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Best of 2011: The Best People

Lisa Baden
Traffic Reporter This February we didn't experience a plan-spoiling, mood-dampening Snowmaggedon like that of 2010, but one decision at top-rated WTOP left residents of the entire Metro-D.C. region incredibly discouraged. Lisa Baden, the voice of D.C. traffic, was suddenly scrapped from their airwaves. The station decided to take traffic in-house and was unable to hire on Baden, under contract with Metro Networks through July 2012. Ever since it's as if WTOP listeners are reminded on every "8" that their daily commute is now sans their best travel mate. And according to The Washington Examiner, which quoted Baden as saying, 'I've spent an enormous amount of time, shoulders bobbing, snot pouring, on the floor,' regarding WTOP's decision, "the voice" shares our despair. Want to hear Baden with your behind-the-wheel breakfast? For now you'll have to tune into WAVA 105.1, a Christian station (every half hour from 6-9 a.m.). You can also catch Baden on WJLA-TV 7.; -NK

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"On a scale of one to 10 for Montgomery County, I'm going to give it a nine," says WTOP Traffic Reporter Lisa Baden.
The huge fire on Montrose ...

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I don't know if that's a really old photo of Lisa Baden, the best-ever Glamour Shot, or a photo of someone else entirely.
But if that's how she REALLY looked, I wouldn't have to skip past Ch. 7 each morning for fear of puking up my Cheerios. (9/3/10) Thank you for the 20-year old photo of Lisa Baden. Regards Biff (9/2/10) And I like Lisa, too. She personifies 'perky' and that is a good thing when traffic congestion is your beat. Or beatdown. Also interesting to read all the speculation about Lisa Baden. Lisa always seems to write up Channel 50 press releases like they're huge exclusives. Except, she missed this one for today's column..... Baden is under a long term multi year contract with Metro (9/2/10) Major interest in Lisa Baden ( #1 radio personality in Washington in everyones perceptual study) to compete dead on with WTOP. Take out the endless weather reports, the endless commercials, Lisa Baden's singing, the sports reports with very little information and even more mindless banter in them, and you have about 5 minutes of actual news. MLB 4 (9/2/10) And as for her frequent critics who find Lisa too perky, I'm really surprised that these folks can be out driving with a broomstick in that position. (9/1/10) Loving all the Lisa Baden hate today. She annoys the crap out of me every morning! OOBBEE (9/1/10) We don't know what Lisa Baden's status is. WTOP made Lisa Baden a star. Don't be surprised if Lisa's offered a contract. Will WTOP raid Metro? Probably not. I truly hope that when WTOP ends their contract with Metro traffic that I never have to hear Lisa Baden's voice on that station EVER again. And Baden is just way to perky for people who are stuck in gridlock. his means Lisa Baden(who works for Metro Traffic) will be gone...Thank you...Thank you. (9/11/10)

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