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Last Updated 5/29/2013

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Recruitment and Learning and Development Coordinator  - Veolia Transport Queensland Pty Ltd


Talent Sourcing Advisor (Temp Contract)  - 2degrees Mobile

Recruitment Advisor  - Veolia Transport

Talent Sourcing Advisor  - PwC New Zealand

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Melissa a'Court is Veolia's recruitment co-ordinator who says it is a 24/7 operation that employs a wide range of people from many different cultures, as train drivers, managers, customer service representatives, revenue collectors and so on.
Many staff apply for different jobs within the company when they are advertised on the staff intranet. "I noticed that staff who passed their initial phone interview with flying colours were failing when it came to the next step, which is a face-to-face interview," says Melissa. Feedback showed that staff were failing because they didn't know what to do, or how to answer behavioural questions. "In short, our staff were falling down in the recruitment process so I came up with 'How to Achieve Interview Success @ Veolia' training." Training for interview success Melissa says the initiative began last year with posters, emails to all staff and a company-wide text message calling for people to express their interest. Fifty staff showed an initial interest in the course, with a further 20 making inquiries after initial trials were held. "The course covers our entire recruitment process, including understanding position descriptions, filling out application forms, how to prepare for your interview, and how to answer behavioural questions." Melissa says it also included how to deal with an unsuccessful interview and what the applicant can learn from the process. It led to improvement in the way staff are given feedback after an unsuccessful interview. They are offered a meeting where details on what the candidate did well and what they needed to improve on are highlighted. Melissa says those who completed the course had a lift in confidence and much of the staff feedback was positive. Results from the company's yearly engagement survey have also improved. In 2010, only half of employees were happy with career opportunities within Veolia and this year, that rose by 4%. Saving recruitment costs Melissa says recruiting people within the company saves a lot of money. Job ads on websites such as TradeMe can cost about $250 and if a recruitment company is used to find staff, they charge a hefty fee. "Pre-employment checks are also expensive and cost nearly $700 on average so it makes sense to hire someone already working for the company in a new role." Melissa says Veolia will continue to offer staff interview skills training and coaching.

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