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Cited by the California State Assembly and named "Volunteer of the Year" by the Los Angeles County Dept. of Children's Services for her work with at-risk youth, Mariann Aalda is -- in addition to being an actress, author and playwright -- a certified hypnotherapist who has served as a motivational speaker for the Chicago Dept. of Human Services and ExecutiveWomen International.
As an advocate for diversity in the media, she has had essays published in The Los Angeles Timesand Soap Opera Digest-- with appearances on Nightline (ABC) and Tony Brown's Journal (PBS) as a children's media activist. Additionally, in 2004 was profiled in Spirit Guidemagazine for her work as a "peak performance" hypnotherapist. Mariann Aalda & Karen Greysonbring a new voice to HOW we can!!! with "the best of" Q&A's & commentary taken from their humor-infused on-line advice column, "Dear People Like Us..." author and clinical hypnotherapist, Mariann Aalda uses story-telling as a technique to take readers on a "through the eyes of a child" journey of adult self-help. These "teaching tales" about her son, Christopher -- from the age of four through young adulthood -- are also a mother's memoir of the wisdom she gleaned from parenting her young son, and what he had to teach her that allowed her

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Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris
Mariann Aalda is a Mid-life Everywoman who has struggled through and survived all the stages: first wife, second-wife, ex-wife, mother, step-mother, working mom, stay-at-home mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, daughter-out-law, parental caregiver, mid-life orphan, empty-nester -- and now, mother-in-law, grandmother (or "Nana," as she prefers to be called) and divorcee. With the theatrical production of "MOIST! -a "sexistential" musical-comedy, which she co-wrote & co-stars in with Iona Morris - preparing to open Off-Broadway in 2009, she's also a "Sex & the Single Girl" poster child for the divorced, middle-aged woman -- a modern-day "Mary Richards" ...with a little more baggage and mileage on her. She's also very, very funny...with a built-in daytime and prime-time TV fan-base. Reality TV- Hilarious 30-minute episodes following the real life of actress, Mariann Aalda, as she traverses the tricky career terrain of transitioning from ingénue & leading lady to leading lady & "old broad" while also attempting to create a new personal life, post-divorce and empty nest. It is an expansion of the webcom, which would be running concurrently. Sitcom- Hilarious (continuing the theme) half-hour scripted sitcom. Like the sitcoms based on the comedy of Bill Cosby, Ray Romano and Roseanne, it is based on situations from the real life of Mariann Aalda outside of show biz...with the expectation that this show will meet with similar success.

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