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Last Updated 5/3/2006

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Chairperson  - PR-05-14 Serchak

Vice Chairperson  - PR-05-07 Cantwell

Parks and Recreation


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Parks & Recreation

PR-05-14 Serchak moved, Maddock seconded, to appoint Ken Bartoluzzi as the Chairperson of the Village of Milford Parks & Recreation Commission for the 2006/2007 term.Bartoluzzi suggested that if that was needed, maybe something could be worked out with the YMCA to lock up at night.Bartoluzzi stated there was nothing to report at this time, but he will keep it on the agenda for an update at the next meeting.PR-05-19 Maddock moved, Theriault seconded, that in addition to Bartoluzzi, Serchak would be able to sign check requests for the Summer Concert Series.Bartoluzzi thanked Ms. Kinzinger and asked for an updated budget and report next month.Bartoluzzi said that he had been unable to attend the meeting regarding the bike trail that has been held at the YMCA.Bartoluzzi told the Commissioners that one of the Village of Milford Ordinance Officers wanted to know about enforcing dogs in Central Park, especially when they are in the playscape.Bartoluzzi stated that Joe Salvia, of the American Legion, had suggested they ask for Village Council approval to relocate the original existing flagpole at Central Park to the new ball field complex at Hubbell Pond Park.Bartoluzzi said the flagpole could be used at the ball field during the National Anthem at the youth baseball games.

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Parks & Recreation

PRESENT Commissioners Don Cantwell, Ken Bartoluzzi, Matthew Maddock, William Serchak, Alan Heavner, Dean PorterBartoluzzi volunteered to serve as Vice Chairperson.PR-05-07 Cantwell moved, Worrell seconded, to elect Bartoluzzi as Vice Chairperson of the Milford Village Parks & Recreation Commission for the 2005/2006 year.Motion CARRIED.Bartoluzzi said that the ice rink is still an ice rink.Bartoluzzi stated that he liked the idea of the community picnic, but asked if the Commission would be funding it.

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