Javier Prades

Professor of Theology and President at San Damaso Academic Institute

San Damaso Academic Institute

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2012 - Biological Evolution and the Nature of Human Beings » Euresis

Javier Prades , Theology Faculty at San Damaso Academic Institute, Madrid (Spain)

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the St. James Project | Science

Javier Prades, professor of theology and President of San Damaso University in Madrid, offers an in-depth analysis of the role of neuroscience, the question of the use of reason and the types of knowledge founded upon faith or science.

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A Shattered World Coexistence?The Foundations of Dialogue Among Peoples and Cultures

In this far-reaching interview, Javier Prades, priest and Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the San Damaso Faculty in Madrid, clarifies the terms of the problem and explains the limits of so-called "multiculturalism."He indicates the factors for sincere dialogue and peaceful relationships among peoples and traditionsIn order to understand the terms of the problem, we met with Javier Prades, a priest of the Madrid diocese, and Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the San Damaso Theological Faculty in the Spanish capital.Fr Prades has been involved for years now in the study of the anthropological and theological foundations for a debate on multiculturalism.Our conversation occurred in the weeks immediately following the Madrid terrorist attacks, which Prades lived together with the Spanish CL community of which he is the responsible. Fr Prades, has the happy period of that cultural relativism called multiculturalism definitely come to an end?

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