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Last Updated 10/27/2008

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President  - Rice Producers Association

President  - Guyana Rice Producers Association

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The RPA President, Mr. Leekha Rambrich, highlighted that agriculture had an important role to play since it provided food and foreign export and as such it should get the recognition it deserves.

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Guyana Rice Producers Association (GRPA) President Mr Leekah Rambrich recently acknowledged the sudden increase of the deadly rice pest, and called on the Ministry of Agriculture to assist farmers in controlling the insects.He said the recent invasion of the paddy bug is posing a severe threat to thousands of acres of rice crop, particularly on the Corentyne.Mr Rambrich said if appropriate agronomic practices are not applied on time to curb the proliferation of the pest, the current harvest would suffer more setbacks.He explained that the crop is approaching a stage when it will become vulnerable to rice pests.East Berbice/Corentyne has 36,000 acres under cultivation and already harvesting for the 2003 autumn crop has begun in some locations where the crop is predominant.The GRPA official warned stakeholders about the consequences of the threat and urged them to assist rice growers to prepare for any severe attack by the pest.Rambrich is advocating the use of recommended agro-chemicals, but maintained that the Ministry of Agriculture intervention and assistance would significantly reduce any risk of possible disaster.

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HARVESTING of the current Spring crop in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) is nearing completion, Rice Producers Association (RPA) President, Mr Leekah Rambrich reported this week.He said, so far, paddy has been reaped from 34,500 acres of the 36,600 acres sown but the present inclement weather is stalling the pace.Rambrich said late payment to farmers by some overseas based companies, whose debts date back to the last harvest, is another factor affecting the production process.According to him, up to now, the Region has netted about 950,000 bags of the grain, with an average yield of 27.8 per acre.Rambrich disclosed that, although five per cent of the cultivation was affected by bugs, the grades recorded were between 'B' and 'C' and prices being paid for paddy range from $1,000 to $1,100 per bag.He said 350 acres were lost at Black Bush Polder, Number 36 Village and in other Central Corentyne frontland areas.Rambrich also blamed the loss on continuing conflict between cattle rearers and rice farmers, inadequate irrigation earlier in the season and the recent heavy seasonal downpours that resulted in flooding at Letter Kenny.

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