Howard N. Chipman

Chief Executive Officer at Aurora Aerospace

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Certified Flight Instructor  - Commercial

President  - Tampa Bay Soaring Society


MD  - 

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"It's a gimmick," said Howard Chipman, CEO of Aurora Aerospace, a facility near Tampa that offers astronaut training.
"It's a cheap trick to get some Florida voters because of all of the space jobs here." Chipman said that while the idea of a lunar colony is laudable, the project would cost billions upon billions more than American taxpayers are willing to pay.

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L-39 Astronaut Training, Zero-G Flights, Space Flight Training in Florida

Aurora Aerospace Chief Pilot and Chief Medical Officer Howard Chipman has over 30 years of flying experience and is a Certified Flight Instructor with Commercial, Multi-Engine, Glider, Instrument and L-39 Jet Ratings.
He is also a Board Certified Emergency Physician. He has personally completed a variety of space flight training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia.

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L-39 Space Training Experience

Howard Chipman | What's It Like?
L-39 Space Training Experience Dr. Chipman is a board certified Emergency Physician with over 20 years experience in Howard Chipman, MD the field. He is also our chief pilot and has 30 years flying experience. He is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII) and has Commercial, Multi-Engine, Glider, Instrument and L-39 Jet Ratings. He has operated Air Ambulance Services for 20 years and has gained valuable experience in Aerospace Medicine. He has received Cosmonaut training in Russia and studied spacecraft design with the ESA. He currently holds the rank of Major in the Civil Air Patrol. You will fly with him in the L-39 Jet and Zero-G flights and since he is a flight instructor, you will have the opportunity to operate the aircraft controls and log your flight in a logbook as flight instruction. As Aurora's Chief Medical Officer, he will also ensure that all participants have a safe and comfortable experience, and will perform all medical certifications.

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