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At a press conference this afternoon, Korovulavula revealed that after meeting with the ATS board, it was decided that Manasa Baravilala be appointed Chairman of ATS and Singh be asked to take up the Deputy Chairman's post.

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David Pike (far right), of the Oceania Boxing Confederation with Mr. Manasa Baravilala of FABA (left), and Lorraine Marr and Lyndall Fisher of FASANOC outside Olympic House in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

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The resignation of Manasa Baravilala as chairman of Air Terminal Services and also the acting managing directors position will come as a great surprise to those of us who condemn coups. The events of 2006 undermined democracy in Fiji and Mr Baravilala's appointment as ATS board chairman was not without controversy.Interim Transport Minister Manu Korovulavula appointed Mr Baravilala by revoking unionist Rajeshwar Singh's appointment by the board of directors of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Fiji Islands for the same position. Mr Baravilala was managing director of the same board before his appointment as board chairman of ATS.As Mr Baravilala will not divulge as to why he has resigned we can only hope he has finally realised that all credibility is lost for those that have condoned the events of 2006 and supported the rape of a democractic process which is designed to serve every citizen of Fiji.All is not lost for people like Mr Baravilala, they should be forgiven and given another chance to take up positions in Fiji's future democratically elected government for their qualification and experience if they choose to do so.

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