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Mark Sebastian, Vice Chairman of the Eastern Pequot TribeThe Vice Chairman (Mark Sebastian) does whatever he pleases without any repercussions from anyone.The Tribal Council has discussed many violations made by councilors, there have been investigations launched, but yet it all falls through the cracks ...." Jackson and Sebastian both said that such an "implosion" was likely following the recent events and that all tribal leaders are re-evaluating their levels of involvement.Sebastian, the vice chairman, said of the Cunhas' departure: "Your skin has got to be thick.Sebastian said that the Eastern Pequots inhabit the oldest continually occupied reservation in the state and that their petition, which documents the tribe's genealogy and history, is as strong as any. Like other members, Sebastian said the tribe is the victim of a political decision, not a factual analysis of their qualifications.He remembers when Connecticut officials encouraged state-recognized tribes like the Eastern Pequots to apply for federal recognition because the state could not - or would not - assist the tribes with services such as health care, housing and education.Sebastian said he finds it ironic that the state would then turn around and fight the tribe's efforts to gain federal recognition."They used public money to deny a group of people a public benefit," he said. Sebastian and other tribal members have noted that many of the same politicians who opposed them accept campaign contributions from the Mashantuckets and Mohegans. "They talk about no more expansion of gaming, but the existing casinos are expanding every five years," he said."It's not really the expansion of gaming but the expansion of gaming entities." Sebastian said the tribe pursued gaming because a backer would have never given them the millions of dollars they needed to get through the federal recognition process if they planned to open something like a water-bottling business rather than a casino. He said he has no animosity toward the backers, who are now withdrawing their support. Now, Sebastian said, "We have to evaluate whether we even need another backer and whether we want to pursue gaming anymore." In any event, he added, he would continue to work for the tribe. "This is another day in Pequot history," Sebastian said.

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News > Challenges await Anderson on federal recognition

Mark Sebastian, vice chairman of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation of Connecticut, spoke about challenges to his tribe's status."These politicians in Connecticut are not hindering our right to self-sufficiency and our sovereignty because of the merits of our petition, but to stop the expansion of casinos," Sebastian told Anderson.

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ICT [2001/03/28]  Intrigue swirls around suit over Pequot recognition

"It is a precedent for any attorney general," said Mark Sebastian, vice chairman of the Eastern Pequots."These delays simply are not fair or justified," added Tribal Council Vice Chairman Mark Sebastian, "especially when neither the towns nor the attorney general have presented any substantive facts to oppose us."In an ironic turn-around, however, the town of North Stonington is being sued by Sebastian for refusing his own FOI request.Sebastian asked the town to release the names of consultants it has hired since 1997 to monitor the two tribes' recognition petitions.He also asked for an accounting of the estimated $200,000 the town has spent fighting recognition.

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