doctorate in education and a master's degree in drama, says, "We wanted to start from formative research about what their attitudes and beliefs were and create an intervention that might motivate them or create incentives for preventive action. It had nothing to do with the experiences of the audience," says Solomon. Video vignettes, on the other hand, are a way that people can see themselves on the screen and take in a message. Videos quickly transmit information and are an engaging way to show or model healthy or safe behaviors," she says, adding, "they are also an excellent ice-breaker with sensitive issues." moment in terms of policy setting and decisions about their resources," says Solomon. Solomon and DeJong tested this video in a series of clinical trials in urban clinics with a mostly heterosexual African American adult population. increase if both the packaging and videotape were used," says Solomon. Solomon and DeJong. "We had been focused on STDs, and HIV was in the periphery of our vision," says Solomon.

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