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James Casbolt


Corteum Group


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Corteum Group

MI6 Agent



WingMakers Forum

James Casbolt.Com

Jame Mosque

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WesPenre.Com :: Appendix, Paper #1: Updates on 'The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case: Proof of UFOs over Lake Erie [cached]

James, who is the spokesman for that site says he is the head of the Corteum, which is the star race who is helping Fifteen and the 'Labyrinth Group' develop Blank Slate Technology.
James' real name, he admits, is Mahu Nahi. Just like James Casbolt (former MI6 Intelligence agent) says on his website (taken down since years back), that this is a very real group. Isn't it interesting then, that James Casbolt and his wife back in England sees a triangular craft outside their residence in October 2006, emitting the same kind of lights that Michael later said he'd seen over Lake Erie? In this case, James is called Brother by the anonymous email writer in more sarcastic terms. He says the the 'Zetan ship' (indicating the 'Grays) is theirs (meaning it's a human craft, owned by S.A.A.L.M. and/or Marduk's Sirian clan. The anonymous writer goes on explaining that Casbolt is microchipped and can be tracked at all times. Casbolt was recruited by S.A.A.L.M. after he'd been on air on the Daniel Ott Show, talking about his background as a mind controlled slave for MI6. Once he got his hands on the leaked document that came out from the security breach, and there were people who were going to expose it to the public by holding lectures about it, the same people dropped dead under mysterious circumstances, such as heart attacks, etc. This can easily be done on proxy. We must also raise the question that because Michael has been seeing the same lights over the Great Lake as Casbolt did in England, and Casbolt is microchipped, does that make Michael microchipped and traceable as well? On September 18, 2006, Casbolt got another letter from a S.A.A.L.M. member, mentioning both Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski (frmr advisor to President Jimmy Carter) as members of the organization, which is apparently privately funded by families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Shortly after, Casbolt got a letter from S.A.A.L.M. again, and the agent told him in quite threatening terms that this is what happens if you plan on talking in depth about Marduk in public. The letter is dated October 25, 2006. Also, we need to bring up some photoshopped pictures that circulated on Casbolt's site before he took it down. It was deliberately done this way, and is confirmed in another letter from S.A.A.L.M. to Casbolt, after the publication of the photos. This letter is dated Nov. 30, 2006. They did lie, however, when they told Casbolt that ENLIL is Marduk's son, which of course is not true, but something Casbolt posted as well, which had as its purpose to discredit S.A.A.L.M. in the public domain, so they could remain a secret organization even after the security breach. The leaked pages, posted on the Internet by former(?) MI6 agent James Casbolt, were from around 2007, while LPG-C has been around quite a bit longer, according to A.R. LPG-C is officially against Marduk and his agenda, while S.A.A.L.M., as we evidently know, is supporting the tyrant. This way, Casbolt unwittingly paved the way for A.R. to enter the stage as a supposed Marduk opponent.

WesPenre.Com :: PFC Paper #3: New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M [cached]

Today, the originator of the WingMakers material is known as "James", although this name was never mentioned in the original interviews or in the first version of "The Ancient Arrow Project".
Mark Hempel, who had no idea who the instigator of the WMM was, was contacted once again, this time by this mysterious "James", who said he was the one who had been interviewed and thus was the owner of the material. James was probably quite convincing and could perhaps even give Hempel information that only Dr. Anderson (or someone within the Labyrinth Group) could have known. Although James said in the Q & A Section on the website that it is a mix or myth and truth, it had now become quite difficult for the reader to distinguish between what was what. James met with Hempel in Hempel's home on one occasion around 2008 for a long, recorded interview, resulting in an audio presentation on the new WingMakers website. [10] Here you can listen to James' voice, which is an unnaturally deep baritone with a subtle Spanish accent. The interview, however, quite obviously was orchestrated so James could promote his new site and his new information on the "Sovereign Integral"; the reconnection with our Oversoul. A lot of additional material was added as well to the website over the years, and it became more and more esoteric in the sense that James showed a lot of interest in Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky and the Great White Brotherhood. Eventually James, always through Mark Hempel, created a few more websites. The last one was published in 2008, and although there was not yet anything substantial posted on the website (and still isn't, 3 years later, except an illustration of what the Sovereign Integral is, without any explanation attached), James apparently decided to start promoting it. He therefore accepted an interview with the Project Camelot crew, also in 2008, where Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan were doing an email interview with James. [11] This interview was a shocker to me, to many other people who read it, and I think, to the Camelot crew as well. James was here presenting a totally new paradigm, telling us that we are stuck in a hologrammic 3-D Density prison. This, in itself, is nothing new, but he said that Anu (the [former] King of the Anunnaki/ Ša.A.M.i.), the most powerful being in the universe, had created this whole 3rd Density illusion. More specifically, he said Anu has been tampering with our DNA, trapped highly spiritual beings from the Atlantis Era into these body containers, and once the spirits decided to "try out" the bodies which Anu had "created", they were trapped once and for all. These bodies, according to James, had hologrammic "videos" embedded in them, so that when these highly evolved multi-dimensional spirits entered the bodies, naive as they were in their free state, they got caught up in the illusion Anu had created. From within these new bodies, they saw a beautiful world and could look at extraordinary pictures which excited them to the maximum. Hence, these who tried out the bodies told the rest how exciting it was, and soon enough, the majority of the free spirits found themselves trapped in 3rd Density bodies after Anu had "closed the trap" so that the souls could no longer leave their bodies at will. Not everybody was trapped, though. James is telling us that the time of Atlantis was a highly spiritually evolved era, and many different beings were here on Earth at the time, including people from the Central Race [12]. Some of those from the Central Race managed to escape this trap, and James was one of them. This is, according to James, the reason we sometimes see Grays and strange creature coming out from inside of the Earth or from under the oceans; they are simply stuck here and can't go back to the "real universe". Of course, James is also presenting a solution. He says that Anu was scheduled to come back shortly before 2012; the event the Global Elite have been preparing for, but now the plans have changed. Anu is in business elsewhere, having his attention directed towards something totally different, and has left us to our fate. So our only solution is to find the "Grand Portal", which is a metaphor for we humans to be able to, as a group, realize we are spiritual beings, trapped in a 3rd Dimension/Density, which only exists because Anu created it, and that science and religion need to merge into one for us to break the "godspell". Only then will the illusion shatter and we will return to the Universe of origin and become multi-dimensional. Anu's science in this case needs to be well understood so we can grasp how he created the 3rd Density. I am also aware of (and it's pretty obvious) that the original Dr. Anderson and James are two entirely different persons. Dr. Anderson is scientific in his approach, but is trying his best to simplify his answers and his writing, while James is esoteric to the extreme and does not bother with attempting to make himself understood by the general public. "James" is not human; he is the Head of the Corteum! A few years after the new site was set up, James opened a Q&A section, and this quote is from there, : Question 9: Who/what are you James? Where do you get your information from? [ James]: In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi [Wes' emphasis]. Thus, it seems clear that the WingMakers have been taken over by the Corteum, allegedly a faction of the Earthbound Anunnaki, and "James" is the Corteum Leader. Furthermore, "James" (I will call him by his real name, Mahu Nahi from hereon), after had taken over the project, also added a lot of real information to the website! James Casbolt, former MI6 and S.A.A.L.M. member, defector and whistle-blower from both, released some sensitive information on his website a few years ago. He was later cleverly set up by S.A.A.L.M. and was forced to take his website,, down. Casbolt was, from my understanding, the one who leaked the information from the secret network and put it on the Internet. On that list was also Prophet Yahweh [14] and James Casbolt (former MI6 and subjected to Project Mannequin[15] and other mind control programs), among other interesting researchers, so I decided to join. Pike says that James Casbolt, the 'brave whistle-blower', posted these photos as well on his website to tell the truth to the people. Mr. Casbolt did indeed do so, but when he found out they were fake, he immediately took them down, being honest enough to tell his visitors that he had been the victim of a slander campaign. James Casbolt, the former MI6, S.A.A.L.M. member and more, who was also on this list, but not very talkative, mentions Pike as a "friend" in his book, "Agent Buried Alive".. However, Casbolt (most probably) decided to put their conversations on the Internet so everybody could read. He was successful and at least some of the communication leaked out. Finally -- who is James Casbolt and how does he know so much about this project? James Casbolt, the MI6 whistle-blower, who was cleverly taken down from the Internet and successfully silenced. Don't get me wrong; he's still alive from what I know, but his, sometimes quite revealing, website was successfully shut down. Figure 14: James Casbolt There are those who have written Casbolt off as a hoax because he had the fake pictures of Enlil and Naanur on his website together with some photos which was supposedly from Dulce underground base, but in fact were fake too. Unfortunately, this is often what happens to whistle-blowers when they come close to the truth. Casbolt was fed fake pictures to discredit the rest of the relevant information on the website, and some researchers fell for the trick and started discredit him, instead of looking at the bigger picture. So the rumors of Casbolt being a hoax spread quickly over the Internet and most people now wrote him off. Casbolt saw no other solution than to discontinue his website--unfortunately. It is true that Casbolt, just like he says in interviews and in his excellent book, "Agent Buried Alive", he has been subjected to heavy mind control from within the government. He was subjected to a specific one called "Project Mannequin" , and he is apparently trained as an assassin. However, he has been working on breaking the control, which is not an easy task, and done his best to reveal his experiences. Once in a while, he has fallen back in line and had "relapses", but that is to be expected. I, for one, am not discarding Casbolt as a hoax at all. He fits too well into the picture, and most of what he has been telling us is true. To his defense, he also apologized for the fake pictures on his website,

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James Casbolt Hoax
James Casbolt Project Camelot James Casbolt 2011 James Casbolt Website James Casbolt Hoax James Casbolt Project Camelot James Casbolt 2011 James Casbolt Website

And this young man named James Casbolt was reporting.
And he worked for the MI6 in the covert cocaine trafficking operations with the IRA in London between 95 and 99.

Commentary by James Casbolt, Former MI6 Agent
My name is James Casbolt and I worked for MI6 in 'black ops' cocaine trafficking with the IRA and MOSSAD in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999. James Casbolt- St Ives, Cornwall-02/5/07 E-mail

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